Jeep Safari

Corfu Excursions

Lawrance S

Zakfari as far as I am aware no longer exists as original jeep safari and terminated about 2003. Rimmer also has terminated running Zakfari as was. I hope this info is of help to you. Regards.

Nicola H

Is there any jeep safari on corfu that is similar to Zakfari that runs in Zante? Wondered if Rimmer is the same one who is involved in that.

Laura .           

this was such a waste of money!! it was really uncomfortable, they fitted as many people as possible in the jeep. by the time it was over we were totally covered in dust and we had to throw our clothes out!!!!!! i would not recommend this at all!


Sorry, comment below should have been a question, not comment! Anybody help?


Hi, anybody know who runs this, where to book it, where it goes, what type of jeeps etc.?