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 got back from seaside ages ago...(08/09/06) was mint!!!! u probably saw me staggerin round one of the 2 pools with not a lot on! the apartment was prob one of the best ones (we had the penthouse suite) massive balcony 2 bedrooms and a living room. the maid was in abt 3-4 times a week which was good. The smell in Kavos is really mingin but afer a while u get used to it and sometimes even ended up swimmin in poo bay!!!! hee hee. Shout out to the London lads Big Geezer n Little Geezer, Big Shout out to the Shotts Boyz U made r hol! not 4gettin Julius n Michael u 2 were sexual....Julius if u read this...TOUCH MY BIFF....OOOOH !!!!!!!  
Deffo recomend Futures/Atlantis was a good nite in ther, the booze cruise was amazin 2...also called the Love Boat! ; ) Tex Mex is FIT 4 eating really nice mexican, n the waiters give u free cocktails...lots of alcohol in them! Kavos is a mint place to go if u like 24hr partyin....ITS SEXUAL!   

Brian H           

Hi Sarah Goodwin

me and my mate got back from the seaside on the 15th of sept we had an awesome time, it was the third time back for me, hopefully gonna go again next year, did u do aqualand and theos boat cruise, what did u think to it

Sarah G           

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just got back yesterday and want to go back!!!  went with my m8 jackie and had the best time!! apartments are basic but better that what i read on the net.  julias and michael kept us entertained at the bar and kavos centre is a ten minute walk!!!

Sarah& claire            

what a great week!had the best time ever!!!met loads of great ppl here!!!

looking forward to going back next year!

Dani G           

The hotel is nice. Was alot better than i expected. the staff are what make it worth the stay though.. mick,julias and micheal are great. we stayed in block b i think... i'd say the only downfall to this holiday were the mosquito's..i got eaten alive,so make sure you take enough repellent. Can't wait to go back again next year.. gna make sure it will b a permanent stay this time though! awesome holiday xxx

Elle S           

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cant w8 til 28th aug im well excited only eva done comments on ere bout the place that we will b stayin n clubs/bars...if ne1 fancies joinin me n my m8 4 drink then let me there ne nice sexy blokes there?

John M           

got back on fri, 4 scousers. me (john), danny, graeme and the other john, aka the alcoholic scouse golfers. loved every minute of it, hat trick now complete, staff at both pools and restaurant superb. mike, j, wolfy, karen, billy, biscan, helen... the lot, thanks. loved all the people we met such as the castleford girls, essex girls and scouse girls. hated the mank t**ts especially the duncan goodhew lookalike. welsh lads annoyin to but taff was a decent lad. best bars this yr - rockys, futures, 42nd and the forum karaoke bar where i sung my classic - lets stay together...rock on. till next, who knows we may return for the 4th time u wil have to wait and c. scouse legends. adios

Brian H           

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Hi everyone

were flying out to kavos on the 8th of sept anyone flying out near that time that wants to meet for a drink and a laugh, if so email me on

Carl D           

Hey! Just got back from the seaside today (26th July) and had a fantastic time! If you are looking for a place to party and get pissed up then this is the place to be!! Pretty good for those who are single on the pull too!! Staff are quality! (Girls keep an eye out for Julias he's a bit of a ladies man!!).

John B           

helo. us scots lads hav jst came bak from the seaside. it was amazin. partyin till 7 8 every nite. we were wif freestyle and tats defo wrth gettin the package. woolfys the man but kerrys a bit of a knob. gd laugh tho. chris the guy in the restraunt is a legend!!! apartment 63 btw. legendary.

Sean P           

Hey all!

Me and 19 other lads went to seaside taverna in august 2003 and we had the best time ever!! Karen and Billy that run one of the bars are brilliant i couldnt think of a bad thing to say about them. We had pretty much the whole of thr block over the road by bargin booze. Well were going back anyways on the 11th august this yr. Cant wait!! were not goning back to seaside as we couldnt get anough rooms so were staying down the road but will def be going up to visit.Ooh and there aint 20 of us this time cus most of them r well under the thumb or in australia!! Well people im sure u will see us out there jus look out for 6 crazy bristol lads going on a mad one!

Laura S           

We are 23 & 27. Kavos is fab, mad nites n lazy days!

Its prob changed a bit since last time, was 3yrs ago we last went but im sure it will be just as crazy!
Last time rnd we were hammered for the week.
The boat BBQ is a must, so's the waterpark!

