Alexis Pool Studios

Accommodation in Sidari

Ellie D          10/10

 Loved this place too we stayed there in July 2006. Anyone know how/where to book it now as not with Kosmar anymore?!?!? 

Beth+sarah W           

we love sidari we didnt stay at this hotel but we used the pool all the time we love the hotel and the owners are fantastic any body staying here is garanteed to have a fab holiday you should also try the bar SOS they have live bands and the bar men are fit mario, petro and spiros well worth a having a drink there. 

Donna H           

We returned  home7th August after a brilliant holiday at the Alexis Pool Studios.  My husband, our two girls and I stayed in a 2 bed apartment which was very clean and spacious.  The pool area was nice and well maintained and Costas and Irene were lovely, they always had a smile for us and made a fuss of our two daughters.  The food at the pool bar was always delicious and very well priced. The sevice from Peter the barman on an evening was again nice and friendly with lot of nice cocktails to taste. We felt the location was very central for all the bars, restaurants, supermarkets and beaches.  The main road outside the apartments was sometimes a bit mad but no worse than any in this country.  The only problem I had was the mosquitos, the little blighters can get anywhere.  Take plenty repellent and bite cream!! We enjoyed our stay here and met lots of lovely people and hope to return for another great holiday soon.

Iris T           

We just got back a couple of days ago.  Befiore we arrived I was worried because of the bad reports I had read on this site.  I hadn't seen them before booking or I would not have bothered booking this place, because it sounded so awful.  We were AMAZED.  This is the best self catering we have been to yet.  Anyone who finds it isn't very good must be used to fancy hotels, although I must say I have been to worse hotels in the UK!
We got a separate kitchen instead of sleeping with the sink unit, cupboards and fridge. We also go a toaster as well as a kettle, none of the "billy can" rubbish here!  There was a shower curtain, first time we've had one of those, and it helps to keep the floor dry. There was a washing line (and pegs) on the balcony.
The room was clean and the sheets and towels were clean too.  Of course we took our own towels (the brochure tells you to), but we didn't need them.  We were there more than once when the maids came and they swept and mopped the floor as well as emptying the bins.  They came mostly every 2 days but over the 2 weeks we were there there were occasions when they came three days in a row.
Costas and Irene at the Pool bar (Zooms) were very friendly and helpful.  the other staff were good too but their english wasn't very good. Leo, the son gave his notice in while we were there, so he doesn't work there any more.
The resort itself is very nice and we didn't find the "M25" (although I understand it runs right outside the pool bar).  It was no worse that crossing the road at the end of our street in England.
In all we would love to have been able to stay another month or three or six, but we had to come home.  We will definitely come again to this place, the value for money was brilliant all round.

Cheryll D           

Hi, I've just read your comment.  You can book for the Alexis through Kosmar.  Their web address is  Hope that helps.

Sandra K

We went on holiday to the Alexis pool apts in Sidari a few years ago and it was one of the best holidays we ever went on, we would like to go again next year but cant find any tour operators who deal with these apts, I would be very grateful if anyone could inform me of any that they know of. Thanks

Cheryll D           

Oh and I apologise for my terrible spelling

Cheryll D           

Hi,  my hubby and I have have just returned from a 2 week stay.  I think that the apartment was lovely, very clean and spacious, the cleaners came in every other day to clean it and our bedding was changed once a week but if you wanted it changed more than that all you had to do was ask.  Costas and Irene were lovely.  I have to disagree with an earlier comment about hem being qute frosty if you didn't spend much time or money at the bar.  We spent all but two days at the beach and they didn't seem to mind at all.  They were very friendly and we were allowed to keep our room on till 6pm.  The food was fantastcis, the Mousaka was the best.  Leo was brilliant, he had us in stitches when we were in the bar, really made us feel at home, and he has one wicked sense of humour.  I would recommend this place to anyone, we're going back next year and we're taking the kids this time. 

Sarah W           

Me and my family stayed there and it was good if you just wanted it for a base! The pool was good and very clean! But if you are expecting a good view dont choose here because the view is a carpark and skips!The bar was alright but 1 time the food for my mum came up cold-yuk!But on the whole a good place for a base!

