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Gareth Church

Me and my friend are going to Kavos for 2 weeks on the 30th aug 2013 can anyone please tell me what things you suggest to do when out there

Jo A          6/10

We're desperate to get hold of Angelo at Corfu Divers. NINE months after my son did his open water dive exams, we still have not received Zac's log book or the paperwork promised by Angelo and his team in August 2012!!. Please, if anyone has a contact number for the Corfu Divers (other than those listed on the website which appears to be three years out of date), please could you let me know? Cheers, Jo

Colin P

we are going to corfu in sept any up to date info we will be in the n/east kassioppi area

Jan S

I did my open water course in September week commencing 11th @corfu divers in Kassioppi
my instructor was fantastic
but the sad news is,im still waiting for all my papers ,certificate to arrive no log book no tempory diving card.
i called padi to find out what is going on   Smile   Megan is trying to sort this out for me but the dive centre is closed for the winter.
i would have thiught i would have received all of these items by now...Angry
whats my next call  ????

Donald G          10/10

click to enlarge As far as Scuba diving goes, Corfu is possibly not that well advertised, it is probably not that high on anyones list when there are such well publicised destinations as the Red Sea, Maldives etc.

But many experienced divers are missing out by not visiting Corfu, there is so much more to be discovered, so much closer to home in the UK, with only a maximum of 3hrs flying time away, and so many cheap deals possible.

Try a club outing, booking through Easyjet well early, out of Gatwick, contact some appartment owners direct and sort a deal for a block booking ( possibly near a taverna or bar ahem) and tie in with a local Padi resort and you would be surprised how inexpensive it can be.

I've dived for over 30 years, and Paleokastritsa is still one of my favourites.
The caves, drop-offs and sea life. Best dive ever near the Monument/ Kolovri Island, still run that one through my mind, after the cave through the reef, the sight of the huge shoal of large Jacks or Tuna, with the Barracuda shoal passing below them and a couple of large Morays swimming across the bottom only metres away. It was the cave that really impressed with the roof lined with Shrimps and the light through the water.

There are easy caves for those inexperienced divers that wish to sample it and more challenging ones for others. Also my gut feeling is there is so much more still to find, and explore.
Lets be honest, in the Red Sea, apart from the hoped for meeting with big sea life, its been so well dived, there can't be much more to find!

As Far as a review goes. Paleokastritsa and Corfu, always a big 10

Castle T          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargethe truth is that snorkeling is simple, fun, inexpensive, has no age barriers and can be experienced nearly anywhere. consequently, more people are interested in snorkeling than in scuba…first!

the padi discover scuba diving program introduces people to scuba diving in a highly sup**vised and relaxed manner. it dispels common misconceptions about scuba by letting individuals try it for themselves. under the guidance of a padi professional, new divers learn basic safety concepts, put on equipment and swim around underwater in closely sup**vised environment…

Michael J

The padi books are not supplied by the centre. you can buy the books as part of your course but you are not given them. The dive centre supply the books and all information needed for you to complete your course. If you want one of your own you have to buy them your self.

If you do not wish to buy the books we can do your course on line, how do we give you that?
While it is easy to make comments on line the information is not allways correct.
All padi centers must have the information available for you to use and consult during your course.
No law in the world can make me force you to buy the books needed to do the course.
If you took the courses up to AOWD the books and information could cost hundreds of pounds.
This is why you have the option to buy or not, but you have all the books needed to do your course at the centre for your use. 

Michael J

Mathew i am sorry that i have to read the comments that you have posted. I am not sure about what you have put re Padi and i am aware of some of the things that are being said about Corfu Divers by other people. I can only asume that you have been in touch with one of the instructors from the dive centre to make the comments you have posted. What i can inform you is all the pics were sent off and padi have recieved them all, if your instructor has not sent off your pic then i am shocked to hear this. As you are aware the instructor is the one who is responsabile for your pic as he is the one who signs you off and i know corfu divers is a dive centre but the instructor who signed you off should have takne you through the correct procedure. I assume you have the instructors name and number? if so then you can contact Padi and they will confirm that that instructor has followed the correct procedure. What i can confirm for a fact is not one Pic has been left in Corfu and all pic cards corfu divers were responsable for have been sent to Paddi. I am aware of this as i have all the Pic card numbers to confirm this. Your instructor must have sent off your card himself as he has the right to do so you are his student and it was him who signed you off. This is not the norm and i am sorry that you did not recieve you card till later but i hope all is sorted out for you now. The unfortunate thing is instructors are the people who sign of students and not the dive centre. Padi instructors are padi proffesonals who should follow the Padi ethos to work at all times. If i can be of any help at any time please do not hesitate to contact me.


Matthew B          3/10

I learnt to dive with Corfu Diving in Kassiopi based on recommendations through BSAC and other reviews. The team were all very genial and my diving experience with them was good. However... There was a lot of dissatisfaction within the instructors team with the way the business was being managed and it was certainly chaotic. Well that is Greece you may say! Incidentally they advertise that they have a Dive boat - but one of the instructors informed me that this is not true. I waited around for many hours whilst they sorted themselves out and this did detract from the experience - fortunately my friends were very tolerant! It was not until I returned to the UK that I had any real dissatisfaction with them. The reason for this is that despite having received my temporary dive card they did not complete their part of the process for the PADI Centre in the UK. When I contacted the Centre I was advised that I should have received the Open Water Manual as part of the course, which I had not, and that I should wait up to 90 days for my card whilst they waited for Corfu Divers to send the necessary paperwork. Once that had expired they chased Corfu Divers on my behalf, but did not get any response from them at all. I must say that PADI in the UK have been excellent and because I had asked to Corfu Divers to sign my log book I have been able to get PDAI UK to sort out my formal registration - without this I would have had to have done the whole course again. Because I have been so messed around they even provided me with the Open Water Manual. So my advice is to proceed with caution...

