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Accommodation in Sidari

Christina L          10/10

why are all these comments so old i came back from sidari last nite 2nd time this year so lucky to the person who said she would never go back to the olive you must have been in the wrong one because yanni and katerina are two of the loveliest people u will ever meet and as for dirty you've got to be joking this place is still quaint like traditional greece i class yanni and katerina as my very good friends as well as all the lovely people you meet i've had some of the best laughs ever there and made some life long friends if you want one of. the best holidays ever trust me go there ive just booked 2weeks in june i can't wait and for the person who will never go back you,re loss xx for yanni and katerina see you soon christina .

M D          6/10

Please can anyone give me the following information:-
The price of Air con in a studio?
Do all studios have Air con?
Do the studios have safety boxes?
Do they have an email address or website?
Thanks for any information.

Helen A          10/10


Gemma L          10/10

   click to enlargehelooo yanis katarina steve and ardit its gemma and nicky,

 <<<<<haha   the holiday was brillient!!!! miss you all allready!!! hope your missing us haha.  hows your eye steve haha ............... miss you all loads speshly you ardit hehe
     love you all it was great!!!!    love from gemma and nicky x.x.x.x

Margaret M          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge steve and yannis at the bbq great nite just sorry we had to come home. i even had the name yannis tattoo on the base of my back but that only because it means john and thats my mans name. loved it had a great time, we go to sidari every year still to go this year though cant wait. miss you all. mags and john xxx

Martin D          10/10

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Yanni, Katerina and Ardi, not forgetting Bob of the Bar Supporters club.

Many thanks for a fantastic holiday in lovely surroundings, and for making us feel so welcome.
I had Smiley withdrawal symptoms on the way to the airport, you'll have to provide a microwave and frozen smiley's Katerina for anyone leaving before 9 o'clock.
I've managed to find Tequila rose and Vodka caramel on websites over here but postage is expensive so I'll have a good look in the shops before I buy on line.
Kathy is still afraid to yawn!
All the best
Martin and Kathy

Helen J          10/10

hi all,

we have just come back from a fantastic 2 weeks in the olive grove. the weather was amazing, got up to 46 one day!!!

what can i say, i love the place, i love yanni and katarina, i am so glad we went back there again, and we will definately be going there again next year.

katarina.. anais misses you soooooooo much!!

can't wait to see you all again next year

helen, mark and anais xxx

Noddy           10/10

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heeelo, i kno it been a while since i was there with 2 of my hard rockin amego's but im sure u remember us, we were always up at the crack of dusk and in bed by the crack of dawn...the olive grove hotel is the best place i have ever stayed everybody that works there are so friendly and welcoming they make you feel lyk uve been there befor lyk one of the family, i promise this year i will be able to get up for breakfast and not cry on leavin day

missing and lovin u all


Bunny B          10/10

Ladies and Gents THIS had to be THE best holiday my friends and i have ever had!

ooh yes, august 2006 was insane! it was great, made great friends, the staff were sooo friendly! (Yanni and Kat, Best hosts EVER!) Steve (where you from? Sheffield? whats in sheffield? "Alot of chefs, lots of fields")
oooh yes, was soo much fun it was unbelieveable
oh, and we'll deff be back, we need to dig up the treasure chest we buried lol
Highly Recomended
all the best
Bunny, Noddy And Leanne xxxx

Emma C           

Hi Yanni and katarina and dealecti i would just like to say how wonderfull the place is myself and my husband scott have been to the olive grove for 2 years running we cant tell you how wonderfull the place is every time that we go we have the best off time .we have made great freinds with yanni and katarina they make you feel so welcome if you havent been you have to go to experiance. one last message for katarina from emma and scott from scotland YASSO DARLING  were coming home

