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Gomez C

Beware of the Pony and Trap drivers ! , we were approached by an old guy with a pony and trap near the cruse ships, I enquired how much ? He pulled out a scrap of paper that was illegible and said 4.and all ?. I asked 3 times and said 4 euro and he say yes, This guy could not speak a word of English and on the tour he pointed out various point that we could not understand, at the end of the 15 min trip he wanted 40 euro !!! . Please learn from our mistake and do not trust these guys

Ray F          4/10

I would recommend visiting Corfu Town in the evening.  It is a very busy place with pleanty of places to eat, but many of the shops are similar - all types of tourist rubbish to buy.

We spent an hour at the Mad Cafe which is down one the the side street.  A great place to stop and chat to the staff in the shade.
Many trip allow for 4 hours of shopping and eating - it's too long !

Antony F          10/10


Claire B          10/10

Corfu town is well worth visiting - whether to eat, drink, shop. If you head straight up to the old fortress (closes at 7.30pm) and climb to the top you can get a lovely view of the city - maybe have a look aroung the shops (we didn't buy anything!), find a nice restaurant (have a wonder away from the main stretch as they are cheaper) or have drink - lots of nice bars along the esplanade.

If you are booking from Sidari its only 5euros through SB travel + free map of town (recommended for all trips as low in price and honest) - avoid Vlaseros travel, they tried to add on extras including trying to charge 3euros for a 2euro map because he'd scribbled a few things on it with a black marker pen! cheek.

Faith S           

We went to Corfu town by boat at night and it was excellent.

We stayed in Roda so we had to get a coach to Kassiopi and then got the boat from there. We booked this through the My Travel rep and it cost twenty euros each, but if you book it from one of the travel places in Roda you can get it for fifteen euros.
The boat trip going was really nice, an hours journey to corfu town and you see some lovely scenery. Would much rather go by boat than be stuck on a coach. I was not as keen on the journey back as it was a little bit choppy for me but it has to be better than driving through the mountains.
Corfu town was an ok place and I think the four hours we were given to spend there was just about the right amount of time.

Zara R           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

click to enlargeThe trip to corfu town by boat was the most amazing trip i have ever been on. When going to corfu town by boat you got to see alll the towns and villages ob the side of corfu. the experinces of seeing the views by the boat where amazing seeing Albanui so close and being able to see the corfu from in the water and see how amazing the whole of corfu was.

Then when exporing corfu town and walking to the castle and going right to the top to see the most amazing and beautiful views. The boat back was even more beautiful being able to see corfu by the light which where in towns was amazing it was unreal as if it was all a amazing dream.
I would recommand the boat trip to corfu town by boat to any one who goes on holiday to corfu it will an unforgetable experinces.

Stacey S           

First of all, don't book through your rep for any trips!!  Only cost about 13 each for this trip from one of the tourist shops in Roda.  Coach transfer and then lovely hour transfer by boat to Corfu town.  Wasn't overly impressed with Corfu town, seems a bit of a shanty town and every shop sells the same thing, still was a lovely trip and we had a really nice meal sat in one of the squares when we got there.  Well worth the money

Nicola P           

We went to Corfu town by night on a boat trip from Kassiopi. Boat trip was far better than a coach ride - lovely views! Corfu town was very pretty and even prettier when lit up. Streets are like a maze - don't know how many times we got lost!! would definatley go back!

Paul H           

This trip would have been ok but from the thunderstorm that took hold as we arrived and the torrential downpour that lasted until we left (i think someone was trying to tell us something). The trip was overpriced(as with most). The rep on the bus (Rachel) was rude to one couple, asking the other people on the bus to jeer them as they were the last on the bus. I would have joined in but the couple arrived back at the bus BEFORE the allotted time that (Rachel) had set. I thought this to be very unproffessional from what i could make out to be an experienced rep.

Tim S           

Simple rule is don't book through your rep but go into the resort. We booked with the travel shop opposite Dinos in Sidari, and went on the boat trip. Be aware of the transfer times. We were told 45 mins on the coach, 40 mins by boat and four hours in the town. Coach transfer an hour....boat an hour and a half. The town itself was nice but not enough time to see it!

Paul E           

Well firstly shopping is not my thing!, cooler by night don't go in the day, too hot !.

