Venus Apartments

Accommodation in Roda

Lesley Read

we are thinking of booking these apts for August 2016....has anyone been there recently? what are they like, read mixed reviews, thanks

Marie F          10/10

Hi,just got have from hol,i went through co -op travel who were great,plenty of time for you,no rushing you out of door when they were ready to close,not like some of them,this is a really good place to stay,really friendly staff,Charlie is great,at first when  i got there i thought where on earth are we,so quiet and hidden,but my sis explained that just a short walk is the beach and shops,we were not disappointed at all, i am booking up again with Venus,it is definatley my kind of retreat,nice and peaceful,clean,the garden is very well maintained, the bar is nice and they have a big screen tv, watched the match on Sunday in there,great atmosphere,even though we lost we had a good time,nice food too, if going for a meal,try Oscars on the main street and Drossia,The Pirates pub is good too,Big Ben opposite the beach,great nite in there,Rod Steward look a like was on,very good,and Staff are so friendly and funny,if you go away enjoy hol,Smileys bar was a bit dodgey,food is frozen,just in case you go ask is it fresh fish first,mine was frozen and not cooked through,maybe better next time, i did not go back,once bitten.twice shy.Excellent accommodation,

Tracey C          10/10


We have been to charlies 5 times over the last 7 years and would like to go back again
sometime in the future.  We cannot find which tour operator is dealing with Charlie, if
anyone knows any information on which could help us please leave details on this site.

Carolyn H          9/10

We had a fantastic time, I stayed with my Daughter Tamsin (12), we just loved the place, very friendly close to beach, shops and restaurants, Fflori made us feel at home everyday was a laugh, very sad to leave and so much want to go again.  Everyone says the bathroom is a let down but hey you can't have everything!

Sonia W          10/10

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hi we returned from the venus studios&apartments on july14th we had a fantastic time the weather was really hot,the apartments were cleaned every day except sunday charlie and florri were great and made you feel welcome the apartments are in a great locotion the only downside to these apartments is the bathroom we would vist these apartments again in the future we are really missing the hot weather,the picture is off the pool at the venus studios&apartments

Vicki W          9/10

Just returned from Charlie's and really miss it already!!!Cry I wish I had taken his job offer and stayed!  I really can't say anything bad about the apartments as they were cleaned daily and were spacious...except for the bathroom.  One of the best things about the Venus is that they really make you feel at home!  Charlie was like a dad, always looking after everyone, and Flori was like your really annoying older brother, especially when he was drawing on my back while I was eating, always tripping us up and trying to give me Chinese burns (which is odd considering he is Albanian!!!).  LaughDespite his annoying habits, Flori is fantastic and I really miss the great weather, food and company!!!Tongue  Hope to return in the future!!!    ClapClapClap

Fiona R          8/10

just come back form spending a week (6 - 13 July 2007) in the Venus apartments with my boyfriend and my daughter.  Got to say Charlie and Flori were real friendly and Charlie makes a wicked club sub sandwich.  Appartments nice and maid was very friendly and did a super job of cleaning up.  We got a 2 bed apartment thinking it was all on 1 level in fact it was a split level place.  Bathroom was basic and small but did the job its designed for lol.  The pool was amazing and my daughter was never out it.  The shops are just a short walk away so eating out isnt a problem.  While you are there you must visit Auqaland its amazing lots to do and food is ok, dont book throught the rep (they wanted 40 euros per adult and 23 euros per child) go into town and book it, we got it for 59 euros for the 3 of us and that included the bus too.  Spent most nights eating out. 

Oh yeah dont forget you have to share the bathroom with the local frogs and little lizards that are living there . Found this out as went as boyfriend went to bathroom to find a lizard in it (chicken wouldnt move it so i did) and i found a frog sitting on the shower tray one morning while i was getting ready to shower best laugh was i jumped in and it jumped out.

If you are looking for peace and quiet and no sun lougers to fight over all the time, this is the place to go.

The only thing i would say its not really for young kids, more for couples and older brats.  Either that or we got there at the wrong time of the month.

Will say this get lots of mozzy repealent mainly because we found out the hard way got attacked the first night.

