Jimmys Hotel

Accommodation in Sidari

Lynsey M          10/10

Mr Pete Shaw....your a cheeky man!! shut up or i will push you in the pool next time i see you!

We are still trying to sort out what we are doing this year...but hopefully we will be booked (will make sure its not at the same time as you though  haha! cant wait to go back.
We HAVE to go this year....its not even bearable thinking that we arent going!
Ey Pete, have you seen the cocktail named after me?? i should have called it scratch!? what date did you say you are going? just so i know when NOT to book! only joking mi ol' mucker!
hopefully we will see you soon. get your bums over to sunny Rochdale for a brew!
say hello to Ann for me (shes nice unlike you! )
speak to you soon mate and if i dont speak to you before have a fab time and give Jimmy, Erietta and Nia (and maybe mick) a big kiss from me!!
Take care.

Pete S          10/10

once again back to jimmy's for another 2 weeks of sunshine and drink going 21 may 2010 so linsay hope you are not there waking every one up,you mam and dad will be ok nice and quiet

Pete S          10/10

been again this year and always the same a great holiday,2 weeks of fun,thanks to 2 good friends john and yvonne bags of nuts the 2 of them,also dave and elaine good fun with out  linsay (only jokeing scratch) all the staff great as always,not forgeting mike the barman great guy,will return next year,(you going linsay let us know the date so we can book when your not there) beat to all


Neil H          10/10

Just returned from Jimmys last week - first time there and we will be going back at some stage in the future.

Everyone was so friendly - staff and guests
You have to go to the BBQ - nice food and a really good laugh.

Pete S          10/10

hi all,had just a great time in jimmy,s have to go back again this year be nice to see old faces,shame we missed some of the nice people this year maybe next year ( scratch and the family) yes lynz did tell mick a bit about you only nice things glad you enjoyed it,white sock man  and yvonne going as well so will have a great time again,best apartments in corfu.

  mick the mad barman is a great guy,plus jimmy and the family, well to every one thats thinking of going to jimmy,s do it it fun and scratch as been now so should be safe,

Lynsey M          10/10

howdie peeps!!

just got back from another fantastic holiday at jimmys. i love the place! i cant get enough of it. definately the best one so far....from what i can remember.
massive praise to mick, who is not only a fantastic barman (when hes not taking the micky out of you) but a really great bloke! missing our intercoms mick??? no? didnt think so! haha! funniest bloke in sidari....but dont tell him i told him that!
really really didnt want to come home again!! we will be booking for next year jim bob, dont you worry about that.
oi pete! i believe that you warned mick about me?!?! i dont think he was expecting me to be as bad as i was...we had a love/hate relationship....most of the time he hated me...and i loved winding him up! haha! hope you/ann/john and yvonne had a fab time! and guess what.....i only had 1 mosquito bite this year!!!!!!! how good is that!
cant wait to go back next year, my second home.
muchas love to everybody.
lynz (olive/scratch),!!! elaine, dave, jenny and tin tin!! xxxx

Pete S          10/10

hi all,beemn yet again to jimmys,once again had a great time,alex no longer there in uk (nutter) mick doing bar just as daft a bag of nuts, family still great to get on with,look out scratch micks as mad as you,thanks to the white sock man and yvonne for there company,dont forget to visit kouros bottom of road near super market great mojitos of spiros the mad barman

Hannah G          10/10

Alex is no longer there.... done one to the UK (mad if you ask me).

Still a fab holiday as usual!!

Emma B

Is Jimmy's nice? Is it noisy coz we thought it was down Canal demour end buy Thomson's map. Now we've found out its down completely oposite end...??

Gill H          10/10

Hi to anyone who can remember us from Sept 08

Well what can i say it was our first time at "Jimmys" and what a great time we had the whole place is spotless. the food is good and talk about friendly. Jimmy Erietta Niah and Alex were brilliant. and the people we met made our holiday fantastic. Hi and thanks to John and Yvonne. Dave, Elaine. Lyndsay, Jenny and Matt. Hope to go back next year sometime.
Love Gill and Bill X

John S

Just a quick 'Hello' to some of those who we met at Jimmy's who have helped make our holidays there so special and to some who we will definately be seeing again next year.

Lindsey....Thanks for the introduction to the 'Gas Chamber Bukas'. You and your family were great. All the best for the future. We'll miss you by a week or so in 2009.
'Stickman', you be careful with the 'T' shirts and watch out for the moving bushes at night after drinking with Alex and we wish you every success getting into your ladies underwear...............................business.
ALEX..... We hope that all goes well for you and say hi to that nice English girl that you were looking after, when you see her again........What was her name? (Emma), What?, Who is she? Tell me again.
See you all in May.......

John S          10/10

I have stayed at Jimmy's many times over quite a few years and even when not actually residing there for my holiday period I have been unable to keep away.

Jimmy (Dimitri), his wife Erietta, son Alex and daughter Niah are all the perfect hosts and provide a very warm welcome to their guests and anyone else that happens to drop in to use their facilities.
The place has to be good to have so many people going back time and time again and over the years my family and I have made so many friends who we met at Jimmy's that if we had a reunion there, there would not be enough rooms to accomodate them all.
I was last there with my wife Yvonne in September 08 and will be back again in May 09, meeting up with old friends and no doubt making even more.
The place is brilliant...... Try it and you'll see what I mean.
PS. Sophia the cleaner is very nice and does a great job.

