Alefki Apartments

Accommodation in Kavos

Mandy L          10/10

I went to Kavos last month (August 2007) - after reading the reviews about the Alefki Apartments I was expecting it to be a complete dump site but it wasn't!! Yes the apartments/studios are basic but thats what you are paying for!! The only bad thing about our 2 bed apartment was the bathroom!! It was VERY VERY SMALL but it wasn't impossible to use!! I met some guys who were staying in the Kosmar rooms - they had a studio and their bathroom was very big so would probably book with Kosmar or even stay in a studio with Olympic as some girls I met had one and the bathroom was nice.

On location Alefki is perfect!! It is about 5 mins away from all the bars and belive me there are a lot of them!! Mc Donalds jus two mins away and open til early in the morning!! Mini Markets also 2 mins away and very gud value!!
Overall had a brilliant tym and can't wait til I go back next year :-)


 I was the Kosmar rep at the Alefki... and if your thinking of booking it bear in mind there are TWO places with that name. They are right next door to each other and use the same pool but one is with Kosmar and one with Olympic.
The Kosmar one is really nice but the other one... well let's be diplomatic and say it's not so nice!
So if you've booked the Kosmar Alefki don't panic it's not a rat hole!!

Hels B           

I have just got back from Kavos and stayed in block A of the Alefki.  It was horrible trying to sleep with the motorbikes going up and down that road all night, but by the end of the holiday I was so tired that I slept through it anyway!!

Alefki is a great place to stay, George and Linda are fab and even threatened to kidnap us so we couldn't go home!
Some of the PRs are really annoying, they just don't take no for an answer, but just tell people that you're meeting friends in Jokers Bar and when they say come in for one first say that you're already an hour late!!
Oh yeah and as for food, the Steak House and Tex Mex are by far the best places to eat, but do not get a starter because the main course is so HUGE that you'll struggle with it!
All in all we had a fab holiday and would recommend it to anyone, it's basic but the apartments are clean and the people (inc cleaners) are very friendly.
Helen (one of the Geordie Girls)

Clare J           

alex i cant agree more i wish we could of stayed a bit more, every time we went up to da pool bar in da morning we were welcomed with a smile and a good chat, service was fantastic 

Alex R           

I think the really big comment down the page is quite misleading, the rooms are basic and the bathrooms arent great, but certainly my experience was that the room was clean, the bed sheets were clean. the cleaners came and cleaned every other day and never once did they give abuse in greek or any other language for that matter.

The owners, George and Linda, are fab, really friendly and would go out of there way to help you with anything, the pool area was excellent and all the sun loungers all had cushiony things on them, which from looking around the numerous other pool snack bars alefki were the only ones to do this.
Location wise alefki couldnt be better placed, its right at the quiet end of the strip, if your in block A you might be able to hear a bit karaoke from SOS bar, but its not very loud. The only negative i could give you is that the PRs for the bars, especially at the louder, busier end of the strip are a nightmare, they wont take no for an answer, sometimes they even picked us up and put us in the bars! other than that i loved Kavos, Alefki was fab and the various places to eat around Kavos are excellent value for money.

Natasha W           

Hey if you like pure swalla!! Then this is most definately the place to go!! Linda and George are still there and from my one encounter with George, I agree he was lovely!! However it doesn't change the fact the place is a dump!!

Clare J           

sorry but we have just come back from there and it was great, the rooms were great the people were great linda is funny and they both would go out of their way to help you, the cleaners are lovely what more can i say, it was one of the best hols every and yes i would go back again. all 8 of us lasses enjoyed it Tongue

Natasha W           

gutted i couldn't put a rating of -100 because this really was swalla!! absolute hell hole!! we got there bathroom was filfty!! sheets on bed were dirty and rooms were swarming with insects!! then heat like you have never felt as you stepped into the sweat box!! i believe my initial comment was that i have seen better facilities in prisons!!


the shower didn't work properly and it was that dirty you were forced to where flip-flops around apartment and even in shower!! as your hand held shower dripped out, the bathroom would flood with dirty water from some random hole which the water came back up through. the towels consisted of 1 hand towel each with random grecko names on them, so i think these may have been picked up from around the pool area.


every other day the horrible cleaners would proceed to wake you by hammering at the door shrieking at you in greek. the one morning i was awoken by my friend asking me to help her as the cleaner had been screaming abuse in her face for over half an hour. she was waving a plastic chair round and trying to take money from us. she was trying to accuse us of steeling some knaff plastic chair and take 10 euros from us for doing so. after a tirade of abuse she proceeded to find the chair on a neighbor's balcony and calmly put it back on ours without so much as an apology. needless to say no cleaning was done that day!! our reps answer to this was 'these greeks love money more then life itself'! helpful wasn't he!!


we were also accused of steeling cups and the hand towels we had been provided with. they took our hand towels mid week and they were never to be seen again.


the cleaning was basically none existent i believe they just came in to p**s us off then left. there were still crisps and crap under the bed from the last residents!


the nail in the coffin was on our last day we were charged 30 euros to keep our swalla until 7pm as our transfer was not until 10.30pm. we didn't have a choice as there was no reception and all communication was done through the pool bar.


we were woken at 10am having had 1 hour sleep and told we needed to vacate immediately!! we were being evicted to our friend's room over the other side of the complex, regardless of the fact we had paid to keep our larger room on. they stood while we packed our things half of which we had to leave as they kept shouting at us to hurry up! so there we are 7 people in a 2 person room 6.50pm. five greckos arrive in force to evict us from yet another room! i was trying to shower but they refused to leave. as i was frantically trying to change in the corner while my friends fought them off. some old grecko stuck his head around the corner despite my friends telling them i was undressed! he then went back to his other male friend and started laughing!! i wasn't amused. i the end we left the apartment half naked and were forced to finish our packing and dressing in the street! i think to old p**v was the owner!! real nice bunch between the cleaners and owners!!

so the up side was we had nice neighbors!! (not the thieves the other ones), and your close to the strip. downside was basically everything else!! if you have booked my advice would be to cancel while you can!!