Will be going back , just dont know when yet

Kirsty O

Me and my boyfriend are going on our first holiday together on 9th July and staying at the Venus. From the comments left on here sounds like were gonna have a great time.  To Laura Fleming we may see you there!

Sarah P          8/10

venus apartments.....hmmm what can you say? The apartments are very basic but clean. Bathroom is small as is kitchen but if you want to sit in them all day and night, then why go away? They are good for a base to sleep in and go out from....If you are expecting top notch apartments, go elsewhere.

Charlie and Flori are very nice. Flori is very friendly, as flirty as you make him, but equally as nice and friendly to men as well as women (he and his wife are expecting their first baby in September so hope all goes well for them, and Charlie lets him have a bit of time off...he does long long hours and always seems to be there, from when you arrive at some ungodly hour (like we did) to when you leave (at an equally rubbish pick up time....) Flori is 24/7!!!
Pools are nice, cold but refreshing! Jacuzzi wasn't working....not really a hardship tho' Didn't spoil my week!
Greek night is put on IF they can get enough people to agree....30 usually, so if you want it, drum up support!
Mozzys are rife, as are giant hornets so beware. Plug in mozzy repellants are worth the price.
Bins emptied every day, beds made every day, change of towels and bed linen, possibly twice over the week....
All in all, I had a good week, as did my friend and her two kids. We didn't stray far as had no pushchair for the young one, and there is little within toddler walking distance, beach included!
Would I go again? Yes. I would get better flight times though because ours were pants.....
If you are going soon, say to Flori " All Right Love" from Sarah and Vicky.....   :0)

Anthony H          10/10

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Laura F

Hey everyone! Ive been to Venus apts 3 times now, my 4th time will be this July 13th for two weeks..

For those who have all tried and failed to get flori in the pool - i thought i should let you know that a couple last year got him in after two weeks of trying.. everyone on the balconies gave them a round of applause haha! So if he tries to tell you no ones ever succeeded, know better! lol
Hope to see some of you there this year! byeee xx

Shelley C

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I was the rep for First Choice at Venus apartments in 2005 and missing it so bad. (get in contact with me if i was your rep,, would love to hear from everyone) Have booked a weeks holiday for 11th June 2007 to stay @ Venus.
Does anyone have contact number or email address for charlie the owner pls?
Thank you

Megan F           

the maid came in near enough everyday for us. we didnt eat in so did not need to use the kitchen so that did not bother us. i flooded the bathroom after each use of the shower but im just messy and did not want to put the curtain round. but we mopped it up after use with towels so it wasnt too bad.

the bins were changed everytime the maid came in and the bed linen was changed about 4 times a week so i couldnt complain at that. we also got fresh towels every other day.
if you were in atall whilst the maid was working she wouldnt have came in so maybe thats why you didnt get the maid that often.
the pool area was great and such a laugh. it wasnt loud all the time only now and again when flori came outside and people wanted to get him in the pool so everyone joined in. there were some people that didnt join in and who would find it annoying i soppose but at the end of the day your on holiday to have a good time and thats what we certainly did.

Neil H           

We have just returned from a week at the Venus apartments.  Good location near beach and between Roda and Acharavi about 10-15 mins walk in each direction. The pool was set in nice grounds, there were notices saying no ball games for safety reasons but this was ignored by both staff and visitors and sometimes it got very boisterous.  The jacuzzi wasn't working during our stay. The couple of lunches we had there were good but the bar area was tatty and grimy.  The apartment was of a very low standard, particularly the kitchen and bathroom.  The kitchen was ill equipped, most utensils needed a wash before use, the oven was broken, and there were tatty notices everywhere with do's and don'ts.  The whole apartment was very gloomy with low wattage or missing bulbs. The roof leaked when it rained and soaked the bed.  The bathroom, well! We have visited several Greek islands but this was the worst.  After our first shower there the whole bathroom smelt of urine, the floor flooded and the water ran into the kitchen area and we had to stem the flow with towels. The bathroom was tiny, dirty, no hot water, after running the shower for 10 minutes or so you may get some warm water, the towel rail fell off the wall. Our maid service consisted of emptying the bins for 5 days, occasional mopping of bathroom floor only nothing else was ever cleaned, change of linen once and no beds made.
We had an early morning flight 02:30 pickup, we requested the use of a courtesy room as advised by our rep. this turned out to be a dirty shower cubicle for an extra charge.