Laura S           

Hi everybody me n mate goin seaside taverna for 2nd time on 23rd june flyin from manchester. Anyone one else on our flight at 1.30 we salute u!

Hope to meet up with u all!
Lor n Tan

Greg M           

Hey all, 12 rugby lads coming to Kavos on the 30th June for a week, Any ladies want to meet up???

Amy P           

 well wat can i say 6 weeks lass's till we get to kavos!!! most of us are crazy and il do anything for a bottle of white sambuca lmao SUN, SEA, SEX!!  carnt wait any fit lads staying at the seaside taverna from the 23rd of june get in touch by email ( were all up for a bit of fun, wat happens in kavos stays in kavos!!!  see ya in 6 weeks kavos lots of love amy, kirsty, claire, kelly, shelly, col, jodie, teagan x x x x x x x x

Lucy G           

Went to Kavos with my bf last August, had a brilliant time didn't wanna come home. WE went with Freestyle, the reps were great...Zoe,Pops and Jon from another hotel place was great too. Go on the excursions with the reps, its well worth the money and it gives you something to do.If you walk into Kavos town the beach is nicer there, as there isn't much of a beach at the hotel but its ok. The pool's good area if you just wanna chill. If you don't fancy drinking every nite we went rite into Kavos town and found a mini bowling place, there were also pool tables and a big screen playing friends all day long. The food's great plenty of choice!! The Pr's outside the club get annoyin but u soon get use to them and how to avoid them(if possible) but listen to them sometimes cos u can sumtimes get a gud deal on drinks!!!! Jail break night with the reps is a MUST DO!!!!! BLOODY FANTANTIC!!! great laugh, every1's runnin round n hidin, its nuts!!!! Don't take out any debit or credit cards and take a spare credit card and keep it in your safe incase you lose your main card. WE took our debit cards out one night and they got nicked, lucky i had my credit card back in the appartment with enough allowance on it to get us thur our holiday. Just take whatever cash u need out. Neway anyone who's goin have a great time, Im going to maguluf this year but I think I prob go back to Kavos again some day soon.

Brian H           


well its that time of year again, were everyone is thinkin of where to go on holiday, well for the third time were goin back to kavos for a week, staying at the seaside taverna, a great place to chill during the day, kavos a great place to go on hol, the nightlife is great and the atmosphere is awesome.
Were flying out on the 8th of sept 2006 for a week, I would like to hear from people who are also gonna be out there at the same, please feel free to email me on
can hopefully meet and go out for a night on the strip

Linzi S           

Myself and my girlie pal went last June and it was mega!!! My heads still bangin now!!! Met loadsa new friends Karen N Billy u rock!!! Wish me tan was still there!
All the way from Home n bump into a fellow Great Yarmouth Lout - POPS!!!!
Boat trip... whata day!!! That geezer is bananas!!!
Water park was majestic!!
Still saving for Kavos round 2!!!
If u wana get plastered 4 a week and meet new pals get to kavos!!

Ross M           

We went at the start of august. Was the best holiday ever, met loads o people, drank loads and had a magic laugh. Keep an eye out for costa coffe and the chain gang at the seaside taverna they always try and catch you out.The bar at the hotel is a good place to start the nite. Not going to kavos in 06 but will definantly go back soon, recommend kavos 2 anyone. From Mutcho the Longside boys and juan.

Danielle-francesca H           

click to enlarge we loved kavos!!!! pops n zoe were great the hotel wasnt a palace,bit dirty but the holiday and all the friends we met made up 4 it all. cant wait 2 go again!!!!! see the pix!!! danielle and lindsey.xxxx

Danielle-francesca H           

Phil M           

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Phil M           

it was the best time ever!!!!!!!!

pop's u legend!!!

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Lucy B           

Fantastic place to stay if your young and lively!!! one week is enough though as not much to do but you have to go on the bbq boat trip the guy's are nutts!!! wouldn't recoment for older people or family's but if your young you will love it! i went in june and last year too!


Stacey B           

so yeah so much great stuff can i just say if any1 was there the 28th june this year and made me fell welcome once my friend f**kedoff and left me please say hi i was like omg wot was the point and reading wot some of u freaks have said bout the cleanliness of the rooms i found it a struggle to keep the cleaners out of my room but saying that for a girl stayin on her room i think mine was the messiest but then again i got hammerd a few too many timesbut i enjoyed it and hopein to return may of next year i would def give it a thumbs up and michael and mick wot can i say u were great and ouzo is the only drink to drink i absolutley loved it so if u are going anytime in may next year hit me up cus it shall be brill xx

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