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Jo Sudlow

Add your comment does any one have an email for loxcides Thanks x

Barry C          1/10

What a dump, definately the worse holiday I have ever experienced. Dirty beaches, stray dogs and cats, rats. Noisey, you can here someone fart in an apartment 2 doors away. Beds incomfortable. Sidari main street is just full of tat shops and bars all with TV screens, if you want to get away from the tv its no use going there. The food and wine served in the tavernas is not exactly good quality.

Brian M          2/10

i've just come back from corfu last weekend and have a lot i want to say about the place i stayed at: loxides. deffinately a nice and picturesque hotel, nice, and quite clean pool and pool area, with a decent bar next to it, but the first down starts just there: prices in the bar! the whole sidari seem to have aggreed that a pint of mythos or a boutled mythos or amstel is 2 euro a pint. in the bar by the pool: 3 euro! come on get real the is a bar just on the other side of the street!!!!!!!!

moving on to the rooms. we were on self catering and the kitchen was ok. could have been better (bigger saucepans would have been nice, impossible to cook pasta, or decent soup), but i could cope.
but no washing up liquid and no washing sponge is a disgrace!!!!!!!
and what about toilet paper?? the rep from the holiday company has told us on the official meeting that this isn't provided as we are on self cat but this is deffinately not somethig we bloody eat!!!!!!
the furniture in the rooms: decent, but those f**kin orthopaedic beds i will not forgive you!!!!!!! the first 3 night were tough!
and finally the big fraud of loxides: they make you leave your room before 12 a.m and then the oddysey starts: what to do with yourself, do not take a shower in the so called courtesy room: filthy and dirty!!!!
luggage left in the reception area can be easily stolen and sitting there with all the other 20 former guests that have been kicked out of their rooms as we were was pure fun, especially when 10m of them kept on smoking almoust non stop for 6 hours!!!!!!
after the begining of our return trip from hell we hed to recover for the next 2 days before we could go back to work!

Tina C

we have been going to loxides for 4 years now,back there monday 18th august,wouldnt stay anywhere else  in sidari, clean,friendly and across the road from the beach..beds are twin beds at least in the rooms we have had, all air conditioned though, top restaurants are mythos,and olympic,although all are good that we have been to,but these 2 are our favorites,beach is nice,though we spend more time round pool,hope this is helpful,enjoy the loxides,,,,we do


Andrew N

Hello all. I am off to the loxides apartments on 1st september. Naturally i have a few questions. I have booked this holiday based on its excellent location and mostly positive reviews. Most holiday websites quote that the apartments are 50m from the beach. Is this the main beach in Sidari? Is the beach good based on a 1 - 5 scale, 5 being excellent, 1 being poor and why? Also do the rooms offer air conditioning as i forgot to research this when booking  Do the apartments offer double beds as i know from previous greek holidays they are rarely provided.

I look forward to your answers!

Carolyn J          10/10

We had a fantastic stay at Loxides. So good that we are going back next year. Every thing about the apartment, pool, surrounding area and the bar is good. The staff at Loxides very nice and helpful. The bar is run by Nikos who is friendly and nice. My to boys enjoyed playing pool and using the internet and said that Nikos is great. There is a good menu for snacks during the day and Rachel certainly knows how to dish up what ever you ask for. We enjoyed a quiet drink in the bar, or we visited some of the many bars and Tavernas that have a great variety of entertainment for everyone. Definately recormend Mythos resurant for very good evening meals, they serve any choice from menu for children (makes a change from nuggets or fish fingers)giving them half sized portions which my boys thought was good.  
If you want to stay somewhere that is clean, comfortable, friendly, every thing you could wish for, and not to loud late into the night this is the place for you.

Jade T          10/10

Yanni and Richele are at the apartments but not in the bar. Only generally managing things. I was here with 3 pals and we had a great time. We thought the krankies would come but we didnt see them.

Dave M          9/10

hello everyone just to let you know that this is a great and top place to stay and within walking distance of  all the bars and shops  in sidari and only fifty metres from the sandy beach. Also let it be known that the famous krankies often visit the bar area for a wee drink or two  FAN DABI DOZI

Angela W          10/10

 I Loved Every Minute Of Being Here.My Self And My Husband Trevor Could Leave The Kids And Know The Would Be Safe.

