Alexandros Apartments

Accommodation in Roda

Kim W          8/10

hi anna and angelo,just in case you read this regularly one arm jon,big d**k and the crew are all back in roda this august 27th and if possible we will be joining them.poss without kids as now theyre late teens cud do with a break!!!!!we think youre all wonderfull and generous people and cant wait to see you soon.all our love kim also known as ugly by anna and liz,yes minsey is coming and can you have blow up lobster waitingxxxxx

Gail C          9/10

We stayed at the alexandros apartments in september 2005,they are in a great location,have a great pool and a very good poolbar,which is run by anna and angelo,who make you very welcome.Our apartment was on the ground floor right next to the poolbar,very handythe nearest pubs and restaurants are right across the road at the end of the lane and the beach is a 2 minute walk all in all a great central location.The staff at the alexandros are great and enjoy a good laugh with all who visit them, even if you are not staying there.My family and i would definitely stay here again as we had a good holiday  in a good location.I have been coming to roda for the past 7 years and love it,if you have not tried the alexandros give it a go.

Clare M           

Hi Anna,
Just to say we had a great time on our hols, exept for that stupid couple next door makin all the noise!! Jo jo had a cheek postin horrible remarks about you.  All i can say is that were comin back next year an tell mosquito that elle says Hi !!
Lots of love
Clare & Mark
x x x x x x x x

Ann W           

Hi angelo anna, it was lovely to see you both again!!! Iam amazed at the last comments from jo stone!!

 that the place was rubbish!! this couple were removed from the apartments because of the noise they made!! and total disrespect for all othe holiday makers!! also breaking glass in the door and no apoligy
for this,by the way all this noise and arguements at 4.30am!! everynight!! 30 stitches in her arm seemed
to carm her down just a little!!!
This was my worst holiday in roda because of them!!!!
It was lovely to see you both again, looking forword to next year
lov gareth,ann

Derek R           

was nice quiet as pool all day to quiet at night  only owners friends  in bar  that not their fault

Amber S           

Ihave been going to Alexandros since i was little and as far i can remember noone has ever had a problem with Alexandros

Stephen B           

Having been going to Roda for the past 20 years ,and to the Alexandros for the past 5 years I can honestly say its one of the best apartments with a pool in the resort,and with Anna & Angelo as your hosts you are always in for a great time,and now they have Brian back on board you will be in for some good nights, you will definately be entertained in some way or other.  I was over in early May for a week and am back over again first two weeks July.........cant wait

Chloe R           

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loved it at alexandros appartments thought it was great.we had lots of fun n it wasnt too quiet which was good.hope to be going next year as well as the last 5 or 6 years weve been going.all my love chloe

Matt S           

Hi Anna and Angelo.Just to let yo0u now i am back home now and missing roda. Hope you had a good christmas and your enjoying your time off! Might see you again soon.


Stella G           


Jordan L           

hi,  just back from the Alexandros on sat. the holiday was amazing, all the stuff that people were saying about guys hanging aorund the toilets etc. is absolute rubbish, there was nothing like that going on. the only problem that i had was that out apartment was right next to the pool bar, so there was quite a lot of noise at night. i would recommend these to everyone, excellent location.


Came back last week and once again had a fantastic time.  Thanks to everyone at Alexandros and all the regulars for making it a great holiday.  See you all on the 18th August next year - we will supply our own whistle!

Love Gill xxx

Happy C           

We have just returned from Roda / Alexandros apartments and agree with Agressive Roy's comments. A lovely , friendly relaxing holiday was had by all. Very friendly people at apartments and in the resort itself, would definitely go again to this resort and accomodation.

Ignore all the negative remarks and try it for yourself.
P.S Roy - we love the new sunglasses, don't forget to take them to Turkey next year!!!!!WinkWinkWink
Happy Customer  28.08.05SmileSmile

Roy A           

We have just come back from Alexandros apartments in roda.

We had an excellent time.
Rooms, basic but clean.
Location excellent.
Close to beach.
People very friendly.
Very social atmosphere around the pool.
No fighting for sun  beds.
Excellent selection of restaurants.
Overall, a lovely,safe feel to all aspects of the holiday and would definately go back.
P.S all the people who put negative comments about the alexandros and the resort, must not have done the research before booking , I really have not got a clue what you have got to moan about.  

