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Corfu Excursions

Sandra Allison

i have recently been to Corfu, and went on the thursday boat trip. However i can't seem to find the photographs, and i wondered if anyone had the facebook page where i could find them. It was not with theo's bbq boat company, but another. It wasn't a party boat either..... any help appreciated, thanks!

D.borg Borg



Tom B          3/10

we went recently on the BBQ/boat trip, we were 2ad & 1 ch.the trip on the boat is lovely and stopping off for a swim is great, on the way back you stop at Kalamaki beach which is also great, however at this point it starts to seriously decline, you are expected to pay 7 euros for 2 beds & 1 umbrella bearing in mind you have already paid more than 60 euros for a family of 3.When lunch is served you have to queue up in the blazing sun for about 10 mins by a seating area at the back of the beach which is filthy and covered in dead flies and wasps with only a few tables with shade the rest are in the open which means you are fighting a losing battle against insects to eat your food,however they are welcome to it as the food is atrocious and inedible, in retrospect I'm glad we did'nt eat it, especially our son ,as god knows what we would have caught!By the time you return to your resort you are starving ,especially if you have kids ,and you need to go to the nearest restaurant to feed yourselves.

All in all vastly over-priced as the food is an integral part of trip and price and it is disgusting!
the agents who sell this trip should pay an unannounced visit when they're serving the food I bet they would'nt eat it or sit in that area for a second.
What I would recommend is ,hire a boat and pack a cool bag with food and cool drinks, it probably would'nt work out that much more and eat you food on board where there is a good breeze and no can book this trip at NSP in roda or Castaways but pass my comments on as I think they are blissfully unaware of the rubbish they are selling.

Sarah J

can any1 help me i really want to go on this trip.. but 1 i dunno were it is.. n 2 how much does it cost
am stayin in sidari pleas help??


Caitlin G          10/10

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couple more haha!

loved it that much :D:D
if you wanna see more add me on face book caitlin grainger :):)
this is the blue lagoon and the bbq! :D

Caitlin G          10/10

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Caitlin G          10/10

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the boat trip was the best two days of my life i say two becasue we went the first week loved it soo much we then went again on the second week :)

it was just soo immense its unbelivable!
i hate boats but this trip concared my fears..
1st breakfast shot or have luton (the sexiest outest of the reps ;) ) pour vodka and ozo outa the bottles into your mouth :) haha
rave with the music we had a proper laugh!
"and when this world runs outa lovers we'll still have each other nothings going stop us now"
hahahah brillaint!
then get to the beach have massive bbq and unlimted wine! but by this point wed already had a few sex on the beaches few bears and two bottls of champagne haha!
in the sea and we went on the mambo (a float thing on the back of a speed boat takes u out to the sea was brill)
then the beach olympics haha i went in to the sea and swopped cloths with a boy haha forgetting he had no top on so had to run outa the sea with no top on : eakk haha
and then there was the neck the wine roly poly over a lad jump on luton then run bk haha! pissa!
bk on the boat and another game i had to do a hand stand and drink a beer thru a straw haha! agaisnt a laddd! and i wonnn :d:d not to sure weather be prod of that! haha!
then the best water and foam fight ull ever haddd! was f**king brilliannnt! got soakkked and covered from head to foot in fooooam!
then sam (brill rep) decided to nick mine and kates (my best mates) bikini tops and hung them from the top of the booat haha!
then the rave in the cave! aaaaaaamaziiing! :d:d:d:d
loved iit!
was brillaint! really really is well worth the money! we did it twicce! i love iitititititititit!
can not wait to get back out there! :d;d

Sarah B          10/10

click to enlargeWhat a fantastic day out!!! Despite hangovers, we soon were having water fights, and Theo ended up with torn shorts! Food was excellent and loads of it, and drink too! The swimming was ace, as well as the diving, bombing and belly flopping contests! Would definitely recommend this to anyone, but girls beware, tie your bikini strings in double bows!! Well worth going!!

