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Kimberley B

Hey Guys.

Im going to Corfu in june with my boyfriend and im just wanting to know abit more about the hotel as ive heard alot of stories of having to pay for air conditioning and is the weather really hot lol girls got to get a tan.
Thnx guys hope you help as its our 1st holiday together

Brian P

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Hi alllll Kavos Woz Amazing Bet You's Nottingham Lads Are Missing Us Scouser's!!!!hahaha :)

Ashley T

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hey all!! hatin bein back! had the best 2weeks eva!!! missin every1 so much especially our notts boys....love u lots!! 17th august we wil show ya how th geordies do it :d

lemon grove.....loved it! apart from the b***hes in reception....grrrrrrr!!!
nd as for this smell.........wasnt half as bad as ppl make out!!
spyros....ahhh bless him!!
totally fab location, every1 go 2 scorers!!! glen is the best bloke eva!!!! (see if the toon are stil top of the scorers league lol)
every1 whos hittin kavos soon im so so so so jealous........take me with u plz?!?!?!? xx

Matthew J          10/10

im with shep totally gutted about being home and dieing from kavos cough

but we met some excellent people there who i will never forget as they made the hol what it was
special shout out to the geordie girls especially ashley as you guys where awsome and i hope we will  meet up very soon to relive some hardcore partying
if anyones interested my facebook is matthew jarvis / nottingham and myspace mattyjarvis
you will see me pic
look forward to hearing from you allclick to enlarge
big hugs and kisses

Ian S

Skinny Dipping is nothing to apologise about! 

Just got back ourselves after an absolutely fantastic couple of weeks! Gutted it had to end...
Maid service was few and far between, enjoy the s**t bins, showers are 'interesting' and the ark haired reception woman has an attitude problem! But the people there made the holiday great!
Recommend a trip to the blue lagoon! But do it via the 'crazy speed boat' with Glenn from scorers!

Em, L          10/10

hey all, got back from kavos monday 23rd...all 3 of us are totally gutted!!!

had an amazing tym, lemon grove was nice enuf, was great bein ryt on the beach, and right by all the nightlife.  matt, adam, ian....if u ever read this...we apologise for skinny dippin on our first nyt!!!!
but seriously, thanx 4 the laughs!!!
anyone goin out to kavos...have a wicked tym....ul loveeeeeee it!!!!

Hannah M          5/10

just got back from kavos, glad to be home to be honest was really ill throughout. lemon grove was nice. good for what we expected anyway. showers were a b***h to wash your hair in and 40 euros for air conditioning. foook that. towards the end of our stay we met this horrible horrible guy who must have owned it or something. he came out of his room shouted at us in greek swearing his head off because we were sitting outside talking to some guys. fair enough if we were making loads of noise but sheeesh. he also tried to charge us 1 euro for a straw looser. he let the hotel down alot because the rest of the staff were lovely. i left my jumper in my room however after we had to vacate it and went back to reception to ask if the cleaners had handed it in and they didnt help at all. so that was great.....not. overall stinky place to stay but great ngihtlife sexy tan and met some great people over there.

Shannon C          10/10

just came back from kavos yesterday.. gutted im home i hate being in england!!

was 44 degrees all week wen we were out there!!
miss everyone like mad!

Ashley T          10/10

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heyyy!!! 4 geordie girlies hittin kavos for 2 amazin weeks on 16th july...then 2more 4days l8a!! lemon grove hotel here we commmmmme!! any1 else gona b ther then?!?! gona b messy  

cannot wait :d :d :d xxxxx

Adam S          10/10

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you might have all the others fooled, but not me. your action was reckless and it put us all in danger. the next time you pull a stunt like that i'll drill two holes through your d**k so that when you pee, it shoots out in all different directions, you got it?


Jazmine H          10/10

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Me and my Mate are flying out to Kavos one week today! I cant wait! I went Last year with my boyfriend and it was wicked!! Kavos is suitable for all....Singles and couples and would recommed it to anyone! i CANT WAIT TO GO BACK!! just hope the weather is gud.. we went on th 23 June last year and it was scorchio! just hope it will be next week!!

Has anyone been already this year??
Or going the 11 June...??
Cant wait to go back KAVOS HERE WE COME!!!