John S

Reply to Emma B's query

Jimmy's is next to the 'Olympic Palace' which is a place where people hold functions and it is not an hotel. Both are just a couple of hundred metres along the road that leads from the main Sidari Supermarket and Petrol Station towards Roda, Acharavi and Kassioppi etc.
Hope you know those places of reference I've mentioned.

Emma B

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me where abouts Jimmys is coz cant find it on the map. Is it anywhere near Alkion Hotel?

Lynsey M          10/10

click to enlarge

hahahaha!!! Hi Pete!! just seen your comment! i love the cleaner really....just not so keen on her when she is ringing the doorbell at 8 when you didnt go to bed until 6! she does a very good job, she even lines my shoes up for me, very brave lady!! haha

well the mosquito bites have NEARLY gone! they were horrendous.
what a fantstic holiday, so sad to be back home1 we have booked again for next year, going on 19th june. cant wait. cried...yet again....all the way to the airport. such a baby!
hope we see you and anne again. take care.
loads of love. SCRATCH, Elaine, Dave, Jen and Matt.xxx

Pete S          10/10

just got back from jimmy,s apartments had a great time as usual thank to the family that own them (dimitri,erietta,nia,and alex) plus all the people there that make a good holiday, not forgetting sophia the cleaner great lady ask linsey miller! weather great, food great ,tequila deadly be aware of the bar of doom starring alex sweet lips, the boss dimitri is the best host you will ever find on holiday great guy helps you with anything you want to know

  some person was there wearing  white socks -----you know who you are w****r
  to my mate alex look after your self mate see you next year
  if you want a great holiday go to jimmy,s you will not go wrong

Dunk M          10/10



Lynsey M          10/10

Hi everybody!

We fly out to Jimmys....again.....on friday and i am sooooooooo excited! didnt go last year so really looking forward to seeing Jimmy, Alex and family!!
I cant wait to have one of my famous sambucas!!
We are all so so so so so looking forward to it, although we have never been this late in the year before so we are hoping(fingers x'd) that the weather will still be as hot as it is in june, and july!
Jimmys is the best holiday ever!!
we hope to see some familiar faces this year again!
2 more days!!!!
 see you soon Jim!
Lynz, Elaine, Dave, Jen and Matt.x x x x

Amy R          10/10

 elo mate you alrite

just gt bk frm jimmy's, had another great time
was my 3rd time bk there, nd def going bk nxt year or even this yr lol.
weather was amazing nd so was the people
i went wiv my mate and family
"oi pink shorts"
did anyone else go, when a local man was there wiv a tennis ball?????
 to jimmy

Lauren & stuart M          10/10

1 post by Lauren & stuart M    ip   - Germany

Pete S          10/10

jimmys apartments sidari corfu

just returned from two weeks at jimmys apartments and cant wait to go back! brilliant holiday thanks to all the family , looked after us brilliantly and accomodation spotless thanks to sophia !
jimmy(dimitri) great host looks after the customers all the time with help from erieta and nia
love him to bits,a true gentleman
   Now there alex total bag of nuts, does the bar, never say you are a great drinker he will get you p*****d, a great guy fun to be with and if you want to find anything out ask him

     once again guys thank you for a great holiday

2 t's vicar

Terry S          10/10

we are going to jimmy,s on 23/6/08 for the 15 time it is so good we love it we love jimmy  

Charlotte E          10/10

click to enlarge

Id just like to say thankyou to everyone at Jimmys,

Jimmy, Alex, Nia and Erieta. You made our stay a very pleasant and fun time. Alex's slippery nipples are the best
But dont try the Tequila or u might spew your lamb chops up. Eh Alex?
The atmosphere was great, and the apartments were spotless.
We will definately be back next year.
And make sure you dont set fire to the beer mat like i did, with the sambucca fire
I recommend this hotel to everyone.
All the people that have said they get funny looks must have been stuck up people that were ignorant because i never saw this once on our holiday. And i stayed for 2 weeks.
Absolutely Brilliant.
Sagapo Alex.

Ann_marie P          10/10

any one staying at jimmys appartments i realy recomentd his chicken nuggets they are 10000000000000000000000000    times better that macdonalds . realy enjoyed my stay there thankyou jimmy

Russ B          10/10

I'd like to keep this as simple as possible- Jimmy, Alex and family were simply wonderful, the appartment was kept spotless, the host extreemly welcoming and remained so througout our weeks stay. The atmosphere was fantastic within the complex, other visitors contributed to a brilliant week too. We would reccomend Jimmy's Appartments to all and would like to thank Jimmy and his family for contributing to such a great holiday in such a wonderful part of the world. Sidari, although a little quiet at the start of the week as it was very early on in the season, is such a welcoming and warming place, the locals were wonderful, the scenerey beautiful and the excusions a must. Corfu town is beautiful- though be sure to head into the main shopping street and book your excursions there for best prices. Quite simply my best holiday. Thank you Jimmy & Family, and to the lovly people of Sidari. Treasured memories. PS, you may with to bare in mind it's an appartment, once the loo roll runs out you can buy your own from one of the 2 markets at the end of the rd- the one closer to the petrol station is slightly cheaper. Go and stay at Jimmy's!!!!!!! 

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