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Jilly N           

i agree that this place is the a**ehole of the earth!if you want to believe 'mark smith' then go ahead but check out his retard spelling and you'll see his standards aren't very high!for the money we paid we expected much better and no mark, it wasn't cheap!the maid was a complete b***h - you probably loved her mark and you also probably boned the thick pr girl outside harry's who doesn't realise that she actually sees you every day and night and have accumulated 100 flyers from her.all in all i completely agree with merle's not go here!!!!and one last final word to mark - if you think that this place if nice then i feel sorry for obviously grew up in a s**thole and so think everything else is luxury.widen your horizons!!!

Merle H           

This place is the pits of the earth. I really feel sorry for you if are going here. We were allocation on arrival with Thomson and this is where they placed us. There are only 7 apartments and there is no pool. And yes you are allowed to use the pools of nearby hotels but what they dont tell you is that you have to buy food and drink there to be allowed in and you cannot bring food in from outside. Also since there is a lack of swimming pools in Kavos all the pools are really busy all day!You're lucky if you even get a sun lounger. Mostly the beach is rank. Seaweed everywhere and it smells really bad. If you walk further along tho there is a nice bit with no seaweed!its next to a cafe called the MARABU. This place is really good for food and the staff are really nice! a change from the the majority of staff we encountered on holiday!!!the maid in Pandis is an absolute psycho! we arrived at 6am and she woke us at 10am to "sweep"!and dont think if u just dont answer the door she will go away!oh no!she has her own key and just comes in anyway!and when u think by leaving the key in the door this will keep her out then you are mistaken. her key works anyway!we called her 'HAANS'. weren't too sure if she was man or woman. She/He speaks little english and just shouts at you in greek all the time to 'tidy you room'! eh i thought that was her job!and we werent even messy!you just have to stare at her and not say anything and she gets really annoyed and leaves. Its really funny after a while! Altho we did dread her banging on the door every morning and opening the curtains. Swear to god no privacy in this place!(its funny tho our sheets and towels were only changed once!). Oh and the PR girl for uncle harry's(restaurant below pandis) is so bugging. By the end of the holiday we had 46 flyers for that resurant. She even managed to find us on the beach everyday!
all in all it was dreadful. not clean and the rooms were roasting.The fans you pay 20euros for are about as much use as me blowing air into the room.
good luck to ya

Heather P           

I stayed in the Pandis apartments a little while ago. It was so noisy, all the noise came from the chicken coop and from the dog guarding them to stop gypsys stealing the chickens. We complained to the owners who just shrugged their shoulders(not very helpful). We also noticed that our perfumes/deodarants etc had been used by the cleaner( really the owners wife). The sheet were only changed 2 times during our stay. We were al;so asked to pay 16 per person as our flight wasnt leaving until 3am and they wanted us to vacate the room 12pm the day before. we refused and they stripped our beds of all linen. We stayed in our room that afternoon so they couldnt throw us out. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS PROPERTY TO ANYONE.

Katrina M           

Ok, if you want a REAL reveiw of how the Pandis Apartments are then here goes.

It is a small block with only 5 rooms. Very private though. There is no reception and you are pretty much free to do as you like, however if you make too much noise at night then you will be given into trouble by the man who lives downstairs and looks after the apartments. However that will only happen if you are at the back of the back of the apartments. We stayed in room 2, two of us. There were two beds side by side a cupboard, "kitchen", bathroom and a balcony, and a dressing table. All in all it was neat and clean when we arrived, and enough space for us to get ready day and night and sit in the balcony. Another two were with us and they were in room 4, two of them, however there were two beds side by side and in the next room there was another bed, "kitchen", bathroom and two balconys. Their room was very spacious however hot during the day as the sun was on their side, and at night they had to get ready in our room at the back as they were too hot to get ready at night. Overall i cant complain and for what i paid i think i got a good deal. The apartments are down the Quieter end of the road which means that you will be next to the restraunts and the crap bars, also it will be quiet enough for you to sleep. The beach was just at the end of the road on the right. If you walk 5 minutes down the road you will come to the main part where its all happening, and its very very convienient spesh since its all the one road and you dont have to take side/back roads. I really cant complain, i have been to some beautiful places in the past but this was the first holiday ive been without the parents and i found it aceptable. I will say though to bring a cloth and a dish towel as there isnt any provided so if your planning to wipe down your balconly table or do your dishes you will have to prepare beforehand. Also the maid is a right b*t*h, she will snap at the tiniest thing and if she is really pissed off then she will get the woman owner up to investigate, however the owner is cool and she will just come and have a wee chat the next day about it if she plans to charge you for damages. And dont worry about the maid, she doesnt speak english so either stare her out, or just sit and talk to your friend and she will eventually get it that you dont care. Number 2) Bring towels for after the shower, they only get changed once a week. So do the bed sheets. So you will only see the maid twice a week. Once when she comes to sweep the floor for five minutes and leave, and the second time when she changes the towels and bed sheets. I really enjoyed the nightlife, and the food was great in the greek restraunts, which also sell normal food. i considered kavos cheap but a few ppl have said they found it expensive. Get headfcuker drinks and tequila sunrise cocktails. Ask for coke or lemonade in your headfcukers. If PR'S are bothering you then just give the name of a bar you are goin to and they will see that you are set in your ways and leave you alone. Hmmm, the beach isnt so hot, but you can sunbathe and walk barefoot in it and once you get past the small amount of seaweed the water is great.

Oh, there isnt a pool at the appartments but the beach is so close and you will be told what pools you can use.

I just cam back last week and have already booked to go again in aug.

Have a fabby time.

Donna D

Well im going out to work in kavos in 3 weeks for the rest of summer and have initally booked into Sofia pandis apartments for a few nites....any other comments!?

Mark S           

Kavos that's a good choice to going! Some people book cheap Holidays and after that came here and say that place smell, rubish everywhere, noise , bla bloa bla,, but if you want a wonderfull holiday , why don't you pay 800,00 for one? The place was nice and people frindely, sad people sometimes try be a thing they dosen't are! I m so sad to see some comments her in this site... but it,s life, isn't it? Poor peolpe try to be rich for a weeky, book cheap holiday and to after that say bad things. Poor people!

Natalie H           

I can answer my own question now!!! Pandis apertments are crap it reminded me of a 1960's council flat nothing like the brochure infact nothing like this century. The maid came once th whole week and we only had hot water about three times We also had a family of black beetles in the room. we couldnt open the door because of all the wasps and the terrible smell. and the balcony was shared with one plastic table for all the apartments in our row. We were overlooking a roof which was covered in empty takeaway containers, fag ends and rubbish. if your going make sure you hire a fan or youll cook like we did. and also take your ear plugs its very loud we didnt get one nights good sleep

Natalie H

i would love to know what people think of kavos in general food, beaches etc etc and imperticular pandis studio appartments as im going there in just under 3 weeks

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