Megan F           

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Me and my boyfriend Adam got back from corfu on tuesday. we stayed at the venus and it was really good. yes i agree with most people on here about the bathroom. could definately do with being bigger but was ok, afterall we did not pay for 5 star.

flori was brill we bacame good friends with him, although do not say to him, 'dont speak to me' (because he totally soaked me when i was asleep haha) and i said that to him and he did not speak to me for about 4 days. it took me ages to make him realise i was messing.
it was my first holiday with my boyfriend and we had a great time. you need to definately cover yourself in mosquito spray tho, Adam got 8 bites on the first night . also, either spray your room or have one of those plug in thingys to make sure none get in and munch on you whilst you sleep. be aware there are alot of wasps about and they do get annoying. adam got stung by a hornet so watch out people!! it was HUGE!
would i recommend this- yes, but i would mention the bathroom as I am not one for spiders or creepy crawlies and there were some in there . i would also say this holiday is definately for younger families or couples who want to have a relaxing holiday. but then again we did go at the beginning of september so it was alot quieter. also, if you go at this time be prepared for thunderstorms because that was all we got for the last 3 days, but before that the weather was superb!
Roda town was lovely and there was plenty of restaurants. we tried a different one every night. the mexican was lovely!! we went twice
dont book through the rep would be my advice. go to the travel place in the town of roda and you can get things about 20 euros cheaper
i would give the holiday overall 9/10

Patricia F           

Went to Venus Apts for 2 weeks july/Aug. It was our second time there and we still loved it. Charli is just as accomodating as he was two years ago. Flori, our waiter/gardener/pool cleaner/all round entertainer we LOVE you both. Pool is great and clean, food always cooked to order. Had a great Greek night where everyone joined in. Toilet/shower could do with a bit more elbow room but ok. Rooms cleaned often with ample bedlinen and towels. Great for kids, everywhere is child friendly.The grounds are lovely in a perfect spot 2 minutes from beach. If u want more sand walk into Roda ,big sandy beach have a beer at Spiros Harbour Bar ,who does a great full english.If u want more Germans walk the other way into Acharavi. TOPTIP if u are going in main Julyto August weeks stock up on mozzy spray...little buggers are deadly! Would I go there again? In a heartbeat!

Alyson H           

Just got back from an enjoyable holiday at the Venus apartments. It is a bit of a trek into Roda but the walk is very pleasant along the seafront. The pool, gardens and facilities are good and we would certainly recommend Roda for couples and families. Also it's a good idea to hire a car and tour the North part of the island - some spectacular views.

Our only complaints are that the bathroom could do with a refurb but it was OK. Also it wasn't much fun sitting in the bar at 2am waiting for the coach to return us to the airport. This is because we were sat in the dark being nibbled by mossies while watching a film without sound due to the close location of the apartments to the bar.
Here's the telephone number of the Venus for Trevor Blake-Morris. It's 26630 64307.

Trevor B           

roda town is about 1 kilometre away a nice stroll alonge the med

Alyson H

Can anyone tell me how far it is from the Venus studios to the tavernas in Roda itself?

Corrie M           

This year I went on holiday with my mum, step-dad and brother. As a 15 year old girl, I was expecting a holiday with sun, a nice swimming pool and making new friends. Yes there was sun, yes the pool was ok even if the paint came off and was a little flakey and all our costumes and bikinis did turn yellow from the huge amount of chlorine. I made a great friend too and will have many happy memories of the holiday as a whole.

