Aphrodite Apartments

Accommodation in Kavos

Natalie A          10/10

hey this is for neill baker u will really enjoy urself there are nho hills or steps its just one strip.get urself there ul hava ball.i went july 4 2 wks then went back september again 4 a wk i love it there.

Neil B

me and a couple of male mates are wanting to go to kavos in 2008 but we are all wheelchair users but up for getting drunk clubbing  and having a good old laugh but unsure on hills steps etc can anyone help me out with a little information as i dont want us to get there and its full of steps and hills as it will destroy are hols we need no steps really in the hotels a few are ok as long as they have lifts anyone out there thata can help please do thanks

Jaime S          10/10

 just got back from these apartments on monday (2nd july) it was excellant!!

the rep, Jon, Andy and Sally were such a laugh and they loved us, haha!
everyone seems to make friends so easy in this complex and its good atmosphere. go on the booze cruise with the reps, its really good fun.
its english run apartments mummy Jo owns it as we call her. also spiros works behind the bar in the evening, he is very cheeky and good fun.
you will love it here! although watch out for your clothes, loads of our stuff got nicked from our balcony!
10/10 for the holdiay and the people  (just to warn you if you are not actually in the afrodite apartments, but in the blue and white building instead, its very very basic! we never had a kettle or toaster

Lucy W

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yes sezan me and my mate lucie are off to kavos on the 30th july and staying at the aphrodite so no doubt we will bump into you! 24 of you! sounds like theres enough to go round! lol! you guys have been before right? you will have to give us the guided tour!

Pippa C          10/10

hi there,

came back yesterday from aphrodite, went with my husband and another couple, we had the most fab time. if u r up for getting drunk a lot this is the perfect hol! the hotel is very clean and pretty spacious, basic but in no way rubbish. the reps are absolutely fab, look out for jon (del boy) and andi (chef). they will be with u most of the hol and believe me its worth it. thy r just as much up for a laugh as u r. pls say hi from pip and phil if u go!

Jon P          8/10

what a fantastic place to go!!  just got back from a week in the aphrodite apts & had a fantastic time.  the group i went with consisted of 5 guys aged between 26 & 31.  we thought that maybe we'd be a bit old for a place like this, but how wrong we were!!  we fitted in straight away & ended up being the rowdiest group there!  the reps at the apartments are great fun & always willing to drink with you.   we spent most of our nights out with the reps & the workers of the resort.  it is a very good idea to get to know the workers.  you will find out why when you do it.  it was reasonably quiet, due to it being early season.  but i can easily say that it's the best lad's holiday i've had to date.  so good that me & a couple of my group intend to do a long weekend there in a month or so & may even go back for another week around sept time. 

the apartments are ok.  we stayed in 2 bedroom apts & had plenty of space.  only problem is that the bathroom is not as i would expect.  but having said that, it was not a big problem.  the staff are very friendly & always willing to help.  the breakfasts they do are very good for sorting out the hangover!  i personally recommend the egg & bacon roll.  the pool is very clean & big enough for what you need it for.  they also have a volley ball net that can be put up if required. 


to sum up kavos i would say that it is a very naughty place & is great fun if you know how to drink!!  beware of letting the g/f go there without you!!  it has a naughty affect on all that go.  (sorry if that comment has caused a few arguments, but it's true)


jp, minty, p**vert, moody victor & chesney hawkes.


Tracey W          10/10

went in september 2005 wid my mate and goin back 2nd july this yr with my bf!?! don't know what ittl be like going with him, bt hey, who cares!!!! had a whale of a time in 2005. d reps were ace (simon rich+michelle) wen to malia last year and michelle was our rep agen  - bizarre or what!!! dloacation is spot on coz u can just stumble in at d end of d nite or in many cases last time it was late morning (d latest i rolled in was 10am!!!!)

Heather L

Well hulloo there!!!

We three gorgeous ,Glasgow gals are headin to the Aphrodite apartments on the 23rd of July for 2 weeks this year.  . look out 4 us as we're up 4 laughs, leglessness and lovvin!!! Anyone any info on how big the studios actually are???
click to enlargeH xxx

Kayleigh N

I went to Kavos last year and stayed at aphrodite- very basic, but to be honest thats all u need. Our reps there were Kenny, Jon and cara. they were a good laugh.  Mainly bars there- really nice atmoshere u get to know quit a few of the workers out there.  Location wise aphrodite in my opinion is by the best clubs and bars, like 4 trinity night, snobs, rolling stones and rockys, loads more good ones close 2.  As its right on the strip we found our appartment was loud cos music from clubs- but thiswas only a problem the day we arived. the rest of the time your out in it n.eway.  have a great holiday.    x

Sezan R

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aphrodite u? ursula. sezan x

Danielle G

Hey all.... Myself and four of my girly friends are flying out to kavos on the 27th August '07...  and we're staying at the Aphrodite apartments..  Its our first time there and we're from Co-Tryone n N.Ireland   Any body going out at the same time give us a wee shout n we can meet up for a mad oule partying session yeeeehhaaaa bring it on!!!!! Hope to see ye all sooonn!!!!

Nath T

Hiya alice it sure will be a fantastic timearoo in kavos im sure. Should be amazing and yeh looks like the hampshire and cornish are going to be on the bender alot together. U might need to get ya drinking hats on now and start training haha  . Im nathan by the way lol. Do u have msn or email>?? be easier to chat?? .

