Sani Corfu Apartments

Accommodation in Sidari

Cate M           

ya bar staff is mint lol heyya paul nd rachel xxxx  lv catherine nye regan nd charlotte!!!

Kelly H           

anyone going you will have a great time with spiros i didnt even stay in them i was a rep that lived next door he is the nicest and kindest greek man you will ever meet! he is great friendly funny!! everything to make your holiday! if you read this spiros im sorry i didnt say goodbye you where not in! take care kelly xxx

Danielle P           

Hi Guys, Im off to the Sunny next Friday i was wondering if anyone could let me know if they have air conditioning or we can hire fans from somewhere ?

Thanks! This place sounds great!

Gemma P           

Thanks Spiros and Becky for a fantastic holiday. Me and Ian 'shandy puff' enjoyed every min of it! Was an excellent place to stay, much better than last year hope to see you again x x x

Lynn B           


Just come back from the Sunny Apartments in Corfu, we have stayed there now for the last 3 years or so since they opened, twice a year. We were disapointed to find that Angelo and Anna weren't there and we traced Angelo and Anna to the Magic Wok above the BED in Sidari (opposite Shakers) they are doing very well there and I said I would put on the website where they were.
Spiros is now at the Sunny and Becky (the English girl) works behind the bar. Spiros is lovely and cannot do enough for you.  The standard of the hotel is still excellent and although they are branching out into doing a larger menu the snacks on the menu are out of this world.
Although we miss Angelo and Anna, I will still be coming back to this hotel/apartments. A fantastic holiday yet again

Kirsty N           

thanks anna angelo and dominique for a great holiday in sidari. i hope you remember me dom! look in the signed book n hope you do. well enjoy looking after others who stay at your apartments!! you were great n all the best to baby!! he is gorgeous! i miss you all .

the apartments are so clean the food was great just everything about them and you were great i hope to definately return in the future!!!
thanks for a great holida!!!!
kirsty x xx x

Sue G           

We have just booked to return to the Sunny Apartments in Aug/Sept 2005 and were disappointed to find that Angelo and Anna have left.  Can anyone tell me where they are working as we would love to look them up to say hello and to see how the teddy bear is doing!

Sue, Theresa and Muriel

Ann F           

Message for Angelo and Anna
Barry & Ann from Nottingham just want say hello.
We have been coming to Sidari for years now and know Angelo well when he worked at Theo And Billys.
We came to see you both at Sani Apartments 2 years ago and are coming to Sidari this August 2005.
Let us know where you will be and we will look you up.xx

Anna S           

we would like to thank all the guests in Sani Corfu and all the people who wrote about us, for their friendship and the good things they are writing.
we do not know if we will be working in Sani Corfu next year but we will let you know as soon as possible.

Gary F           

Pessimistic last September when taken all around the back streets on arrival in Sidari. Apartments second to none, food excellent, swimming pool very clean, one of the cleanest we have seen (Angelo told me to put this in!!!). Angelo & Anna are superb hosts and as for Dominic, well need we say more. Needless to say we went back in May this year & are going back in September. The Beach is approx 5 mins walk, the main town, bars & restaurants about 15 mins stroll.

We have had two great holidays at the Sunny - looking forward to our next one, WELL recommended.

Steve & sue L           

just came back from these apartments had a great time there, been going to these apartments since they have opened and always had a good time everything is 100% at these apartments. anna and angelo and dominic are great and friendly people,hope to go back in september04.good luck anna and angelo for the rest of the season.and hope to you see you soon.

Leah M           

We had a Perfect holiday at the sunny. Anna Angelo and Dominic where perfect. We where able to relex in peace by the pool, but at the same time the beach bars and more lively part of town was not that far away.

The staff make you feel so much at ease, and i hope everything is going well with them.

I cried when i left and wish i was back there now : )

Steve L           

just came back from the sunny corfu had a great time this our 4th time there!will be going back next year hopefully in may this is the best place to stay in sidari its always clean in every part of the hotel,pool area and the bar area and also the rooms that you have to stay in anna and angelo are very friendly they are really great people. and what ever you need shop's bar's places to eat and the beach its all within about a 5minute walk. BEST OF LUCK ANNA AND ANGELO.

Steven L           

message for; LYNNE GAREY!!!, just let you know that there is access for a wheelchair and i think they have a room for a wheelchair user. me and my family has been there three times and going back in september 03.if you need any more info let me know. hope you enjoy it at the sani corfu. great food and great beer and anna and angelo the two lovely people who run these apartments they are so helpful you'll have a great time.

Lynne G

we are staying at these apts in August.Can anybody tell me whether the studios are on ground floor level or are they in a block ? As one of our party uses a wheelchair.

many thanks !!!

Shelley S           

Thank you to Anna & Angelo for making our stay at the Sunny Apartments one of the best holidays weve had its a shame that we only had a week. Next time we come over we will be doing two weeks and will hope that you can fit us in so Angelo you had better get some sleep. We met some great people and would like to say hello to Suzan & Craig hope to see you soon and Martin and his family keep well. x x x

Brian M           

It is a shame that Anna & Angelo cannot read our comments but i am sure they know we had a great holiday and will go back to the appartments again and again. For anyone that is requesting info on the appartment all i can say is its a short walk from the beach but the pool is better. Its clean and safe and the bar is only a few steps away for an ice cream and the food is fantastic you will enjoy it.


Can someone tell me what the studios are like and how near are they to the beach/centre?

Samantha G           

Anna's cooking is the best in Sidari!

G S           

Going to Sunny Apartments in July and was wondering if you could give me some info about the apartments

Steve L           

just come back from sidari, had a great time stayed in the sunny hotel, for one week, we have stayed their once this year and twice last year, this year the weather was very hot!!! but the hotel is a fantastic place to stay in sidari. always VERY CLEAN in all area's our room's the bar area and swiming pool area is always clean. anna and angelo are great people VERY FRIENDLY, going back in september aswell, its a good place to stay if you got children like we have, its also been awarded the best greece accommodation by thomson's when i go to sidari i wont stay anywhere else but the sunny corfu IT IS THE BEST PLACE TO STAY IN SIDARI!!. BEST WISHES TO ANNA AND ANGELO:

Steve L           

me and my family went to sidari in may and september and stayed in the sunny hotel,the both times we was there and it was outstanding hotel it is very clean and all the rooms are very clean the bar and pool area are always clean,swimming pool is lovely.great food and great beer and the greek nights are a laugh;anna and angelo are great people they are very friendly and always happy. we are going back in may03 aswell. anything you need shop's bars,beach is just a short walk away about 5mins.

Kay S           

We stayed at the Sani (Sunny as they will be known in the Thomson's brochure next year) from 27 September 2002 for 1 week. Absolutely fantastic brand new apartments, Anna, Angelo and Elena brilliant hosts and really made everybody feel extremely welcome - their Greek night with the delicious food and dancing was fabulous. Would recommend this place to anyone, nice location not to far from the life and joys of Sidari (5-10 mins walk) but in a pleasant peaceful location not far from the Canal d'Amour end of town, beach 5 minutes walk away and some lovely restaurants nearby. Missing them and Sidari already.

Kay S           

We stayed at the Sani (Sunny as they will be known in the Thomson's brochure next year) from 27 September 2002 for 1 week. Absolutely fantastic brand new apartments, Anna and Angelo brilliant hosts and really made everybody feel extremely welcome - their Greek night with the delicious food and dancing was fabulous. Would recommend this place to anyone. Missing them and Sidari already.

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