Panorama Studios

Accommodation in Roda

Lynda B          8/10

We returned from the Panorama Studios in Roda on Monday night.  We had a fantastic time there.  We got a good last minute deal, and decided to go despite some of the reviews we had read.

The studio was indeed basic, but the beds were clean and comfortable, and the kettle and fridge were both in perfect working order.  The maid came in several times during our stay and we had clean linen at least 3 times during the two weeks. 

The pool area is lovely - very clean and well maintained.  The poolside bar offers a wide range of meals and snacks, all at very reasonable price.

Yes, there was some noise from the Drunken Sailor across the road, but as we had been warned about this, we took earplugs and so heard very little - and we never had to close the windows at all to shut out the noise so it can't have been that bad. 

Special mention must go to the restaurant Thalasea, which is just underneath the apartments, and run by the same family.  This is one of the nicest restaurants in Roda - great food and great value too.  Try one of their Greek Platters - you will feel faint when you see how much food arrives!

All in all, a great holiday and a fantastic village.  Wouldnt hesitate to recommend both Roda and the Panorama studios.


We have just returned from roda and stayed at the panorama studios for 2 weeks. i regret to say that these studios were the downfall to my holiday.

Not only were we opposite the drunken sailor which kept us awake all night long, the maid hardly ever came in, we had the same towels for 10 days straight and they were not big enough to cover us! We had to ask three times in order for us to get decent sized towels. The bathroom that we were in flooded out of the door which resulted in my new bag which was under the bed getting ruined with water!
The balconys were too small also and could fit a minimum of two people on with a squash! im extremley dissapointed with these studios and will be making an official complaint to libra!
The apartments near to roda park restaraunt cost exactly the same ammount and they are alot nicer! in future we will be avoiding panaoram studios like the plague!

Kayle U          10/10

We've not long got home from staying here for 2 weeks (11-26 june) and really enjoyed our holiday . They are family run and yes basic apartments, but clean and a good base which is all we were looking for. The family who run it are amazing and couldnt do enough for you, the pool area is fantastic, and the food is beautiful!

We were sad to be coming home as the people are so friendly, Liz, Costa and the family are always happy to help you!
We hope to return again real soon! Miss it already!

Faith S           

We did not stay here so we cannot comment on the rooms but we did go to the panorama every day of our two weeks stay for the Pool.

The pool area is lovely here, even when every sunbed was full, it still had a feeling like you were the only ones there as it was so peaceful,
The pool itself is a good size and is really clean.
The pool bar was really nice and the owners were very friendly and gave us free drinks, which we thought was really nice.
We also ate at the restaurant three times during our holiday and thought the food was lovely.
If I go back to Roda, I would again spend my days lazing by their pool!

Jo` S           

was readin sum comment on here bout the noise from drunken sailor! sum ppl go on holiday 2 have a good tym n b able 2 hav a dance with sum gd musik and the onli place 2 do this which was gd is the druynken sailor!!!!!and no 1 wil b gettin that closed dwn!!!!u need 2 get a grip ur spose 2 b avin fun on holiday stop moining bout the noise drunken sailor rules all the way!!!!!!!!!! forever!!!!!!!!!!! see u all nxt yr $ anuva amazin hol xxxx

C S           

We did not stay in these apartments, but had the misfortune of eating there in July. Do not order the's not Lamb it's GOAT.......and its vile!

Robert B           

We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Panorama and found the apartments basic but very clean.  We didn't pay 5 star prices so didn't expect it to be "super duper".  Costa, Liz and the family are excellent people and nothing is a trouble to them. There is no noise  after 12 midnight now from the Drunken Sailor because if they break a court order, Costa and Liz can have it closed down.  We will definitely be going back to these apartments again.   Liz was telling me that hopefully in the next year or so they will be able to upgrade these apartments.  Wonderful location, wonderful pool and wonderful food.  What more could you ask for.  To the Amelia family, see you next year and take care of Zoe.

Lorraine T           

We stayed at the Panorama at the end of July this year.  We loved Liz and Costa and their family. They were very welcoming and hospitable. The rooms were adequate but when it's a base it doesn't matter as long as the beds are comfortable. We spent all day in the pool, which was lovely and cleaned every night. The food was excellent and my family and I were always the last ones to leave and had last drinks with all the staff.  We didn't want to leave. It's a great place for children and the beach is two minutes' walk down the road, There are some great restaurants, especially the Mexican up the road. We had late night drinks with the staff there also.
I would recommend the Panorama apartments for a good base to explore Roda which although small, has plenty to offer.  Definitely going back next year.

Julie L           

My family have been going to Roda for the last seven years ,twice a year and have stayed at the Panorama.They have got to know all the family very well, so have i.It is basic but so are the rest in Greece, i myself  have stayed in different apartments in Roda and find not much difference. Costa and his family are very friendly and will help you with anything in reason. For the person complaining about no shower curtain, your lucky if you do get one, Greek's think they are germ carriers.All i can say to anyone on holiday in Greece if you expect the same comfort and standard as uk DONT GO.  

Matthew G           

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We stayed in room 6 at the panarama at the back of the building, the room was clean but basic but this is common in corfu, the Staff in the Panorama were very nice and made us feel very welcome, the food there was the best in Roda as we tried many places in June and wasnt very happy with them.  We enjoyed many of the Pubs such as the Pirates Bar, British Bull Dog and the Minstral were we made some very good friends.  If you want to know more about anything you can e-mail me at where i will give you more information on anything you need to know.

Lauren N           

for gods sake people stop complainin already at the end of the day how much time did you actually spend in your apartments? no doubt you were all that drunk you didn't notice the noise from the sailor....roda is great stop dissin!!!

Steve B           

There is a term in Greece called "basic accomodation" well the accomodation here is contending to qualify for the "most basic award".We had a fridge that we had to switch off at night as it started up at about ten minute intervals and moved across the floor!
One foot in the shower base to sit on the toilet was another new experience for us, no shower cutain or mount for the shower head either. On talking to other guests we found out that we were fortunate to actually have some lights that worked as they were in darkness for three days.
Also found out it used to be on the Airtours books but they dropped it due to the number of complaints.
The resort itself is very good, as is the pool at the Panorama, just dont stay in the rooms!

Alan B           

Stayed here 4 years ago. the noise from the people leaving the Drunken Sailor opposite was a bit to much at 3-4am although the low thumping of the bass in the club was tolerable with the doors closed. We had a room overlooking the main road and although we had a balcony it was not nice to sit out late at night with the people at the club opposite making so much noise. I guess the apts to the back were much quieter.Location wise it was very handy with the restaurant below and the beach 2 mins walk away but the club sorry the punters leaving the club on their motorbikes spoilt its niceness

Karen S           

Loved the family who ran these apartments, they made us welcome and fed us well. Apartments are basic but clean, there is some noise from the bars opposite, but unless you are the sort of person who goes to bed early, it shouldn't be a problem as the bar doors get shut at midnight

A B           

Loved this place, very friendly family, great atmosphere, plenty to see and do in Roda. Food in restaurant is very good as I am a very picky eater, nothing was too much trouble.

J G           

The Panorama is an excellent place to stay and an excellent base for a holiday. The family who run the hotel and apartments are the most friendly people, and the food is excellent. I am the most picky person food-wise and Costas and co were always happy to supply me with food I can eat. I can't wait to go back again asap.

Sandra M           

I went here because i thought that it would be a nice place to be,but i found it dirty and cramped. There was also a lot of noise on a night from the bar across the road, plus it is above the restruant so you also get the food smells