The Balcony - (Restaurants in St George Sth)

Tracy S           

We ate out loads here. The kids loved the swordfish, the local specialities were great, we never had one bad meal. The desserts come with sparklers, umbrellas etc which the kids thought were fantastic. The prices are reasonable too.

On our last day our little boy fainted and the staff really looked after him, phoning the local doctor etc They remember everyone who eats there and the service is superb.

Costas, Dimitrious, Costas, yanni and George we love you all truly, madly , deeply too xxx

Boat trip to Paxos - (Corfu Excursions)

Tracy S           

We went with Kostas boat trips behind Mexas bikes. It was a great day out and the swimming was lovely. If you only want one day out though I would go to the Blue lagoon. If like us you love boats then go for both!

Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon - (Corfu Excursions)

Tracy S           

This wa a great day out. You get to dive off the boat twice. The water is amazingly turquoise and clear, warm seas, tropical fish swimming around you. Kostas is lovely and a great captain!

I had never swum from a boat moored out from the shore before and I have to say that it was one of the most amazing expereiences that I have ever had.

St George Sth Beach - (Beaches on Corfu)

Tracy S           

a plus on this beach is that it is all sand, no pebbles and the water is not too deep even quite a way out. it is a flat and safe sea base so the kids can go far out, swim but not be out of their depth.

the sexy v****a doughnuts sold on the beach are pretty good too. 1 euro for a huge one. delicious.

Jimmys Studios - (Accommodation in St George Sth)

Tracy S           

We were pleasantly surprised. The apartments were really nice. Double bed and separate twin room for kids. Nice and airy and a decent balcony. Great location for all of the resort.

The only down side was the loud music from local bars going on oftenuntil 4 in the morning. That said I was so shattered after all the sun, fun and wine I usually slept through it. I think most places in the resort would be pretty much the same unless you were off the beaten track and then it's not convenient for the restaurants, beaches, bars etc.

Kamelia Studios - (Accommodation in St George Sth)

Tracy S           

Didn't stay here but friends of ours did and really liked it.

Spent all of our time in the pool here though and had lunch in the bar. Basil is fantastic who owns it. His pool is brilliant and he won't hassle you if you even if you only buy 1 Coke and stay all day!

It's a bit of a walk about 5 or 10 minutes from the resort centre so it is nice and quiet but not too far to go.