Accommodation in Roda

Charlotte Y          9/10

Ha ha well!

Melinda was amazing, i really enjoyed it and as for the staff, they were hilarious!
Alex was very mean to me :( an im sure he knows why. but other than that he was amazingly friendly and had a  way with the customers.
    George was fantastic and really funny! Gail was great and good for advice. Her sons were amazing!( i cant spell there names XD) and Nikos was funny!
    The apartment was great. Cleaned regulary and it was fairly cool with the windows open but the blinds closed.
    I would definatly go again and i would definatly try and keep in touch with them!(especially alex *wink wink* )

Alex G           

We went at the beginning of the Greek season on the 2nd May. The appartment was very simple and as it was only being used as a base to get changed and sleep in at night, we didnt spend much time in the appartment. It was simple, 1 joint bed and 2 singles. The double bed in one room and the 2 singles in another. Walking out of the bedroom led to a medium sized dining/kitchen area with a small table and 4 chairs, kitchen area with two cooking rings on the oven and a grill.the only time we really ate in the room was in the morning as we ate out every night. An extra good thing was the fact that the owners had a shop about a 2 minute walk from our appartment selling all essential foods and washing equipment, like a mini corner shop. The only downfall was the bath area as it didnt have a shower curtain and the shower was a hand held one. Also there was no standing area. You had to stand in a mini square which had a side about an inch deep and it slanted so the water ran down towards the drain but it didnt stop everything getting wet!! Every night, come shower time the floor had more water on it than the River Nile but credit where its due, as they did supplie a mop and bucket and a broom!!! 

I would have no problem going back there as long as the made a shower curtain and a holder for the shower! the family were nice and the butcher shop did some mean bacon!!

Helen R           

We had a self catering studio and to say it is basic is an understatement! 2 very narrow beds, 1 bedside cabinet, a fridge, sink and a baby belling cooker thing!
The fridge was so noisy you couldn't have it on at night so a complete waste of time so that was unplugged, the cooker was so old & dirty that I covered it with a teatowel and used it as a 2nd bedside cabinet!!
The kettle turned itself on & off regardless if there was any water in it!! So that was unplugged!
The bathroom has a shower but no shower curtain so the bathroom gets flooded (very slippy) and then starts to flood the main room! (but handily you get a mop & bucket so you can soak it all up after!)
The towels weren't changed once while we were there and they were so thin they tore!
The bin where you place your toilet paper was emptied once! Not nice!
The front door was dodgy and didn't lock very well!
The noise from stray dogs outside the apartments was unbearable, we resorted to loo roll in the ears!
All in all not a good experience, loved the resort hated the accomadation!

Clare P

wanting to go to roda 2006, but would like beach front apartments, can anyone supply names and operators of good apartments

Jo R           

Upon entering our room (two of us sharing) we were a little disappointed with the size. We had the smallest room imaginable to fit two beds a sink a fridge and a tiny bathroom. However, the beds were comfortable and we spent so little time in the room that it turned out to be perfectly ok for us for a week. It is so well situated we never had to walk far to get to anything and the mini market right next door had everything we could need.
Verdict: small but satisfactory


My friend and I are taking her six year old to nikos apts in Roda. Can anyone let me know if they are clean inside.

Ross G           


Vikki R           

Is this a big white buliding, opposite theodoras?

Lisa P           

thanks alot! i look forward to going!

Kate J           

Yes the Nikos is opposite the Elenitsa apartments round the corner from the shops. I stayed there in 1989 when they first opened and that are still as good today!!!!

Lisa P           

please could somebody tell me if these are the appartments opposite the elinitsa? (round the corner from the shop. The elenitsa has a very geen garden)????????????????


Nikos is well located and quiet, Yorgo, the butcher is a super person and always helpful.. Appartments are clean and adequate.
Booked again for next year.

Laurence G           

My partner Flo and i have stayed in the Nikos 3 times the last being 2001. We have always found the people very friendly and helpful. The apartments are basic but clean.We hope to visit again soon and readily recommemd the apartments to anyone.

Sheila F           

We have stayed on numerous occasions and find these studios and apartments basic but very clean The owners own the supermarket and butchers next door and are very friendly and helpful Situated in an excellent location for the beach and all amenities