Kosmas Apartments

Accommodation in Roda

Colin G          4/10

just got back on 11/07/2011 apts are great but pity about the owners they are very bias towards people who return year after year  cant do enough for them  to  the extent that they treat  first time customers like second class people   food is ok if you like snacks  and entertainment is very much karaoke apts are within walking distance from  roda centre   best place to eat is maggies resturant   fantastic food take your ear plugs for night time  and lots of mozzie spray    

Tony R          10/10

just got back from Kosmas studios and apts Roda.where to start! fantastic place
great pools one large one childrens rooms very clean,food was great, family were so good nothing was to much trouble for them. BQ was great. greek night also. booking for next year. only 1km to beach
0.8 to village centre 0.5 to edge of village. our 4/5year olds walked this 8 times with no complaints if you have booked here you will have a great holiday.

Sally D

Hi.... has anyone been to this accomodation in 2009??  

we are going end of july and wondered what its like
have been to roda before
any info on location, and standard of accomadation greatly appreciated.

Nigel M          9/10

Location: Very Good
Quietness: Good
Cleanliness: Very Good
Myself, wife and 2 young children have just got back from a fantastic weeks stay in Roda at the Kosmas Apartments, location around 5 minute walk to the shops and around 15 minute walk to the beach (for average people with kids)
The 2 bedroom apartment we stayed in (ground floor) was above our expectations, very safe, clean (cleaned every day inside and out) and roomy, nice balcony, with all the facilities you would need. The apartments do have air conditioning, but we just didn't need it, despite the temperatures being in the mid 30's at the end of May, the apartment was very cool. Air conditioning costs around €5.00 / day payable at reception (George & Christos said we wouldn't need it and they were right).
George and Christos were great, very helpful, informative and cheerful. I don't really understand some of the negative comments made, as we had no issues at all.
Pools were ideal for a family with young children, both very clean, small one 0.65m deep (hexagonal), large pool about 1.0m at shallow end down to around 2.8m deep end.
The Kosmas apartments were ideal for us, quiet location (not in amongst the main area), not far to walk to anywhere, very safe and secure, didn't feel crowded at all, despite the place being full.
Went to a couple of the BBQ nights, great fun (everybody mixes together), food was great and reasonable value.
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend a stay here for freinds and others with children.
Considering the Kosmas Apartments have a 2.5 Star rating, we actually think it deserves a high rating (as scored), as it was above our expectations.

Brian C           

  what can i say roda is fantastic the let down was place of accomodation the kosmas apartments the staff seem like they cannot be bothered pool bar closes at 10.30 latest and dont expect breakfast early as does not open til 11.30 food also less desirable breakfast cost 480 euros and not proper english breakfast for that id reccomend maggies before 1pm after 1pm try the mistrel maggie only serves brekkie til 12.30 a breakfast at mistrel will cost 4.50 euros but its proper nice and also get coffee and juice if required plus a slice of toast with jam but ive got to with great pleasure reccomend two of my favourite places maggies great food at good prices also the roda crown run by matt and charlotte from manchester there willing to entertain you for how long you require the latest we were there was 4.30 am good music and if you request they put films on or comedy dvds back to the kosmas during our stay there was no snacks other than cooked ones the freezer was empty of icecream also there was no crisps the bar is also left unattended so you are waiting for a drink most of the time as the staff wander off i am definitely returning to roda but will be looking for other accomodation

Diane M           

how dare una turbitt insult my daughter like this. she has been working out there for the best part of seven years, pandering to all of you holiday makers needs. to go to such extremes as to slander her on the internet is not in any way ethical. do you not realise that these young men and women come out there and work for less than 400 pounds a month.out of which they must survive and  pay rent on.before some of you  awful people write things like this, please stop to think that these reps are people. not just sounding boards for idiots like una turbitt to slag off. had she taken ten minutes to chat to my daughter she would never have thought this.

Tim Y           



Colin S           

My wife and I have just returned after a lovely week stopping at the Kosmas 1 apartments in Roda. The apartments are nice and the pool is excellent,we mainly had the pool to ourselves and had no problem getting a sun bed(although the beds are not the comfiest we have tried!)The noise level is high from the road but we managed to sleep ok. Roda has plenty of nice places to eat, check out Roda Park and meet Costas. Prices are cheaper in Roda compared to Acharavi.