Donald G          10/10

I have now been diving in Corfu for some 15 years and its where I go to enjoy a relaxing dive with people I know and trust.

I would like to recommend Achilleon diving center in Paleocastritsa with my thanks for some excellent diving and company over the last 4 years and I look forward to seeing them again later this year. They speak good english and are enthusiastic and professional, knowledgeable and make you feel most welcome.

It sounds daft, but even after the wonders of the Red Sea ( which I found a bit busy and frantic ) I enjoy the relaxing dives I have in this jewel of the sea with these friendly people at Paleocastritsa and Ermones.

My best wishes to Angeliki, Demetrius, Takis and Marcos with thanks for the lovely dives. See the website at  for more info.

Mike J

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 Equipment is top of the pops and the instruction is first class.

BSAC as an organisation sanction him and his club.
I am an instructor and have dived with him no problems.
Corfu Divers has the highest pass rate of padi qulified divers in the whole of the Greek Islands so work it out your self.
How many people instruct the Army and Police divers?

Jenny M          10/10

Well.. i went to Kassiopi with family and managed to persuade my dad to buy me some diving, which was awesome! i had a great time, and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Dive centre.

All of the instrucotors were great, and thanks to Henry - he found an octopus for me which was fab!   I would thoroughly recommend diving in Kassiopi with Angelo and his team, can't wait to go back next year!!

James B          10/10

Just back from roda last week,went diving with dive easy in achravi where we have been going for a few years now,great crowd.

Sxc N

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i have dived various times in corfu now. the best dive center is seven islands. they are based in kontokali. the divers there chris, roula, yiannis, nikos and all the others are so great the make me go back to dive with them year after year. i have been a qualified diver for almost 2 years and love to continue my diving with everyone here every year.

if u have anything to ask please contact meclick to enlarge
4 weeks til my return, cant wait see u all then xxxxx

James B          10/10

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Going back to roda on the 29th june for 2 weeks,cant wait to go diving again with easy dive in achravi,great couple.

Karl H

Have been to sidari three times before but this time will be able to scuba dive any suggestions?

Peter L           

Had our first dive ever with Dive Easy based in Acharavi. Absolutely fantasticSmile, everyone was very friendly and helpfull, we were very well looked after and felt completely at ease during the dive.Can't wait to have another go!!

James B           

Going back to roda on the 12th june,cant wait to go diving with dive easy in achravi again.
They are brilliant people,we have known and dived with them for a few years now.

Patrick W           

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I went diving with Corfu Divers in Kassiopi on three mornings while we were on holiday. in total I had 5 dives with the owner, a fantastic guide called Angelo. From the time we first went to the shop he was friendly and full of information (not just about diving, best places to eat and visit etc). the diving was good with plenty to see, Angelo even showed us his Octopus hat !!! (see picture)

 If you want to go for a dive when you are on holiday in Kassiopi i would recommend you go to the Corfu divers shop and speak to Angelo, he will treat you well and give good value for money. I must mention the other team members we met who were equaly helpfull Natalie and Henry (good luck with the divemaster exams) i will definately go and see them again next time i am in corfu
Thanks for a great time Angelo !!!!

Angelo K           

 With respect to the two girls that had a very bad experience diving with Corfudivers  in Kassiopi ...'a few years ago...' I can only say that they should check ...'lonely planet..' 'the rough guide to corfu..' and all the thousands of thank you notes on the internet about Corfu Divers.. and then they should tell us the name of the person who paid them to write all this  rubbish about us.


James L           

hey, went scuba diving and it was brilliant! best thing ive eva dun, took my own underwater camera and got lots of pics!!!! loadz of fish, starfish and even an octopus, we went to a dive cnetre near corfu town, 7 islands i think it was, nice small group and i ended up goin on my own just me and the instructor, explanation on the beach before hand was very thorough, great speed boat trip as well each way. excellent value 4 money i was down for 42 mins, excellent will deffo do it all again loved it!!

James L

has anyone booked scuba diving from sidari???? im going there on monday (1 august) both myself and my girlfriend are complete novices, ive neva dived before, and have seen that you can book through local operators for about 40 euros for a trial dive, but they offer several places to choose from, could someone tell me where the best place is from sidari, and are you allowed to take youre own cameras??? (as i have bought an underwater camera especially for it)i need to know by sunday at the latest. email thanx


Waterhoppers in ipsos was good, location wasnt anything special for experienced divers its ok but dont expect to much of the shore dives. They do boatdives if there are enough people i didnt get the chance though. One of the good things about this club is that they absolutely have the hottest divinginstructers of all the divingschools i ever visited, especially one of them he was about a 9 maybe even 9,5.

But that isnt really what you are coming for if you go to a diveclub right?
The comfort was pretty good especially when you are a helpless 5 ft 2 blond girl with blue eyes, can get really annoying sometimes though ppl thinking you are plain stupid. I didnt get my rescue diving certificate with a pack of cornflakes you know.

Natalie K

Where is the best place to go scuba diving in corfu?

James B           

going back to roda on the 13th june,cant wait to diving with diveeasy in achravi again,they are brilliant.