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Angela S          10/10

We recently had our 2 weeks holiday at Lagoon Apratments in Sidari June 18th-July 2nd 2012.  This was my 9th holiday to Sidari, my husbands 6th and my mums 5th.  The Lagoon apartments were by far the best we have ever stayed at and i am sure it won't be the last time we stay there.

We had 3 apartments for 6 adults and one baby (2 years old) We could not find any fault with all 3 apartments one was 2 bedroom on ground floor the other 2 were 1 bedroom on first floor.  They were cleaned virtually everyday, towels every few days and bedding once a week.  I would have liked to have bedding and towels more often but that is due to personal cleanliness.  One day i asked for extra towels which wasn't a problem.  The cleaners were very honest and friendly, they found money in one of our apartments and reported it to reception as they didn't feel comfortable cleaning with it there in case it went missing.  The man that cleaned the pool and grounds  was very friendly and was always on the complex he always had a smile for us.
The bar staff were absolutley faultless,  Alex Dennis and Christina.  They were very friendly from day 1, they all work such long hours and very hard in the temperatures.  I really don't know when Dennis slept.   They made sure we had everything we needed, Christina was especially good with children.  Whilst there we celebrated a milestone birthday (60th) Dennis did all he could to make it a special day, even working longer hours than usual. 
If you have children you need to keep an eye on the younger ones as it close to a very busy road, there are no gates on the apartment.  Only one suggestion i would have is a gated play area for very young children to keep them occupied at night.
Over the years Sidari has hardly changed, business have come and gone which is a shame but it remains a beautiful friendly resort with something for everyone.  Can't wait to go back.

George E          1/10


The staff were rude the apartment was dirty mold up the walls no shower curtin all kitchen utencils had to be washed befor use . Bingo every night karaoke most nights
loud music in to early mornings (2-3 oclock) when asked to turn down at 2am was very rude
if you want 18-30 go here if you want a relaxing holiday stay away .
Rooms not cleaned propley in 2 weeks .
If you did not spend all your time and money in the apartments they ignored you very unhelpfull
loud music from 9 in the morning till about 2.30 the next morning.

Tracy B          10/10

i would love to say a big thankyou to all the staff for a fab holiday.thank you to alex jess dennis.I dont really have eneything to complain about just that bingo three time a week is a bit much.The appartments were spotless and the pool was super clean. Food excellent.Thankyou all for a great time

George B          10/10

Just got home from a week at lagoon apts in sidari,all i can say is you pay for what you get, we were a family of 4,  2 adults 2 girls 1, 13 the other 11 we all had a great time, the view was not the best but the rooms were clean and as for utensils how many knives and forks and cups do you want we found four sets was fine, the staff were very very friendly especially Dennis Alex and jess The food that  you could order  from the bar was very good value and excellent. Pool was kept spotless even the sunbeds were hosed off every night. All in all excellent place to stay

Jenny W          2/10

I was very dissapointed with the Lagoon apartments in Sidari, yes staff were nice and it is ideally situated for the beach & canal D'amour but the rooms are tiny.......Now we were 3 adults in a one bed apartment (which would have been fine)but we had two babies with us. Obviously you CAN'T (not wouldn't) pay for a little person under two so they do not count towards occupancy of an apartment but my god they certainly take up some room so that was my first complaint, The night life at the apartments was more like an 18-30 holiday and the babies were woken every single night as the noise went on into the early hours of the morning. The kitchen equipment....well where do I start, 1 mug, 1 small cappucino cup and a chipped teacup is what greeted us on our arrival (we went out & bought 2 mugs so we could all at least have a decent cuppa) there was only 3 of everything so if we all wanted cereal in the morning (including my 20 month old grandson) we had to take our turn with the spoons, sort it out please.

I guess what I'm saying is if you have small children that may want to go to sleep before 3am then do not stay here, we were exhausted by the end of the fortnight.

Clair D          10/10

I loved it here - its almost addictive! At first I wasnt sure but by the end of the week I had fallen in love with the place. The staff make your holiday and the regulars are lovely. They all talk to you and recommend places to visit etc.We loved Denis and I loved Paul - my karaoke king ha ha...and the girls in the bar at night were so lovely. Accomodation is basic but the staff, the views and the pool all make up for it 100%. I will be returning here for sure hopefully next year!

Bye bye Sidari we love you

Carol R

 Well people are strange! We made friends with everyone at Tom and Johns and they were basic apartments. in fact we went around with a couple as their daughter was same age as ours.I feel no-one can have their own opinion and your certainly not allowed to critisize the Lagoon at all. Read my other post. Each to his own. We will never go back here. Not everyone loves the Lagoon get over it Lorriane!

Carol R

Each to his own no disrepect to the people that love this place-- it just wasnt for us. As for eating in the room I meant the kitchen and meant toast for breakfast!! Ants were all over our bread I threw it out.We had breakfast from the wonderful Dennis and ate out at different Tavernas for the whole 2 weeks there.Miss Paul and the Bingo!! We did read up and it was obviously well overated or is that just me?? You get what you pay for as they say.....

Tina H

Well the lagoon is certainly no 4 star, so the writing is in the book.  As for the regulars not speaking to you, I find that very very strange, i have been going for 3 years now and I and everyone else who we meet speak to everyone, its a very friendly place, cannot understand some people.  I have never had a problem with my room either, never seen an ant and I dont personally eat in my apartment, if you go self catering dont you tend to eat out of a day and night, or is that just me.  Obviously the lagoon is not to everyones taste but people should read up properly and there are plenty of review sites to look at, if you stay in a 4 star you expect the best, the lagoon is not even close to a 4 star, obvioulsy, but each to our own i suppose, 5 days to go, yippeee!

