Nikos Family Taverna - (Restaurants in Roda)

Lucy H           

Nikos Family Restaurant was our favourite restaurant in Roda. Once we had found it we never looked back and returned many times. Every single thing we tried was beautiful and it was fantastic value for money as compared to other places the prices were good and the food was much better. We loved the grilled feta for starter followed by a Lamb Kleftiko or Exohiko where the meat was so tender. Eddie, Nikos and Lucy and the two young boys are lovely people who get to know you when you come back and become your friends which makes your holiday. Eddie was very cool, best waiter in Roda! and taught us a lot of Greek which came in useful Yia sou! Overall the food was excellent, lovely moussaka, great pizza and the 1/2 roast chicken is HUGE and only 5.50 and came with sweetcorn, chips and salad but you get the choice of chips, rice, roast potatoes or jacket which is good. If you ask they are very flexible and will mix and match e.g. greek salad with meals but they have some set menu deals which work out so cheap 9 euros for 3 course. They also have a little take away section if you're in a hurry. The best restaurant by far and you have to try it, the service was the best around and I recommend the Greek dishes cooked in the most authentic style around. The Kleftiko comes in a special terracota pot opened in front of you, exohiko cooked in a paper wrap and cut open in front of u bringing out the beautiful aromas, these small touches had a really greek feel about them which made this restaurant better than everywhere else. We loved it and would love to go back and visit again!

Roda Park Restaurant - (Restaurants in Roda)

Lucy H           

Roda Park was a really nice place to eat and had a nice fountain in the middle. AFter reading all the reviews we had to try it. It wasn't what I expected from reading all the reviews but the food was lovely, my boyfriend and I both had moussaka and it was delicious, cooked to perfection. It was priced well and was great value for money. Yes as the sign outside says the service was a bit dodgy but the waiters all have jokes with you and they are often so busy they forget where they are, but overall a good night out, visit the Nikos next door!

Crusoes Pub - (Bars in Roda)

Lucy H           

 Crusoes was by far the best bar in Roda, you have to go there! The nightly quizzes are a laugh even tho a bit hard, but we came 3rd and 2nd and someone donated me their 1st prize of 2 free breakfasts which were big and delicious and we had them again! If susan and dave ever read these things, hello, we drew on the quiz and shared the cocktails and wine and susan got v. drunk and threw up hehe! Thanks for a wicked time and great service Alex and Sara! Love Lucy and Tom

Boat trip and beach BBQ - (Corfu Excursions)

Lucy H           

click to enlarge We went on the Glass Bottomed boat to paleokastritsa and bbq on paradise beach which was a combination of 3 trips and was a bargain at 19.90 euros each booked through Nostos Travel on Roda Beach. The bus took u to paleo where u got on the boat where the guides were brilliant and told u about the old fortress, showed u the pretty coves with stalactites, showed u remains of a sunken german ship and a huge reef thing and let u jump off in this gorgeous bit in the sea which had huge rocks that u could stand on and look down into the deep ocean with snorkels u can see loads of amazing fish. Then u go to Paradise beach which can only be reached by boat and is a suntrap in the curve of mountains. The beach was a mixture of pebbles and sand but the sea was the most beautiful I have ever seen and you have to snorkel underwater its amazing all the fish and life and pretty corals. There is a romantic cove at the side of the beach you can swim around and is completely safe. Loads of umbrellas available on the beach, which is great because otherwise no shade. The BBQ was lovely, a big piece of chicken, greek salad, bread and fruit and of course as much free wine, ouzo, juice and water as you can drink, but u couldnt get us out of the beautiful, crystal clear sea. Definately should do this trip, the beach wasn't busy and the price went down just before we booked it coz it was September and not as busy but was 23.50 before which is still amazing value for unlimited food n drink and visiting a beach u couldnt normally get to. A brilliant worthwhile trip, Thanks!