Una T           

I have never been to Corfu and so I booked a holiday for myself and my two friends for named accommodation on arrival on Corfu Island. We had booked through Libra Holidays and requested accommodation for three people. We were totally appalled when we were shown a room for two people with two single beds. We were then informed that we had to remain there and they would give us a camp bed.We did not know where they would manage to put the bed as the room was very small. They got it squeezed at the bottom of the other two beds. We found our rep Sharon so unfriendly and Lazy! The Kosmas family were so helpful and made our holiday. We asked Sharon for a complaint form. She did not come near us for the rest of the holiday to see how we were. Other guests commented that she was very unfriendly and unhelpful. I was very impressed with the Kosmas family and their hospitality and may return in the future. We would not book again with Libra Holidays and were also not impressed with Gary another rep who dropped us of the first night. He more or less said we would just have to do with the accommodation. Anyway if you go to Greece sample the Greek food and visit the local Tavernas which we found lovely food, staff and cheap.

Alex D           

I stayed for a week at the Kosmas in June, with my girlfriend and our young son. We saw the brochure prior to booking and it looked like the ideal place for us. The room was extremely clean, and although it was up a flight of stairs the views inland were absolutley superb. I had never been to Greece before and had such a great time I've already booked for the Kosmas next year.

The family who run Kosmas are some of the friendliest people you will meet. They put on a barbeque and a greek night, which we went to both of and had a right laugh. Even the rep Andy joined in the fun at the barbeque, singing karaoke and joining in the games. I disagree with John Webb's comments about Andy- he was an amicable young man, and when we hired a jeep from him he even went to the trouble of planning us a route to see some of the most beautiful parts of the island, like Pelekas and Peroulades. These places are beautiful and well worth a visit- Roda is very flat and there is so much more to Corfu than an English Breakfast. As for the trips we went on- the boat barbeque was fun but the food was limited, and because we booked with Libra we went for free to Corfu town, where Jane and I spent far too much!! The shops are unlike anything in the UK and it was a much better experience than shopping for souvenirs in Roda.

Overall I had an excellent holiday in Corfu and would recommend it to anyone.

John W           

this year i spent two weeks in roda at the kosmas 1. first, the good news is that the rooms are of a fair size and the furniture is in good condition and the walls looked freshly painted. the theme throughout all the apartments i looked into was the same, i.e. pine furniture white walls and tiled floors. the kitchen was basic but functional. the shower room had everything required of it including a shower curtain (a rare site in corfu). the pool to the rear of the building was large and clean, and was a joy to swim in. sun beds surrounded the pool and we never had any difficulty in finding a sun bed to use regardless of the time of day. the kosmas 1 also has a covered area that houses a bar that also serves food throughout the day.

the bad news can be summed up in one word noise! the libra brochure states that some noise may be heard at times. this is quite comical as the noise level is constant and very very loud. the hotel is only about thirty feet away from the main sidari to roda road and mopeds speed up and down this road 24hrs a day, every day. and as most corfiot kids seem to take pride in having no silencers fitted to these bikes. the decibel level is extreme. the large waste bins were noisily collected first thing every morning, and as this is a main road the sound of ancient diesel engines rattling past the hotel could be heard at all hours of the day and night. although the rooms have double glazed patio doors, we just found it just to hot to leave them closed. if the hotel owners paid out a little extra cash to fit ceiling fans or better still air conditioning, i would gladly go back for another stay as it is i would not use them again. another problem was the road itself. although the libra brochure is quite clear in stating that the kosmas 1 is over a kilometre from the beach, i did not realise that i would not have a path to walk on to get to this beach. walking along the edge of a busy road is fine if you are an adult and have your wits about you i however would not be happy if i was walking along this road with young children though.

the staff at the kosmas 1 although not rude in anyway were not friendly and did not make an effort with the guests at all. on our last day they even tried to get us out of the room before our allotted leaving time, so the newly arrived guests could move in.
no entertainment is provided and the food and drinks were at the top end of the local price levels.