Ellis D          4/10

this boat trip really isn't worth the money atall. me and my four pals paid 28 or 30 and totally didn't think it was worth it. our boat was a quiet one which was actually not bad cause i was meatily hungover, but we didn't get told anything about the scenery or anything and when we got to the beach, it was really overcrowded and boring - we could've sunbathed on the normal beach and not paid the money.


i wouldn't really class it as a bbq, cause all u get is a bit of chicken and some salad - bad if your starving. after a boring period on the beach, we headed back and were meant to do champagne diving and go to the blue lagoon, of which we done neither! we were told the sea was too choppy for the blue lagoon and there was one bottle of cheap s**t champagne passed around the boat deck. they dropped us off an hour early, 4 o'clock instead of 5.

not terrible, but definetely not worth the money. crazy speed boat is a million times better.
kavos ruled though - be back next year  xxx

Paris           10/10

awwwwwwwwwww im sooo excited to come to Ipsos, cant wait for the first boat trip of the season best way to start my tan off and kick the summer off in style!!! Captain Homers is the best and always will be, can't wait to see you all.

Many kisses
x x x

Chaz B           

Me and my mum went on the boat trip and beach BBQ. The only thing i didnt like was the coach trip. it took over an hour to get to the harbour and i cant even remember where we were lol. (I had too many drinks the night before so i wasnt feeling to well.)~

So when we got on the boat we both already felt sick. And when we setted off it was a complete nightmare. The sea was really choppy that day. so it wasnt good for people who get seasick especially for me. The toliets were okay. The ladies toliet was blocked. So we had to use the mens. So people who were seasick and desperate for the loo had to fight for the one toliet. One women was throwing up in the sink. a little boy was throwing up in the blocked ladies loo. It was like a massacre.
We were suppose to go in the caves but never did. but i wasnt too bothered about that as i was desparte to get off the boat.
The secluded beach made up for it though. it was beautiful. Perfect relaxing and sun tanning place.
The BBQ was good. although my mum didnt get to eat much because she was busy being chased by wasps lol.
If you are near the water sunabathing, watch out for the sea coming in and soaking you through. as we got an unexpected wetting and my camera and phone just missed from being ruined. although my towel was soaked through.
It wasnt too bad coming back as it was quicker.

i wouldnt go on this trip again but it is worth the money to go on it. Just beaware if you get seasick that the waters are not always calm.


hia aris if you get this please email me !!hope you are ok and i cant wait to come back on the boat again it was the best!!!xxx


hi i have only just found this website i came on your boat ages ago it was the best boat trip i have been on it was really good !!! i came with about 30 people one of them people was katy the girl who really liked aristos or something but he was really good looking i would to go again !! here is my email address it would be nice if you wrote to me aristos thanks xxit was a great boat trip xx


it was great i would love to do it again it was a good deal for money and it was worth going even if you get sea sick cant wait to go back and do it again the captain and his son aristotle hes gorgeous n kind cant wait to go again


hiya the boat trip was ace even though i felt a bit sea sick at the end but that dint last for long as the captains gorgeous son sorted me out bless himit was my first boat trip in corfu and im sure it wont be the last i will go with captain homers again it is brill if aristos reads this please write back or hear is my email adress  i love you aris im the girl you saw in hecters and jupiter  love you xxxx

Glen G           

Captain Theo's Boat trip.    Having read some of the review here we were quite wary, and I mentioned them to the rep (this was the 1 trip we booked with the rep) - she was aware of the bad ones, and said that this is why they only use Theo now.

We had an excellent trip. I can't remember the exact cost. i think it worked out about 60 in UK money for the 3 of us for the full day. That included transport there by air conditioned, clean coach. It was well worth the money.  Be warned that Theo however is a bit of a letch, but much to my wifes relief, he likes "The Sexy Mamas" as he calls them - i.e the over 50 ladies.

