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Corfu Excursions

Bernie           9/10

Costas horse riding in Roda was a dream. Well looked after Horses, picturesque meadows/beaches. Well worth the money and I would recommend to anyone going to Roda. Thanks guys.

Sarah F          10/10

We were in Sidari from 31 May till 7th June.  We went riding with Trailriders ( and thoroughly enjoyed the experiance.  Sally was great and allowed us to book via email before the holiday and even agreed to pick us up from our apartment.  There were 4 of us, two adults and two teenagers and as experianced horse riders we were all very impressed with the care Sally and her team give to the horses.  All the horses were in good condition as was the tack and the safety equipment we were loaned.  The ride we went on was interesting and varied... from walking through a beautiful Greek village to cantering through the olive groves!  I've been hacking on other holidays and often have not been loaned a hat or given a forwarning about needing suitable footwear etc.  Sally's ride may be more expensive than some of the others we saw at the tourist shops in Sidari, but I think you get what you pay for and Trailriders was worth every penny.  I definatly recommend it to everyone regardless of experiance level. Thanks again Sally

Paul W          6/10

I went on the Roda Horse riding trip in 2007. Although the horses looked very badly treated, which included the "instructors" whiping them every 5 minutes...I quite enjoyed the trip. It was my first experience riding a horse so for a beginner like me I was in my prime. You all lead in single file along a scenic route (although like one of the previous comments the beach isn't up to much) and then back again. You stop about halfway through and are given cold drinks...which I think wouldn't have looked out of place at a childrens tea party if I remember rightly. If you are an experienced rider, I doubt you would enjoy this much. If however you are beginner riders and want an easy first experience of riding a horse...I think you will enjoy it.

I doubt i'm going to be able to convince my 3 mates who are going back to Corfu to come on this trip though!


Donna W

We visited Sidari in September and I had been looking forward to going on the horse-riding excursion for ages. We have family who have been to Corfu before and done the horse riding several times and they told us how good it was so we went ahead and booked it. We went on ‘Costas’ horse-riding trip at Roda.

When we arrived the staff asked for the people that had not rode before to let them know (it was my first time), they then chose horses for us – I imagine that this was so they could put the inexperienced riders (like myself) with the more placid horses.

I was given a horse called Rosealina  -later to be nick-named the ‘devil horse’, as soon as I got into the saddle she was restless…and to be honest I felt nervous and uncomfortable but thought that she would settle once we got going.

Eventually once everyone was saddled up off we went, just before we entered the olive groves we had a photo taken – the only time that I smiled throughout the whole trip.

We were riding in line when all of a sudden my horse threw its head back and front legs in the air and bucked, I cannot explain how scared & shocked I was, but I held on and hoped that she would settle…
We carried on riding when all of a sudden my horse stopped again and threw its back legs in the air and bucked again, this carried on four or five times…by then I was a nervous wreck, I was tense and every time she moved I thought that she was going to throw me off.

Eventually we stopped for a drink, I got off and told the instructor that I wasn’t getting back on, I was close to tears at this point - I can honestly say that I have never been so scared…..the instructors were not at all sympathetic and seemed to find it quite amusing!! Eventually we came to a compromise and my horse and I were led back by an instructor.

Also, riding along the beach was a great disappointment, if you’re expecting to ride next to the surf along a sandy beach this isn’t the trip for you, you literally ride along a scruffy piece of beach – that looks more like a piece of wasteland for two or three minutes.

On a more positive note my partner rode ‘Stella’ and had a great experience!

Kelly B

Wondering if anyone can help - me, my boyf and his 10 year old daughter are off to Sidari in October. 

Where are the nearest / best stables, how much does it cost, how do you get there - oh and do you have a number / web site to book it through before we go, or would you leave it 'till we get there?
Thansk anyone who can offer help ....

Trudy H          10/10

click to enlarge Costas horse Riding in Roda is a great . it takes you along the beach and you stop of for a cool drink then back to the riding school in all it takes around 2 hours it is well worth the small amount they charge and you get the chance to buy a pic of yourself on the horse for a few euro extra that is a fab momento of the day .

Frans G           

We (4 of us) rode with Sally at Ano Korakiana.
It was arranged by yours truly through phone/email so we took a gamble, but it was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!
Sally is obviously very competent at what she does, but also very friendly as is her other staff.
She had good horses for everyone's ability and gave us a wonderful tour of the surrounding area including a trip through the little village and a 500 year old olive grove. Altogether 2.5 hours in the saddle!
Bottled water was supplied in everyone's saddlebag (also for the dog that kept us company all the way!)
Afterwards, beer/soda available for all!! (first round on the house)
In conclusion, if you like this kind of stuff on your vacation (we came of a cruiseship!), this is the place to go! RIDE, Sally, RIDE!!!!!  Value for money?, are you kidding? Absolutely!!!!!!
Frans, Kingsville, MD. US
PS. Taxi ride from Corfu port is about 20 minutes, but Sally takes you back if the schedule allows!

