Yianetta Apartments

Accommodation in Kavos

Amy E


Me and 5 of my friends are coming to Kavos for a girly holiday , 2 weeks today, wooooop wooooop!!!
We're from Bucks, and we are ready to get on it!!!  14th July-21st.
I hear what you all are saying about the apartments, but everyone has just gotta stick together and enjoy themselves, we're all ther for the same reasons.  Last year me and 2 of the girls went to zante- was wicked, but our hotel "upgraded" us to this tiny apartment that was made for dwarfs, but we STILL had jokes.
Is wat you make it, one of my friends has just come back from Corfu and it's 39 in the shade, phewww so bring your high factor lotions xxx

Ashley B

Me and a mate are going on 11 July (08). All the negative comments have been left by "upper class" people or families who are expecting to find 5* luxury. At the end of the day, you go to Kavos for a good time with your mates/girlfriends whatever. So I wouldn't worry to much about it people!

Where you lot staying anyway?

Danny M

same sort of problem really me and my mates are going to the yianetta apartments in the beginning of august and are curious to kno if its as bad as people make out
could someone let me know asap plz thanks!

Matt H

Me and my 5 friends are going here end of July, is it seriously as dangerous and violent as people say!?

We want to experiance nightlife, but also have a good time in the day and maybe time to our selves.
Can anyone help!!!?

Alison G

I got back from here on Saturday it was very basic but the cleaners where in evey day.  The pool thing was abit much and 3days b4 we left it rainned all the time and was very cold although the 1st week it was HOT HOT HOT.  Kavos is defo 1/2 walk away not 15mins like it says in the broucher.  There was a few break inns while we was here and if you ask the rep she will play it down and say it was silly little girls leaving there door open which this is not true trust me.  From what i can make out Blocks A-D where fine i was in B and that was ok but have been told that H was the problem with break inns.  All the local food places where nice apart from Koko thats was pants the beach is very nice and the people here are very nice.  Dont think i will go back again but as i only payed 233.00 for two weeks you get what you pay for in my eyes. I would pay more than that to go here as it is very basic.

Christine B          1/10

Have just been to Corfu for 2 weeks and stayed at the above apartments.  Although clean they are very basic.  We had no chance of lying round the pool as there are too many apartments scattered about and only the 1 pool.  Everybody put their towels out dead early.  We went to the beach down at the back of Nikos bar.  Sunbeds free but they expect you to buy a drink which wasn't a problem.  The bars all played only Fools and Horse, Friends or Lee Evans all day long and there were hardly anybody in them.  It's a good 1/2 hour walk into Kavos which is fine for the young ones but also the shops didn't match up to the ones in Sidari.  It was also getting quite cold during the middle of last week and weather was not too good, cloudy and kept raining.  Would definitely not go back to this resort.

Rachel P          1/10

hiya got back yesterday, well kavos was awsome!!!!!!! the apartments are a little suprise lets just say! lol!! the holiday was awsome it was red hot!! all us 4 got tan tastic!! lol and a bit burnt but its all gd!!XXX

Kirstie E

Hi my friends and i r goin 2 these apartments on monday!! im really worryin,, can anybody giv me sum info on all the local stuff!!! thnks

Jojo H

hiya every1!! sorry not wrote sooner forgot bout this page!! wud av been funny if we had seen yas out there!! we had the best time, def go snobs the music was wicked...i was drunk everynight, got loadza roses and a balloon bought for me....dancin on the bar in venue and windin down at the end in atlantis...check them al out...hotel werent al that but it didnt matter, hire a fan for 20 euros a week its worth it cos it gets so hot.  do not use the hotels safety deposit boxes either its a f**kin joke, we paid to use it and next day we went back the bird behind the bar gave us someone else passports!! we were like wtf!! but dwn the road theres better ones wer u av the only key and a locker type thing we used that and it was fine. be careful at night to cos when we got there the girl dwnstairs had been broken into said people were gettin on there balcony!!! rele s**t me up!! but we were fine so dont worry its the same everywhere jus gotta be careful and lock up properly. and oh my days buy some sorta sting relieve cos i was bit to s**t!! stil got bites al up my leg now!! lol. serious tho its so annoying wen ur there.

live it up out there tho!! its a right laugh, rele friendly people.....enjoy yaselves every1....we did!! x x x

Katie P          10/10

hiyaa girls,, sounds like your all realy excited to go to kavos,, and you should bee!! just got home yesterday and i sooo depressed its absolutely unreal out there. went out with my best friend for ten days on our first propper girlie holiday and i had the time of my life. the appartments are lovely not the best but u dont go ot kavos for the accomidation  do you? its basci and the staff are friendly so thats all youy need. it quite small so we got to know loads of people in the same complex and had lots of fun recovering in the day time. as fgor ther night time its best to go out around 12 as its pretty dead in kavos up intill then.. that when the party starttss!!! theres loadsa of great bars and a few clubs. one bar freat for old school dance music is buss bar, if ur more into rap/mcing go rockys, or if u r like me and into rnb thern players lounge is there place to go. to be honest girls there all good its wht u make it out there its dont matter wht music ur dancing to. one club/bar which is really lovely is atlantis, it goes onto the beach is a really nice place to go towards the end of the night. beware of the p**vy owner outside a bar called sexzy b*****ds he will literally drag u into the bar by ur tits. yeahh every bar will have a pr trying to get u to go in so just stick to where u want to go and be firm with them. the drinks are cheap but beware it is there cheap drinks that are made with a load of s**t in them and fake alcohol which will make u really ill so just watch wht ur drinking.
above all i think i want to go backm been talking to much .. have a gd ime girls x
p.s beware of the mosquitos,, take a s**t load of protection and paracetamol for your hangovers because its hard to get out there.

Leane F           

This appartment is GREAT!!!

