Barbara Apartments

Accommodation in Kavos

Hayley F           

i went to these apts 5th july 2004.i was gutted when i saw them because the year before i went to kavos and was glad that we were not the unlucky souls to have the barbara appartments. we went to our room and the first thing i noticed was the half of handcuff hung around the light above the bed. then was the fact that there was no light in the bathroom and the snot and blood on all the walls was off putting. i would not go to bed untill i was falling asleep on the balcony! it made me feel sick.

the morning was better because i realised we were right on the beach, fantastic, the pool was clean but we had to pay to use the sunbeds. the first day was great, got on really well with tanya and arris the ownners. the kittens and puppy were lovley  i wante to take the kittens home. they were not flea infested just a bit skinny like all the other greek pets.
as the days went by i realised that the pool was only cleaned on arrival day and the toilet bins were not changed for the whole 2 weeks. we just put the bag outside the door and hoped someone would move it. a cleaner did exist but he did not come into our rooms once. arris is a p**ve no matter what anyone says but he is a good laugh, not scary you just need to know how to take him. i dont agree with the night he hit tanya though! she4 is really lovley and sweet. although arris is a c**t he was a really good laugh and phoned us a taxi every night, great cook!
we did try to complain about the rooms but the olympus reps just didnt want to know! dont bother with them. i felt sorry for arris and tanya because it was their first year at the appartments and they said that olympus look all their money. we paid over 400 each for this holiday and it really was not worth it. if youre paying under 200 for the fortnight then you will have a fantastic holiday here i promise, the beach is great and right on your doorstep. be carefull if you are walking home from the centre of kavos (about 30 mins walk) cos the taxi drivers drive like mad men, a man was killed outside a bar cos he was ran over by a taxi driver,  its not a nice site. i went past in a taxi and he had a blood stained sheet over him that barley covered his body.
 finaly, if  you are going on holiday to kavos you should know what you are in for. sleepless nights, lots of drinking methalated spirits and a s**t room! if you dont pay a lot of money these appartments are great but dont use the pool!
 have a great holiday and no s**ggind arris!

Charlotte A           

When we went in July, the Kittens were always around out feet and plenty of times I stopped them getting in out appartment!!! I did feel sorry for the kittens coz the owners never even cared!!! They were scratty though!!!! The dog was only a puppy when we were over there and that was bad enough but a dog!!!

Good things were the beach and it was positioned in a brill place!!!

A P           

these apartments are an absolute nightmare. me and my 3 friends arrived and were put in a little shack which was dirty and away from everyone else in the main building. arris was rude, dirty and a purve. he watched us through bushes when we were in our bikinis on our patio and always made sick gestures. little ratty kittens run around your feet and try to get into your apartment and they let a huge flea infested dog wounder around. the electricity goes out so when your just about to dry your hair you cant see a thing and you end up goin out and gettin ready in a bar toilet.
the best bit of this apartment is the beach, there is a great restaurant about 5 mins up the beach and the owners are lovely. the watersports are brilliant as well, i strongly reckonmend the doughnuts, the main man is abit p**vy but he is harmless. basically just don't bother even lookin at these apartments- u will regret it!
trust me.

Neil J           

i went to corfu on the 2nd of august, with my wife danielle. my first impressions of the apartments were what i was expecting. they are very basic like most 2 star apartments in greece. the apartments are right on the beach which is excellent. the couple who ran the bar were really friendly and chatty. arris is not a p**vert at all and we got on really well!! kavos is 6 euros in a taxi and you can walk it in 15 mins. the pool is on the small side, but hey who cares when you have a decent clean beach on your doorstep!

Debby F           

i went to barbara apartments 2nd august for 14 days with a friend. the accomodation was pretty crummy but the location and weather were superb.aris and tania who run the bar were very friendly and made us feel very much at home. i think aris has been maligned in some previous reports. he came back specially on our last morning to drive our cases to the pick up point for us. we got to know him and tania quite well and they are a really nice, friendly couple. i think some of the people who think he is a p**vert may have had a few drinks and misunderstood. he told a few dirty jokes but doesn't everyone?


Hiya Jayne its charlotte from room 1!!!!!
I agree as well to what everyone has said!!!!
We stayed in these app end of June to beg of July. The appartments were a shock at first to get used to but we soon got used to them. I cant exactly say they were tidy the beds were fair, mine was too soft with springs buldging and my mates was hard as a rock!!!!

The Kitchen well you cant exactly call it a kitchen!!!! One bowl its a 2 room app and it only has one bowl, some cutlery-not much though!!! the hob was electric and not very good!!! I wasnt impressed with the kitchen!!!