Rach B           

Hiya everyone!

I got back from Roda 1 n a half months a go and we had a fab time! this is the 14th time ive been to roda in the same place every time and im only 13!  I have gone to Roda every single year of my life starting from 5 months old! Its fab, the locals are great and no matter what anyone says, roda is the place for me!

Me M           


me and my girlfriend went to alexandros apartments and we loved it , i think on this forum there is a mix up with the two one  is in Roda and one in Ariilass, this one in Arillas is second to none, self catering thought but a lovely place to stay and cleaned out just about everyday with the woman who owns it, very nice she is , we both loved it there , and we went to polesktrisas i think that is how you spell it , if you are going here try the travel place across from the coconut bar in the main street where all the shops are and before you get to the beach but that is only if you are in Arillas as the Roda one doesnt seem to be that good going by this forum , I am glad we went to Arillas . greece and not Roda, one thing though watch out for the conman on the beach selling coconuts and bananas he is very expensive i see  a lot of people unhappy with him about how much change they got he must think we are all stupid but we are not .

Elaine G           

Alexandros has its own web page with contact numbers the address is

Hope this helps we styed there last year had a great time

Danielle C           

I have just returned from a weeks stay in Alexandros Apartments and I enjoyed every minute of it! Anna and Angelo, YOU ROCK! We got on really well, they were very friendly and I'M GONNA MISS YOU GUYS Cry I hope to go back next year, Corfu is one of the most green places I have ever seen (now I know why its called The Emerald Isle!) Illia and Christina, I will miss you both alot! Especially you, Illia. We had a great time! Smile Clap

Ann W           

 Hi both, again wonderful hosts always enjoy it there !!! Met new and old friends again!!!  see you again cant wait!! gareth ann watkins   

Betty and jim H           

well here we go again back  to the village of roda one or two folk dont seam to like it there but thats life maybe its the relacsing pace they dont like or the slow life it all spot on for me and mine and all the frends that go back year after year well anna angelo and the rest will see you all back end of may ps tell ian to put 6 beers in the fridge jim betty jade ants julie

Rach B           

 He he dont i just lol!  I am goin out again in may so i might see some of you!  Im really lookin forward to it (again)  

See yall later

Joanne P           

 I would just like to say WELL DONE RACH for a thirteen year old you really know how to kick ass!! hehe

Rach B           

can i just say just talk rubbish,,i am only 13 years old and have been going to corfu scince i was born! i have knows anna and angelo all my life. they are the kindest most loveble people i have ever met! how dare you call them mad! the cheek of it! the apartments are spotless and can i just add that you must have no sense of humor at all! your idea of fun must be siting on your bum watching a black and white drama from 1922 well i have news for you,,,grow up!!! get a life and try moving onto someone who deserves to be dissed!! also you must have been the one peeping through the doors of the toilets cos you cannot see through them only if you bend down and stick your nise through the door can you see in and how would you know any way!! there i hope that has made you see some sense coming from a 13 year old and i can tell you one thing,,you must be the only one that thinks this cos why else would that have got 10/10 on the ratings??!! you think about that!

rach x ( the kisses arnt for you susie!!)

Nicola C           

for all those individuals who are using this site to b***h and moan. get a life.

if you do not like the alexandros apts and anna and angelo then please do not waste my time and many others by posting such pathetic messages and statements. for all those individuals who enjoy both the aprts and the friendships they have forged with anna and angelo i salute you. and for those of you who did not have the priviledge of getting to know the proprietors your loss. you couldnt be made to feel more welcome. anna and angelo - see you soon love nicola and martin.....


Well, what can i say about Angelo & Anna?? I know them so many years!!! They are great & they do their job proper. About the bad comments, well you can't please everybody, but if they don't like them coz they don't know what humour means, they can always bugger off somewhere else. Anna keep smiling & laughing coz we need it?? You make our hols even with the probs that you past thru !!! We looking forward to see you again,talk you on line very soon xxxx