George Studios

Accommodation in Roda

Conrad H

We are due to stay at the George Studios in Aug/Sep 2005, we would like to hear from anybody who has recently stayed and had any problems with road noise, cleanliness etc.

Adrian H           

George Studios are basic to say the least, however, you get what you pay for and as we went on a bit of a budget this year we were not expecting too much. From our point of view the shower worked, the maid came in and cleaned every day except Sundays so the apartment was clean. The main gripe was that the sheets and towels (well, one towel each that was about the size of a hand towel) were only changed once a week. If you want luxury - don't go to the George Studios but if you want cheap. no-frills accomodation close to the sea in a fairly quiet location then they are worth considering.
Corfu itself is a lovely island, the weather was great with temperatures in the mid 80s according to our thermometer apart from a downpour on the first Saturday we were there but that soon dried up. The people are really friendly and the great thing we enjoyed about Corfu was that no-one bugs you in the shops or on the streets or beaches, a blessing compared with a lot of holiday resorts. Take plenty of mosquito repellant though!!!

Peter A           

we arrived after midnight. we were fully aware that accmonmadation can be basic on the creek isles. but this was basic. we stayed for that one night. it would be unfair to say it is a dump but another description escapes me.the road/dirt track outside our balcony hummed.buzzed with scooters continuously. there is no dedicated swimming pool. we also felt ripped off as we specified pool on site.

after upgrading to the pegasus hotel which is superb by the way we found the people, location and island to be great we will go again but not to the george aparments.

Bill B

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Anxious Geordies - Bill and Diane

Bill B

We still haven't had any comments or replies about the George Studios, which we are staying at early September. Really would like to here from anyone who could re-assure us that it OK to go there. Where is Vicky Rides when you need a geordie girl's opinion.

Bill B

Have booked to stay in the George Studios in Roda early September. Have read numerous comments on the studios, good and bad which have made us have doubts. Is there anyone out there who could enlighten us a bit more, especially those who have recently come back.

Bill B           

We are going to the George Studios in Roda early September. Have read numerous things about it, good and bad, but cant't quite make our minds up. Can anyone out there enlighten us a bit more, starting to get really concerned.


Bill and Diane - e mail:

Gill P

George Studios/Theodoros Fiona Studios
Does anyone know if these are close by each other? We're a large family party and have been offered some rooms in each - which will work fine if we can walk between the two. Please help ASAP.

Christopher P           

We have been to George Studios three times, the last was 5 July 2003. We've
been with olympic everytime... the apartments are on the front. Very few cars
come down this road so its pretty safe for kids. THE POOL IS OPEN TO ALL. i
dont know what that other guy was on about, he seemed to be a bit moany if u
ask me.. trading standards, **rolls eyes. (i reckon u could walk to the pool
edge in 25 strides )The pool is lovely and i enjoyed swimming many lengths
in it, it also has a shallow seperate bit for little babies ( great for volley ball )
there is also a slide for the slightly old kids ; ) . Under shade, there is a pool
table with seating, Valentinos Bar is really nice, and hes a really friendly guy (
the barmaid even does haircuts, so i took full advantage, id recommend it if
shes still there ) there are alot of sunbeds how ever sometimes you couldnt
get a 'prime' one and would have to go slightly further down away from the
pool which isnt so bad. The apartments we stayed in were lovely, 2 single
beds very clean sheets regually changed. (no spectacular view, unless u like
horses ). they had a two ring electric cooker, with kettle, plates glasses knifes
forks all clean, and a small table with two chairs, great for breakfast and lunch.
Surrondings. The beach for a 1, 2 at a strech walk from the apartments, id
reckon you turn left when u get to the end of the road as if u go right there is a
shingle beach. The beach to the left is very nice, and i made great friends with
the sunbed guy, a right character, he cracked me up. he sung " save all your
kisses for me " perfect with a greek accent, and hand fished, a squid and a
fish!! There is a small pier with a mini harbour, i fished a couple of times but
was unlucky, however there are lots of lovely fish in the water. The water is
lovely and clean and is very gradual, 100m out is about 5ft 8. As im still a bit of
a youngster 16 at the time, i still enjoy building sandcastles but on the slightly
larger scale, sand is perfect although can get a bit black if u dig a bit, worth it
in the end though. There are several bars to choose from in the resort
however i would recommend the "harbour bar" one year it was packed and
another it was quiet, nice little place though. All the bars show films on big
screen, all you have to do is buy a drink and your welcome to watch. As
restaurents go, im a bit of a fussy eater but there is alwayz something to suit
and i would definately recommend the (Od-er-see-us) Odsyeesy which caters
for all, all the food is really cheap and lovely. There is also a bike place where
u can mopeds and mountain bikes, wide selection but not for me. it gets very
hot, and the midges can be a pain sometimes. Overall its a lovely place i
really enjoyed myself everytime, all the locals are really friendly. Great spot for
familys, couples, and elderly. Maybe not so great for the 'young adults' 17-22
as i would recommend Kavos or something. This year we're trying Sidari just
down the road hopefully it wont be a disappointment, A thumbs up for Roda
though!! u'll love it

