Accommodation in Kavos

Fiona B          1/10

I went to the Hebe complex in 2005. Please b advised to walk your rep round your room and tell them about any damages when u get there, as the owner WILL pin u for old damages, and u can then say good bye 2 any beer money you brought with you. That is just a friendly warning. Also dont jump in to the pool after 11pm as it will b green n gastly in the morning. The complex is locales well however it is unhygienic. I would NOT recomend staying hear, a lot of the people who stayed there became ill due to the place being discussing. Around the pool u walk on wooden planks which are rotton, and ur most likely to put your foot through the floor as many of us did. The rolling stones is the only good thing about that place, the beach was shocking!!

Claire H

Howdo everyone! Me and 2 mates are going on 7th Sept and can't wait!! Problem is that i'm the only girl going with 2 guys so i'm gonna need some distracting while im there lol. They're both gorgeous, so girls, feel free to come over and say hi to them :0) We're flying from Manchester, anyone else going from there then?

Rich G

stayed in the hebe last august. don't read all the bad s**t people have written it isnt that bad. don't break stuff though because you do have to pay a lot! best banta ever with the sheffield boys, and all the sexy ladies around the pool! the hebe and the apartments next door fink its pennys are so lively during the day! andthey are right next to some top bars, crash n the barn  

Ceri D           

absolute top holiday but the Hebe was the worst place i have ever stayed in in my life! you have to hold the shower! only cause of the banbury boys tieing it up for us that we were able to have a half decent wash! lol, if thats one of you lot who have posted below then hi! from the 2 coventry girls ceri and lucy who were next door

Gavin G           

the banbury boys are back home and glad to get the f**k out of this hotel do not smash anythink if ur staying here coz its a rip off we got charged 117 euro's for spilling a little bit of beer on the matress

Kerrie T           


me n my 2 friends fly out from newcastle on the 28th aug for a week! 2 of us came last year but we've never stayed in hebe before. the nightlife in kavos is totally amazing thats why we've c*m back again this year! if youve never been before the class bars are rocky's and rolling stone! if you like charva tunes and clubland stuff then head to memphis bar after 12! also check out empire bar if you like sex on the beach cocktails as they are only 1 euro with a free shot! (they tatse lyk s**t but they get u mashed). anyone else going at the same time, just give us a shout!! xx

Louise D           



im louise me and 2 of my friends from coventry are goin out there on the 7 august for 2 weeks CANT WAIT!!! any ways im 20. im a modell and one of my friends is an underwear modell.im 5ft 9 i have hazel eyes im size 8 and im a brunette.
oh joe u will be there while im there we should hook up u !!!
anyways bi
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Gemma N           

gavin i tried to email u but it ddnt work for sum reason!!wer flyin from manchester an wer goin 4 2 weeks!!

Gemma N           

myself and 3 girls are comin to hebe on 24th july!!!!!!wooo hoooo ne1 else gona b there!!
scousers on tour ha ha!!!  watch out!! email me if ur gona b ther!can't wait kavos here we come
theres gona b chaos in kavos!! gemma27new@hotmail.co.uk

Grant F           

hey im off to hebe at same time well 14th but there for 2 weeks. 8 of us goin ive said all this b4 so wont repeat it. Anyway not long now people cant wait!

Leila K           

Whooo..going to Kavos on 7th or august for one week, staying at the hebe apartment with 6 very lovely ladies (and alex - well what can we say). Is anyone else going to be there at this time? we are flying from Gatwick on the evening of the 6th...if your on the plane we will be the group of loud drunk girls causing lots of trouble......bring on Kavos Baby 2006.. I like it..i like it alotttttttttttttttttttt

Big A           

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A quick hello to tasha oliver!!and anyone else whos out in Kavos around the 14th of july
Bring it on......

Cara B           

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hey me and my mate kelly r comin (see comment below) well excited - well apart from hearing that it smells  this is us (drunk lol) c u all ther - 30th june - 15th july x

Kell S           

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Hey people, me n my mate Cara gonna be staying in Hebe from the 30th June till 15th July.. bring it on, anyone wanna add me on msn my address is cherryk02@hotmail.com... Kelly xx

Natasha O           

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Heyyy. Im one of the girls going to Kavos on 10th july with Lauren.  I cant wait! Wooo! Yes & were staying at the Kouryinnas NOT the Hebe..Tut Tut Lauren  Anyway, If anyones going around the same time or have stayed at the Kouryiannos before email me - tasha_olivier@hotmail.com


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Heyyyy, me n 5 girls r goin kavos on 10th of july flyin from manchester !!