Michelle G           

Hi Its about a 5 minute walk from the main nightlife.  Its just off the main strip, but its really quiet so u can have some sleep.

hope this helps,

James W           

the holiday was fab, there for 2 weeks, and george and linda made you feel at home, cant forget da sos bar where u can see the greek joey tribiani from friends, met sum gud friends and sum manc 1's ah lee, shout 2 jon n shelly, welsh boys byron, paul, n da cross dresser shanks, brilliant place n apartment.

p.s. i miss rex

Michelle G           

Hi Party Peeps, Me and My Boyfriend Ross didnt actually stay at this apartment we stayed across the road but came over there everyday.  Were there from 26/06/06 - 03/07/06.  George and Linda were the bomb, so friendly and made us feel welome.  Look out for wee Rex the Dog, he was great, but watch your tootsies.  Met great people there, Tom, Fay, Julie and Ryan.  The legendary BBQ nights was ab fab.  When we go back to KAVOS, will defo be staying in the Alefki and wld recommend it to others.

Love Chelle x

Katie and amber            

just got bck from kavos and stayed at the alefki apartments was lovely george and linda were great! we are defenatly going bck next yr!!!!

met some wicked boys from reading........... justin the virgin lol had some funny times!!anyone thats going to stay here read the comment book our comment is the one that covers two pages !! it should be ther unless george and linda ripped it out they didnt seem to amused!!!
ps kavos is wicked crash bar has the most sexest barman called sam and mc lipton!!! TRINITY is a MUsT!!!!!! left left left right left!!!!!!!!!!

Alison J           

Just got back after a week in Kavos, met up with our mates who had been there the week before (lucky girls!) Stayed in the Alefki Studios, wasn't sure what to expect after the bad room we had in malia last year but it was brilliant. i just have to say sorry to the other 3 yorkshire girls n the welsh lads whos bathrooms were tiny but ours was massive! lol. Big thanks to George n Linda u were great! (i might be taking George up on his job offer behind the bar next year!)

As for Kavos itself, had some wkd nights out the bars were great specially Crash Bar, i loved it in there! To top the week off we sat in Atlantis n watched the sun come up! Thanks to everyone we met u were excellent! had such a laugh, can't wait to see u all again!
Big up the Kavos crew!
Love ya all!
Ali xoxo     

Rich S           

Alrite Boy oo!
George and Linda were amazing they really looked after us, they even partyed with us. big shout out to the london boys, ryan and julie, tom and ma, all the yorkshire girls, wouldn't av had such a good time without you all!!  this place was amazing, good pool, and right on the main strip, only a 2 minute walk. Make sure you check out charlie in twins and the SOS bar which became our local during the holiday, we visited before we went out every night. Laura and Jess are cracking reps! they enjoy being thrown in the pool.
Get in touch, Love ya all Paul, Rich and Byron. The Welsh Boys!
P.S. who pinched my bloody welsh flag!!!!

Joe W           

Hey guys...went to kavos this time last year...awesome week! me and 8  of my finest are heading back on july staying at the alefki apts and the lads are in the umbrella beach up the road (long story)....the patter is likely to be 'off the scaaaale' so watch out for us!! if anyone is about around this time feel free to drop me an e-mail or leave a msg for me!! duh duh duh duhh duh duh duh duh!!!

Carl J           

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Me & my gf got back yesterday from Kavos, was supposed to be stayin here but got upgraded cos it was quiet in Afleki at this time of the year. BUT Kavos in general is AMAZING. Cool bars, cheap drink loadsa birds. Anyone coming here to party will love it. Wish I was going back now tho :(

Suzanne B

Hi, Im going on the 24th July with 3 mates!!!!!! where are you flying from?????

Elliott R

He everyone never been corfu so just wonderd whats its like? im going on the 24th of july with a few mates just wondering if anyone eles is out then?

Rachel G           

These apartments were in the best location. We were nearly next door to twins and Jazz Bar and a ten minute walk from all the cluybs. This was great because we didn't have to worry about walking back by ourselves because the area was always busy but we could also get to sleep at about half one, if we needed to get up early, because this is when the bars shut down. There was also a supermarket across the road. The beach was a 15 min walk away but we didn't spend much time there because the pool was so nice. The bar next to the pool served cheap food and had a pool table. The barmen were really friendly and helpful. The rooms were basic. We went self catering so had a small fridge, which barely fitted our drinks in. The cleaner changed the bins every weekday but not over the weekend and didn't seem to do any other cleaning! Despite this I would definitely recommed the Alefki apartments!

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