James L           

my fiancee and i had a fantastic time at these apartments, we had the very end room on the first bloch (the 1 u can see from the road) and it woz a really gud size, the pool is nice and the bar is ok, little expensive compared to main street, but we had a great time, had plenty of drinks on an evening, and really got on well with a bloke behind the bar, LEO YOU R ACE!! planning on going back again. we had the air con and it was 6 euros a nite which wasnt too bad. all in all a fantsatic hol

Laura M           

i went back to the alexis pool studios this year after a pretty disastrous holiday there last year, nothin 2 do with the place though. This year me and 2 friends stayed in a 3 bed studio instead of the 2 bed studio i stayed in last year and this studio was much nicer than last year, newer i think and much more spacious. Didint have any problems with the room, didnt bother with air conditioning cos the room wasnt 2 hot, think it was 6 euros per day for that though. Costas and Irene were very nice to us, however we spent money in the pool bar and got the impression they were a bit rude to people who didnt.Pool is lovely, one of the cleanest in sidari apparently. Sidari was great and wouldnt hesitate to go back however may try somewhere different to stay.most of the PR's for the clubs are good fun however they can be a bit pushy so you have to be really firm with them if u don't wanna go in the bars.All in all it was a great holiday and wish i could have stayed longer.

James L

p.s i need the price asap, before july 27th, thanx

James L

please could someone tell me how much it is to hire the air conditioning at this hotel, im staying 7 nites, so either a daily rate or a weekly rate is fine, which ever it is at the hotel thanx

Derek I           

My girlfriend and I have just spent 2 weeks at the Alexis and have arrived home feeling quite disappointed.  We were a bit unsureafter reading some of the previous comments and after our stay agree with some and disagree with others.  The room we stayed in looked fairly new and had optional Air Con and was fairly spacious but pretty basic.  It is about a 200 yard walk to the main street and beach, we didn't have any problem with noise apart form the Karaoke from the hotel behind but nothing major.  Yes, there is a road outside which some cars do go fairly fast and it can been a bit busy but I would n'y say it's the M25!  We got a warm welcome and the rep was ok and the cleaners were very friendly but that's were it stopped.  Because we spent most of our time by the beach and not at the pool or by the bar at night we felt that the owners attitude changed and after a couple of days were frosty/funny and even rude towards us (we hadn't done anything to p them off and we got the impression that it was because we hadn't spent our money there).  Then on our departure day we had to be out of the room by 12pm and were told that we couldn't extend our room till 6pm even though we were going to pay for it, so we were expected to hang around until 11.20pm when we were getting picked up becasue they said we couldn't even borrow a room to get changed or have a shower in - RUBBISH.  So we had to pay 30 euros for a room in the town which we had to take our suitcases over to cos they gave the impression that wouldn't look after them during the day. To make things worse the room was damp and so much so my girlfriends handbag and flipflops had grown mould during the stay, and the bed covers smelt.  This was our second stay in Sidari and will be back again but not to the Alexis Pools. And hopefully they will get rid of the reps who try and get you into teh bars, they are such a pain int the butt!!!! 

Jackie B           

. We have just returned from the Alexix Pools. The rooms are ok, Basic but ok. The cleaning ladies are lovelly. The view from the site is of a car park and what appears to be a local tip. On the plus side it was near to town and only a few mins from the beach. It's ok as a base if you are out all day.You wont get much sleep. Expect to be kept awake by late night party goers returning and the traffic up and down the main road.  We enjoyed Corfu but would not stay at this particular location again

Tom M           

We had a great 2 weeks at the Alexis Pool, after reading some mixed reviews we were a little nervous but we had a lovely time, the Room was in the new part which was spotless, the pool is a little small but nice, Costas and Irene were fine and looked after us well, Sidari is great and Cactus Jacks is a must, we'll be back.