He talks about this almost constantly on the PA system on the trip, but is never rude, so don't worry about the kids. A couple of older ladies on our trip said they did not really like him keep cuddling them but were embarrassed to be the ones who said "no".
Anyway, the guy is crackers as is half the crew. Imagine a band of friendly mad Pirates (if there could be such a thing) and you've got the right picture.
As a sailor myself, I was wondering about taking my family on a boat abroad after all the horror stories you read and hear. However, even to my trained eye, the boat was very well maintained. There were plenty of safety devices and flotation - in fact there were enough life jackets for about 3 each!  I could see that a LOT of time is spent maintaining this boat - I noticed that even the little things were oiled/cleaned or whatever.  Beyond the banter he's a good skipper, and I noticed later that no one had felt sea-sick - I think that part of keeping folk busy may be for that reason (it often works well as anyone experienced at sea will tell you), and if it is, then that tells you something about how good this guy is at his job. 
The crew were lovely with my young daughter. The beach we went to was on the Greek mainland somewhere, as for reasons we never found out, there was a change of itinerary. We were told it was because of the swell, but I know that was not actually true. Either way, it did not matter, in fact, I think it was a bonus as it turned out.
The beach we went to was lovely and sandy. There were some loungers (3 only) and water sports. Some people went up on the par ascending thing. Most enjoyed it, but two people fell over on takeoff and cut open their knees and legs quite severely.  I imagine the rest of their holiday was ruined. This is a risk you take doing this stuff of course.  To be fair, I must point out that the water sports are nothing to do with the boat trip company of course, and what happened was probably not the water sports companies fault either.
The BBQ was very good. Lots to eat and well cooked. They also catered for veggies. The stay at the beach was just long enough. We were lucky because as we left, another cruise boat arrived with an 18-30 contingent on board carrying boxes and boxes of beer and hanging off the boat shouting, swearing and screaming (sometimes I'm embarrassed to be English - can't we get these people to pretend their  from somewhere else?). 
Next we went to a deserted cove and swam ashore through beautiful clear water.  So clean, you could see the anchor on the bottom.  Theo thoughtfully got a life jacket out and put it on her, so that my 8 year old daughter could perfectly safely swim that distance (like I said, a good thoughtful skipper underneath the banter). This was a fantastic experience, and a first for almost all of us. One of those things I'll remember forever is swimming side by side through this beautiful cove with my wife and young daughter. Magic! 


Boat trip from Ipsos? CAPTAIN HOMERS is the one to get. Great food, Great Value for money, fun day out, loadz to do and the owners are awesome! I went four times last year, check out the caves the are ace! Aris is a Legend!!!


K T           

One of the best trips!  The key to getting a good beach is to shop around for the agents with the best deal (not neccessarily the cheapest), we found there were lots of deals.  The second thing is to try and go on a trip with a named beach, rather than just sandy beach.  We went to Kalamaki beach and it was fabulous .  If you find the same beach name poping up again and again then use a travel agent who goes to that beach as there is likely a reason why they all go there!

My final advise to anyone going on the boat trip is JUMP OFF THE BOAT! On our trip the boat stopped in deep water to let us have a swim.  Our boat was pretty high off the water (around 9-10ft) but if you are an ok swimmer then my advise would be jump!! The sea is fantastic and the jump gives you quite a rush!
I was there last year and I am going back again this year!!! 10 out of 10!

Kerry S           

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Yep the boat trips are awesome! 9 girls in my group on the boat n it was just fun and games all day! beach was nice and the BBQ was pretty good! Diving off the top of the boat was great - didnt realise how cold the water would be tho!!! Oh well here are pics of us gurls from the boat trip! enjoy!!!

Sue H           

  The trip we went on they called it Beach Day.  We were very dissapointed.  Not much to look at through the glass bottom boat and it was too cold to swim at the two places that apparently people usually do (not their fault, it was late season).  When we arrived at the beach for the bbq we were again dissapointed as the beach was all pebbles and painful to walk on without shoes, but the sun was shining and it was very hot.  Also there were a lot of wasps and huge ants on the beach.  The bbq was awful one piece of chicken and salad, no other choice.  My was daughter was ill that night (she blames the food).  We didn't enjoy it, we felt we had wasted a day of our holiday.