Carol R          3/10

Loved the staff but not Sidari or Lagoon, had ants in our room black water (this was sorted out) but it puts you off eating anything in your room then! Would only go back for a visit Dennis and all staff are great.Was just off a busy road and not the best view. I think we were spoilt as we stayed at The Zante Maris 4 star last year. We like a quiet family holiday even our daughter agreed with us.Was more like an 18-30s holiday not for us. We were dissapointed as we had read brilliant reviews about the place only to find the ones that stayed there before clicky not one said hello to us!!


Tina H          10/10

Well well well, 1 out of about 1000 that does not like the lagoon, maddness!  I have been going here for years and many others and if you check through all the reviews, going back to 2003, this is the only bad review from the people below!

Ignore their comments, it's the best place ever and for even more good news, PAUL IS BACK, Yeahh whoop whoop, just heard and we are all over the moon, hes a very hard act to follow, see you on 22nd August all at the lagoon!  Cannot wait to see them all again!

Tina H

Thanks lorraine, I emailed jess at the lagoon and she said it was just The Lagoon Sidari, I put every name you could think of in there, got it now though, I actually added some photos last night, I am registered with facebook and made friends with the new guy Khali who has replaced paul, he seems nice, he said his parents are going over the same time as us, and jess told me that Paul and his girlfriend gail are there now for a holiday and he was there in may as well, he cant keep away.  We will just miss you then, you will be leaving as we will nearly be there.  I love the Lagoon, they make your holiday, lovely friendly people and I love Sidari.

You all have a good holiday
Tina Harris

Alison B          10/10

Myself,my husband Steve,son Jack, sister Ann and her partner Colin and their daughter Rosie have just returned from 2 weeks at the Lagoon and I must say it was as I remembered it from 3 years ago. All the staff made a big fuss of my son and niece Rosie each and every day. The bar staff,especially Alex and Dennis were great and very friendly. I cannot fault the Lagoon apartments so much so that I have booked to go back there on 15 June 2009 for 2 weeks.
Hope it remains the same then as it is now.

Jessie S

Hi there.  Yes Paul and Maria have left.  But Dennis, Alex and I are still here.  We have two lovely new waitresses Stella and Lena(must check spelling) and a new entertainments guy called Khalil.

If you want to contact us the email is

We are also on Facebook!!!

Hopefully see you all this summer.


Tina H          10/10

Hi Gary

We are going back 22nd august, who has replaced paul then?  Did you say paul was there on holiday, has he gone back home to Derby then?  do you know why maria has left, these two will be sadly missed, especially by my 6 year old, he loved them both.
It is an excellent place and as you say the staff make your holiday as well,  I cannot fault the Lagoon at all and all the people who work there.
Has the sewage been sorted as well, heard that this was being done up over the winter as well, but to be honest, it didnt bother me at all the last 2 years.

Gary E          10/10

Yes it's true is no more, But he was on holiday there last week when we was there!! Again the Lagoon is great in ideal location all the staff there are so friendly and my daughter loved them all as they make such a fuss of kids, I was there 3 years ago and the place was just how i remembered it, First class!!!

Tina H

I was told last night that Paul and Maria have left the Lagoon Apartments, if this is true, I will be gutted, they were excellent staff and I got this information from a very good source who worked there last year and was due to go back this year, but she is not anymore, oh dear, it will not be the same without them.

Tina H          10/10

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Went to Lagoon 31st August to 13th September 2007, EXCELLENT HOLIDAY.  All staff are absolutely fantastic, a big up to Maria, Denis, Alex, Paul and Sarah from Willenhall - all very hard workers and will do anythink for you.  Booked to go back next August for two weeks.  Tina and Morgan, Birmingham

Sam H          9/10

loved everything about sidari every1 were friendly and was the best holiday eva.goin back to stay in the lagoon apartments in september this year n cnt wait!! just a girlie holiday this tym  countin dwn the days till i come bk  lurv sammy xx xx xx xx

Ian B          10/10

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what can i say about lagoon apartments, i've been going there for the last seven years,spiros alex maria dennis paul and jess all make you very welcome, over the years we have all become very good friends, the pool is spotless, and easily the best pool in sidari, good food, and excellent service,the location is excellent, two minute walk to the main strip and beach, but far enough away from the strip as not to be too noisy, i've had many great holidays there, august and october this year and will be going back next july,can't wait to go back, we meet the same families out there every year, i think that says it all, try it ,you'l love it


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Come back from lagoon for the 8th time and had an amazing time! Didn't want to come home...

i don't know who can say maria is rude because she is one of the nicest people i have ever met and would help anyone.. loved ya loads! thankyou for everything maria! Can't wait to be with you again next year x

Lissa C          10/10

Heyaa..x i went 2 tha lagoon cuple of weeks ago was sooooooooo gurd tha pool was wiked warm nd luvley. but tha staff we sooooooooooo wiked so nyc and luvely sarah dennis alex maria they were fab .x miss thm nd nw were finkin of goin bk 2 thm as they we ace!! luved it all !!   maria wernt rude atall she was luvely and well funni she and mi mum was dancin on a kareeokee haha .!! wiked....

Sian W          10/10

Iv just come on here to say that maria is not rude shes a great person!

I have just come back from the lagoon for the second time and maria couldnt have been more nice to everyone staying there and will do anything for you. My holiday wouldnt have been the same without her being around!
She also isnt jealous of any young pretty girls around and has no need to be as shes one herself and is beautiful .  I cant wait to go back soon.. x

Sammy M


Alison W          9/10

Will people please stop saying horrible things about my friend maria!

Shes not horrible shes fantastic and a crazy leave her alone....
Very nice hotel tho

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