To lisa who is going kavos in may im not sure because i have not been before but have heard its amazing so hopefully you wont be disapointed . You can be our source of information because you would have been and done it all before we go.
Its going to be hot as chips
Wb xxx x Nath xx Cornish

Leanne and rebecca           8/10

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Well b prepared!!!!!!!! 6 chicks from Northern Ireland are headin 2 kavos on 23rd July til 6th August for pure partying lol. So were lookin 4 sum nice lookin fellas lol were stayin at da aphrodite apartments if yas wanna meet up!!!!!!!!!! xoxox
e-mail us at: lampard27@hotmail.co.uk and rebecca_475@hotmail.com

Irish G           

Hey y'all!

Me n 3 ma Girliez goina Kavos 18th June 07! If anybudys goin, let us know 4 bita craic!
Stayed there last year, place woz boomin! Apartments were fab i thot, plain but decent! Wot mor do ya need, sure ya dont b in them! R Barman Spiros rocked! N the Reps wer Kul 2! We wer rite in midle of evrytin 2!! There woz no quietness but who wants quietness!?!? 
We had best wk ever, woz nuts!
Cant w8 ta go back! This yr guna b wilder! ;)
If anyone woz there last yr from 5th ta 12th June an is goin bak this yr giza shout, x

Jenni R           

click to enlarge Top top top time we had this year.  We went in June 2006, and believe it or not we fly back today!!  Aphrodite were wicked.  The people made the holiday this time.  The accommodation was okay, needed a re-vamp but we wernt bothered coz we were never in it.  The lads who work on Snobs, the Reps & the owners were amazing- we had such a good time and a laugh with them all!  Jo, the owner of the apartments, is English & she was wicked!  Such a nice lady.  The pool area was clean, the pool was small but it did the job!  The pool bar also did the job!  The food they do is well nice, and cheap so you don't need to trek onto the strip for a bit of munch in the day.  All in all.. wicked time!!!!!  And we go back tonight and will be spending our time back there!

Tiny T           

Yo Yo Yo Muthas! Tiny Tim (or more commonly known as SEEEK Timmy) here! Had a shakin stevens super time in kavos, and i was only seek once! Great Effort yeh ? Plenty of large bar stools and grrrrreat inflatables ( and im not talking about the rather "large" girls LOL) to keep my wee butt afloat cos remember i cant swim really! Met some great people, IE DOOONKS and DIEEEEEGO so thanks to them for making it a smashing time!! See you mofos next year... im off to work on not being seeeeek in corners or drowning like a crumpet in the shallow end LMAO. Ok thanks bye.

Rachael S           

Well wot can I say!!!  Went out on my own not knowing wot to expect........  Had the best time eva just want to say the biggest thank you eva to the welsh girlies "THANK U" u'r all fab and bloody mad too!!! Guys from liverpool thanks 2 u guys 2, u made me laugh, made my holiday quite entertaining!!!!! Jay and Sam not sure if u'r read this but hope u got home ok, looked bloody mad at the airport for your flight home. Would love to hear from u guys wen u get back, u can contact me on email address  rstone16@btinternet.com hope to hear from u soon Rachael XXXX


Just got back on Monday had a wicked time! The pool is a bit small Helen but it does the job, I thought in general the hotel was pretty good put it this way I've seen a lot worse lol. The reps are a laugh and the staff, Im sure you'll have as good a time as we did!!

(ps Tom I hope your home and well now catch you all soon hopefully gime a mail on xLauzxsxy@hotmail.com when you see this. Give Dai a cutch for me lol ohh and tell Lucy Spencer and her burger nipples I said hi  haha)


flyin out on the 10th? whats it like? wots the pool like?

Ash W           

4got to mention we are stayin at aphrodite apartments for 2 weeks!!!!!!!

Ash W           

Kavos 26th June!!!! Guna go mental. Bouncin off the walls. There's 12 of us goin n we are from kent. we are all 19, so if u wana meet up with the dirty dozen give us a shout, u will know who we are as we all have noticeable t shirts!!!!   Ash


Wassup People!!!! 12 days and counting untill Kavos Baby!!! can't wait!! Anyone going with escapades on the 26th June??? there's a new addition to our initial group of 5... Rob E has jumped on the wagon and will be joining us on possibly the messiest week of our lives. Then its back to the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on July 3rd for all of us lol. If you're gonna be here 26th june - 3rd July give us a shout and im sure we'll entertain you! Let the Drinking games begin!!!! Live it and Love it!! Welsh_Tom

Stacy F           

hey all, me and my friend went last year to kavos it was amazin so gr8 we booked for this year again we go on the 14th of august for 2 weeks we cannot wait. last year we went for just a week and it's just not long enough and we went with 6 other girls so that was 8 all together and it was just to many to please so it's just the 2 of us this time but we cannot wait. we stayed at the mythos the last time and the owner was just an absolute moan but the hotel was ok so we r hoping the people are more lively and friendly this time at the aphrodite. wooohooo cant wait kavos here we come! stacy xx

Carly A           

hey jst 2 add, if any1s gonna b across stayin here at the same time (12- 26th june) get in touch! carly2610@hotmail.co.uk x

Ben F           

hey guys, 7 of us just came back from kavos, had a wicked time, beginning of the season, but was still heaving! we stayed in the aphrodite apartments, stayed in room 9, from this balcony you can see one of the best clubs, its 25m away! called atlantis.

our reps john and kenny were wicked, you will meet them, complete p**s eds! amazing!
you must go champagne diving, it costs 25euros, you go out to a place called the blue lagoon, wicked boat trip, you can just get smashed on the boat ride out there, then wen u get there, every one dives off and swims down for the champagne! funny day out.
will give you more pointers if needs be, just let me know. im goin back in august, its amazing!
have fun if i dont here from you all

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