Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon

Corfu Excursions

Joe S          8/10

i have been in Captain Homer and his boat,hi dont go to the Blue Lagoon,he is going near Corfu Island and make the people to believe he is going to the Meinland Greece,his boat is so small,canot go so far a way.We was with his boat one day and one day we spend really in Blue lagoon with capitan Mateos and his crew

Ann F          1/10

Hi everyone! I book with Jaims Bond,one man who think his self for James Bond,crazy person,he charge me and my boyfriend one price and our friends was aslo in the same boat fr less money,this person is not weel,he is the bigest lier and we are realy very sorry to go with him in pigasos boat,next holidays we will visit blue lagoon in another boat the best regarts

Mery J          10/10

Hello evebody;-)My name is Mery Me and my family had great time in Corfu in summer 2012! We really enjoy our holidays and wish everyone to have the best in summer 2013,we will be again in Mesongy and Moraitika,we realy love the night cruises to Corfu town and the dayly one to Blue Lagoon,i want to give you in advance-NEVER BOOK WITH REP OR GUIDE OR TAVEL AGANCY,BOOK WITH THE CAPTAIN DIRECTLY,be careful with the boat pigasos/the food can send you in hospital/be careful with the boat uranos,because is very old one and very dengerouse,we was in another boat with Constantinos,the best and safest way to get to the most beautiful beaches. Corfu see you soon,we are cominggggggggggggggggg!!!!:-);-)

Jason M          10/10

Capitan Mateos and Raly is the best,from Mesongy/Konstantinos boat

Jason M          10/10

Hello, i was in one hotel in Mesongy in Corfu Island,and i have been in Blue Lagoon in 2012 with capitan Mateos and Raly,the boat is park next to the river of Mesongy/Konstantinos Boat/What a wonderful Captain and Crew,they did everythingto make our day perfect.A very relaxing timetable and good food.I have been on a oat trip on every island holiday around the world and this has really topped them all!!!A really lovely day out,lovely scenery and bonus having the dolphins swim with the boat.Dont book with travel agency,book only with the capitan or with Raly/she organise the boat trips-very lovely girl,also in the area has another 4 boat,but the price there is more expensive and the quality is down.Thank's Capitan Mateos and Raly and i wish you all the best in 2013!The best regards from Jason&Richard&Janice&Beth&Sopie&Andrew UK

Crystal P

hey guys, do you know where the blue lagoon trip departs from??? i will be staying in moraitika in corfu but cant find any info on any of the excursions via that place so wondered where it goes from so i can plan ahead?? thanks

Jane S          10/10

I stayed in St George south and did a boat trip to Blue lagoon and mainland greece for the day.

I went with Kostas boat trips which is a family business and it was great. I felt safe and well looked after by all on board and we were able to stop for lunch in Mainland and walkabout. The boat also goes in the cave and you get to swim in two secluded coves, ne of which was in the Blue Lagoon film. I am going to Sidari in may and hope to go to see Costas and catch up. If anyone can get a contact for him that would be appreciated.

Dolly F           

hiya hazel

you will have wkd time on this boat well we did as it was a boiling hot day etc etc, you'll see this man always on the beach, we always sat behind the pedolo boats u won't miss him tanned english nose looks like his ad a bit too much coke he wears a cap and a bag really good its called the blue lagoon xx have a wkd time

Dolly F           


We went on the blue lagoon i didnt gt in till half 8 had to be on the boat trip at 10 so ye hangover on the way there,boat was full of lads,got to the little private beach n 5  of other boats pulled up wid loads of young people on it was really good had jerk chicken bread salad n pop spent 2 hours on beach then our boat went to the blue lagoon was beatiful lovely clear sea i jumped off the boat and got champagne we was swimming with LEE who works in desperado's in kavos and this other boat geeza it was a really good day we then went to the caves only 5 min in there but worth it while we was at the peak off the front on the boat so we got a lovely tan and lovely views
For a 7 hour trip for 25 euro it was worht its money :) i miss it i wud deffo go bk


If your looking for something a bit different, go there on the Crazy Speed Boat.  It's not crowded, as there's only about 15 people on the boat.  They take you into the caves, they give you snorkling equipment and you go champagne diving!!  On the way back, they do doughnuts in the water so you get soaked from head to toe!!!  I would recomend it to anyone!!