But then again there were the bad points. The bathroom was like a box, packed right next to the toilet and it was guaranteed that the floor would be soaked and any serious injury could happen. There was no living room, but then i suppose it is not compulsory. The upstairs area was great but was a bit humid at night.
The pool area was exceptional with a huge garden and well kept plants and palm trees, but mind out for the ant bites you can get sitting on the grass.
There were only a few events taking place here, only a Greek night once but I did not attend.
The food at the bar was lovely though and the cook is generous with what she serves. The barman was quite unpleasant a few times and was only nice when he wanted to be. He was also a bit irritating, constantly throwing people in the pool, taking people's sunglasses and cameras, etc. He also tended to make rude and very inappropriate remarks to teenage girls. He really upset me more than once but he did apologise but then unfortunately continued to be rude for the rest of the time that I was there.
But I did enjoy the holiday overall and I would go to Corfu again, but I definitely would not stay in the Venus Apartments again.

Richy M           

Smile just got bak frm roda today the venus was great,flori and charlie are very friendly.great service is provided flori does everything for u Laugh.if u go u shud take over sum good dance music for flori as he loves itLaugh.roda was gd as loads ov tavernas places 2 go and if u get to know flori he invites u 2 go with him on nights out 2 sidari Laugh.already plannin 2 book up for next year.

  richy scotland jun 2006

The 3           

This was my first package holiday, which at the age of 29 is quite tragic I know, however I went with 2 mates who are veteran package holidayers! One of my mates is 40 the other 33. What we wanted was a nice chilled girly holiday.  We arrived at Corfu airport at about 11.30pm and were whisked onto our coach, where our wonderful First Choice rep Collette, told us a few bits and pieces and handed us a useful numbers and bits of info filled envelope. We arrived at our accomodation at around midnight (Roda time) and it was flippin warm! We were greeted by Florri (unsure of spelling), who we soon realised was a very hardworking waiter at the complex. He showed us to our mini villa and we walked in to what can only be described as a lovely quaint mini ski lodge. 2 bedrooms, double downstairs with a veranda which overlooked a very well kept garden and massive pool and an upstairs gallery with 2 singles. A little kitchen diner and a bathroom with shower. Needless to say 3 girls, with 3 lots of clothing and shoes, the accomodation was more than adequate for our needs.  I got the double bed, being a smoker I blagged that I wouldn't smoke in the house and only on the veranda! What a result! Woke up the next morning, opened the french doors and was faced with what can only be described as a picture postcard of chilled ville! click to enlarge(my view shown below) It wasnt long till we all went exploring the complex and then what was surrounding it. The complex sub headed charlies hideaway, was just that. An oasis just off a dusty road by the sea (although it was a pebbly beach) which was a mere 2 minute walk away. The view from the top of the road over the sea was intense. There were green mountains topped with slight white clouds and I almost felt like I was transported into some Greek mythological novel! The dusty road led 2 ways, one way towards Roda village centre, the other way towards some other villas and restaurants. We were a mere 5 minute walk from the nearest restaurant (other than the one charlie ran on the complex bluey pic shown)click to enlarge We walked into Roda village and were greeted along the way by locals and holiday makers alike, it wasnt busy and we werent mithered by anyone(which my veteran package holiday buds say is rare!. The village is small enough not to be too manic but large enough to have a nice buzz to it.  There were plenty of restaurants, shops and bars (a couple of english run ones). All I can say about the food was it was fantastic. We were self catering, which meant we fended for ourselves at breakfast and lunch but always had a meal out in the evening (with lots of house white!) We ventured in a different restaurant each night and the value for money was rather amazing. Restaurant Odysseus on the main road, you have to try the Meze. It was 13 euros a head and you had 5 massive courses (we ended up taking some of the meat home in doggy bags!!) All the waiters/ owners were lovely and didnt mither, some even came and chatted to us for a while. The one thing they all had in common was a real family feal and authetic greek food. We usually ended the nights with the odd cocktail or 10 (3.50 euros for one) in the surrounding bars and we loved Pirates bar. Most of the bars had quizzes on, karaoke nights all that kind of jazz and the music was all varied.
Our Rep gave us some prices for day excursions, but we found a few tourist places nearby that were much cheaper. One of the tourist places (opposite the chinese restaurant) in Roda town had safety deposit boxes supplied for free as we were with first choice (the complex didnt have them). We went on a trip to Corfu town by boat at night and another boat trip during the day. click to enlargeBoth trips cost about 15 euros per person (pic shown of our night trip) and you were fed on board. Back at the complex, they had Greek nights, (massive tv as the world cup was on) and cheap booze. Florri and Charlie were very helpful and lovely and one night we had a meal there which was a barbeque, the plates were huge! (10 euros a head).  Other than eating and drinking (which we did a fair amount of) we were chilling by the pool, on comfy sunloungers (of which there were plenty) as Florri brought us drinks. It was as we wanted a chilled out girly holiday where everyone was friendly, helpful and great. We all had a great time and I would love to go again. When we left the complex, Charlie and Florri helped us on to the coach and gave us all a hug and kiss and made us wish we were staying for longer than a week. Would we recommend Venus apartments?? No! Because if you all go that means there wont be room for us!!! We would highly recommend it and I promise you will return, I'm sure its because of them Gods in the mountains putting a spell on me!!!  