as for the libra reps ours was called andy and was not of much use. we had a very boring new arrivals talk. andy knew next to nothing about roda. andy spent more time talking about other parts of corfu that no one had any interest in. the real reason for this ‘talk’ was of course to sell us trips. do not buy any from him. the libra trips are double the price of the ones available in roda itself. we used n.s.k for three trips during our two week stay and had no problems with them at all. andy even had the cheek to say that they trick you and send you to different destinations than the ones advertised. the family in the room next to ours had a c**k up with n.s.k. the collection after a visit to aqualand was messed up n.s.k. sorted it out and sent a taxi to collect them, you can’t argue with that can you? the best trip we had was to aqualand the biggest water park in europe. food and drink is expensive though so take a large bottle of water and a packed lunch with you if you can. we also went on the day trip to albania. i am reluctant to rubbish this trip because it is an experience you will remember, but it is far from being a pleasurable day out. albania is desperate for tourist money but they are not yet equipped to deal with us yet. the town we went to was a concrete jungle and you will have a miserable and possibly frightening time if you do not take the optional tour. the tour is quite good you see some fantastic greek and roman sites, but beware of the mosquito’s i got bitten five times during the tour. lunch is provided during the tour but you do not get to eat it until three in the afternoon (the coach picks you up at around eight in the morning, so it’s a long time to wait for it) albanian hygiene is not up to a very high standard. the restaurant that our buffet was served in smelt of sewerage and the salad was covered in flies. a lot of people could not bring them selves to eat much, or did what i did and scooped the top layer of food away from the top of each plate to eat what was underneath it. most soft drinks in albania cost the equivalent to 60p the tour of the town centre revealed how poor the locals are. building and road maintenance is non existent and the locals live an almost feral existence. beggar children do get annoying and disabled people try and shame you into giving you money by waving their stumps at you! it made me appreciate what i have available to me in the uk.
the cheapest trip we had was an evening trip to corfu town. the town is beautiful but not much better than roda for shopping. every shop sold the same as the next and prices were slightly higher than roda. the luxury hotel bar prices were virtually the same as london bar prices so be ware of the places you choose to stop at.

back in roda we enjoyed spending our mornings at the roda blue pool bar. this was about 100yds down the road from the kosmas 1. the sun beds were more comfy and the atmosphere was better (drink and food was a little cheaper too). further down the road is the pegasus hotel. this is a more upmarket hotel and has a fantastic pool it was the only main road hotel that was really busy. if you are looking for a nice place to stay and you have kids i would recommend taking a look at this hotel it was a bit pricey i believe though. further down the road is a local store called the market the young guy that owned it was really friendly and works very long hours so give him some trade if you can! the first bar you come to is the compass bar on the corner of the road. this bar was always fairly busy and favoured by the english, especially the over 40’s they did a very good english breakfast but i found the lunch we had was very mediocre. once you are passed the compass you are effectively now in roda it’s self. the next store we found friendly was on the opposite side of the road it is called agas and was run by a mother and her daughter. prices were ok and they were friendly people. two doors down from here was our second favourite restaurant called drosia. this restaurant is very ordinary looking with a roughly hand painted menu outside it, the food though was great my partner’s mousaka was huge and very tasty my t-bone steak was superb. they did the best english breakfast as well. further down the road all the bars start to thicken up a bit you will find bars and restaurants that cover most tastes if you like your sport you will find plenty of sky sports bars, the same goes for karaoke bars. if like me you would pay not to go into these places, you can stick to local tavernas, restaurants and movie bars (bars showing pirated films that are not yet out in the uk). our favourite restaurant was the odysseus i recommend you try the sixteen course meze. other places we ate at included of course maggie’s, i had intended to eat mostly local food during this holiday but you really should try the fish and chips here they are first class. maggie herself works many of the tables meeting and greeting and making sure everyone is happy. my partners order was cocked up and maggie immediately offered to buy us a round of drinks on the house by way of apology needless to say i recommend you give her a visit (her steak meals were a touch over priced though). on the subject of greek vs. english food, if you are on a budget like we were you would be wise to stick to cereals in your apartment or the english breakfasts available at every restaurant. they are generally cheap and large and will keep you going until your evening meal. if you fancy a lunch time snack i recommend you try the gyros available in the smaller greek grill bars they are basically a greek style pita (more like a small nan bread) to this they add some kebab meat salad and a few chips they then wrap it into a cone shape. they taste great and cost around 1.5 euros. continental breakfasts are not easily available or very good and the traditional greek yogurt and local honey is surprisingly expensive. you would be mad not to try the local food on at least a few occasions; it would be hard to eat exclusively greek at the same time though. other restaurants we ate at included nikos, the food here was good and the atmosphere was lively. the roda park next door was also busy; the staff were also chatty and friendly. the food though was not great though. the roda park was always busy, so maybe it was just a poor choice of meal on my part. we also ate at the afrodite hotel. the steak meal i had was very average but it was very cheap so i can’t complain. the hotel was busy and popular with us brits i would consider staying here if i go back to roda. i had a very average english breakfast at the roda inn look, out for the greek night here though as it is free as opposed the ninteen euros they charge for it at the roda oasis. the newport was another lively place to eat the owner is a bit pushy trying to get customers off the street (we nearly never ate here because we avoid that kind of thing) the food was good though and fair value for money. the only bad meal i had during two weeks in roda was at the wave the order was badly executed the correction was messed up and the attitude of the staff was not good. to top it off it was not cheap. the worst bar we used was roxanne’s (draught woodpecker cider my a**e). the best was big bens. fosters lager was very cheap and they do nice ice creams and slush puppies. it is not the kind of bar to spend the entire night in but was a lovely bar to have a one drink in before heading back to the apartment to get changed for the evening.