Louise C           

just returned from George Studios with my family on the 25 August 2003 and i also had read the comments that were made before i went. but when we arrived, there was a lovely lit up good sized pool with slide and a childrens section, but it was only nexct door about 10 metres away. there was also sun loungers set around the pool which were free of charge. there was also a pool table and the studios itself was very spacious and tidy apart from the odd cockroach but they are harmless. one thing about Corfu is the mosquitos, we were bitten alive but we were told by a greek person that the best thing to put on them is toothpaste so that worked. there is also a snack bar which sells snacks, e.g pizza, chips etc right up until midnight, which is good if you were on a night flight, like we were. the people are very friendly and if there was anything you needed they were happy to help in any way they could. the shops and bars and restaurants are only a short walk away, just down the road, and the beach was lovely, with golden sands and warm waters, which you could go out for miles and the water would only come up to your waist. the bad thing about the holiday was the coach transfer from the airport to the studios because we dropped people of at Ipsos and we were coming down the hill, to find another bus on its way up, so we had to reverse the whole way up to the apartments, but it was a good laugh because you would have wanted to see the look on peoples faces. it was a brilliant holiday.

Eddie V

I have recently booked to go to George Apts in Roda next May. Since booking I have discovered this web site and have been quite alarmed to read the comments. I accept that Greek accomodation is normally basic, but cleanliness is the main thing and has never been a problem for us in the past. What is the situation with George Apts? We have contacted Olympic Holidays by phone and they assured us that there was a pool and pool bar belonging to the George Apts on site and only 30 secs walk from reception. I now intend to e-mail Olympic Holidays to confirm this via an e-mail. Could anyone advise me what the situation regarding the pool is , and a general opinion of the resort in general.

Danielle C

i have just read about the previous comments about George apartments in Roda. i am going to Roda with my family in 3 weeks time and is these comments true??

Lisa F           

WE have just got back from `George`s Apartments` at Roda. Having been told the facility had a pool and a bar - these facilities due to the previous comment we had verified by `e` mail as existing (Travel Care tell us).The rooms were clean. The maids were excellent to the point of (nice) nuisance.(personal cleanliness was our responsibility - as ever in greece) The facility did not have a dedicated pool (and bar) as illustrated in the olympic brochure. The pool that is shown is part of the `direct holidays` facility - a different company! considering the effort and extra expense we went to to ensure such facility we feel thoroughly ripped off. We paid 10 Euros a day extra(7.50) for sun beds and parasoll on the beach - where there was room to do what we went there to do. A complaint has been registered with trading standards BEFORE we went due to the previous visitors comments which quite alarmed us. Trading standards told us to go and report back to them if we were unhappy. we got back a day late at 03.30 this morning 15 the July. other points could be mentioned with respect to admin backup. but our main `beef` is the misrepresentation of the olympic holidays brochure and supplementary information..
if you do want further ellaboration our `e`mail please footnote `corfu probs` due to spam

Lisa F           

Georges Apartments: We awe going very soon but were alarmed by the report of the previous entry which implies no facilities having to use the bar pool facvilities next door (valentinos() we queried this with the travel agents whom were not openly helpful and an e mail was received from `greece` to say that george whom owns george apartments also owns the pool and bar - we are told this is adjoining. and we are told by the travel agents that there is no `jaunt` to and from the facilities. if some one has news to the contrary please let us know as we are going 30/6 - ansd all we want is a quiet unstressful time. many thanks

Nina H           

Thank god for Valentino's next door, at least they had a bar and pool. Our apartments were fine, but the maids only came once while we were there and they didn't even make the beds. If you require toilet roll then take your own cos they won't supply you with more than one! As for emptying the waste bin - well forget it, let's hope its not to hot as otherwise it stinks!!!!