Oasis Beach Club

Accommodation in Kavos

Ana J          1/10

click to enlargewe had a choice between here and the aphrodite complex-which was much better! Do not stay here! the rooms were basic-as expected and not brilliantly cleaned and with no shower curtain or toilet paper.  on the first night i noticed that there was blood all over my bed sheets-not just any blood it was actual period stain! (left!) asked the rep to change the sheets, nothing she could do so i had to sleep under my towel.

the next couple of days we waited for the sheets to get changed and nothing happened so we went to reception and asked. they refused because the maid was not in. Came back the next day and asked if we could change the sheets ourselves. Again the owner refused. He was really nasty. in the end i slept under my beach towel for a week before the sheets were changed.

also noted that despite the fag burns in the sheets the fire alarms were disconnected and my friends lamp fell out of it's holder! the room was basically falling to pieces and they refused to even listen to our complaints-we changed hotel and had to pay to stay in the kavos plaza but it was worth it, for pretty much the same price as we paid for the oasis, we got a gorgeous room that was huge and had everything in it-even a microwave and a clean pool!!

secondly, the area around the pool stinks to high heaven day and night-it is awful i don't know how people swam in it as there are obviously drainage issues and problems with the sewers. and they start playing music as 9 in the morning, which i wouldn't mind except the music is terrible! they have about five or six songs that are on repeat everywhere around Chavos and after a few days they drive you mental

Natalie K          10/10

just back from kavos with 5 girls!

stayed at the oasis! its situated right near the main strip n 2mins from the beach!

the rooms r fine :D the nightlife is brilliant n the pubs n clubs r all in the on strip :D you'll love it!

take more than 1 towel cos u dont get any in ur room! n we had 2 buy an extra 1 over  there

get urself 2 the barn then 2 the buzz bar then atlantis on a nite out :D

tex mex is just behind the oasis n its the best restaurant in kavos! :)

go 2 the water park, its brilliant

if u decide 2 book up with the reps only book up for the things u wanna do cos its quite expensive!

i had the most amazin holiday :D hope u do too :D

love natalie form stirling, scotland :D xxx

Kirsty D          10/10

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had the most amazing time here, loved every bit about the appartments, very clean as cleaner loved our room, we wer room 1 which is actually like a little house, 2 bedrooms dining room the lot haha

 the staff are great aswell. everything at the pool bar a bit expensive bt ur not aloud to bring food or drink that uv bought from the shops round the pool, we had our ipod pluggd in the whole 2 weeks aswell, but their music isnt bad, u will however ger the occasional whiff of s**te from the drains and u cant get used to it   lol
as soon as u walked up the dirt path to get to the strip u will be harrased by the staff at eidlewise, but it turns out to be ur local and u love it!!
get urself to buzz bar at the top of the strip aswell,. best place to be!

Francesca W          9/10

great little apartments, basic but nice and lively, cleaned everyday!

Maria T

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This is us very drunk by the way ..........Sinead....Maryanne & Maria!!!! xxxx


we came back on 12th spetember. we thought the apartments were ok. they definitly werent what we expected but for a p**s up holiday they sufficed. bed, 2 hobs,shower, balcony, few drawers and cupboard) very simple

pool clean, staff friendly (unless you wake owner up at 4am or take your own food or drink around the pool.ha ha )
must try - pizza at pool bar or the strawberry vodka slushes for 5euro
must go to- crash bar, edelweiss, the barn, players lounge, futures nightclub and must go to the hypnotised arron lodge he's ace and very funny.
wanna know anything else bout kavos add me chopsuzy@hotmail.co.uk

Ross S           

sorry thats the 18th of september! 

Katrina R           

Hiya guys...im goin2kavos on sep 15th with just my m8...we are soo worried about just us2 goin together?I was chatting to a boy from school who just got back and he said to be really careful because its just us 2!!im scared now!!!any other 2 girls been before?????x x kat x x


Ahoy there!ashton kory harry will be there 4th - 11th! just booked! see you in a few days for a beverage!

A C           

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yo yo yo, going to oasis beach club, 5 lads from sunderland, will be there 8th august.
Gonna have a massive sesh!!!!!!
See ya there.


hiya goin on the 11sep any1 else? not long yet n i wait c yas there hee hee 

every1 getin hammard or wat

Chris J           

Just back from the oasis beach club....what a holiday! appartments were pretty basic, but they were clean and had all the basic stuff u need! the cleaner is a star lol!! no job too tough for our cleaner (",) the restaurants r top quality and the bars have a brill atmosphere! big up Buzz Bar!!!!!!!! only annoyin thing was most places played the saaaaame tunes every night which got boring and all spirit based drinks like cocktails n vodka mix's r watered down big time! so stick to smirnoff ice n beer if u want to get hammered!!!! and DONT HIRE QUAD'S OR MOPEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one thing goes wrong with them and ur legaly obliged to pay for a whole f***kin new bike!! but all in all its a brilliant place with the best night life ever! GLASGOW KAVOS LADS 2006 YAASSSSS


4 scouse girls hittin kavos on the 3rd july 2006 cant wait anyone got any pics of the oasis beach  Tongue 

Kirsty A           

hey me n my lad r off there on the 15th of may n a cant wait ne other geordies goin frm newcastle then

Raffaela I           

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Hey Party People, ne 1 at oasis beach club frm 4th september to the 18th. 4 bedford girlies off2 kavos cannot w8!! 2nd girlie holiday cnt w8 4 da madness 2 begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ne rnb, garage, hiphop clubs u's wud recommend.... wud b much appreciated.


6 lads from cannock here on the 6th june

Mackem L           

hiya, sunderland lasses stayed at the oasis beach club , first two weeks of july! had a great time apartments were clean and staff were friendly! the apartments were in a class location on the doorstep of all the action. the club 18-30 reps were really nice and we had a great laugh with them! ANYONE GOING TO THE OASIS BEACH CLUB WILL YOU SAY HI TO CASEY OUR REP!  from the three mackem lasses

P D           

Allreet.........any sexy lads going to oasis beach club from 22nd Aug?

P D           

Allreet people! Me n my mate are going to the oasis beach club on 22nd Aug..hope there are loads of nice ladz n cool people to have a laugh with!! woohoo! We've just booked it today...so we're really excitited!

Lady L           

Alright? Anyone 1 going to Oasis Beach Club on 22/08/05. 2 lasses from Sunderland going and up for a laugh with the lads and lasses! Ya na. Let us know the score.

Stuart G           

kavos look out we`re comin, 6 hot sottish lads, 19th august, oasis beach club, let the games begin.

  "you stay classy san diego" Ron Burgundy

Jamie M           

you lassies fae leed look well tastey hope to see yous out there

Zoe, erin, shiv, fran and L           

hey 5 of us will be there from august 22nd - sept 6th! not long 2 go now......! xxx

Jamie M           

Any sexy laides gonna be at the oasis beach club between the 19Aug-27 coz 3 boys fae glasgow will be bouncin about have in a laugh n gettin frissky

Zoe, erin, shiv, fran and L           

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only 5 weeks and 5 days 2 go.... cant wait! x

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