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went with 20s and had a fekin awes time!! reps were tops and took us 2 all the gd bars! theres always summin 2 do and it was rly hot!! 13 hours over a week will do u no harm  lol - not that we got much choice wai out quiet, shy neighbours (the boof guys btw!) met some gr8 ppl and had a right laf!! will b back next yr!!

Kayla B          10/10

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Agnes is heavy! rite at d beginnin of the strip n on d beach. met sum gr8 ppl n had d best tym didnt stop larfin. Go 2 tex mex n ave ad nachos! n d kfc is 2 nice! miss every1 loadz n wana go bk! d hotel is basic bt it s wot u make of it dat counts. Party at numba 7 & 8. n i realli wana sam on d sand!! Cnt w8 2 all meet up agen. ne of our hunis emails us . xxx

Chelle           8/10

Just got back from Kavos, 2nd time ive stayed at Agnes. Its on the beach and at the start of the strip! Agnes apts is great its non stop there, u dont get much sleep... esp as its 24hr bar! You get nice food, cheap drinks, great music! Our Rep Ashton :-u were great, its a shame u had to go home, c u at reunion! Missing Agnes already! 

Joe M           

Kavos is banging people!! the people, pubs n clubs are great!! we`ll b back nxt yr 27th july, hopefully see everyone soon

little joe x x x x


Went to Kavos July 06, apartments r very basic, not great but u only sleep there! It is a nitemare when u ave a shower coz water leaks out on floor so its like a swimming pool in there! Agnes is a great location near everything! Bar is great and Spiros behind bar looks after u! Reps Jai & Matt u were great, had a wicked time! Loved the tunes around pool, Toxic Rhythm, anyone know how to get that song? Cant wait to come back next year


Hey!! What a wicked time we had here!! Alright it was very basic, the bathroom floor was always soaking, and yeah the towels always looked yellow and so small, but we met sum wicked people and many of the prs r very fit, ne1 meet geseppi from buzz bar?! neways shout out 2 the scottish boys and joe who didnt stop snogging danielle!! kerry x x

Devon J           

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Hiya every1!

Just bak from Kavos n missin it awready espesh Zoe A massive shoutout 2 aw the ppl we met our wee bud Kenny, Micheal Alex Bean Craig ,Shorty n Scott(luved the dirty magazines in ur toilet boyz)  Got sum of our pics developed n Ross u look great in my red dress lol!  A big thanx 2 the people hoo let us climb threw there balcony wen we had lost our keys, the women hoo poped ma shoulder bak in after i dislocated it n also 2 the luvly english coupled hoo helped us out wen our quad ran out of petrol in the next village!  Speacial mention 2 Spiros hoo played all our fav tunes round the pool.
Baza if u read this we hav got ur rangers top, found it under the bed wen we were leavin!
Places 2 go Rockys Buzz Be Free n venue also try the headf**kers coz they do exactly tht lol! Cant wait till the reunion mite c sum of uz there. Bring on Nov party party party ha ha
Luv ya loadz  Devon Sara Laura n Angela x x x x

Sara J           

we forgot 2 say a big shout 2 spiros for playin our cd's round the pool! luv ya x

Sara J           

hiyaa glasgow girls here ! HAD A FAB TIME kavos ! wanna go bak an missin our wee star of a rep zoe!An missin awl the ppl we met 2 1 espesh shorty n scott frm peebles lol ur pal looked great n tht red dresss haha! big shout 2 kenny from staines lol and thnx 2 anyone hoo let us thru ur apartment when we lost our key i.e michael lol an the woman who popped ma shoulder back into place when a dislocated it haha! rockys, buzz bar n venue were brill!! cant wait 4 the reunion bRiNg On NoVeMbEr!!!! c anyone hoos goin 2 that then ...... byeee

lots a love Sara n Devon xox

Happy F           

is everybody talking about the same place ? this has to be the worst holiday of my life ! absoloutely s**te !   the location is ok, as is the pool... but lets be honest, you could stay in nicer bomb sites in beirut then here ! the 'apartments' are more like bedsits, and the cleanliness of them are terrible ! the water is yellow, and you spend the whole vacation sliding around the bathroom, which is permantly soaked !