Nice town plenty of shops but not much too buy. Gifts/gold/sunglasses/ repeat repeat repeat...etc.Should have stayed by the bar

Louise B           

Corfu town was lovely as the streets were all completely different and the buildings were fab to look at! gorgeous marina and people very friendly. Shops were not up to much as mostly tacky gift shops and designer shops not much cheaper than home but definitely worth a wander round the street and fabulous restuarants and tavernas....cant beleive someone went to corfu town and commented on the mcdonalds as the are the same where ever you go! Try some of the local dishes and sit in the main bar areas and watch the world go by, doesnt get busy till after 10pm (usually as your coach is picking you up

Becky S           

only got one word to say about this..............BORING!

Hayley B           

We booked this through Kosmar and it was poorly organised, our return coach was late and there were hundreds of people waiting in the same place for their coaches with no idea of what was going on as no Kosmar rep could be bothered to turn up!!!!
The town was very pretty but the shops were a waste of time, every shop sold the same old tourist stuff all of which we found back in our resort of sidari for less Euros. The restaurant we ate at (sorry cannot remember the name)was over priced and the service left a lot to be desired!

Sasha E           

excellent, we loved every minute of it, Found macdonalds for tea. Great value for money.

Stuart M           

You can go on this trip from Sidari with Valueplus for only 4 euros, excellent value and the town is great. There are Designer shops, which appealed to my son, such as Lacoste, Segio Tacchini, Diesel amongst others and of course Marks and Spencers. Don't just go through the town...explore, it has some lovely places and back streets, Cafeterias and Kafetania which are for the more appreciative.
This trip cannot be appreciated on one journey so for the sake of 4 euros book at least two.

Linda C           

We booked through Arillas Travel and had a great time in Corfu Town shopping and eating. Beautiful typically Greek buildings and friendly people. The Listen is a nice street which looks on to the cricket pitch.

Megan R           

we went with thomson- rip off!!!!! it was pretty+ had amazing architecture and birds at sunset that was about it. although lots of fit men for the ladies! you may want to try and find a street map- we got lost...3 times! the comment below this is absolutely spot on. we never found m+s or the football shop, did find mc donalds though and lots of shops selling exactly the same s**te as the one next to it- all of which you could get back in sidari! we ate in pizza gondala- rip off. the food was s**t, plain s**t. not only that but they charged much more than the best place in sidari! ba****ds! slow service as well, only just made it back to the coach in time.

Sophie R           

went on the boat. nice trip. corfu town lokks really nice at night.

Dave C           

Unfortunately, we were expecting more from Kerkyra, but it turns out the shops in Kerkyra consist of Marks & Spencer (apparently!!! we didn't find it), Mango, which we also didn't find, Diesel, an Adidas shop, and approximately 3,481 tourist shops selling crap. Only good for buying stamps and postcards i'm afraid. Very nice town though. Good selection of restaurants, which admittedly, a pleasure to eat in, but that wasn't what I payed 15 euros for. Go for the views and eating, stay in your resort for drinking, sun and shopping

Lisa M           

Travelled down from Sidari by coach!
We liked this for the Charm alone!
Not to mention all the shops with all the bags!!!!!!!!
A nice place to visit

Keith W           

We visited Corfu town via a boat from Kassiopi. The town of Corfu was very busy with people and traffic. We visited a bar for a drink and we ripped off straight away (10 Euro for small beer and two cokes). Restaurant in town square was our worst meal of the holiday. Within the restaurant area, the pregnant dog was watching the cats and the cats were watching the pigeons. It did not help that some silly tart was feeding all of them! The waiters were more interested in chating up the local talent, than taking out order. When the food came, starters and main course all arrived together, it was all microwaved and mostly inedible. The shops were very expensive compared to Sidari. The return boat trip was the highlight of the day, with the flashing lights and stary sky. Save your money!

Michael H           

The walk up to the light house on yhe old fort gave excellent views of the town. A meal in the restaurants next to the cricket pitch gave
gives good views of the old fort as the sun goes down and the floodlights come on. You need to allow 11/2 hours for this as service is slow.

Nicky H           

A good trip. Takes an hour by coach from Sidari but coach is air conditioned. Good for 4 Euros per person. Corfu town itself is lovely and great to walk around. lots to see and very vibrant. Food is pricey there though so we opted for maccy's!

Sue C           

Captain Homer's Evening trip to Corfu Town. A MUST
This is fantastic , the trip alone is great. Corfu town in the evening is full of life but more comfortable than during the day.

The return trip was out of this world the lights of Corfu and the stars on a warm night with the sound of soft music in the background is so romantic.

Captain Homer and his staff Olga and Nico cannot do enough to make your trip very enjoyable.

All of his trips are first class.