Trip to Corfu Town

Corfu Excursions

Mountaineer           4/10

Definately the worst Greek capital island city I have been to.Old town is the highlight little pokey back streets bargains to be had and lovely parks and fortresses but scooters coming down pedestrian walkways a nightmare.You can`t get near the harbour as you have upto 5 hours to cram in shopping time.Hustle and bustle in new town M&S and others spoil the main street and every cafe asking you to eat drink or "theirs no other cafe down there"when theirs one every 50 metres or next turning.Many of the buildings are third world run down oldy worldy shanties and not safe.Visited the local maket veg and fish which was entertaining.Just below value for money.

Monty M          7/10

Worth a look.  Went there twice (once by boat and once with a car). Interesting walks and quite scenic, marked differences between old town and the newer area (esplanade etc).  Shops ok, but please could we have some differences - most shops sell the same touristy stuff with little originality.  I can't see the point in travelling to Corfu and seeing trinkets you could get anywhere in Britain, ie name pens, name key rings, sticks of rock, Buddas, named cups and mugs - stuff that has nothing remotely greek about it and almost everything made in China !!!!!! Wooden items worth a look, some original gift ideas there, but again, pretty much the same in every wood shop.  Be warned that designer label stuff is stupidly expensive.   

June M

We went to Corfu town by car. Quite hard to park we managed to get parked for free by the new Port. I think there is pay car parking there also. Be careful when you visit as the main Greek shops are closed Sunday monday and wednesday. All the tourist shops are opened. Its a lovely place with lots of things to see. Have a walk up to the Esplanade. The new fortress and the old one are photo oppertunities. There is a McDonalds Pizza Hut and a Hagan Daz shop if you children are pestering you and they dont want to visit any any more little Tavernas LOL.
June John jaye and laurie


nice day out but beware make sure u got plenty a money handy cos things aint tht cheap as what u may think also most shops close for lunch late so make sure u do wat u want b4 goin bk to the coach cos we had lunch then were gonna go bk to shops but they were closed so a bit disapointed bout tht..overall tho something different for your hol x reminds me of st.malo personally lol x

Ellis S           

the trip to corfu town is well cool but your feet hurt after a while!if u got to sidari go to corfu town  and do  some shoppin it's the best shopping day i've ever had so try it



Corfu Town is realli nice. We had a nice day and was a good chance to spend the mmoney we had left before we went home. Some of the shops are a bit tacky but in the backstreets theres some nice jewellery and in the old town theres some really nice gifts, LOADs of wooden carved stuff and unusual things (rossbows and boomerangs)

Some people may think it was "Boring" but it isn't somewhere to go to party its a nice realxed day out n goood oppertunity to buy gifts (which are better than the tack in kavos!) n its sooooo soooo pretty at night
Id go nearer the end of you holiday so you know how much youve got to spend

Becky S           


Louise M           

Got bus from Kavos up to Corfu Town and only took and hour or so. The buses are nice and are more like coaches that you get here. The roads are tiny in certain places thought we were going to crash. The town itself is really nice and it was nice to get away from the clubby atmosphere of kavos for a day. I think that the Reps were arranging a trip to the town but we went by ourselves i think it was cheaper as well. It cost us a couple of Euros each way i think the one arranged through the reps was like 15-20 euros. The road in Corfu Town is uneven so watch where ur walking when crossing the roads- it mainly the little side roads. I fell while crossing and cut my foot open. It was nasty . But apart from that it was an enjoyable day and wen i go in June this year im planning to go to Corfu Town to buy little presents for ppl bk home.

Tommy J           

Thought this would be a nice idea as the Olympic flame was passing though. How wrong were we!!!!! The day was a complete disaster as we were dropped on the outskirts of town and made walk 2.5km into the main town. We were told this was going to be a once and a life time trip, definitely a horses ass experience. Espically when we had to leave early before the main fireworks and shows schedled as we had to walk to the airport to get our coach, an other 3km walk!! Only told when we got onto the coach that we had to get off and board an other coach in an other 30 mins. Disorganised, extortinate and crap

Beckie J           

13 euros from St George Sth, trip was ok, lovely to see the old town but new town very much like London, busy and hectic. Got eaten alive by the mossies whilst walking along the harbour. Food and drink resonable, locals not paticulary friendly. Wear sensible shoes!!!


Went on a boat trip to Corfu town, costed 13 euros, wasn't booked through thomson, we booked it after we had arrived. Very good value for money, refreshments are sold on the boat. Trip takes about an hour and a half. The boat departs kavos at 4pm and then leaves corfu town at 9pm which is more than enough time to shop shop shop and then grab something to eat. there are many shops to choose frm so be careful where u buy from and shop around because prices differ. definitly go on this trip because it is well worth it and u will get a lot of bargains. they have so many cool lighters to choose from, and lots of fake designer bags and belts and perfumes. if i was you i wouldn't invest in a perfume though because the smell only lasts about half an hour and then you would need to spray it on u again.

Jim W           

You are as well doing this independantly. The local buses are approximately one and a half euros for a one way fare, and you can look around the town at your leisure. Beware though, the buses do get crowded.

Martin H           

Corfu Town was nice. It was good to just look around at the buildings and people. We got lost in the suburbs somewhere and ended up retacing our steps back to the ain part of town. The suburbs were lovely and the people were nice. Those who could speak English said hello to us. We bought some nice souvenirs as well. Does anyone remember the park there where the kids could get them electric cars. Wish i could have fitted on one!

Anthony F           

Old town was excellent - many things to buy but beware of the BEST TOP outside eating place. They ripped us off big time as they did to some Germans at the same time!


Go on a trip to Corfu town, very beautiful and bargains to be had if you barter. You can catch a bus from most resorts or get a taxi if there are 4 of you. Makes a change from sitting by the pool!