The Children Had A Great Time There Too.
The Krankies Poped In Now And Again To Which Was Fab As My Self And Trevor Are Going To The Live Tour In Skeggnes Cant Wait
I Will Be Going Back To The Aps Next Year.
Ive Also Told My Friends About Loxides And They Are To Going Again.
Angela,Trevor,Jordan,Kate And Carter

Simon A          10/10

Clap Just back from a great break at Loxides . Everything here is top notch. Great pool and surroundings late bar and just accross the road from the beach. Everyone made sure things went as well as could be and the appearance of the krankies now and again made it a real laugh.They even organised some pool sports for kids and adults alike even though little janette was out of her depth in the shallow end....hilarious Tongue. Will definately be back. ClapSmile 

Simon and Catrina

Ellis S          10/10

Ellis Here

Cant Wait to go to Corfu This
Cant Wait To See Every One

Maggie J          9/10

Well This Hotel Is Great ,The Bar Sells Lovely Drinks At Low Prices Although The Barman Wasnt Great We Still Had A Lovely Time There. I Read A Comment Saying They Met The Krankies During Their Stay,As Did I But I Sadly Didnt Meet The Man Who Wrote The Comment.The Krankies Where Great The Interact With Every One And They Are Great Fun To Be With!But Yes Sadly The Dont Dress Up Like The Did In The Earlier Years.

 I Hope To Be Going Again Soon With All The Family.

Nick E          8/10

Hi just arrived back from Loxides on 16 th June 2008. All round very good, the beds were very hard the place was very clean, pool area very nice as for the bar we found it to be a very pleasant, Nikos I feel is doing his best, he has made many improvements to the bar area and I urge anyone visiting loxides to support him with your business and im sure that in the right enviroment Nikos will be the perfect host after all you wouldnt be very happy with a bar with no customers so give the guy a chance, I for one will be definately  visting Loxides Appts again and enjoying a drink with Nikos...
Thanks Nick & Sharon (Wirral)

Joanne S          5/10

    went two years  on the run , fab  place to stay , but last year was a let down   as richelle and yanni were not there in the bar, would love to know if they are back there  this year as i would book to go back, sorry not going this year but  just not the same with out the other  two

Carolyn J

7th April 2008.
I have just read comments from people who a holidayed at the Loxides apartments last year.
I was pleased to hear that the accommodation is very clean and comfortable, as we are going there later this year.
I am very dissappointed to hear that the Bar area has taken a dive for the worst.
Had i have read these comments before booking holiday it would have put me off.
We enjoy social evenings, and being able to eat and have a drink at Loxides would be a bonus.
But we will eat and spend our evenings else where if the bar is still as described last year.
When we get back from this years holiday, i will add comments on how we found the bar.
Hopefully i will be able to tell you all that the owners have realised what has happened and improvements have been made.

Karen S          7/10

27 October 2007

Just arrived home after staying a week at the Loxides apts. We found the apartment and complex clean and well maintained - with the exception of the bar.  The barman Nicos was not the most welcoming or entertaining.  Although he attempted to be helpful he did not provide a good atmosphere and no effort was made to make an entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere (in fact there was none).   The bar opened when Nicos arrived meaning that holidaymakers needing to access their safe deposit boxes were left waiting until his arrival. We did have one experience of dirty glassware. The bar closed at 8.00pm and provided no relaxating or refreshment after a evening our in Sidari town - likewise on our last evening and a early morning flight there was nowhere to stay at the complex for refreshments.  Yanni was present and was there to oversee the complex. 
Overall the complex was close to the beach and had excellent pool facility and easy walking distance to both Sidari and Canal D'Amour area. 
With more entertaining and lively bar staff the complex would be an excellent holiday experience.
Barry and Karen

Joanne G          7/10

Arrived back from sidari August 13 2007 had a brilliant time, the room was very clean which is no surprise top marks as usual.

We found the Loxides very different from when we have been the last 5 years with out Yanni & Richelle, we missed you loads.
We are dissapointed with the staff they have got there now Ami & Nicos i suppose they do their best but it just didnt work. Its a real shame after Richelle & Yanni put everything into it and made it a brilliant place to stay hope your back next year.

Larry P          9/10

If you read my last 4 posts you will see how much we enjoy going to the Loxides.

We arrived back this morning 11/08/07, what a difference, we tried to inject a bit of life into the bar but out of fourteen nights we only managed this twice.

Our last week we booked as many late night trips and stayed in Sidari centre as much as we could, because the bar was so quite, Ami is a lovely girl and Nicos is trying to improve but you have to work at it you cannot leave a dirty bar counter so that when you sit down all dressed up to go out you don't get covered in a sticky mess that has been there god knows how long. I used to have a coffee most mornings until Ami overfilled the cup and wiped of the excess coffee off the cup with the dirtiest sponge I have ever seen. We refused to eat a single meal in the bar because of poor hygiene.

The Loxides itself was as good as ever, very clean and tidy rooms and we did enjoy our stay,    but the problem with the bar must be sorted before we ever return.

