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Shelagh B           

Someone has asked for comments on the day trip to Albania. We did this trip in June 2001 and it was excellent. The British "locals" in Corfu tried to put us off going, giving the impression that Albania was full of muggers and rapists, even telling me not to wear my wedding ring. Glad we went. You need your passport for the trip.The crossing on the hydrofoil takes 45 mins. First stop was a local restaurant where we could change money. Then we went to Butrint which is an archealogical site. This isn't included in the excursion price, so make sure you have money or a credit card with you, you pay at Corfu harbour. Archeology isn't really my thing, but when we went there was an English professor overseeing the "dig" and he made it really interesting. A meal is included in the basic excursion price and that was excellent, but grab a table as soon as you arrive, we had some very spread out Germans with us. Visiting Corfu in June and will definately do this trip again.
Shelagh Briggs

Pat R

will be goin to blue bay escape resort in june 2004 need more information onday trips to albania please


It is a full day trip. You get three hours at the museum and site. Followed by an hour for lunch and shopping time. Theoretically you return on the 5pm ferry, but do not expect it to depart on time. The site can become crowded and it will be hot, but this is an experience not to be missed.