Laura H           

me and my mum have just got back from a week in sidari, and it was by far the best holiday i have ever had, we go away 2-3 tymes a year and nowhere could compete with olive grove, the rooms are cleaned 5 times a week, and are spot less. the bar isnt open until 3-4 in the morning. yanni and katarina are amazing and made the holiday that extra bit more special. they have a beautiful little gurl aswell. the service is friendly and helpful and the gang do all they can to help. the food served in the pool side bar/restaurnt is beautiful and there is a wide choice. when we booked the holiday and read a review saying there was no knifes and forks, there was sewage and it was dirty we got worried, but we neednt have been it was spotless and no sewage anywhere. and there were plenty of knifes and forks. we will definatly be returning to sidari again there are plenty of bars and places to eat wonderful food. and the beach is just down the road from the olive grove. we will be going back there and i wouldnt dream of staying anywhere other than the olive grove. the bbq night was amazing so much fun had by all and everyone joins in. ignore all the bad reviews its amazing we got a thunderstorm because of the hurricaine gordan (every where got it england, majorca etc) but even that didnt spoil our holiday. we are going back in june to sidari and to the olive grove.

see you then!
laura & ivy


  we got back from olive grove a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely LOVED it, we cant wait to be back next year. The place is brilliant and the people are brilliant, couldnt have asked for a better holiday. Yanni an Katerina are lovely and they make everyone welcome, its not noisy or rowdy and the bar isnt open till 3-4 every night and even when it is its quiet. We love you all and we'll see you next summer  
love leanne, bunny an noddy xx

Lynne H           

We have just got back from the Olive Grove apartments, and we were very disappointed. We have been to Sidari a few times, and have stayed in other accommodation, and have never experienced any problems.......

There was alot of noise, the bar was open till 3-4am and the noise from there kept us awake.
Our room was pretty dirty too, our toilet wasnt cleaned the whole 2 weeks we were there, our bathroom window was broken and our apartment was full of flies.
 The bathroom wasnt cleaned in the 2weeks we were there, and when we got out of the shower, the floors were that dirty we had to put our shoes on to stop our feet getting black.
 Sorry Olive Grove, wont be coming back.

Mike G           

 The Olive Grove is a little way out of the centre of Sidari, but that didn't affect our holiday enjoyment. Good value for the money. The only real downside was the lack of air-conditioning, especially as the weather was very hot. The fan was not really efficient at cooling the apartment. Alex and his family were very good hosts, the pool was enjoyed by all, and our fellow guests good company. Although we will be looking for air-conditioned accommodation next year, we had a great holiday based at the Olive Grove. Hire of a car is a good idea, and book trips with the local travel agents in Sidari - far cheaper than through the holiday reps.

Douglas T

last year i went to sidari and stayed in loukas (loyla) appartments and had a great time want to go back again but cant find it anywhere on web to book can anyone help me find out how?

Sam T           

Yassou Darlings

Katarina, Yanni, Delecte (sorry i know ive spelt it wrong), Sean, Tanya nd who can forget gorgeous George!!!! We are missing you soooooooo much. Felt really sad Monday when we got home. I put on my shakira cd on and felt even worse, Kat that was our song (hips dont lie) and im going to miss dancing with you to it.
Thank you sooo much for a lovely holiday  will never forget it!! you will see us soon though, we are coming next year, going to book it soon.
For anyone thinking of coming here you definatley book it up you will have the best time of your life. Everyone at Olive Grove are brill.
Me and Sturt have found where we are getting married so get your hat ready Katarina!!! (we go engaged at Olive Grove).
can't wait to see you all again soon.
Love You All, Miss You All
Sam & Stu
x X x X x X x

Steve D           

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sorry squidgy, dint mention ya but put foto. and all others, colin, gav, g*y greek bloke!! ha haaaa, brain cant remember more names, must drink!!!  attachin more photos for all those from summers 94,95,96,97.