The staff is so friendly and the people are soo nice.
Everyone gets to know each other round the pool and its the place to relax after your hangover and the place to have FUN
Def reccomend this appartments especially for group hols

Joy W           

This has got to of been a joke we were told we were going to a ice peacefull complex, not at all there were groups of drunken idiots shouting, screaming, in the pool and listening to music untill around 9 am. we felt intimidated to seat near the pool and didnt even buy one drink from the bar as the staff were so hostile towards us.

I would never go to this complex again.
As for Kavos there were around 5 blokes to every 1 girl it was ridiculous, there were so many people walking round that had been beaten up it was scary, the PR's manages to bruise my arms from dragging us into their bars even if we said no. During the day there is nothing to do in Kavos unlike other party town i.e. Ayia Napa there was no market the streets were lined with sick and empty bottles and the shopping was horrific.

Naomi G           

Got back from the Yianetta Complex in Kavos yesterday morning, and we had an AMAZING time, I highly recommend this place! I had heard, before we went, that the Yianetta was quiet and good for families, and as us four girls had booked it as a late deal looking for lots of drinking and dancing, we were a bit worried about being stuck in a place full of kids and oldies and being told to be quiet....but this place was very far from quiet!!!!!!! Full of life, music, drinking, fabulous weather and great people, we had the best holiday! The staff were very friendly, and kept the bar open for as long as we could stay awake! Then when your session at the bar finished, the staff will call you a taxi to get you to the centre of the action, this costs 6 euro's and takes probably 5 minutes, or to walk it will take you 20 minutes. The beach is a 5 minute walk and throughout the day we found it was really really quiet, so perfect place to hang out with your hangover! We found a fantastic little beach bar called Socratis, they serve the best food, about 4.50 euros for a good dinner, (bout 3.20) the staff are amazing, very entertaining, and will do anything for you, free sunbeds and umberella's, at night they do loadsa entertainment, greek plate smashing, karaoke etc, fab place! You must go there! If you do any excursions while your out there make sure it is the Cruise on Theo's boat! Most fantastic day out ive had in ages! we paid 35 euro's, had a fab fab fab day! Watch out for the P.R's when you go for your nights out, when you first get there they can stress you out a bit and try and drag you off, just be firm with them an tell them no and they leave you alone....bars I recommend are Irish bar(Murphy's), Rocky's, Buzz bar! Ummmmm oh, make sure you get safety deposit boxes as while we were there, there were a few break ins happening. Id stay away from quad bikes, more harm then good....and just have a great time!

Silvia G           

brill place but very quiet. would definately go away again with my husband and children.

Kerry B           

loved it loved it loved it....

Kerry B           

hiya....we loved it...it was very nice and quiet. staff were lovely. lovely place to visit. will defo go again.

Anon A           

Individual villas gave it a less commercial aspect to this accomodation. Lovely quiet and peaceful, ideal fo r familys and couples alike.

Luke T

Can anyone give me a link to either the official sit (if they have one) or maybe a useful site with lots of pics and stuff. Thanx.

Kim G

hi can you please email me some ictures of your hotel as i am booking a holiday and yours seems to be one of the firm favourites wit my booking party

Jane K           

I stayed at the Yianetta Apartments when I went to Kavos back in '82. I met a young, adorable, blonde, German named Oliver. Apparently, Oliver was an aspiring Goalkeeper just breaking into the German national team.

On arriving home I realised I had a "bun in the oven", initally I was unsure which of my "holiday conquests" was the father but my sons bright blonde hair leads me to assume his father was Oliver. I've been on german friends reunited but i cant find anyone of his description. click to enlargeHere's a photo of him... 

As you can see James shows many of Olivers key features
click to enlarge

I loved the Yianetta Apartments, the atmosphere was really friendly and the holiday changed my life for ever...

Dan G

Can ant one send some photos to me please im going there on the 15th of july. Cheers easy


stayed at yianetta and loved it. quite basic really but it was just a place to sleep really. dont buy a brekkie from spiros and lisa cos they are quite pitiful as 2 what an english brekkie shud b like and there a bit dear. night life was out of this world.we stayed when the greeks won the final.(what a night). skinny dipping at 6am,partying til all hours,the drinks are dead cheap and get you hammered.we had pool partys with our rep at the apartments.it was ace. wud def go back again. kavos does have a bit of a smell to the place tho in the mornings.u av 2 get quad bikes as well.they were ace altho my mate crashed on em!try future atlantis and venue.dont buy tickets 4 these venues as u can sneak in off the beach around the back.yianetta was a bit of a trek into the centre of kavos btu if u ask at the bar they can ring a taxi 4 u.its only 6 euros by taxi into the centre. if ya need ne info. email danni_burdon@hotmail.com

Katie P

I need photo's of the apartment and pool area. Also pictures of the beach would be nice too. Im visiting in September and never been to a greek island before so it is all new to me. How far away is the beach from the apartments. Can you get safety deposit boxes there, because I will need one! Can someone please email me pictures or anything please!!!! Cheers.

Lizzie R

I'm going to stay in these apartments in September I hope, and I was wondering if anyone would know what the nightlife is like then? I'm an 18 yr old girl so will the apartments and the nightlife be suited for me?also if anyone happens to have any photo's of inside or outside the apartments Id love it if you could send me them!thanks alot

Danielle S           

The yianetta apartments are really for young people.The bar staff are helpful.If you are going...make sure your not in yianetta 5.these are totally different owners,you are across the road from the pool and bar area.you are not entitled to safety deposit boxes at yianetta 5.there not as nice as the other apartments across the road.there are 2 supermarkets near to yianetta apts.down the road are nice restaurants and little bars.the apartments are about 25 minute walk 2 the centre.it was 6 euros in a taxi into the centre.

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