Valentinos Apartments

Accommodation in Roda

Derrick H          4/10

Just back from these apartments.

very basic.
Pool and location are really good, as is the bar and snacks.
beds are not brilliant and the self catering facilities are not top notch.
I would suggest taking a travel kettle as the hot ring in our room used to take 20 mins to boil a kettle.(some rooms seemed to have no problem on this so  maybe we were just unlucky)
What does let the place down is the maid service.
one change of linen in the first week and none at all in the second, ditto the towels, the bin in the toilet needed to be emptied by ourselves as we never saw the maid. (except for the last day when she asked us to vacate the room for cleaning!)
this seemed to apply to all rooms but we were told that the maid had domestic problems re illness in the family and a stand in was doing the job.
strangely enough a mop and mop bucket were provided outside each apatment so at least you can keep the bathroom clean yourself!
As long as you haven't paid a lot you will be satisfied if not ecstatic.
friendly people with a mix of customers from UK and east/north europe, couples and young families, didn't see any single sex young parties, so nice and quiet.
Plenty sun loungers around the pool
Although we had a decent holiday I doubt that I would go back there
No safety deposit facilities etc and limited storage for clothes.
if you booked via one of the budget holiday companies the transfers can be a hassle.
Also, there is no one on site after hours so if you arrive very late, you will need to walk up the side of the building away from the pool and there will be a list of residents pinned on the wall with your room number, the key will be in the door.
take good mosquito repellant!

Anne B

My husband and I are going to these Apartment at the end of August could anyone tell me what these Apartments are like i.e Kitchen and what is in there Bathroom is it shower and do they have a shower curtain. Wardrode what sort of space and what if any coathanger Beds how often are they changed also towels have often are they changed. What is night light like in Roda Many thanks Anne

Jodie J           

hey mick deb jay hayley !

hope u r all ok missin u all loads!

cnt wait to c u all nxt yr 6th aughust 2007 wooo!!

if u get this message will u snd me any details so i cn keep incontact wid jay!!wink

hope u r gettin better deb!

  love u all

msisin u loadzcry



it has a really nice pool and the service is great!!
there all really friendly people!!
try it out n seee for urself!!!!