When we first arrived we paid 3euros for our favourite drinks which was expensive compared to the rest of Sidari and Nicos excuse that he only uses branded alcohol was a weak excuse because where ever we went we were given the same brand of red vodka as he used, the to cap it all the price went up to 3.50 euro.

Yanni, Richelle, Costa and Peter worked so hard to make the Loxides a family run and fun place to stay, I hope they get it back that way.

Nancy D          5/10

  just arrived home from the loxides had a great time a part from the bar having music blasting away till 4 in the morning for 3 nights mickey tried to sort it but with little joy this was not on as i have a thirteen year old did anyone else have the same problem

Michelle T          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge .... as usual the apartments were to a good standard and the cleaners did a good job.
the pool area and grounds were kept nice and clean.
the bar in the day was boring and the barmaid mostly was on her own, tired  and stressed as for the
 food it was awful   the service was slow and the kitchen looked dirty and untidy, in the past when richele ran the bar and kitchen in the day time it was spotless and she was forever cleaning also her food was fantastic and well priced, she was always friendly and weloming to guests.
as for the bar at night it was a none event really totally mind numbing almost slipped into a coma, nicos the new bar man has as much get up and go as a corspe, the drinks were over priced and glasses grubby, also no pool table in the bar, very odd, when yanni used to run the bar it was non-stop fun, laughter and entertainment for me and my family he made our holiday complete which is why we return year after year, but after this years change we would not return unless richele and yanni were back running the bar, they are good people and we missed them.
  from michelle, carol and mick

Janet O

Yianni now manages only the apartments, and Richelle works in The Smugglers Inn as a cook.
She covers for Yianni if he has to leave the complex.
Nicos, a relative of the owner, runs the bar, helped by Amy.
-A big change, and not for the better, I'm afraid.

Craig J          7/10

click to enlarge

Just come back from Loxides and we thought that the acccomodation was excellent. The standard of cleanliness in the rooms was great and the cleaners had no trouble getting rid of the fousty smells from us four lads every other day.
The Olympic rep, Mikey is an asset to the company although he really does need to learn how to drink, and the company should really buy him a new pair of jeans!!!!!!!
As for the bar, Nichos is really something else. Over priced, slow and misserable staff, no atmosphere,  and as clean as my boxers after a days use. Sort it out. The cheese and tuna toasties were lush though, although they increased by 50 c after we were buying them all the time as our hangover cures. Room 411 - Welsh Lads.
One other thing. The above picture was the scenery from our balcony who we later found out to be Nichos' girlfriend. Get a grip!!!!  Please ensure you vet all staff and customers in the future, not a pretty sight.

Tahmara M


Larry P

Have been in contact with Richele and yes i'm afraid it is true, we have been going to the Loxides for many years, and to find out just before we go again that the bar area has been sub-let is disguting.

There is no more Yanni entertaining guests at night and Richele now works at Cactus Jacks I have sent an e:mail of compliant to Olympic to let them know as a regular I am not happy.
Yanni is still managing the Loxides and I have been informed that the standards of cleanliness in the bar are of a lower standard and the prices have almost doubled.
Please join me in letting Olympic know your feelings.
Will post a review when we return in August.
Have had a reply from Olympic holidays, they are going to speak to thier local office in Sidari. As of yet they have had no negative feedback concerning the new bar owners or condition of the bar area.

Julia W

in the past you will have seen my comments here praising loxides for its excellent accomodation, outstanding cleanliness family orientated facilities and most of an entertaining time in the bar. unfortunately not this time. yes the accomodation is excellent, yes the cleanliness is outstanding, but family orientation and and enterainment seem to have gone out of the window. the bar has been let out to nico in cut backs by the owners. if they think they are saving money then they are in for a shock the losses have already started even though the prices have doubled and it isnt even the hieght of the season yet. last year richelle would be in the bar during the day cooking cleaning and chatting with the guests, old and new, that is if you could get her to stand still for even a minute as she was forever on the go cooking cleaning serving, then in the evening yannie would take over and the bar would fill to burst as he told jokes played gags set up games ect and kept us in the bar til 4 in the morning or until laughter forced us out, the bar was the soul of the complex and yannie and richelle the heart. the bar is now unclean overpriced with no personality or entertainment we were lucky if any one other than ourselves went in, which we promptly stopped doing and found elsewhere to go. this was doubly hard for me as i suffer from social aggrophobia and have difficulty in new surroundings. due to this we and all the other regulars have all said WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING AGAIN. usually we would go 2-3 times a year but i have put our plans on hold, and said that next year we will go some where else entirely different. its a shame i so looked forward to seeing the guys at loxides and meeting all the folk we have met on previous holidays it was like home from home without the hard work, and with fun and sun thrown in as a bonus.

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