Yiota Studios

Accommodation in Roda

Madeline B           

Just come back from two week holiday staying at these apartments. They are on the main road through Roda and hence is noisy at night, not from nightclubs or pubs but from motorcycles and lorries with dodgy exhausts. It took some getting used to, by the second week I even got a whole nights sleep. Basic but clean accomodation. Shame theres no pool because theres plenty of room round the back, but there are plenty of free pools nearby. One thing I would advise is to take bath towels. You are provided with just two hand towels and these have to last you a week. The view from round the back of the apartments is lovely, but this is your front door and your balcony overlooks the road, would have been better the other way round.
If it wasnt for the busy road these would be decent apartments.