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Accommodation in Sidari

Nez V

Hi Emily

Went last year and going again this year.
Sidari has one main street, with lots of Bars, clubs and shops etc. Good night out, foam parties and no trouble.
Eating out is cheap enough, but wherever you are staying, head towards the canal d'amour area, there is a great pizza and chinese place, both very clean. The 3 pigs on the corner and cactus jacks further down (also have internet cafe).
It's a great place to go, also the beach and coves around canal d'amour are great, shallow water and sun traps.
Hope that helps, have a great time.
If you there July 18 - may see you....ha ha

Emily H

Hi :) me and 3 other girls are off to sidari in July :) am so excited! just wanted some views on the whole area really, i've seen some really good reviews on tripadvisor. what's the best places to go to eat etc, all them sort of places? :)

Linda O          10/10

Did you expect to be the only english people in Sidari then!!!! As for the cleaners at Stemma, there are only 2 cleaners to do the whole complex in that extreme heat, would you do it, I doubt it, so if you were missed out on some days is it a big deal to make your own beds. I'm sure the people that were making a noise on the night before you left were probably still enjoying there holiday (unlike you) and lets face it there are flights mos days so everyone would have to be quiet every night. I have stayed at the Stemma and was very impressed with the apartments and staff. If you feel that strongly about northeners going on holiday to Sidari then maybe you should go to Blackpool this year as all the people there will be in greece. As for going late in September maybe some people cannot afford to go in peak season so take the kids out of school for a week later in the season (which you are allowed to do with permission). Did you mention to the people that were making a noise that you would like them to quieten down, bet you didn't, you waited till you got back and moaned on here!!!!!!!

Peter F          1/10

Well we went to Sidari in May 2008 and now again in September 2009 and what a change it is,thought I haD rolled into Blackpool,neon lights everywhere and all the accents seemed as if you were in Blackpool,so might as well gone to for the Stema appartments well the cleaners did turn up eventually,the entertainment went on well after 2am on quite a few nights,especially the last night when you wanted an early night before going back to the airport for the flight home,would of been nice to have a quiet relaxing time by the pool,but sadly that wasn't to be as a family of northerners decided they thought they owned the complex and took over,shouting swearing and being a totally nusiance.come Thursday they were at the Post Office getting their benefits !! I thought English Kids went back to school early September,so why were they running around Sidari in late September? I suppose the parents know best,totally stuff their education up !!  flippin rug rats. FINE THE PARENTS ..

Mike E          10/10

hi, mike and amy just had two fab weeks at stema, what a wonderful place to holiday.
has anybody got the e-mail address of stemma

Brian W

Can any one tell me is there any safe deposit boxes in the rooms at stemma2 apartments and if so what do they cost 

Holly Y

Going to Sidari in the Stema apartments July 17th with mam, stepdad, and best friend and her mam and dad - can't wait
Could anyone tell me what the sea is called surrounding Sidari please?
And will write a review when we have been

Linda O          10/10

Got back from the Stemma last Saturday and had a lovely time, the apartments and the complex were really nice and clean, plenty of sunbeds and very quiet at night, the pool is enormous and the rooms were huge. The staff were lovely people and really helpful, Paula even came in early on the saturday morning at 7.45 to cook our breakfast as we were leaving at 8.30am. I only had a couple of small problems, the first is we only had our rooms cleaned twice while we were there, Paula said it's because we came in on a Saturday instead of the normal arrival days and the maids forgot us, the other problem was it was quite a way from anywhere. We usually stay in the Canal Da mour end of Sidari so found ourselves going there every night and getting cabs there and back. We will go back and see the staff but we wouldn't stay there again but not because there was anything wrong with the complex just that we prefer the other end of Sidari. By the way Costas make the best milkshakes in Greece and Paula makes her lovely 'sexy' coffee as she calls it.

Linda O

We are going out on 2nd may to Stemma, glad there will be someone else there too being as it's so early in the season, it's out 9th visit to sidari but have never been to these apartments, see you all in a couple of weeks.


Brian G

any one got an email address for Stemm 2, so i can request a top floor room,

Brian G

Hi Ruth, my wife and i are going to Stemma on 4th may 2009, stayed at the Alini last year but did not like it. love Corfu and the Greek people

Ruth H          10/10

 me and my fella phil absolutely loved sidari and the stemma 2 appartments!!!!!!!!!!!!!! top notch place to go for your jols, costas brilliant and makes the best cocktails around we went last may and are going again in four weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! we cannot wait, we recommend that you go to the sea monkys for a top full english brecki and down to the three little pigs for a fantastic greek night do try costas cocktails they get you verybut are quality, i recomment that you try a ps.i love you thats very nice if you like baileys its one for the lasses, all in all its a right dooooooooooooo

Stephen K

Hi there

I was wondering if someone could help me, me and my friends have booked to stay at the stema li apartments in sidari. There are 2 couples 4 lads, the 4 lads have booked 3 studio apartments one of us has a girldfriend who would liek to come but can only come for 4 days, the travel agent wont help, she an get a flight, but we want to do things properly and pay for the accomadation so wew ould like to be able to get hold of the stema li to ask for some help or suggestions, coz one lad would move in with 2 lds and then the couple would bein the other room, Would any one have any contact details or any suggestions of what we can do. many thanks for your help in advance. We really want to try and get this guys girlfriend on board all be it for 4 days.

Steve my email address is

Julie M

Going to stema 2 aprtments in sidari on 24 Oct.  Anyone know of a zipcode/postal code so that I can use my satnav.