Paul H           

we went on the beach bbq from sidari. The boat trip was excellent with good views of Paelo and the coastline.  The beach was very pebbley so would recommend good footwear. The sea was crystal clear and good for swimming, but watch out for the jellyfish! The food was good quality and overall an enjoyable day was had by everyone.  Would recommend to anybody and good value for money.

Matty L           

i have jus got back from ipsos 4 days ago n alredy i wish i was still ther this boat trip is the best in corfu definatly great food(especiall the kebabs) Captin Homer is hilarious a great laugh sophia is lovly, and there son is a great laugh. swim stops are kewl i dived of the top of the boat when my mate wouldnt lol.

wen i come bk out there next year for bowt 7-8 weeks i am definatly going there at least once a week lol
well i ad a great time enjoy your self c u next year

Lucy H           

click to enlarge We went on the Glass Bottomed boat to paleokastritsa and bbq on paradise beach which was a combination of 3 trips and was a bargain at 19.90 euros each booked through Nostos Travel on Roda Beach. The bus took u to paleo where u got on the boat where the guides were brilliant and told u about the old fortress, showed u the pretty coves with stalactites, showed u remains of a sunken german ship and a huge reef thing and let u jump off in this gorgeous bit in the sea which had huge rocks that u could stand on and look down into the deep ocean with snorkels u can see loads of amazing fish. Then u go to Paradise beach which can only be reached by boat and is a suntrap in the curve of mountains. The beach was a mixture of pebbles and sand but the sea was the most beautiful I have ever seen and you have to snorkel underwater its amazing all the fish and life and pretty corals. There is a romantic cove at the side of the beach you can swim around and is completely safe. Loads of umbrellas available on the beach, which is great because otherwise no shade. The BBQ was lovely, a big piece of chicken, greek salad, bread and fruit and of course as much free wine, ouzo, juice and water as you can drink, but u couldnt get us out of the beautiful, crystal clear sea. Definately should do this trip, the beach wasn't busy and the price went down just before we booked it coz it was September and not as busy but was 23.50 before which is still amazing value for unlimited food n drink and visiting a beach u couldnt normally get to. A brilliant worthwhile trip, Thanks!

Faye M           

We went on the castaway cruise which was a bat trip around Paelokastristsa which is soooo beautiful!

The Captain was brilliant with his funny noises "coo coo"! and his history lesson!
Anyway we cruised around the coastline and caught the sights before stopping an pebbled beach and having a BBQ (delish!).
My only comment is that there were not enough parasols for everyone and it was 42 degrees with no shade! The only place to hide from the sun was in the sea and with a pebble beach this is not easy - get a pair of water shoes that will help and make sure you get off the baot quick for a parasol!
Overall the trip was great but a bit overpriced - you may get a better deal if you don't book it through your rep!

Kim and steven -           

Think we went on a different BBQ cruise to most people here, but there are a few.  We went from Sidari (through Vlasseros Travel, much cheaper than the reps!) on a coach to Paleokastritsa, then on a brand new glass-bottomed boat to Paradise Beach.  The boat was great, with the 'boat boy' (his words!) George, who was friendly.  The captain stopped to allow you to look at shipwrecks and shoals of fish.  We went to the Vinti Caves with stalactites, then on to Paradise Beach, a secluded beach you can only get to by boat.  There is a hundred-foot cliff and a shingle beach.  It gets very hot, though there are plenty of drinks (soft drinks and alcohol).  One note, take trainers or well-fitting shoes, the beach is hot enough to burn and the pebbles get in your sandals, making it pretty uncomfortable.  The BBQ was delicious and you had about 4 hours on the beach to swim in the sea, dive off the boat and sunbathe.  Umbrellas are provided, but take plenty of suncream becasue it's that hot.  By the way, Paradise Beach is one of the locations in For Your Eyes Only and really is paradise!  This excurion was the highlight of our holiday, wish we were still there!