James L

hello, im staying in the alexis pool studio and apartments, in sidari, and fly out on 1st of august, i know its going to be hot and wondering if anyone has styed here b4, its my 1st time abroad, and am going with my girlfriend for just a week, im wondering if anyone can show me on a map where abouts the apartments are, how far from the beach and the main town etc, and if any one knows if there is air/con could they tell me how much it costs, also could i have a few fotos that anyone would like to share at all?? thank you all very much my email is

Jamie P           

 Hi were off to Sidari in Augst with my daughter and partner, just wondering where the best places to go with our 9 year old? Have heard good things off friends who stayed here two years ago.Anyone with help, ideas,maps etc email me at  ClapSmileLaugh

B M           

anyone have any pictures of these apartments?

Laura M           

I stayed at Alexis last year in a 2 bedded studio and it was pretty good. I am going back this year and staying in a 3 bed studio and was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the third bed is a camp bed or a proper bed? Our studio didnt smell of urine and the only bad thing was not getting much sleep because of the heat however its corfu and the heat is one of the reasons we went.I agree with everyone who said costa and irene are lovely and overall the resort is really nice.

James L

im staying here in august 2005 with my girlfriend, and would appreciate if somebody could send me some photos of the hotel and views and area, as i am having trouble trying to get anything my email address is thankyou very much

Jaccie A           

next year will be my fourth visit to irenes and costas and my daughters third visit we have found the place excellent or we would never go back! the people that are making the comments about any smell must be mad as there was no smell at all when we were there, the food is excellent especially the CHICKEN CURRY it tastes just like homes, it is in an excellent location and the road did not bother us, everytime we have been the reps with kosmar have been fantastic i fell last year and the rep suzi could not do enough for us, hope everyone takes no notice of the lousy comments and go and visit for yourselves and have a great time just like us.

Sylvia C           

have never stayed here but hey if you know you are staying very close to Sidari high street with all the bars and entertainment surely you realise that will bring some noise with it!!!! If you dont want noise choose an area away from the strip!!!!!!!!

Wendy B           

I have just arrived back from 1 week stay at Alexis Pool Studios (4/9/04)the holiday was wonderful. We were in a 2 bed apartment in 2nd block, the rooms were extremely spacious not cramped at all, both had modern bedroom units with air conditioning units in (which you hire if required). The bathroom is basic but nice, all tiled with white units including shower cubicle with shower curtain, the only smell of urine came from the bathroom which is understandable, not much stronger than if you forget to flush the loo! Cleaners came in everyday, no problems there although we did not get any new sheets or towels within the week but had our own in any event. Zoom bar which is attached to apartments is great to chill out in, Costa, Irene and Leo are all very nice warm, friendly people, and the food was lovely too. The pool area is really nice and clean and there is a little section for children. Location is excellent just behind the main car park behind the main street so easy walking distance to all the hustle and bustle but quiet enough to get some sleep. The road as some have put it, was not like the M25 although may be busier in peak season. For all who are fussy with food you will be pleased to know there is a McDonalds just at the bottom of the street, however if not aim for the Olympic Restaurant - great food and fantanstic entertainment! The best beach is also situated at the bottom of the street from the Alexis (head towards McDonalds) you can walk into the sea for miles and it only comes up to your thighs. I have taken some photos of the apartment so will post these when developed. I would definately recommend these apartments to all age groups whether single groups/couples or families.

Oh, and as for the rep, ours was called Suzi and she visited us every day twice a day. She was superb if you go to your welcome meeting she will tell you all the good tips, she definately does know what she is talking about.

Chris M           

Me and my girlfriend came back from the alexis pool bout 2 weeks ago now. The place itself is ok, the road wasnt noisy at all to be honest well we never heard it at night anyway. The cleanliness wasnt even above standard, we got clean sheets once in 2 weeks and the cleaners only ever changed the bins and that was about it. If you complain though you are more likely to get sheets changed more often. The rep was a waste of time she had no idea of what was going on, our apartment flooded and she made it out like she was doing us a favour by even turning up!! On a better note everyone who stayed there were really nice, we made a lot of good friends, sidari itself is very nice and the town centre is a 2 minute walk away. Overall the 2 of us really enjoyed the holiday, its in a good location and the people there were great, just a shame about the cleaners!!!!

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