Lorraine N           

venus apartments

had a great time, apartments clean and well maintained first time here looked after very well by (the hosts) charlie and his wife staff are all friendly always happy to help.
pool is clean , with plenty of loungers gardens are imacculate alldone by charlies wife.
local town is quite good loads of tavernas for you to try,vary in price but food is called carusos is good for quize nights and staff very hospitable.
book your trips by local shop on the front think calld n s k much cheaper than reps.
all in all very good all round 

Lucy H           

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When you enter the Venus Apartments it looks really nice, a nice big bar and restaurant set in lovely well kept gardens with a really big lovely clean pool and the views to the mountains behind are breathtaking. We stayed in a studio for 2 and when we first entered we did feel a bit weary, we expected it to be basic as it was a bargain but the room was very dirty, we had a draw with some hair in a and used plaster that had not been cleaned and the glasses and cooking facilities didnt look too appealling. Straight away we went to see Charlie who was appauled at how the room had been left and got the cleaner to sort it out immediately. We didnt see any other rooms really so didnt know if this was a one off, so dont be put off. I cleaned the cooker myself just for peace of mind. The studio was set out well, when you enter there is the open plan kitchen/ dining area, on the left the toilet with a shower and in a room straight on the bedrooms with a small wardrobe, a dresser and 2 single beds. We were on the bottom floor so this lead out onto a terrace which had nice views of the pool, garden and mountains. All of the rooms were pool facing but the balcony above us had a sea view. We didnt actually eat at the apartments as were slightly more expensive than in Roda town and we prefer to go out at night not stay near apartments but the food looked delicious and many people said it was good. The apartments had a good location set in between Roda and Acharavi so you could walk to either town. The apartments are set on a track just off the main seafront road so the sea front is only about 50 metres away. The beach there is pebbly and sandy but if you get a patch of sand it is lovely here as quiet, relaxing and secluded and the sea is beautiful crystal clear. If you go left and walk along sea front into Roda the main beach is there which is lovely and sandy. You can see across to Albania from anywhere on the sea front which is lovely and picturesque. Although we were put off by our studio at first we got used to it and enjoyed it and the room was ok. Linen and towels were often changed and were cleaned and in the kitchen you have a hob and also a microwave type grill which came in handy and u dont always have self catering, fridge and sink.

The apartments were peaceful and tranquil and there were always sunbeds around the pool for lazy days. The pool looked beautiful and inviting and had a childs section and another part which when you ask at the bar for them to switch in on becomes a bubble pool like a jacuzzi. The bridge across the pool is nice and if you stand on it the views are lovely. The pool is much bigger than it looks on photos and goes to 2.75 m in depth. We adopted a cat and her kitten and bought food to feed them (v.thin) which was nice and they kept coming to our terrace, if u like cats this was lovely, if not then they would go away only came coz we fed them.
The bar was good, got everything and clean, would recommend you to eat at the Hideaway bar because i think it annoyed Charlie a bit that we didnt.
The apartments are in the Sunstart brochure next year and I have good photos if anyone would like to see. We really enjoyed it here after our first hitch but good for a budget holiday, we really enjoyed it.

Mandy J

does anyone have the venus email address please. Thanks