Ekati Hotel

Accommodation in Kavos

Sophie J          10/10

  stayed in the ekati, block 1 room 3 riiiight by the pool. basic room for 2 of us, but with only one fork, but three glasses.

loved the reps, nathan and luton (l)
even though they did give us the nickname of "secret s**ggers", apparently we were always with different males but denied doing things with them every time ha.
good location, not too far from the bars etc but not too close so at least there's some peace, not that i ever got in before 6am anyway.

loved one of the men at the pool bar ... spearos!!! tried to set me up with his greek cousin who visited once, and since then gave me free shots every night to try and persuade me to go off with him ha.
always people up til crazy times at the pool bar when everyone's coming in to bed, and they weren't bothered who we brought back.
anyway, as good as you can expect for the type of holiday it is reallyyyy
naughty rclick to enlargeeunionnnn november 14th, let me know if you're going =d

me getting a kiss from the lovely nathannnn aha (:


click to enlargelutonnnnn.

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spearossssssssss (l) aha

Caitlin G          10/10

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These apartments are the best evvver :)

Brilliant rooms, Fantastic 24 hr bar, Amazing pool, Immense jacuqui!!!
And the owners and the bar staff are brilliant :):)
2wentys Reps are brill glad they were at the Ekati :)
Nathan The Team Leaderr :)
Went 6th June-21st June :D
Going Back 19th Sept cause im missing it that much :):)
Love Ekati Love The Reps Love Kavos :D:D:D

Matt H

Not long now...i am hitting the ekati on monday. For all of you going i am a lean mean drinking machine and i am also a very experienced in the sacl. cant wait to meet all you double sweet girls!

Carl S

See u there then Matt!!! dont scare everyone off by telling them ur going!! Everyones heard of the Matt Hynes legend of Zante 07! ru gonna do a steven hawkins on arrival?? 

Matt H

My name is matt hynes and I am looking forward to staying at the ekati in Kavos 23 June - 07 July. I am a big bromley boy looking forward to meeting all you double sweet girls out there. I will be wearing a QPR football shirt every day around the pool - come speak to me and i will buy you a drink.

Trish S          1/10

fantastic holiday, if you like s**tholes!! arrived in room 11 block 1 (the smallest room btw) greeted by a roof top view of used condoms, bottles, fag ends, general s**t! got over that bit! darkness was greeted by random strangers walking off the street trying to get into your room (lock the door at all times girls!) and people who can't handle their drink vomiting all over the corridors (that doesn't get cleaned up) second week we had new neighbours who smashed up pictures from the walls, smashed bottles in the corridors, where blood was left everywhere(again not cleaned)!! kicked up such a stink we got moved to agnes, which is a million times nicer, with no help from the absolutely useless 2wentys rep nathan, who displays not an ounce of competence or common sense. reps are lovely and freindly when your booking excursions, or filling in evaluation forms on them, do little to help at any other time! adam was the only rep who helped, and cared about the holiday experience!

corfu was a great holiday, and i would go again, but i would definately stay in the agnes accomodation!

Steve H

click to enlargeHey went to kavos last year, just countin the days till im back to rockys bar going on the 27th aug for a week so if theres any youg (18- 30) single (thats not really important) goodlookin (not really fussy lifes too short) girls goin at this time and you fancy a laugh with a load of lads then get in touch, holty1uk@hotmail.com where better to av a blind date than rockys bar heres a pic of sum of the lads goin (im second in from the left) 
 hope to see you there and for all those not goin who fit the above description feel free to get in touch .

Little M          10/10

 had an amazin time out there for the week i went - ekati was brill - the 24 hr bar was great, the reps wer fantastic, and i cant wait 4 the reunion! 

big up the best holiday ever! 
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Emily W

Me and 7 of my m8s just got back from Kavos, we stayed in the Ekati. It was wkd! The reps were awesum, reccomend payin to go out with them coz they were such a laugh! Bar crawl was good! DJ Madf**ker is awesum! Even tho we didn go in peak season the reps made it for us gotta be fair! there was still a lot of heads out there for this time of year tho and the weather was good! We had 4 reps as 2 of them were on trainin an they were awesum! Lee, Adam(Luton), Ashton n Scott! All rly fun, come an have a laugh with u around the pool in the day an stay out all hours at night! The rooms wernt very clean an were very basic but u dont spend much time in there. Cleaners dont speak a word of english, theyr funny tho! Every1s really friendly and helpful. Would reccomend goin on the boat trip too if a man comes round n asks u! its a real good laugh!

Kate F           

   We went in sept 06 it was good apart from the rain which poured dwn for about 3 days and flooded us in our hotel!: ( the people are really nice if ur up for a party this is the place to be!!

Pasty F           

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this place rockd ! reps really are cool, specialy steveeee-ooo and elaine !

hotel manegment can be abit grumpy when your having too much fun
bars rockd
dj mad f**ker, a hero.. see him in the bars he will blow your mind !
greek bar owners are b*****ds
rooms suck.. 10,10,1

Julie B           

  Went to Kavos 18th August 06 with 2wentys and stayed in the Ekati and loved every minute! Great location within staggering distance but far enough away to get some peace! I stayed in the cheap 24-hour bar until 8 nearly every morning, went to bed for about 2 hours then got up and soaked up the sun...i needed another holiday when i got home! Cleaners are good, they sometimes come in when you're in bed but they'll leave and come back! I would deffo go back but I'm going to wait a couple of years...bring on Ibiza 07! I would recommend the Ekati and Kavos...everywhere is Cheap and Cheerful!!! Go on the Excursions they're a great way to make mates and pull! If you book them all you get a good block price!