Love ya

Jaz n Stace x x x x x

Diane P          7/10

Hi Folks,

Hot off the plane from Kavos this morning. Myself and three other friends stayed in the self catering apartments in the Lemon Grove Hotel and enjoyed the whole two weeks. Everyone in this hotel is very, very friendly and try to make yur stay as enjoyable as possible. We stayed for two weeks and the first week was a lot more quiet than the second. The apartments which we stayed in were very basic but did the trick. There is a fridge and kettle in them all but remember don't flush toilet paper down toilet as it blocks them. Don't drink the tap water either its not safe- bottled water is cheap though.
we found the best places to eat in Kavos were 'Penny's Kitchen' and 'The Village' both reasonable pricd and great value for money- the staff are so friendly.
There are heaps of places to party and party you shall. We enjoyed 'Papagaollos -parrot' bar (its karioke time with besti.) Face Bar (which has great movie showings, a hypnotist and magic breakfasts.) There are heaps more just beginning toopen up on our 2 weeks.
We enjoyed the greek night in corfu town organised by our REP and the Aqualand trip - a 2 hour bus trip but worth it for the fast flume rides.
GOOD POINTS ABOUT KAVOS- cheap drink and a free shot in every bar almost. Great party atomsphere, great tan opportunity but be careful as you can really burn quick. Carrot oil gives you a good tan but I took a reaction with it. Plenty party animals willing to share your nightlife. Cash machines and currency exchange are good -wish I'd changed most of my euros once I arrived as rate seemed higher. helpful locals and great PR and REP service during ou stay.
BAD POINTS ABOUT KAVOS- Not much goes on during day so if you'll looking for lively afternoons your looking in the wrong place. busy night life - most places open after 3am. lots and lots of people approaching you during your night out rying to get you to drink in their bar- does get annoying after a while.  Newspapers seem expensive.

Stephanie A

hey everyone, i found this actual website of the lemon grove, shows loads of pics and stuff

hope this helps ye

Nicola M

hiya, there is a group of six ppl going to lemon grove on the 3rd sept till the 11th,  we keep hearing and finding out about bad reviews its for my twenty first so i reaally want to have a good time .  A bit worried about the possible state of the otel etc.  and whether u have to pay to use the pool??  anyone else who is going at the same time message me and we could all meet up and be kavos virgins together!!

Charley L           

i went to stay in lemon grove in 2004 it was the best hoilday ever the food was good and even the staff where nice and wheni was there nikki from big brother was there i hated her then and i still hate here now but for the people that are staying there now or going there enjoy it why u can it will be the best holiday of ur life

Mike D           

    We spent the first couple of weeks in June staying at the Lemon Grove. At first it seemed that visiting Kavos was a bad thing as even in June the town seemed dead on its feet. However, things began to warm up by the second week - apart from the weather!  The Monday of week 2 was so cold and wet you could swear you were in Cleethorpes - not Kavos.  The weather got steadily better by the end of that week and reach the late 20s degs C by the time we had to leave.

On the face of it, the Lemon Grove is one of the better places to stay self-catering in Kavos. The complex is near to several "supermarkets" so buying food and drink is very convenient. Of course, the Kavos Strip is close enough that all the restaurants and bars are within easy reach. However, the Lemon Grove is far enough away for the Kavos "noise" to be just a hum.
   Having said all this, we would like to say that we enjoyed our stay at the Lemon Grove.  Sadly this was not the case. This was not the fault of the Lemon Grove though. Some thoughtless people had decided that late-night Kavos was not enough and begun playing their stereos at full blast with no thought for others staying at the complex.  It was reported that another urinated from his balcony.  Bearing in mind the strict behaviour code that the Lemon Grove and tour company claim, it was hoped that something would be done, but it seemed far too much bother. 
     Something else that spoiled our stay was the plumbing in the complex.   To get any hot water you had to turn the tap on for a full 5 minutes. Only then could you shower.  The flow of water from the washbasin and the kitchen basin was pitiful!  The management made no attempt to repair this fault.
Bearing in mind the Lemon Grove's idyllic position, I would like to say something positive, but this years experience ruined our stay.
Mick Daubney

Matthew H           

We're not going to the Lemon Grove but to the infamous Morfeas hotel. We're all ( 4 single boys of us) going for two weeks from the lovely town of stockport. Never been to kavos before but looking damnright forward to it. If any of you have got any tips to look out for or to avoid get in touch or if any of you want to meet up for a good time, we're there from the 7th to the 21st of july. We'll see you out there.

