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Accommodation in Kavos

Gary F           

Me and my girlfriend were after a cheap last minute deal and checked this site for info about Captains and to be honest we were'nt disapointed. The rooms themselves are basic but they do have all the essential needs for your holiday. Costa & Freeda are very accomadating and very friendly and are always glad to be of assistance to any of your holiday needs . We both loved thier family of cats who are a bit shy but do warm to you in time and very often were in our room flirting for food. Its a very quiet area and does take about 30 minutes to walk to the main local nightclubs and bars , there are also a great selection of restaurants to check out and even Michaels near to Captains is excellent for some home greek cuisean  All in all if your after somewhere quiet  to chill for your holiday then be sure to stay here as its safe, quiet and has a very friendly atmosphere. 11/10       

Erika P           

Hi Erika here

Great apartments run by the nicest people in Kavos!!!
Theres a supermaket really close by an even though it is a bit of a trek to the main town its nice to able to have a quiet day by the pool and then walk into an excellent night instead of being kept awake all night by noise in Kvos town!!!
Thanks Kosta for every thing me and Gemma had the best time ever and would be back now of we weren't so poor!!
Hope you and your family are well and we'll see you next year lol
Erika x x x x

Sonja T           

4th August 2006  - We have just returned from Kavos where we stayed at the Captains Apartments. We used this site to check the location out before booking it and just thought it would be good to keep it up to date. The apartments were fine, clean and cheerful.  The Captain and his family who run the place are very friendly and hospitable. The pool was small but spotlessly clean and there was always space to get a sunbed.

If you are after a quiet location (and considering how loud the music is in Kavos centre it is advised) then the location is excellent.  Its about 10 mins walk to Kavos centre or 6-7 Euro in a taxi.  There is a small beach about 50 metres behind the apartment, but if you walk left at the beach for a few hundred metres then it widens and is a lot sandier! The supermarket is about 20 metres from the apartments and is ideal for getting the fridge in your room stocked up with cold drinks.
It can get quite hot in Kavos and the air con in the room (which you pay extra for) wasnt the best (but the Captain offerred to provide a fan if we wanted). Dont let that put you off though.
I know the Captain reads this site so thanks for helping us to have a great holiday, we will be back someday!!!!!!!!

Laura K           

Ive just got back from kavos and im gutted i had a brilliant time so im going back over in a few weeks hopefully i'll get to stay at captain studios again but i do last minute deals so fingers crossed i get to stay there. Kostas and his family were lovely the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and their son billy is the sweetest boy ever and gorgeous too he was our little dj. Its a bit of a walk to the strip of clubs especially at night when your coming home and tired but its worth it and its so cheap over there. hope your all well love laura and sheree x

A Q           

10/6/06  We only stayed there 1 night as our regular apartment was crap (katerina, 50m away) but before we wanted to stay there every time we walked past the owner would say hello and wave and his wife was V. nice too. It is 10/15 min walk to the center which is a darkish road but we felt safe. This room was much cleaner than our last and had no incects which is a big deal.

Kostas K           

Some recent to enlargeclick to enlarge

Kostas K           

Here are some recent pictures of Captains Studio and Apartments!

Kostas K           

Hi All,

This is the owner of the Captains Studio Apartments; Captain Kostas.  If you would like to book either a studio or apartment, please contact me on the following telephone number or email:
Tel No. 0030 26620 24001
Mobile: 0030 694 6729891

Tony J           

Best location in Kavos.  Not too far away, (about 10 min walk) but far enough away for some decent sleep (esecially by the fantastic pool).  The owners where spot on and Nick the barman was very friendly and slipped us several free drinks when the Captain wasn't looking.  IMPORTANT:  just far away enough from Kavos to avoid the bad smells.  overall great place for couples and groups wanting a lazy by day and frantic by night holiday.

p.s Loved the octopus!!

Nathan W           

link to info on captains apatmetns

Or just try and work your way through.
Took me for ever to find this so enjoy.

Cat C           

stayin here to party up in july !!! any one else ? is it good here?

Despina S           

The Captains Apartments/Studios  in St. Peters was excellent!! We stayed there last summer, how come they cant be found over the internet? They are very friendly people and the hotel is just 5 minutes away from the center. It has a very nice beach and pool. The drinks that the captains son, Paul, made are great. Very accomidating  hotel.

Amia H           

Brilliant!! Supermarket next door. Owners are really nice, easy to get along with. Cleaners tend to move all your stuff though so you can't find it!!! I'd recommend it absolutly brilliant!!

Andy C           

me and the lads stayed here it was spot on!! its about ten minutes walk from the centre so its peaceful enough to sleep of the booze!!! the owners are great especially paul the captains son whos very liberal with the booze and his own special c**k tails. rooms are quite big and the pool is very nice

Siobhan A           

We are going to stay at the Captains Apartments/Studios has any body been there recently as we are leaving on the 25th June and all these comments are from ages ago.
Cheers x

Donna C           

Big Thumbs up. lush swimming pool, lovely owners, ideal location for everyone. Really recommend it.

Caroline T

My boyfriend and myself have booked to stay at the captains appartments, we booked over the telephone and we was unable to get a Kosmar broucher with the accomodation details etc. I have now been able to get a broucher and have seen that there is no pool, can you tell me how far it is to the nearest one, which they call Acroyali. PLEASE, THANK-YOU.

