Konstantina Apartments

Accommodation in Kavos

Kerrie B          10/10

Great place to stay. As we arrived in Kavos, we were told that we would have to get a taxi to Kavos as there was only 4 of us going there (all paid for of course) and didnt we have the ride of our lives!!! The apartments were lovely all clean and the staff were excellent.... hello to tina and spiros. The oven pub was a great place to eat, a BIG hello to George and his family, my sister Jaye who works behind the bar and not forgetting Joanne!!! Would recommend staying here to anyone, ignore all the bad reviews about the rooms, after all its only a base and somewhere to sleep for the night. I would recommend hiring a quad bike and a car to get around, some lovely secret beaches!!! best holiday ever 10 out of 10!!!

Abi R          10/10

Konstantina and spiros are lovely and i had the lovelyest time in there appartments wich were spotless and clean and newly refurbeshed  i broke my fingers whilst i was in corfu and they were so suportive and helpfull they make you feel so welcome its like a great big family unit with the oven pub next door which is also ran by the family we spent many an afternoon in the pool and by the pool bar with the lovely food and the sun and children of Konstantinas family playing in the pool with them many thanks konstantina see you next year x 

Claire T          10/10

the best holiday ever i can tell you that absolutly loved it.would defo go back without a doubt. we went on 25th june 2007 for 2 week but it wasnt long enough lol.kavos is the best. the apartments were ace.was loving the 24 hour bar big time.oh and spiros sorry 4 being noisy lol.but we were on holiday so you have to be dont ya lol.all the staff were lovely and made us feel at home love ya guys.the food was realy nice and i miss the cocktails that you made us.cant beat sex on the beach lol.cant wait to come back absolutly loved it.miss the people we met there.hi to the newcastle lads had a good laugh with you guys especially scott.lol.what a p**s head he was lol.and also hi to craig and ste who were our neighbours top lads and sorry 4 knockin on ya door like all the time. i miss you wakin us up with that horn  though not! lol.night clubs were ace best places go are the vibe, the barn, rolling stone, buzz bar for a cert loved it there, also future and atlantis.loved the chinese and indian restaurant to that was fit you gotta go there yummy lol.youl defo be seein us again was brill got sum top pics aswell.thanks again kavos !!!  any one who knows me from holiday email me clairetay2006@hotmail.com bye for now x x

Alison J          10/10

Just got back from kavos HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!!! i wanna go back! we stayed at the konstantina stuidos they were lovely only thing is there is no air con so its v.hot but other than that lovely!! Best places to eat are oven pub and jolly chef!!! we loved rolling stone u can stay in the front and listen to hip hop and rnb or go in the back and listen to indie so good!! yea the prs stop u and try to drag you in but they are nice people!! i highly recommend kavos some good nights out and some brilliant memories x

Nichola B

me and my friend carly were in kavos from 01 june until 16 june. it was wickid. the konstantina appartments are very basic but ideal if u are planning on eating out alot as there is only a hob to cook on. the pool is really nice as are the owners. the night life out there is never boring and our favourite bar is definately eidleweis, make sure u speak to aris he is lovely. the only things that we would warn future visitors of is the reps are always approaching you to go in their bar or restaurant and can be kinda annoying and beware of the greek guys (they are p**vy and very blunt about it) the drinks are very cheap and check out the morpheas hotel as they do triples for 3 euros and are very friendly. we would definately go back to kavos.

Fraser C          10/10




Me and my boyfriend went to Konstantina Studios 18th - 25th Sept

We absolutely loved it!
When we arrived Spiros and Tina ( the owners ) gave us a welcome and showed us our apartment and yes it maybe basic but it had everything you needed in there but it was really nice inside.
We was quite lucky because we stayed on the ground floor right opposite the pool bar (literally 20 steps)
so we was well chuffed!
Round town it was really good it was quiet enough to sleep at night even though it is quite near the main strip.
We was talking to a couple and they did say that 6 weeks ago it was mayhem but they liked it so much they came again for another week.
Everyone is soo friendly there but just a note you will get pushed in or constantly come up to by restaurant owners/pub owners saying come to my restaurant and eat.
we just said We are going shopping and actually it did work. (well sometimes..they kinda got bugged after loads of times saying the same thing)  lol
But seriously it is a wicked place to go and everyone is sooo nice!!
Definetly go to Oven pub! before you order dinner they give you this nice warm bread and two dips and they are lush!!! the Cucumber one with greek yogurt! Aww its Heaven!! lol
oh yeah if you do go, go to genesis pub where they play only fools and horses all the time because they've got a comedy hypnotist there and believe me he is sooo funny!! really worth it!!
i got pulled by a lad who was ""Robbie Williams"" lol
really good holiday and great weather.
kelly x