the beach at roda is not great; it is very narrow so is damp all the time. it is also quite pebbly. the people who rent out the sun beds and umbrellas tend to be the ones who look after the small section of beach they operate from. i recommend the english guy who works opposite the roda in. he looks after his bit of beach and is a couple of euros cheaper than some of the others (as he is connected to the roda inn you can use their toilets too). the sea is warm clean and shallow. sadly they do not have any shower facilities along the beach so my number one tip for you is to use the tap hidden among the trees opposite the kava market to clean your hands and feet with.

i found roda surprisingly quiet for the time of year, but that suited me down to the ground. the weather was perfect for the entire holiday. and although you had plenty of guys in football shirts around, i did not see one bit of yobbish behaviour for the entire holiday. roda is best suited to couples over twenty five or families. roda does have a night club called the sound factory but it is away from the hotels and bars so you will not be disturbed by it. we purchased the holiday through airmiles for £460 each for a fortnight, flying from b’ham airport. we spent about £900 between us during the holiday in total. prices in corfu have shot up since greece adopted the euro 7e is worth around £5. typical prices were:

local beer 2.4e
wine (per glass) 1.5e
fanta 1.6e
cocktails 3.0e
english breakfast 3.0e

meals were not bad value 3.75e for a starter and main courses were around 7.50e on average. british beer was around 3.5e a pint.

would i go back to roda again? definitely, i may sound hyper critical but i enjoyed roda a lot and would be glad to go back for another visit. i may even try the kosmas 1 again but not without earplugs!

Claire R           

We stayed in the 2 bedroom appartments, which were wonderful - spacious (even had a "living room"!), clean, and pretty mosquito free compared to many places in Corfu I have stayed. The pool area is immaculate and the pool is a decent size - and lilo's are allowed which are perfect for lounging in the sun on.
The family that own the complex take great pride in making sure the guests have the perfect holiday.
The weekly Greek night they put on actually has some of Corfu's best musicians, and on other nights you can choose from watching a current film, shooting some pool, or wandering into the town (which is about a 15 minute walk). The food (available from the pool bar) is tasty, resonably priced and freshly prepared. There is a daily special, which the family matriarch makes in the afternoon, which is traditional Greek cuisine (and for the veggies out there, if you ask very nicely before she starts cooking, you can get a veggie variant).
Altogether a great place to stay.
(I liked it so much the first time I went, I went back within 6 weeks!)

Lyndsey D           

I went on this holiday alone with my son who was just seven at the time, The people were great I felt welcomed and would definetly go back.