Si & andy            

Wot a holiday!!! i went in aug 05, an am still ravin bout it! it was the best time ive EVER had, lemon grove is the shiznit! everythins cool xcept d dodgy music poolside! met loadsa sound ppl ther. firstly met dis girl called amy from leicester, i tell u wot!!! ive bin thinkn about her non stop since i got bk, an its feb now! ill never meet a girl so stunnin anywhere ever! amy, if u read dis email me! am crazy bout ya!!! an say hello 2 heather!!! heather was funny, got a crazy story bout her needn d toilet, but 2 embarrisin 2 mention! she put up wid my m8 andy 4 more than an hour tho so respect 2 her!! met couple of bradford lads, paul an matty. soundest pair of guys u cud meet, they go der every year, so if u der this yr boyz heads up an c u der!! met 2 sisters frm sheffield, siobhan an saidie. all i can say is, how in gods name u eat bovril al never knw!! met a lad called colin in the barn watchin the everton Vs. villareal game(robbed!) an we go to home games 2gether now! sup' col!all in all, kavos is the perfect "18-30" holiday, especially stayn in lemon grove. goin back meself in aug again, cant wait. it really was that good! if ur thinkin bout goin............GO, if ur goin C U THERE!!!!! cya l8r alligator! if ur there august 2006 (10th-25th) lemon grove look 4 d everton towel!!!!!!! peace SI, andy sez bye 2!

Terri C

Hi i'm looking to stay at Lemon Grove appartments but was told it might be a bit quiet this time off year....is it still worth going to at the end of September or are we best heading somewhere else?! Thanks Terri

Sue M

Sending daughter and her best friend to Lemon Grove in October 05 for their 18th Birthday for a week. Can anyone give me any idea on how much they are both likely to need for food/drink. What does a typical meal cost and does anyone know of anywhere good for vegetarian food? Thanks

Lauren M           

WOW!!!! honest lemon grove appartments are mint! they are dead basic - but that is all u need in Kavos - u are never in the flippin hotel!!!! Lemon grove is situated on the beach - its a stones throw and i cant even throw lol!! There is a huge stretch of bars and restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir shops right next to the hotel. BEWARE this is NOT a family holiday!!! Lemon grove is dead lenient with everyone and altho the little man with grey hair often threatens to kick u out nd get the police he very rarely does lol!!!! the drinks are cheap ( but watch the spirit measurescos they are proper generous(pissed off 2 vodka and cokes lol)  as out n so is the food - 3 course meals are 8 euros and they are lush. make sure u buy sum cd's n dvds of the lucky lucky men lol, they dnt jip ya theu quality is mint lol!!!!!

ne wayz enjoy ya holiday!! xxxx Lauren - went to kavos 29th august - 6th september, best holiday ever, 18 of us n everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sad to go

Dave P

did anyone meet up wit a couple of girls amy and claire from leeds stayed at the lemon grove over 16 july- 1 august. we have photos to send them but forgot to get there number. cheers in advance.

Dave P           

the lemon grove is a matter of steps to the beach which is brilliant ad warm, isnt dirty either.

the hotel itself was wicked there was loads of space and and extra bed in each room which is always handy! the bathroom was a bit small but hey you get used to it.. 
the pool and surroundings was top notch, the only problem with it was the cd they need to vary it up a bit!!!
location was pretty good, you have shops right at the end of a little walkway and the main strip is about 2 minutes away but far enough away you dont hear anything when you get home!!
dont listen to the bad reports cause there not true and as for the smell its hardly noticable...
p.s amy and claire if your reading this forgot to get your email to send you the pics what a laugh by the way!!!  hope you had a good time with the rest of your hols
eamil me bak on this to get them sent to ya!!!

Dave P           

just got back from kavos on friday, we loved every minute of it. there was loads of room, the beds were pretty good and the bathroom was just basic.....

the pool is class really deep so you can dive....
the nightlife is mental, its just party party party. there is hardly any bother and all in all it was a brilliant week....
amy and claire if your reading this.... how you doing??? how was the rest of the holiday?? bet it wasnt the same without us??? forgot to get your email so leave a message here and ill email you  the pics!!
p.s BUM ME!!!!!


i stayed at the lemon grove apartments in Kavos for 2 weeks starting the 1st of july, the place was really good and when they say on the beach, they mean. There are a few watersports, just out on the beach too. The staff are great, they're all beautiful women and friendly.  Good deals on the breakfast and good food. theyve got a couple of pool tables there, me and my mates were on them all the time, well you had to pay 2 euro u use a sunbed, that werent too bad  though. Met some great guests at lemon grove too, Hey charlie's and Gemma's. This is definately the place to stay if you're going to kavos.

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