Carla M           

just came back from spending a week in kavos (14th - 21st aug). it was an absolutly awesome holiday with my best mate holly. stayed in the konstantina studios, block a. the apartments were just perfect for us, and the pool and bar area is wicked. all staff there are lovely people, hello to tina! (owner of konstantina). the beach is right behind the apartments, but word of advice, it's a bit crappy but gets much nicer the further up you walk. also you can see mainland greece really clearly from the beach, nice view! the best bar in the whole of kavos has to be the rolling stone, it plays really great party tunes, cheese and rock n roll. a great place to have a good old boogy. the best place for drinks is pleasures bar, as it does 3 drinks for 5euros and you get 2 free shots with your order as well. great for getting wasted before you go to rolling stone! got to give a massive shout out to the amazing people at bonkers bar. they were lovely to us and the barman, carlo, gave me and my mate loads of free malibu and cokes and lots of free shots, didn't have to spend much money in there! the dj, dean, is also wikid. he got too pissed to play the songs, so he let me and my mate choose the songs for him. also, after bonkers closed, he took us to the rolling stone and bought all our drinks for us. top bloke. we danced non-stop until 5am with him.

anyway, to sum it up, kavos was an excellent, mad and crazy holiday, great for all us young-uns. going to kavos and want any more info, you can email me. i've got s**t loads of photos from the week.
carla, chingchangchuuk@hotmail.com


just want pictures off the appartments

Cheryl B           

we were in kavos in july and tayed these appartments. they were lovely, very basic but had what you needed and were very clean. they were littlerally feet from the main strip and the beach. the view wasnt very good but that doesnt matter as you ony get ready and sleep thee. we were only there for a week wish it had been 2. also try the oven pub restaurant right near block b owned by george, the food is really nicen and the staff are so friendly.

would deffinatly reccoment these to people and would go agan
sarah and cheryl xxx 

Melissa L           

got back from kavos on the 17th July went for two weeks just me and my mate Nat had the most amazing time ever!!!!! Luckily due to the shared balcony's we meet two wicked gals rach n holly they then became are holiday going out buddies!!!! We had so many wicked nites out together! We stayed at konsantina apartments we had really nice rooms until we met the famous lads from b4, 5, 6 their rooms were so much nicer lucky lads! In A block we did get bitten to death so make sure u take insect repellent we brought a plug from a shop was good didn't get bitten after that. now at home really missing kavos!!!!!! Any one going out u'll have a wicked time. Some off our favs were: pleasures cocktail bar, the vibe, the barn, bonkers bar, edelweiss, rolling stone. The trinity nites are not to be missed we went to two if u dress up u get a free cd which is wicked! met loads of amazing people missing u all.

Shelley F           

me nd gem just came bak from Kavos on 15th July 2006. It was a wicked holiday and i would def go back. The appartments were spot on and the pool was lush nice and big. The staff are really friendly but be aware of spiros as he shines his big tourch at u if u make to much noise afta a certain time lol the balconys are shared but if u were lucky as us 2 have wicked neighbours then ur holiday will be better. bars to go 2 are buzz bar, rolling stones and elderwiss.

Tania D           

I went to Kavos twice last year as i loved it so much. Going again this year for a week with my mate Kellie and we are really excited as Kavos is just such a great place to go, check out Buzz bar.  Staying at Konstantina Studios heard good reviews about the place. Going on 2nd of June 06 so look out for Kellie and Tania.   If you are going around the same time then give us an email taniadilenapoodles@hotmail.com

Rachel M           

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Hey everyone, never stayed at the Konstantina's before but heading that way this year. Me n my mate Maricarmen will be there from the 3rd of july. Hopefully will be as good as last years visit to Kavos, seriousley one amazing holiday.... :)

Jacqui M           


Jacqui M           

I have just came back from Kavos yesterday it was ok but i was very disappointed with the appartments they were clean but very very very basic... and we had bats and birds zooming in and out of our appartment which was on block b... the rep was not helpful at all about air conditioning the fan is crap and you shouldnt have to pay 15 euros on top of what you paid fro your holiday... kavos ws very warm which was brill but rooms needed air conditioning and cleanersneed to leave more towels... the bars are klass but too many pr's the best bars to go to if you are going is pleasures, the barn, the show bar and memphis....

