Blue Lagoon Apartments

Accommodation in Roda

Terry S

we were moved here by first choice from kavas we met Colin and family from Coventry we had best holiday ever shame it seems to have gone down the tubes regards terry and val

Estelle U           

I stayed there with my mum, cousin, auntie, brother and his girlfriend. we had a reli gd time because the pool was outside our apartment and our apartment was spacious clean and airy.

Jimmy W           

Karen, sorry , but I have been unable to comment on the Blue Lagoon due to legal action against JMC. This action is now successfully ended, if you wish to contact me at I will give you details of our claim agaist JMC and what legal team our group engaged. Our claim started in May 2001 and has taken almost 5 years to come to a conclusion.


Karen H

Just paid a quick visit to this site to see if any more poor unfortunates had the displeasure of staying at the BLUE LAGOON in Roda. There was a message which I think was intended for me from Jimmy, how would I be able to obtain his e-mail address. Please advise.

Claire M           

In answer to peoples queries the blue gardens is not the same as blue lagoon. me and my friends stayed at the blue gardens in roda and absolutely loved it. it was our first girlie holiday and we had a fanatstic time. the apartments are very clean (although bathroom floor gets very wet when having a shower. the resort was great (with some very handsome youing men) check out the drunken sailor for a great nite out! if you are considoring going to roda stay here it is nice and quiet just out of the way of the hustle and bustle of resort centre and he owners are lovely too!!!

Nicola W           

i have just read this comments page and cannot believe how true the complaints are. myself and my partner along with our 10month old baby stayed here in 2001. this was our first time abroad and i must admit we were so dissappointed in the appartment if you can call it that. the room we stayed in was  the size of a garden shed. me and my partner had to sleep in single beds. the beds, a cot, a cooker, a sink and bin were all in the same room and it was grotty with ants crawling all over the place. the cleaning staff were rude and arrogant, and cookie the owner was a dirty, smelly p**vert.

i must add that myself  and my partner had food poisoning and when we walked past the kitchen, we looked through the window and it was disgusting with flies everywhere. the pool was dirty and murky and jmc didnt seem to care when we complained. the only person i can praise at that resort is the doctor as he was lovely and very helpful. i advise anybody not to stay here.

Scott V           

In 2000 i was one of JMC Reps for this accommodation and it was not the best of accommodations in Corfu,depending on what block you allocated,obvisouly this depended on the booking that you made in the uk on the style of room varied.

Block B,was the poorest block.What you have to take into account that the star ratings from each european country is different to that of what we have in the uk.

I must admit that the accommodation at the Blue Lagoon was not of the highest standard and if you have travelled to different destinations in europe than you would of experienced different levels of standards.

When i was there in 2000,there were many guests that had been to the Blue Lagoon who had a fanstastic holiday and returned year after year.

If i had the chance i would of invested money in the Blue Lagoon and made refurbishments to this property as it has a massive potential to be one the best properties in Roda and on the island of Corfu.Just some time and money and imagination.

Jimmy W           

Karen if you let me have your E-mail address I may be able to point you in the right direction for help. Jimmy

Jimmy W           

Our group of 102 (yes 102) stayed here in 2001 and are at present talking legal proceedings against JMC. It sounds as though the only thing that has changed is that "Cookie" is no longer there, and some tour operators have finally woken up and no longer send clients there.

Karen H           

this resort is now being sold by accommodation2u also trading as Florida Dreams. Cookie is no longer there. It is now owned by a lady called Catrina. From start to finish our holiday was stressful, misrepresented and a total disappointment. We worked hard and long for our holiday and I begrudge every penny spent on this dreadful experience. No choice of menu, (and what was served up was crap) which led to members of my family having gastroenteritis and being extremely ill. The doctor even advised hospital admission. With all the vomit and diarrhoea no evidence of disinfectant or cleaning of the apartment had been witnessed. Including the pool. Oh excuse me, except for some white powder that was sprinkled on the vents. I would just like to comment also that I am not a whinging pom but someone who just appreciates value for money.

Accommodation was supposed to be two bungalows as ours was a party of six. Two adults and four children (although we had to pay adult prices for one of these children). My eleven and fourteen year old sons had to share a double bed. There was a massive hole in my toilet/shower. When showering the bedroom became flooded which was treacherous because of tiled floor. Could not keep mosquitoes out. Windows did not close properly and could not be secured. No curtains on some of the windows. Patio chairs that collapsed when sat on. Not at all the conditions you expect after paying 2225 for one week. I now know what the locals meant when they advised us not to feed our children there!!!!! My advice do not stay at the Blue Lagoon Apartments. Corfu is beautiful and I am furious with BL and the travel agents who conned me into thinking I would have a week in paradise. THis is just a few of the disasterous occurrances my family had to endure. Not to mention the rudeness of the manager of Accommodation2u on my return when trying to find out about their complaints proceedures. I was accused of trying to get a possy of holiday makers together to complain. Many of the people holidaying at the same time as us were falling ill. The doctor from 24medica must have been clasping his hands with glee at all the loot he was making from the frequent visits he was making to this resort.