In reply to Bev about where Stema is. From the main drag turn down the side of Mojo's and Dorothea's restaurant, carry on that road till you come to El Greco Taverna turn up the side of there and carry on walking and it's on the right hand side. It's called Hotel Stemma but is self catering. Hope ya find it and enjoy, we are going back next year!! J & B x


Ann J


 Just returned from a fab holiday at the Stema, booking again for next year but was wondering if someone could give me an idea of what the room numbers are on the block that gets the afternoon sunshine on their balconies?

Brian C          9/10

The Stema 2 apartments are situated about 5 mins walk from the main street of Sidari and you will not be disappointed. We went in 2006 and we are going again later this year. The Stema 2 is not far from the beach, about 100m but is in a quiet enough location far enough away from the main "strip" so you are not bothered by noise on at night time.

Exact position is if you go down the main strip there is a crossroad and you take a left towards the beach. Where you can see Sidari bay area. The beach road you follow this past some restaurants and mini markets etc and then about 200 m along the beach road take a right turn and it is about 50m or so to the Stema 2. The beach area close to the Stema 2 is where they hire the Pedalo's and there was a guy with a speed boat where you could go on the hang glider etc.

Bev P

Please can anyone help!!!  we go to Sadari twice a year and have stayed in various places, all of which have been great, we would like to try the Stema 2 can anyone please tell us where this is situated, the reviews look good and so we would like to try it, however we would like to know exactly where it is. 

Stayed in Alkion in June it was ok but do not like Hotels, but could not complain.  would appreciate any help on this
many thnaks

Sarah E          10/10

Myself and my boyfriend stayed at the Stemma from 30th May '08 to 13th June '08. It was our first holiday as a couple and couldnt have been better!! Everyone was so friendly and Paula and Costas made us feel very welcome!! Whatever you do, try Costas' cocktails - the BEST Harvey Wallbanger I tasted in Sidari!!! We couldnt have asked for more as far as the appartments were concerned; they were spacious and very clean and we were impressed with the maid service. There is something for everyone there - families with kids to couples of all ages.

Thank you for such an enjoyable holiday!
Sarah Edwards and Kev Golder.

Carole D          10/10

- this will be the fifth time in a row that we are going to Stema it is the best place ever, the accommodation is perfection itself, cleaned everyday, the staff are wonderful, we love Costa and Paula and it goes without saying that Nikki and Nikos are just  wonderful people.

The new reception last year is just amazing we thought taking the old one away would spoil the atmosphere - no way it has just made the place even better if that is possible. 
Its fun  without being rowdy, its quiet but not too quiet in the day its just the best place ever and we cannot recommend enough to people that they too should visit.
We will be meeting up again for the fifth time with friends that we have made at Stema from Preston and Essex and Leeds and Birmingham need I go on.
We love it, if you dont go you are missing out I promise.  I cry  everytime we leave, if I could move there I would, we feel like they are family and it is our second home xx.

Peter F          10/10

We stayed at the Stema Appartments between 9th May and the 23rd May 2008,and it was absolutely great,the appartments were huge,always clean and tidy,the staff were brilliant,especially Paula who is  totally banana's and waves everybody off when they leave.the entertainment was excellent,as well as Paula dancing on the bar,(Too much ouzo) I would certainly go there again no question.The Town is only 5 minutes walk away so not to far,and the beach is about 2 minutes walk away.all in all,an excellent holiday.will be coming back for sure.10 out of 10 and more..

Sue           10/10

click to enlargeHi we stayed at these apartments and they was very clean and very big we had the 1 bedroom and we had a great time. We will be staying in these again. Now we are back home   We can not wait to go back.

Christian W


Not sure if they supply cots but I have the telephone number for the stema which if you e-mail me using the attached address I will be happy to give it to you.  Although with the amount of small children that they have accomodated of the times which I have been there I'm sure thomson's would have no problems in catering for your needs and I know Nicos and Nikki ( the owners) would also be very happy to help.

Michael W

Does anyone know if the stema apartments have baby cots, for familys with young babys? .we stayed there last july but we r not sure, many thanks. happy holidays ( the weekes family)    


Christian W          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Returned yesterday after another fab fortnight at the Stema.  What can you say about the place it just's get better and better every time you go back there is new improvements being made.  This year it's the club house which is massive with a fab new sound system which i'm sure some of the bars in the uk would be happy with, and has yet to be completed although it's 90% done there is just a few more things to be included for next year full size mirror in the ladies toilet, urinials in the gents. Next year there will be a shop on site so you will only have to walk 20 yards instead on 200 yards with your products so you will save yourself for a extra beer and 20 mins by the poolside.

So what if you have to pay for the air con 50 for two weeks and 20 per week for you safety boxes which are locked up overnight as they are within the bar area. Although on average the bar is never closed as by time the last person leaves the club and new guests are arriving it's time for breakfast to start and the cleaners are in for the new day.
Speaking to the owners this year they cannot believe the amount of guests who have been there within the last five years who are returning as they have such good times.  This year there was three couples alone who was there four years ago and it was like old times catching up. 
This years rep Alison is also very good and helpful as she lives in Greece she has all the knowledge which she is happy to pass on.  Alison if you get a chance to read this  Thanks for a great time! 
I'm sure that when you see some of the pictures attached you will agree that this is just a excellent resort.  Here are just a Few: The new club house / poolside, Costa ( The top Bar man), Nikki (Wife of the owner), Poppy (Daughter) and husband.
Right I'm off now to book up for next year.  If anyone has any questions about Sidari Just place them here and I will help as best I can.

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