Naughty N           

This has to have been the best holiday for me by far! The apartments were kept very clean and tidy but were very basic, but we only wanted it for somewhere to get ready and sleep at night! The staff are very very friendly and very helpful. I did not want to leave the place.

The apartments are very close to the main strip of pubs, clubs & places to eat. But still they were far enough from the noise and not even a 2 minute walk from the beach. I would def recommend these apartments to anyone.

Michelle T           

6 Geordie lasses saying hear from 1st Aug 2005.

Anyone going the same time?
Drop me a line at tweddell84@hotmail.com
Kavos better be ready for us

Jo W           

Me and my friend got back from Kavos today after staying at the Konstandina Studios!! were gutted to have to come back because this place was the best! We would deff go back here if we were to go to Kavos again!

The lady owner is lovely! she was just like a Mum to us all out there and really works hard to keep us all happy!!
The rooms are a bit on the small side but that really didn't matter as most of the time was spent by the pool, which is excellent! Take your own CD's as the barman will play them for you!!
This place is spot on and im gonna miss the friendly atmosphere that you get around the pool side!!
I recommend this place to anyone staying in Kavos!! the location is perfect and in block A the only noise we could hear was people staying in the hotel!!
I want to go back!!!

Dawn L           

  sure will do we get back on the 18th so i'll drop you a line and let you know what they were like.

Jacqui M           

i am going here on the 25th july 2005 are they nice appartments.. please let me know cheers

Dawn L           

Hey there! 4 leeds lasses staying here between 4th-18th July drop me a line on dawn.long@1car1.com if you here same time as us. Cant wait for Kavos 2005! :)

Megan L           

i stayed in these apartments in may this year, they are really good i would reccomend anyone going to kavos to stay in them, they are clean the rooms are quite big compared to some of the others i saw while there, the pool is big and lively, the kitchen has all the basic things you need on holiday, the shower is big. i stayed in block b which was a couple of minutes walk from the pool/bar area but didnt mind cos rooms were so nice. there was 4 of us and there were two rooms both with twin beds, so there was alot of space for us all. the location is a bit off the main strip but there are some good bars that are near which you might not find if staying on the main strip like show bar and bonkers bar. and at least you can go home n get some kip.the holiday was top n if i was goin back agin i wud defo stay there

Gemma W           

I came back from Kavos on Sunday, the appartments are in a great location-if you're there to party!
The beach is really close.
The rooms weren't to my taste, but i hate the showers in Greece anyway! The bar by the pool is great, its was pouring with rain most of the week & the barman let us watch whatever we wanted on Sky t.v.Also 'Fre fre co' the cat is lovley & freindly, watch him though cos he'll eat your shoes!

Kirsty A           

Me and my boyfriend got back from kavos a couple of weeks ago and it was wicked! the kostandina apartments were the nicest apartments that we saw while we were out there. They are located down a side street about 50 yards away from all the action, on a busy strip next to the show bar, but about a 5 minute walk onto the main strip. The show bar was the first really good bar to go to, so we started off in there every night and worked our way up without missing anything, so the location was spot on!
The studios themselves are split into blocks, block A and B. We stayed in A which is where the pool is and the snack bar. The other ones are located in the next street, 1 minute walk or so away. The studios consist of a reasonable sized frige, 2 kitchen rings, a kettle and plates and cutlery. A good sized batroom with a loo basin and a huge shower, but its one of those that you have to hold. At first i thought 'oh no', but I actually got used to it. Then there are two good sized twin beds that meet in the middle. There is no air conditioning, but there are fans available for the whole week for only 15 euro which is about 10, and it is well worth it as the fans are big floor standing ones. All the studios in block A face the pool and don't have their own balcony as its just one big one, but we still got the privacy that we wanted as there are trees planted .
The pool area was great. there are enough sunbeds, and anyone is welcome to use the pool, so quite a few pr's came to use it in the day. There was always good music playing, they have the foootball on in the bar area, and serve a wide variety of food all through the day which is really nice. Its a family run buisness and the lady who owns it is lovely. She is so welcoming and happy and will always talk to you. There is a pool table at there too.
Over all we had such a good hloiday I would definatly go to the kostandina again. If you do go though request a pool view that way you know you will be in block A!

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