Steve D           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Oi ya buggers, its that bloody Sheffield bloke here!!!! YES Steve the bestest barman (most pissed) from Oh La La bar. Ey Yiannis and Katerina, hope your good, and the little one, get in touch. Paul Jay, u didnt even mention me!!! GAY! Ylva, ur surnames changed, u must be married!! D'oh! U still owe me the best blow job!!! Ha Haaa! Greg, ya little bleeder, hope ur good 2. Where's that Alex bloke, GET OUT OF MY WAY VROMYARI !!! Tryin 2 find ur fone number Yiannis, its changed, my email ozsteve70@hotmail.com, any of u lot get in touch. Anyone else that remembers me, get in touch!!! Bye for now mateys, luv Steve   SHANDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Julie & richard S           

Hi all,

     just arrived back from the olive grove,We had so much fun, Yanni,Katerina & Shaun made us feel very welcome , The rooms are very clean, the pool is fantastic ,I would recommend going to the olive grove,i will go back ,BEWARE OF YAWNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill, and john            

as my b-friend says we will see you in sep cant wait at all, had such good fun there, we even brought bk some red vodka! we will post the pic.,s on hear one of kat dressed up he he,

Every one book and stay at olive grove, missing it like mad x x x love jill x x x

John T           

Hi Yanni n Katrina n every one else we met over ther.

I had the best holliday eva at Olive grove. Im missing it soooo much.
The people was great, the food was great n the atmosphere was great. I cant wait to go back in september. The fun n laughs never ended, it was exellent n would reccomend it to every one, except the sad n borring people who jus like to moan like "Kathryn Griffith"....
Katrina is the nicest person you will ever meet n will make ur holliday thr best
I loved every minit of it.
C u all in september. luv John x
    Thank you Olive Grove....

Jill, and john            

Just got back to day from the olive grove, and we are missing it so much, had so much fun and yanni and kat are the best!!!! they no how to have a good time and make your stay the best, we would deff recomend the olive grove to every1, we are going back in sep cant wait! we cant fault anything there as nothing was dissapointing or bad. we are still all scared of yawning bk hom now ( lol ) so we will see ya v. soon, 'we got a yawner' ( takila ) !!!!!

ps, we will get the cam evelpoed and add our pic's!
love Jill and John x x x

Kathryn G           

Me and my boyfriend arrived back home today after a week at the olive grove. It must be said, Yanni and Kat are fantastic friendly people and will strive to cater for all of your needs. Our experience of Olive Grove was as follows: (PROS) Our apartment was very clean with ‘basic’ kitchen & bathroom facilities, and a lovely maid who frequently services the complex and its rooms. (CONS) Hot water runs for only about 3 minutes then turns cold, beds are very uncomfortable (hard) and noise from neighbouring rooms and the bar can be heard right into the early hours of the morning at times making sleep impossible. The beach is nearby but unfortunately has a constant stream of sewage running into it (canal d amour) so we would not advise swimming. We personally wouldn’t visit Olive Grove or in fact Sidari again, although maybe an attractive location for the younger crowd after a lively night life.


Points to note, no toaster, no iron, no toilet roll, more than 1 pillow is extra money, 1 piece of crockery per person, noisy, attracts a younger crowd, no tea-towels, no soap, cold showers, unsanitary beach.


hey yanni and katrina and the rest of the crew

i went to corfu in 2004 and it was the best holiday ever. i made loads of friends called yanni katarina and their daughter and sprous and george.
The pool was cold but when you get in you get used to it quickly it was funny on sundays when we had bbq's dancing on the table and guys picked a table up with their teeth.
Its was great anyway i will be off take care.
love amy o'brien
p.s remember the beyonce dance yanni shake ya arms and bottom hehe take care xxx bye ever1 x

Tina and dave D           

hi all,

we went to the olive grove last september it was that good we even flew our freind out there it is the best place we have stayed in corfu.
we cannot fault any of our stay we have became good freinds we yanni and katerina in fact it was that good we are off to there again 19th may this year and there is ten of us going. the food was excellent and the apartments were very clean and had plenty of room, i would recommend the olive grove to anybody that wanted to go to corfu.
see you soon yanni and katerina
   love tina and dave xxx

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