Sam S           

captain thoe's boat trip is the best on the island. he's been on loads of tv programmes such as wish youwas here etc.  the bloke is a nutter, after spraying the kids with shaving foam and making everyone laugh he has all the reps up dancing tp zorba the greek. well worth the money, though could only book it with the reps


this boat trip was fantastic, there was jus enough ppl on ur boat and the host was flippin crazy! if u fell asleep u would soon know bout it coz u'd be drenched with freezin sea water! dunno what his name was but he made the 45min to the beach and back again seem so much quicker and enjoyable, one thing i will say is if ur a veggie let them know coz the bbq is quite boring but they do provide u with a veggie option if u need it. only letting u know coz one girl bless her, had a full arguement with one of the other host and he made her look stupid. wasnt impressed! when ur at the beach theres loads of water sports so take ur euros with u! the blue lagoon is also amazing! looks shallow but very miss leadin!  well worth going on this trip, gets u out of kavos for the day for 30 euros bargin!

Amanda W           

the boat was tiny and crowded there was about 100 people on it and everyone was squeezed onto it.

when the food was served wasps landed over it, you had to pick either 1 piece of pork or 1 piece of chicken with bread this sauce and mixed tomatoes and cucumber then as we were eating on the boat not on the beach like we thought, we were attacked by these wasps so i threw my food accross the boat and didnt bother to eat it, the cave was a 5minute stop. the trip was totally over rated in the shop.
although the village that we visted at mainland greece was good
i thought it was really boring i just went to sleep on the way back

Andrea J           

Absolutely wonderful! The trip costs 20 Euros and is worth every penny! The lunch was wonderful, huge chicken done on the BBQ, salad, tzaziki and bread and loads of cheap plonk!

Blue Lagoon is amazing!

Sue H

The Blue Lagoon trips run from the south of the island, definatly from Messonghi but I've also heard they go from Kavos too. They don't go from Sidari I'm afraid as that's in the north. They'll be plenty of other trips running from there you'll find.
As to the cost, can't be certain this year, but it won't be high if booked direct rather than through a tour operator.

James L

how much does this trip cost??? where does it go from???? im staying in sidari, is it close??? if not, how long would it take to get there sum1 please help

Michale J           

We had a fantastic time, we went with Thomson and stayed at the stema, we booked through our rep, and in all honesty I wouldn't do it any other way. The captain Theo who does Theo's Boat BBQ was absolutely great. Option of a BBQ on the blue lagoon, get a great swim stop, where Theo lets you use the snorkels on board, then a hour or two in Sivota on the mainland Greece - GO for it, it's only 38Euros.

Darren M           

Grand day out, cost 14 euros from a local place. Lovely placew to swim but the food was a little rough, the chicken wings might as well have been bugies wings!!! still well worth it though

Kavos G           

Fab day out - not long enough time swimming in the sea. DON't book thru the reps - ours only cost 14 from one of the high street places

The E           

Went to the Blue Lagoon from Messongi Bay with Captian Homer, we had a great time, the lagoon was lovely, you won`t be able to resist a swim, even our 3 year old jumped off the boat and swam to shore. Captain Homer & his ship mate were charaters you will never forget.

Alice R

It sounds lovely Blue Lagoon but is it worth the money.

Angel W           

had a fantastic time on our trip to the blue lagoon. It costs us 33E and we booked it with our reps. Fun antics on the boats not too dirty. The beach is so much nicer compared to the beaches in KAVOS. A definate must- do!

Ian P

who do i see about a trip too the blue lagoon?

Anne M

Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to go on the boat trip to the blue lagoon. Also what time/day/place does the boat leave from. I am going to Sidari on Sunday and would really love to go on this trip but can't seem to find out much about it on the web.


Glenn M           

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant worth three times the 23euro each, its a must, dont leave without doing it. awesome.