they make you use the same sheets and towel (the size of a flanel) for 1 week before they get replaced by a fresh c*m- stained sheet 'fresh' from next doors apartment. you need your own toilet paper.. and plenty of money to pay for the sun loungers by the pool, and the drinks from there also...
2wentys have the biggest laugh though... scamming people out of money for over priced badly organised trips run by monkeys.. ! sorry zoe, but who are you guys trying to kid ?
my advice is to go to tour operators down the road.. and be warned if you dont buy the excursions from the reps, they will ignore you for the rest of your holiday as some friends of  mine found out ! not a bad thing though !
maybe im the only one who hated this holiday ? or maybe everybody else couldnt be a**ed to voice there opinion..

Suzie M           

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David T           

hiya gals , kavos was brilliant lots of Girls every night , special mention to suzie , zara ,  those long hot night's  will never be forgotten , as I am sure you wont .

Big shout out to Johnny.....

Joe M           

alrite ppl

just back from agnes on the 18th aug and had the time of my life!! met some wonderful ppl including
the bristol girls!!!! hope every1 had a great time here, big up 2 johnny the barman at the big blue coz
hes a f**king legend!!!
love joe and the glasgow boys yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa


Agnes......Def the best pool to b at through the day, tunes allday n great food too!!  Apartments r very basic but thats all u need....its somewhere to sleep.The only bad thing about here is u only get ur sheets n towels changed once a week so make sure u bring at least 2 of ur own towels. And also u will have to go out and buy ur own toilet roll as only get 1 a week too.  Great place tho n great staff!!1 xxx

David T           

click to enlarge Not long now untill KAVOS plays home to the BEST the U.K has to offer 11th august Kavos here we come


we are out there wen u r steph, me and 8 of my mates, put a pic up and we wil c*m find ya!


kylie, take that nurses outfit with u!!!!!

Suzie M           

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Katya H           

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hey u lot, just got back from the agnes last week best week of my life, i recommend u stay 4 longer than just one week coz its so good!

btw suzie- the 'fit men' who sell cds arent fit just dam annoying and harass u all day lol. tunes by the pool are wiked and bar man spiros is wel fit but he wil tell u off if ur by the pool any time after 6! best loacation ever tho the hotel is basically rite on the strip n loadsa cheap restraunts n bars rite nxt2 it.
just a few tips if u goin wid twenties, dont go to the comedy club its crap and the bar crawl is a waste of time u pay 50euros and dont get anyfin free- so why not do it by urself for free?? school disco was the best tho u get a 3hr free bar.
sum places to recommend- sex club- its a foam club best nite ever- 10euros but its so worth it only on sundays n thursdays. also buzz bar is rly gr8 poles 2 dance on everyhwere lol. and u have to try a headf**ker they r rly strong n realy get u fukd lol or a s**tface which is the same but twice as strong.
hope u all have a wiked time u definatly wont 4get this holiday in a hurry wish i was back there now lol xxxxx katya xxxx

David T           

click to enlarge Hey Suzie i will be in kavos With the sexy JOE you should leave the booze cruise till we get thereThen you are certain of some great company x x x x

Suzie M           

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hiya kylie its suzie me and lauren are going together. only six weeks to go now cant wait. u been to kavos before? how old r u 2?

cya soon suzie x 

Kylie N           

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Kylie N           

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aw mate defo!!! get mashed on the poolside!! ;) ave iiiit!! well exited now!!! if u got msn lauren add  not long 2 go!! u car laff at me acent tho :P ur forbidden!!  xx

Greg M           

Hey katy, were going out on the 30th of June and coming back on the 8th July there's me and another 11 lads in total, we went last year and it was quality so were hitting again this summer...big time! How many of u are going?

Mandy M           

The Agnes was pretty much exactly the accomodation you need in a holiday like that! The Staff were VERY friendly, especially Spearos.. The pool Was LOVELY, the apartments basic but good and in exactly the location you want. The only thing i was not prepared for was the small shower and little hot water but with everything else being so good, it counts it out!
Potters Bar and Australia loved it and loved all the 2wentys reps, EXCELLENT holiday all round really..

Mandy (Potters Bar)
Sally (Australia)

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