Charlotte C           

i went to the ekati apartments a year ago and i cant forget it. it was the best holiday ive ever had!

people slag off kavos sayin its a s**t hole and yeah it could be cleaner but what do people expect when thousands of p**s head 20 year olds go there every summer!? its wicked! if youre goin, youre gonna love it and if youre not then i recommend you do. it kicks ass!
the ekati has the cheapest 24 hour bar anywhere in kavos. the reps are great, the rooms are enough to sleep in and get ready for a night out in cos lets face it, you dont go to kavos to get waste time in your room!
the shops sell bottles of spirits a little bit dearer than home but its all imported so its obviously not gonna be cheaper than here but its not majorly over-priced.
it kicks ass! kavos rocks!!!!!!!!


by far the best holiday i have ever had!! yeah the showers were rotten and the rooms wasn't s**t hot but everything else makes up for it. me and 3 mates went 21st august it was absolutely red hot, met loadsa nice people and everyone was real friendly reps bar staff etc, if you planning on getting wrecked get a head f**ker boy do they get u pissed 5 euros for one so its a cheap night out after 2 of those.all the twenties trips was brill apart from booze cruise.........do not waste your euros honestly! oh and get your sens to rocky's bar top night out wi great music. it really wasn't what i expected at all can't wait to go back and do abit next year!!!

Katherine W           

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Just got back from the ekati yesterday and want to go back. Rooms were cleaned every day, got clean towels, beds made etc. Bathroom a bit on the small side and no hook for the shower, but not as bad as it's made out. Pool area was nice, loads of sunbeds and music playing. 24hour bar was cheap and so were the snacks, the pizza is gorgeous! Reps are not pushy at all, and were always around if you needed them. Kavos itself is dirty, and overpriced, you get harassed by the touts ALL the time. Beach was full of broken glass, and seaweed so we hired a car to find some better ones, and boy we did! All in all the ekati looks the best apartments in all of kavos so be pleased if you have booked to go there.

Brent M           

ekati good hotel kavos good location. is the hotel haunted is it f**k the only things going bumo in the night was us lot trying to get into our room after the night out.irecomend going with 2wentys and going on as many of the excusions as possibel yes u can do it cheaper yourself and yes ur geting riped off a bit but bar crawls 50 cent night and any thing with free bars are always good. you do get wat you pay for on the 2wentys trip you prity much takeover kavos ur with that many people i didnt c 1 group from 18-30s. any way great holiday although i think the bar staff were glad to see the back of the rowdey bristol boys.

Al W           

Good Points
Location was amazing, bout 5 minute walk from centre of it all but totally quiet in apartments.
Hotel bar was good, cheap and open 24 hours has pool table games machines etc and nice staff
Food in Joint Kitchen was great and cheap at 7 euros for three course meal, reps eat there too so must be a good call.
Pool always had free beds
Bad Points
Trips with 2wentys are quite expensive expect to pay like 30 euros a trip and thats before your drinks etc.
Showers are disgusting, just a hand held shower thing and no curtain dont think they have been changed in about 30 years.
No airconditioning and lack of clean bedding making it a little ewww when your in bed. 


loved ekati so much!!!!!! miss it already , wicked place 2 b. if ya go out there u ave 2 go trinity, such a wicked nite. big hello 2 the reps jay and stevo-o!!! cnt wait 2 c see every1 back at the naughty reunion. xxxx

Manda K           

Ekati was wicked!!! Pompey girls (Manda, Esther, Em and Fee) rocked the casbar!! n e of the lot we met out there reading this drop us a line!!!! Georgy Peorgy this means u m8!!! Just a note to anyone whos going out watch out for a guy called Brini he says the word yanniiiii alot so thats wot we called him. Girls he wi8ll bother u until ur ears bleed!!! always coming in our room! so annoying!!!! xxxx


shaws boys here going to ekati on the 28th july , cant wait to see all u lovely ladies u,ll hear us b fore u c us. i dont give a f**k if its haunted so if any u ladies r feelin scared c*m up tae the lads room for a cuddle.

c u in corfu tongs ya bass 

Cool I           

Ekati was excellent.  Great pool, bar is good 2 and prices not too bad for a 24 hour bar.  Only 5 min walk from beach and main strip.  Staff were great, cleaner was in 5 out of the 7 day's and changed beds.  Just remember to take towels.  Out of all the 20's places in Kavos, Ekati was the best, with the vest reps too!!!!

Lez D           

hello ladies. 9 mad pompey lads are on our way to kavos on the 21st of july. hope too see u all for a mad drink fueled week.  the pompey boys cya all soon

Lez D           

holys**t! how the f**k do u know this place is haunted, i wanna know what happened there. im s**tting a brick for england here. no honestly what the f**k! someone let me know the score wiv this place for f**k sake

Mike L           

alright guys ekati is wicked stopped there lst september 4 10 days! although the hotel is  highly haunted its mint!!!! trust me when i say this they were the scariest 10 days of my life... but such an adrenalin rush! every1 in the ekati new about the ghosts! hope u dont stay in the underground rooms cos a few girls had 2 move rooms cos of this!!! happy hols............


Brilliant Appartments! Went last June/July! had a great time!

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