Roda Park Restaurant - (Restaurants in Roda)

Bernie           3/10

Though the staff were very warm and hospitable the food was very very poor. I paid nearly 10 for a lightly covered plate of spaghetti with 1 piece of Beef in a tomato sauce. I would not recommend this restaurant if you want a good deal on your food. Pasta cost pennies in Greece guys! Shame on you... 

Bernies Grill - (Restaurants in Roda)

Bernie           6/10

Food was good, reastaurant was a bit too basic though. Needed some uummfff! Bernie and Nico are warm and friendly.

Maggies Place - (Restaurants in Roda)

Bernie   (15 August 2010)        8/10

Had a great night here, nice staff, good food, restaurant looked great. The best place we ate at in Roda.

Roda - (Resorts on Corfu)

Bernie           6/10

Roda is a very basic village, nothing special to be honest. The Bar/Pub entertainment is laughable. Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart etc are a joke. Time to sack the crap and put some effort into bringing Greece back to life guys!!

Horse Riding - (Corfu Excursions)

Bernie           9/10

Costas horse riding in Roda was a dream. Well looked after Horses, picturesque meadows/beaches. Well worth the money and I would recommend to anyone going to Roda. Thanks guys.