Stacey S           

We went to Costas Riding in Roda.  Was €15 each although my partner was talking to someone who had paid €30 through their rep.  We really enjoyed it!  It says you get about 2 hours, but probably 1/2 hour to saddle everyone up, then 1 hour led riding through olive groves and on the beach, stop for a drink, then 20 minutes riding back.  You are led all the way so is perfect for the absolute beginner (i.e me!).  Just a tip, take plenty of water with you and wear suitable bottoms etc.  Got a couple of bruises but could just about walk afterwards!!  Definitely a must

Angela N           

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I went to Corfu in 2002, we stayed in Sadari, the place was great and we enjoyed everythin apart from the horse riding. It started off with us getting in a smelly 13 ppl coach and driving to the ranch (not to sure what it was called). We thought it would be good as it was just me and my sister without our parents, how wrong were we? Firstly, they took our picture when we didnt even know so we were looking in the opposite direction of the camera , also they said it would be taken on the beach, it was taken on a dirt track, then they tried to charge us 8 euros for them. The second disappointment was that included in the price we were supposed to get cold drinks, obviously they forgot. id say they spent the money on the horses but looking at them i dont think so. Thirdly, the horses stayed in line, there was no way you could get to move your horse as they had done the same thing day in and day out for god knows how many years and after about 5 minutes of riding i was talking to my sister who was riding behind me. At the end of the ride we were coming back into the ranch when my horse started running and trying to buck me off, which i must admit was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. then it was back on the coach and back to the comfort of our hotel. cant fault anything else but DONT DO THE HORSE RIDING EXTERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharlie P

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Hello..... I live in corfu all year round and would love a job breaking/ training horses and teaching. I have been riding all my life and worked for 3 years at a livery/ stud/ riding school in britain. I have experience with all aspects of horse riding, training and teaching and can train horses to a high standards of flatwork, jumping and competing.  if anyone can help please email me any information would be great!


Kathy B           

this  comment is for vicky hi if ya like horse riding costa horse riding is great 15 euros 2 half hour excursions clean steady horses well natured they take you throgh the hill and olive groves and along the beach and stop of for a picnic as well and take ya pic if ya want at the beach fantastic worth every penny enjoy it i know you will dont go to sidari horses the place is falling down and the horses look tired and neglected not good at all honestly try costas

Sylvia C           

Havenever been mself but my daughter and husband went - they booked through value plus how specialise in trips and car hire situated on the main road into Sidari opposite the oasis resturant and further through the town near the bowling alley. They really enjoyed it and found it to be good value for money!!!!!

Judy C

Off to Sidari in August and would like info on local horse riding ???

Vicky C

hi, is there any horse riding in sidari if so who to contact and how much? thanks.

Darren M           

If you want to go Horse Riding, there's a place in Ano Korakiana called Trailriders, it costs 35 euros for about an hour and a half, I'd never been on a horse before I went there and I really enjoyed it, Sally and Mark are sound. The number is 26630 and the email is

Hayley B           

Were about in corfu do you go horse riding from. How long do you for?

Stacy H           

i thought the horse riding was amazing, the views were nice...nd iv neva ridin b4...nd id ride again any day. the price was gd, and on a hot day u will catch a nice tan while the horses r doin all the work.

Karen M


Does anyone have a contact number for Thanasis Doukas who runs a small horse riding business near Roda (think its called 'Ranch')?

Though it best to book direct!


Lisa P           

THIS TRIP IS WORTH THE WHILE! I think it was approx 15 euros, BUT DEFINATELY worth it.

1 bad point: you can't feel your bum after wards!


what is the best hour to go and how much douse it cost!
help please!!!

Tracey B           


Lisa P           

i go horse riding in roda and it's a really nice journey around the 5.00pm and we were back for about 7.00pm and the horses are beautiful and it's a great trip for the family!but i cant get my mum on a horse!

Cm C

can you tell me who to contact for horse riding
near roda/arharavi,
and what cost ?
many thanks

James M           

Do not book via Adia travel on main street Sidari. Book through someplace that stays open all day so if something goes wrong they can deal with it there and then. Twice we were stood up for horse riding my daughter was gutted.

Nigel J

any information on the LATENA apts in St Georges south