Did I mention the 2 hour plus transfer from hell. We paid 125 return transfer to be scared senseless by the contraption that was hired for this purpose. Something that had well seen its better days was waiting for us at the airport. No seatbelts was the major issue, especially when we hit the steep winding roads that took us through the mountains to the north of the island. The luggage space was inadequate so some suitcases were piled in the aisle of the bus. Every time the driver braked the children were thrown forward.

Good things.

The pool was an unusual shape with many depths and my youngest two loved it. That was what kept us there. They were happy so we put up with our disappointment at the grotty disgusting and dirty excuse for a 3*. We did not expect gold platted taps and the like but at least to feel at ease and to enjoy our stay. 2 days travelling, 2 days of sickness which incapacitated myself, my partner and 5 year old so much one day that my 7 year old was taken care of by the 11 and 14 year olds. Making sure she kept out of the sun, drank only bottled water and all this when they all were suffering with upset tummies. I AM SO F****** ANGRY. This is not moaning, this is premeditated abuse of my family members and I will be seeking complete satisfaction from being reimbursed and compensated for the traumatic experience given to me by ACCOMMODATION2U.

Susan P           

This is the grottiest most horrible filthy hotel we have ever been too. The pool was filthy, the rooms were disgusting the food was bad (several guests had food poisening)
The best thing to look forward to every morning was getting out of the grotty beds and leaving it all behind for the day.
I have pictures to prove it too....


i stayed here a few years ago and i will go back ok the room was basic BUT it was cleaned every day also Cookie and his family went out of there way if i had any problems

Martyn T

Are the Blue Garden apartments the same as the Blue lagoon gardens?

Costa B           

The Blue Lagoon Appartments,have nothing to due with the Blue Lagoon Gardens,in fact they are now only open for a few weeks of the year.

We have stayed there several times in the past,and found NO complaint, however,people have arrived on "application on arrival",expecting to find the HILTON,sorry keep out of Greece and stop moaning,it spoils other peoples holidays. Hoping to see the BLUE LAGOON up and running again soon,Cookie has moved on,but he and his wife and family are very well

Al D           

Does anyone know if the blue garden appartments and the blue lagoon appartments are the same place?
thanks AL

Penni M           

Hated it. The room we booked was a studio with kitchen loung and bed deck. The room we got was a bedroom another bedroom, and a small partitioned area with a sink 2 electric rings, 1 pan and the dustbins under my balcony. I asked the rep what had happened to the room we booked and she promised to sort it out. Never sat anyone from JMC all week. We booked late checkout and were turfed out of the room at midday. The young lad from JMC arrived stinking of ale told us there was nothing he could do. Eventualy we got a room for the rest of the day and lo and behold it was the original room we should have had. Everyone from the resort practically used our pool we got near it 5 days into the holiday. I am back to Roda this year for the 3rd time but never again to the Blue Lagoon. I travel 3 times a year usually 2 of them to the caribbean and they are supposed to be a third world country.

Christine G           

The Blue Lagoon is a great place for a fairly quiet holiday. The pool is the best in the resort and Cookie is the best host as well as the best dancer (a few years ago). We are looking forward to going back this year again. See you soon Cookie, Gary and Christine

Dean H           

on arival we were dumped at the blue lagoon given a key so the rep had time to make a fast getaway. the appartments were filthy,with black mould on the walls,bare wires of 220 volts in the bathroom which i got an electric shock off,on the first day there was a crowd of angry brits wanting to move. after 10 hours of heated discussions the reps offerd to move us(my girlfriend & i) but told us not to let the other couples know as there were only limited places. so we gave it to another couple with children.on the understanding the room was cleaned and repairs where carried out.four days later they still hadnt been done. on the third night it rained and the sheet of builders plastic we had for a roof blew off..we woke up to a huge puddle of water in our room! with heavey rain forcasted for the next few days we moved ourselves,incurring extra cost,when we returned our room had been flooded but mopped out and relet to some rough girl who had fallen out with her boyfriend our belongings had been stolen.we complaind incessantly but got nowhere,so we moved back to the roda inn (which was fantastic) when i went back to the blue lagoon to get my flight details the owner (cookie) who is dirty and smelly tried to get me to leave(untill i threatend to call the police) he was letting our room to late checkouts making more profit on our advice on the blue lagoon is dont go there unless you need your head testing..many more couples are complaining we have loads of numbers and are demanding compensation are the j.m.c reps tried to brush our complaints off with this is what greece is like. IT,S NOT i am in the merchant navy and better travelled than most of the reps.

Lisa U           

We stayed there the first time we went abroad and we loved it. Everyone was so nice and friendly and with Cookies dancing and Marias cooking we had a brilliant holiday. I have recently stayed in a 4 star hotel in Gran Canaria and this was not a patch on Blue Lagoon

Jenna M           


David W

Just general info, particularly are apartments air conditioned, is it a tidy place and also noise levels at night as I have a youngster.