Read through a couple of pages n the night life sounds wkd !!
Every1 ive asked whos been sed its propa good apart from it smells ?!!? Lol!!
Oh well .. Dont think we'll notice when were drunk !!
  Anyone else goin the same time email me .. xsexylaurenx@hotmail.com

Lauren W           

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Hey me and 4 of my friends are staying at the hebe apartments from 26th june to 10th july. Anyone been before? Here's my hotmail spoony005@hotmail .com

We're ages 17-19, please let us know where the nightlife is.

Hi B           

well chris we will see u there then if ur up 4 meeting us???

J D           

ne1 goen out on da 3rd giv me a shout on msn. jdoggisdaboi@hotmail.com   - no fanx 2 gayz jus wan fuken fit fmales!!!!!!   we iz flyen from gatwick 2 so ne mile high im 4 it n so iz all my homies


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Me n 5 mates r stayin here 10th - 17th ..

If anyone else is then let me know ..
Thats me n 3 of the girls that r comin!!
Lauren .. x

A J           

 i stayed here with my hubbie and daughter. we found the apartment clean and if we had a problem we just spoke to tony or rania (the owners) and everything was great. i would certainly go back to hebe, we were made so welcome and if you stroll down to the bus stop and turn right you will find 'heaven' a few yards down the street which is right on the beach and very relaxing. great holiday, great people, great friends.


hebes was mine n my mates 2nd week i can complain we paid 7 euros a nite each there was nuthin wrong jus pure basic !! pool wernt too nice but there wernt too many heads there so it wernt no biggy but ye nang location bang on the strip so its crawling distance home plus lil bonus 2 sexy man wer stayyin opoosite us blap ! ha ah

Rosie S           

went to kavos june 28th - july 13th 2004. stayed in the hebe appartments. had heard bad reviews about it before, the maid steals your money, and theres open sewers. the maid doesnt steal your money but is really scary, during the second week and are beds still hadnt been changed tried to take clean towles and sheets which had been left on the wall outside are room, apparently they weren't for us as the maid came in are room shouting at us and took them back!!. the rooms were basic but thats all you need if your planing to stay in kavos,the pool side bar is good but there is no reception area and you can not contact anyone.

the best bars, bonkers, (nikos is great and gave us loads of free drinks), plan b (hi kim!!), and heven is alright if you just want to chill. without fail if you want to or you don't you will get drunk every night in kavos, although when i was trying to get my m8 home cuz she was in a state it was really annoying as everyone trys to drag u in their bars for free drinks got pulled by both the arms a couple of times.
the beach is ok, but don't get an umbrella on a windy, bad mistake, bought a sunbed and umbrella of a woman and it kept falling over told her not to worry but she wouldn't listen in the end when we were in the sea it actually blew in with us and we ducked underneath until she had come and got it, quite funny actually!!.
don't go with the reps is all i can say. we got persuaded into booking for all the trips on offer for 110 euros, thought it sounded good. bar crawls were s**t, reps encouraged us too get drunk, but when we had about 3 head f**kers which really do what they say and were absoutley pissed they took us home even though we tried to run off and got really mad with us just like being back at school!!. booze cruise was also s**t and the boat we went on sum1 was sick over and the beach we went to was rubbish. the only good thing was the visit to the waterpark which was amazing and not a rep in sight!.
i would def recomed the crazy speed boat ride it was the best thing of the whole holiday, it goes so fast and turns on it's side, it goes into caves and then to a really nice beach where they do champange diving and also give you time to go snorkling, but stay away from the black reefs.
the nightlife is excellent for young people but not for people who want a quite, relaxing holiday!!
i went when i was only 16 and my firiend was 17 and it was just the two of us, i wouldn't do it agsin as it was scary and you really need to be in a group to feel safe. but all in all a good holiday~!

Trish M

can anyone tell us were the 2/5apts are also is alan with soft hat is still there and does anyone know were the morfeas hotel is? is it near by? sorry i was takinging about sea gardens by the way its brillant so is alan and his team

Hayley P           

The Hebe is the worst apartment I've ever stayed in and me n my boyfriend couldn't wait to leave. We stayed for 2 weeks, n the apartments were cleaned twice. There's no toilet roll, towels or air conditioning. There was a spring sticking out of the matress n the sheetes were patched up with squares of other material. We also had 5 minutes of hot water per day for showering and found a fag butt under the bed when neither of us smoke! Grotty grotty grotty place! Avoid it at all costs and don't pay for the package from escapades, some of them are crap and it would've worked out cheaper if we'd paid for each excursion seperately!!!

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