Aled O           

me and the familly morgan 3/ aled 35/ beverley still 24/ elin 40 /menna 18/ and now angharad 8 months have been there twice and thought it was great just far enough from kavos not to hear the full boom boom boom a few minutes to walk into kavos from captains 000000000!! yannis restaraunt please try 2 second wallk shops every minutes walk very clean appartments. captains is the place to stay

Raymond L           

We have just returned from Kavos (24/08/2002 ) , after booking a last minute deal for a week . Let me just say to start , I don't think travel agents have a clue as to what this resort is like at all ! We stayed in the Captains Apartments which is actually in St Peters about a 15 minute stroll into the town centre . On first impressions the accommodation looked good from the outside , clean , tidy and a good size balcony with easy access . When you go inside , this is when you realise what the travel agent meant when they said the rooms are basic . Our Apartment had 2 bedrooms of a good size each with 2 single beds (a wall light over each) , a wall mirror and 2 bedside tables . One bedroom had a large built in wardrobe ( DIY special ) and the other a large stand alone double wardrobe from about the1900's , it had been renovated with some rough chip board to add a shelf inside but not a good idea to slide a silk shirt off of it ! All in all there was plenty of hanging space ( and hangers! ) for all you take extra people . The kitchen and I use that term loosely , is reasonable in size with a table and seating for 4 , but why you would ever need it I don't know . This is where the term "Basic" is used to it's full potential , the cooking facilities comprised of a portable unit with 2 electric rings (1 the diameter of a baked bean tin , the other is normal size ) these like the Greeks take there time to do anything let alone cook . The rest of the kitchen , well if you could pluck up the courage to use any of the cutlery or dustbin size pots I hope you have good insurance . On the upside there is a large fridge ( holds loads of beer ) , a kettle and some glasses . Other than that the decor looks circa 1960's . All of the flooring is tiled with no carpeting . The toilet well where do I start , it is a shower , sink and bathroom all in one and don't forget you cannot flush toilet paper in Corfu , it all goes in a bin by the WC . The shower also is very basic in the form of one you have to hold all of the time with no wall mounting or curtain the water simple runs into the centre of the room to hopefully drain away . The balcony is large with a table 4 chairs , lighting and both rooms opening onto it . One thing about the location is it is set off of the main road , so there is a bit of road noise but it didn't seem to bother anyone we spoke to . The whole block is only 4 apartments but they do vary and we seemed to get the best one ( read what you will from that ) . As for the location we found it to be good , there are plenty of bars and restaurants within 5 minutes as well as a verity of supermarkets selling everything you could need . Access to the beach is only a short walk over the road , but it is worth going further up into St Peters as the beach is better with more facilities and water sports ( only 5 mins away ) . If you do want the party life , well you are only 15 minutes away or a 6 Euro taxi ride to Kavos centre . A quick line on the beach , mostly sandy , the water is warm , the water remains very shallow for up to 100 yards out with it shelving to about 4 feet deep , there is sometimes some seaweed along the edge of the sand , but you can't have everything . Kavos itself is very lively with a bar every 10 feet , some showing films not even released let , so you can start your evening relaxing watching a film being served drinks without even moving , then when all the clubs start to open (about 1am ) drift into one of the many available . When you do go into Kavos itself the streets are very narrow and at times does smell ( due to the lack of sewage arrangements ) but it is not that bad . There are hire shops for scooters everywhere but in the week we stayed , there where 2 bad accidents right outside our apartment and 1 slightly further up , so if you do want to enjoy all of your stay think carefully before venturing on those roads . Don't get me wrong after reading this , we enjoyed our holiday in Kavos tremendously and so did most people we talked to after the initial shock of the accommodation . In short you will have to eat out , if you wish to drink in , it's cheap to buy from one of the near by supermarkets and you have a fridge big enough to cope . There is lots to do , whether you are a family or young group or just on your own , if you want relaxation or exhaustion , there is something for everyone . Oh by the way we were there as a family , myself and my wife as well as 2 children aged 10 & 11 who thoroughly enjoyed it . The Greeks love children and make them welcome where ever you go , sometimes to the point of pampering and are extremely tolerant of them . Children are allowed in all bars at any times , as well being able to be served by themselves at the bar . There are also a lot of bars who offer free pool which my kids loved and seemed to start off our evening of well . We only ate at a couple of places as we stuck to the places we found good food and good value . East of Eden , which is nearly opposite the track to the beach further up in St Peters is great , proper English breakfast served till 4pm then later everything you could want at good prices . Of course yes Macdonalds , yes there is one but it is right up at the top end of Kavos itself not to far from the pier where all the boat trips leave from , good easy food when you get back after a full days boat trip . Yanis BBQ slightly more expensive than Eden but good food and adequate portions to say the least , good for big eaters . WARNING ! We read on the Internet that a place called Puff The Magic Dragon ( Chinese place ) was great , well it's not ! We had 1 drink each , 3 starters and a 4 main courses , 3 of the main courses where inedible as they just tasted of salt ( how the hell can you ruin a curry ) and the bill was 98 Euro ( yes EXPENSIVE ) we could have eaten twice at East of Eden for the same courses and have had good food to boot , so be careful . WARNING ! A place called The Vintage Bar in St Peters , my wife ordered a Vodka Redbullon a 2 for 6 Euro offer , she was given 2 Vodkas ( generous measures ) and 1 can of Redbull , the bar tender tried to share the mixer between the glasses but my wife stopped him because she though the drinks would be to strong to drink , he relented and gave her the glasses , to cut a long story short , things smelt wrong and the Vodka was not all it seamed , anyone can be generous with water ! Good place to go if you don't drink or want to look as if you can drink a lot . Check your drinks if they insist on mixing them first ! Idea of costs . Beer - Bottle 1.5 to 4 Euro , Draft 2.5 - 4 Euro . Alco-pops 4 Euro or 2 for 6 Euro . Sprits & mixer 4 Euro or 2 for 6 Euro . Cocktails 3 Euro . Hope this helps .

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