Boat trip to Paxos

Corfu Excursions


Well worth a visit! a nice relaxing day away from kavos and for anyone who just wants to chill out go for a bit of lunch and shopping in Paxos then later go for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear sea by jumping off the boat! Excellent!! Puts variety in to your hol and also seein a bit of culture and shock horror! sum oldies lol u forget they exist in kavos! hahaha. A must for a relaxin day then u can look forward to gettin bk for a gd nite out!


Great!  The boat sailed nice and easily (BRITANNIA CRUISES) people dangled feet oveer edge and captaoin was cool about it, went to caves and check them out,  All crew excellent.   Diving from the boat into a clear blue sea was great. Then havibnga walk in the samll town GUIOS in PAXOS which was really cool. Recommeneded for all, if you want a day out to get wawy from kavos do it.

Claire R           

We went on Kostas boat trip many times whilst staying in the resort of st George. Ran by a family who were really friendly and made our holiday. Would recommend both trips to anybody.
Mandy and Claire

Andy H           

Very rough seas which we could have been warned about, quickly sailed past caves.
Good snorkeling at paxos with some excellent scenery.

Kathy T           

You cannot visit St George and not take a boat trip with Kostas! My mum and I booked a trip to Paxos and had a wonderful day. We visited the beautiful islands, had a look around the quaint villages and shops, had a wonderful authentic greek lunch, saw the amazing caves and swam (from the boat) in the most gorgeous aquamarine sea - all this on one trip! As a family business, all holiday-makers are well looked after and Kostas and his sons are friendly and knowledgeable. It was well worth the money...but a good tip: it is quite a bit cheaper if you pay directly on the boat to Kostas and don't book through the agents, just make sure you get to the boat (behind mexas bikes) just a bit earlier to make sure you get your seat. It was a great part of our holiday to St George and next time we go, we will take Kostas's famous boat trip to the Blue Lagoon. Would recommend this to all.

Sally H           

how much do the trips to paxos cost?

Thomas B           

I was disappointed of my tour to Paxos. Because of high waves we couldn't enter the caves at Paxos, nor go to Antipaxos, which might have been more appealing. We got to go ashore in Laaka, a small village on Paxos island, but there is nothing much to see in two hours, we were there. Furthermore, there are flies that sting! If going three, make sure to have a bug repellant with you!

Instead of Antipaxos, we went to the Blue Lagoon, which I enjoyed.

In my opinion, you easily can skip the Paxos - Antipaxos trip and instead take the tour to Parga and the Blue Lagoon

David S           

We booked through Cosmos Corfu and got the boat behind the bike place at the T junction on Sunday morning. The journey was good and the islands were very nice. During the journey to Antipaxos we went into the caves which was quite interesting and then swam in the crystal clear water by the beaches of the island before visiting the capital of Paxos for another quick swim, some lunch and a look round. If you do get sick easily take some tablets however the journey was not that bumpy, but as always does depend on the strength of the wind!

Tracy S           

We went with Kostas boat trips behind Mexas bikes. It was a great day out and the swimming was lovely. If you only want one day out though I would go to the Blue lagoon. If like us you love boats then go for both!

Katie G           

The sea off Antipaxos was the bluest I have ever seen! If we saw nothing else that day, it would have been worth it just for that short dive off the boat. Glorious!

Natalie H           

An excellent trip were you can see the caves and dive off the boat into the ionian. Well worth the money paxos itself wasnt brilliant but you only spend two hours there most of the time is spent on the boat the scenery is fantasic.

Anita B           

See Parga trip, we did the combined one.


We went on this excurtion to the island and we thoroughly enjoyed it. There was lots of beautiful scenery and the sea was nice and calm so we enjoyed the boat trip.