Roda - (Resorts on Corfu)

Lucy H           

click to enlarge Roda is a really pretty little resort with the friendliest people and good bars and restaurants. I went on 5th Sept for 2 weeks which seemed an ideal time to go as was not v busy but not dead. There is a lot of bars and restaurants along the sea front and also a busy road with many bars on and a quieter road with the best restaurant Nikos on! Must visit that, amazing food and service! All the restaurants are v. well priced not expensive at all but u can shop around sometimes the cheaper ones have better food. A good restaurant was Filoxenia on the sea front which is quite small but the service is good and food lovely. We always went in for a tuna salad pitta 3.50 euros and it was absolutely beautiful! the views were lovely as well. We also went to Crusoes which was a brilliant bar which does nightly quizzes wine 1.50 a glass, cocktails 3 euro which was the best price. The actual Roda beach is positioned next to the Harbour bar and there is a pretty peer with boats. The beach there is sandy and the sea is perfectly crystal clear beautiful. We often preferred to go right from here to a bit on the sea front which is v. quiet and secluded, it was quite pebbly but you can find a patch of sand to settle on and the sea is beautiful. The pic here was took from the road looking out to sea towards the center of roda. Please ask for more pictures of the centre of roda. People in Roda tend to be mainly English or Greek and as the Greek visit themselves you know its good. Very good resort for families or couples of any age as is not dead lively but still bars and restaurants with good atmospheres and the resort is completely safe. Wouldnt recommend to young groups of teenagers looking for a wild time like in Kavos or something but otherwise would strongly recommend. Beautiful resort with beautiful views, you can see right over the clear sea to the picturesque mountains and hills of Albania. Definitely something for everyone, people who visit Roda seemed to be people that visited every year which i'd never normally do but here u could see why. Wherever you go, in the restaurants for example, you make friends and the food is superb, you want to go back to see it all again and you wouldnt be bored. If you visit Roda, do go to the Nikos restaurant by far the best around and the people cannot be beaten. Roda is really pretty and im sure anyone would enjoy their relaxing holiday here.

Venus Apartments - (Accommodation in Roda)

Lucy H           

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When you enter the Venus Apartments it looks really nice, a nice big bar and restaurant set in lovely well kept gardens with a really big lovely clean pool and the views to the mountains behind are breathtaking. We stayed in a studio for 2 and when we first entered we did feel a bit weary, we expected it to be basic as it was a bargain but the room was very dirty, we had a draw with some hair in a and used plaster that had not been cleaned and the glasses and cooking facilities didnt look too appealling. Straight away we went to see Charlie who was appauled at how the room had been left and got the cleaner to sort it out immediately. We didnt see any other rooms really so didnt know if this was a one off, so dont be put off. I cleaned the cooker myself just for peace of mind. The studio was set out well, when you enter there is the open plan kitchen/ dining area, on the left the toilet with a shower and in a room straight on the bedrooms with a small wardrobe, a dresser and 2 single beds. We were on the bottom floor so this lead out onto a terrace which had nice views of the pool, garden and mountains. All of the rooms were pool facing but the balcony above us had a sea view. We didnt actually eat at the apartments as were slightly more expensive than in Roda town and we prefer to go out at night not stay near apartments but the food looked delicious and many people said it was good. The apartments had a good location set in between Roda and Acharavi so you could walk to either town. The apartments are set on a track just off the main seafront road so the sea front is only about 50 metres away. The beach there is pebbly and sandy but if you get a patch of sand it is lovely here as quiet, relaxing and secluded and the sea is beautiful crystal clear. If you go left and walk along sea front into Roda the main beach is there which is lovely and sandy. You can see across to Albania from anywhere on the sea front which is lovely and picturesque. Although we were put off by our studio at first we got used to it and enjoyed it and the room was ok. Linen and towels were often changed and were cleaned and in the kitchen you have a hob and also a microwave type grill which came in handy and u dont always have self catering, fridge and sink.

The apartments were peaceful and tranquil and there were always sunbeds around the pool for lazy days. The pool looked beautiful and inviting and had a childs section and another part which when you ask at the bar for them to switch in on becomes a bubble pool like a jacuzzi. The bridge across the pool is nice and if you stand on it the views are lovely. The pool is much bigger than it looks on photos and goes to 2.75 m in depth. We adopted a cat and her kitten and bought food to feed them (v.thin) which was nice and they kept coming to our terrace, if u like cats this was lovely, if not then they would go away only came coz we fed them.
The bar was good, got everything and clean, would recommend you to eat at the Hideaway bar because i think it annoyed Charlie a bit that we didnt.
The apartments are in the Sunstart brochure next year and I have good photos if anyone would like to see. We really enjoyed it here after our first hitch but good for a budget holiday, we really enjoyed it.