Trip to Aqualand

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Antony F          10/10


Sarah S          10/10

Fantasitc trip!! try the Pirate ship in the kids area, meant for kids but my 23 year old partner spent hours on there!! just be careful in the wave pool, if you are not a strong swimmer try to avoiod going the deep bit!!

Great day all round tho, well worth a visit. 

Sxc N          10/10

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Aqualand is the best day trip you can do. its so amazing with so much to do. Top tip. book with phil at valsseros travel rather than the rep as you get longer there and its cheaper. (reps trips include a huge commission for them). best slide is the freefall its amazing. also love the wavepool but if u fall out ur ring ur in trouble with everyone else around you in rings battering you. but its all a laugh.

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Nathan R           

dont book with the reps they rip u off go to a lil place were u can book things like a place in sidare value plus its about 15 euro per person

Stacey S           

Ok, well we have mixed emotions about this trip.  This is the only time really the tourist offices let us down!!  The cost for the trip was 20 - which is pretty good value for transfer from Roda to Aqualand and entrance to the park (entrance is 20 so transfer free) - now the only reason I think the transfer was free is because we had the oldest, worst condition, broken air conditioned coach.  Oh my god!!  We were on the coach for 1 1/2 hours (although only took 50 mins to get back?!) and it was the journey from hell.  In a way we wished we'd gone to Hydropolis in Acharavi (only 10 mins away!!).  I was very ill on the coach and took a while to recover, but once I couldn't stop me on the slides!!  Is a really good park and the wave pool is fantastic.  We went on a Weds in June, wasn't busy at all.  Prices not too bad for food and lockers either.  So it is worth it, but check how long it will take you to get there.

Peter L           

WOW, what great fun, early June on a friday, the place was a ghoast town, no queues at all. Fantastic slides, still smilling over a week laterLaugh !


We got it as part of a exursion deal from our rep, it wasn;t too expensive n food wa cheeap, we wa all REALLI tred so didnt realli make the most of it but it was pretty good. not much food on offer bt ya can get chips, gyros, doughnuts and popcorn.

The coach journey on the way there was an ABSOLUTE nightmare. the speakers dint work poperly n kept skipping and cutting out behind our head n it wa SOOOOO loud, wa realli early we wa pretty hungova n we COULD NOT sleep!!! argh!

Sylvia C           

Do not get this trip throught your rep!!!! They will charge about  37 euro's - its the way they supplement their wages - but the tour operators charge so much for their holidays so should be abe to pay their reps a good wage and not train them to continue to rip of the tourist - go to a local shop like valueplus and find the same trip for 18 euros!!!!!!! Why would you want to  spend 37 euros against 18 euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul H           

This was far the best day out we had on the holiday. Good fun and good value for money. Would highly reccommend it to anyone visiting Corfu. 

Aoife G           

We booked this through our rep, for e29, and it was a really good day out. Quite expensive for food, but i think you would expect that anyway. Would defo recommend getting lockers. Its cost e5 in total, and if you give them back the key (which is worn as a bracelet), you get e2 back! and you can go up and take stuff from your locker as often as you want. Im not the greatest on high, scary rides, but there is other rides that are just as good. Also check out the wave pool. Dont bother sitting on a ring, coz its not as much fun. But make sure your a competent swimmer as the waves are quite powerful. They also take your picture during the day and at the end of the day you can check to see if your on the board and you can buy it for e5.

James L           

fab day out, we went on the last day of our hol and wot a gr8 way to finish, i loved it all, went on every slide, black hole is ace and also all the extreme slides, toob bout 50 mins on air con coach from sidari, booked thro vlasseros travel and only cost 19 euros each, reps chargin 39 euros, wot a rip off. food rather expensive, we took our own, they provide lockers, these cost 5 euros, but u get 2 euros bak wen u take the key bak in, u can keep goin back an 2 wen u want, and there is an attendant on duty so really gud, brill day owt, 1 or 2 minor injuries, minor cust an bruises, but expected,

Nick L           

Brill day out and well worth the money. It cost us 19 e each from Sidari and took about 45 mins on an air conditioned coach. Our tour operator  wanted 37e according to a young couple staying where we were. Once there the food and drinks prices were pretty good, i wouldn't bother taking your own

Calley M           

Superb Our best day out of the whole holiday P.S just wish i didnt fall out of my bikini going down the fast slides!