The WORST bit was the toilet it was horrible!!! It has brown stains on it and it stunk!!! We only used it during the night when we desperate. It never had a decent flush!! We used the public one round the corner it was spotless!!!

GOOD POINTS!!!!! It was in a grat location near a great supermarket where you can stock up on food, water and BOOZE!!!!!

Kavos was Brilliant we had a great time and met some great people!!!!



i stayed in the barbara apts in the beginning of july with 3 friends. we werent put in the block of apartments we were put in what was like a converted cow shed! the place is a complete s**t hole! i agree with everything melissa said. the place had not been cleaned in months, there was glass and nails on our floor when we arrived and cobwebs everywhere! the owner arris is a p**v! the curtains in our shed were hanging off the rails and one night when we were all geting dressed arris was in the bushes opposite our window with his hand down his pants! we did complain to the rep about the apartment and arris, she did bugger all, and said people never complain. the waiters in the local resturants say people complain all the time cos its such a s**thole!
we spent most of the time on the beach and out in kavos, cos we wanted to spend as little time in the place as possible!
on the good side it is right on the beach, which isnt bad. the local resturants are really good. the location is great for during the day, cos you can get some sleep when u get in at sunrise! its only 6 euros for a taxi into kavos. the nightlife in kavos is brilliant!! we had a fantastic holiday, apart from the apartments.

Melissa S           

hi just got back from barbara appartments with my boyfriend simon our firs opinion of it was the room it never gets cleaned the cooker is not worth useing as its all rusty and looks as if it would blow have to switch the shower on 15 mins before you use it.the grate thing about it is only a few seconds from the beach and has a gr8t vew.if there are any girls that are going i advise you to watch yourself as the man that runs the pool bar is a peeping tom i made a complaint to the reps because he looked me in my room while my boyfriend was out and tryed to kiss me and feel me.his name is harris but we and our m8ts made a name up for him its hornyharris or harrasment.apart from the fat f**k we enjoyed the holiday the clubs are amazeing also watch out for the people on the streets that sell stuff like roses thay will try to rob you.i also advise you dont walk bak from kavos town as its verry dark and 2 people died of a car crash and dont rent a bike or a moped thay are verry dangerous everyone we knew had fell of one.its only 6euro to kavos town the clubs are brill they have a club called sex witch has a fome party on a wen and thur some of the outher clubs have so solid crew, sonqe and some others on but there about 20euros in .theres the dentis chair for the real drinkers at jbs you can get hadf**ker drinks from most bars and clubs.

Desreen G           

This message is for lee and his girlfriend. My boyfriend and I stayed in the Barbara appartments last year may and your right it was extremely hot. Anyway we got to the apartments at 2 oclock in the morning and all looked fine (in the dark) ha ha only messing. No really they are very basic, We had the apartment on the left opposite the pool ( the only one with a window)There not fancy but do the job. The two women who run the bar are lovely theres mother (maria) and daughter(sophia) their lovely. But bear in mind the word basic, but hey its what you make it and we made it good ha ha enjoy! oh yeah say hello from Billy and Des from london.

Lianna W           

hi me and my friend jen r goin the barbara appartments and are abit worried what to expect the appartments seem ok but the brochure doesnt show much!like others we are goin on the 9th July to the 17th! If anyone has been please get back to me and tell me and how far exactly is it from the main bit of kavos?lianna


Going to Barbara apartments July 5th-19th 04. Going with my girlfriend Hayley and we're both abit unsure what to expect from this accomadation. Has anyone found any reveiws on it.

Ashleigh D

Which is the best apartments to stay in. I am going on the 9th July 2004 will the weather be good.

Ashleigh D

Can some please tell what it is like in general to go the Barbra Apartments and are there taxi local to get one and are there any shops local too. How come don't they have electric, do you have to pay for it as you use it.

Melissa S           

we are going in july and it looks good and it is only 25 minuts away from town beach is just a walk out of your room we will tell you all you lot how it went when we come home.

Farhan H           

Hey we are going to these apartments on the 1st of september 2003, anyone going to be there? get in touch!

Ben W           

F.A.O Char M, Im goin tot he barbara apartments on 14th july 2003 if u can email me at as i need some more info on them please

Char M           


Steph M           

Its great having the beach and watersports on the back doorstep and the pool is available to the public but only hotel people use it. Its easy to make friends there. Its about a 25min walk into Kavos - taxi about 6 Euros. Two person rooms more spcious than than 5 person. The cooking facilities were very basic but ok if your staple diet becomes pasta and pesto sauce! Theres some nice restaurants very close- particularly House of Eden and The Vintage Bar.

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