Helen B           

hi just wonderin if any one can let me kno how long it takes from kavos to get to aqualand and if any one has any information on Kavos and the Katerina apartments in Kavos  my e-mail address is thanx. helen

Katy T           

the park was really really good, me n my mate got on the rides really quickly!!!!i loved the black hole it was sooo funny on your way down!!!but i was too scared to go down the big one lol, but other ppl looked like they really enjoyed it, the shop was really good there and i was expectin it to be really expensive, but bort a realy nice belly bar for 10 euros! i would recommend it to any1 its a really family day out!wave pool was really good aswell, massive and its good if u take ur rubber ring in there coz u go flying, try not to get kicked in the head lol!

 love kate n kate xxxxx

Julie J           

This was definitely one of the most memorable days of our hol in Corfu. We had a great day and although we were expecting it to be really busy it wasn't too bad at all but can't remember what day we went. We spent ages in the wave pool waiting for rings to become free which is understandable as we hung onto them once we got them! didn't go on all the daring rides as it was just me and my 11 year old daughter but we still had a great time.
Would thoroughly recommend it!!

Gary E           

Amazing place for people of all ages, Don't book thou your reps saved 16 euros each by going thou value plus in Sidari for the same trip, Don't go to Corfu and not go to this place

Terry P           

Aqualand was one of the worst experiences of my life! I will begin this review by requesting that nobody should pay atention to the rumours which have no doubt surfaced at Aqualand that I was found to be pleasuring myself with a frankfurter behind the lazy river.  I categorically deny these atrocious allegations as they are a stain on both my reputation and character.  My friends and I booked our Aqualand trip and on arrival at the park we located a place to leave our belongings and embarked on our quest to the 'Supershooter'.  The 'Supershooter' is basically a massive slide and I will be honest and say it that made my bowels head south each time I looked at it.  My friends went first and I followed shortly after at an alarming rate.  After coming to a splashing end I exited the pool to howls of laughter and lots of pointing.  It was then that I noticed a brown mark down the back of my left leg.  I was hoping it was the start of a streaky tan but to my embarrasment it was in fact excreament.  I made my way past the 'Tunnel Of Doom' and an empty changing cubicle and then I realised I was at least a 2 minute dash back to where we had left the towels.  My mates were never gonna help me (too busy laughing) so I had to improvise.  I picked up a discarded frankfurter complete with roll that someone had left in the cubicle and removed the german sausage.  I then lowered my stained trunks and before my hand had reached the toxic area a young fat kid swung open the door looking for his lunch.  Needless to say outside the cubicle were families enjoying an afternoon snack which meant the barrage of abuse was quite justified, if a little extreame.  All the way back on the coach not just my mates but the whole coach were shouting out names such as 'Hot dog hustler' and 'Frankenfarter' this was not on.  I spent the rest of the holiday hiding from my shame but I repeat, I was not pleasuring myself merely cleaning myself down!

Jon M           

what a fantastic day out. something there for all ages. book with one of the many high street travel shops as they are about half of the price of your holiday reps and if you look around then the under 5's go free.. very reasonably priced for food and lockers and all sunbeds are free. a truly excellent day out and a must for your holiday, especially if you have children. my 4 year old cried as he did not want to leave the place. if you only go on one excursion during your stay then make it aqualand.

Natalie K           


Carol N           

my husband an i went last year with our two year old. we had a great time although we thought  our son was a little bit too young to enjoy it. a very very hot place not much shade drink lots and take teeshirts to cover up. food and drink expensive take lots of your own lockers near to lock every thing away but can return to them any time.

James L

im staying in sidari in august, can somebody please tell me how long it takes to get to aqualand from there???? and tell me how much it costs to book locally thanx


Aqualand was fantastic, the most fun I had all holiday! We booked through the reps which I gather was more expensive just from reading here, but the coach was on time and we were there in half an hour.
The slides are great, especially the black hole!
The foods very expensive though, but they are very generous with the icecream portions!

Jade H           


Sylvia C           

we booked through Value plus in the high street in Sidari - so much cheaper than through the reps. a great day out. Picked up at out apartment - air conditioned coach - great value. Give them a try!!