Umbrella Beach I and II

Accommodation in Kavos

Debbie J          8/10

Just stayed at the umbrella beach, fantastic location, on the beach, not far from the nightlife a walk away. Also quiet if you want it. The pool is great cleaned thoroughly every night.

The rooms are cleaned every day but sheets and towels are only changed once a week unless your nice to the cleaners!
Nightlife in Kavos is great check out bar fresh, rolling stones and alantis(on the beach). The night never ends........
 Garanteed hot weather in august get the factor 30 out.

Claire D          10/10

yeah yeah... just got back from 1 week in the sun at the umbrella.. and i couldnt fault a thing.... the staff and mucis by the pool.. are all u need in the day.. the pool is nice the best one we saw.. only min's from everything.... seriously this is  were it's at in kavos.......  add me msn if u have any questions.. loved it so much were bk out in aug for a month... x

Rick J          3/10

Just got back yesterday, stayed a week in Umbrella apts in Kavos, the place is nice and clean, didn't see any cockroaches for once on this kind of holiday...

Kavos is nice, we were really there before the season kicked off properly, but the people on the strip were all great,the pr's aren't quite as pushy as in the canaries etc.
If you stay in Umbrella,as you walk onto the strip the first bar on your right is the Famous Pub, great place, funny kareoke and the landlady is a star!
Then on the left is the Oven Pub, check this place out for food, it is amazing,and great portions for reasonable money....the staff there are all incredibly friendly and helpful, above and beyond what they would need to be for customer appearance.......I'll explain more underneath.
Now for the bad stuff.............if you stay in umbrella, make sure you get a safety deposit box for your room.....we didn't, our rep told us most people don bother........however, we were the only ones with no box....and cosequently,the only ones broken into....on the second seems a little coincidental, especially as that's the first night we hit the town....also the owner/manager said "no police" as soon as we showed him where they broke in.........even insisting the window was safe and implying we made it all up(despite our lost money/mobiles/ipod and all our things emptied out on the floor.....the bed pulled out from the wall etc).
When we got in from the strip, we saw our room was trashed and rang the hotel emergancy number on the wall, only to be told "Go away I am sleeping", and no help was offered until midday next day, and then he said "is safe" when we showed him the broken window.
The manager (spiro) was very "off" with us after that, and we felt uncomfortable leaving our things anywhere,i.e. bags in reception on check out day.
The Landlady of the "Oven  pub" did more for us than our rep(who couldn't tell us where the police station was!!) and even offered to take us to the station and do the talking, as she spoke greek.....she was willing to leave work and do it on the spot!
She also pulled up our rep on why we hadn't been helped more......she didn't have to do any of that and we appreciated it so please go there and eat at least once, and if you do say the couple from Jersey are very grateful!
Have fun in Kavos, and at Umbrella......just don't trust that Manager/owner and don't leave anything unsecured.

Heather P

the umbrella apartments are in the quiet area of kavos. the owners are very strict, and dont like much noise, but apart from that these apartments are great

Heather P

all apartments have tvs, apartments are great. beautiful view of the beach and the mainland.

Lucy C           

Kavos is the party place to go... its wicked! The best bars are Rocky's, Buzz and The Barn. and you must check out some of the best clubs...Trinity + Venue! Have fun if your going there!


hey me n my mate are going there on the 4th aug havent bin there befor just cing if any one culd tell us wots gud n wots not??

James A           

Wow, what an excellent last 2wks ave just had there. If anyone is thinking of staying there well you should!!!! Accom & Staff were very helpful, the beach i am not joking is on your door step and the strip which has somethink there for everyone was absolute quality and only 2 minute walk too, but just a nice enough walk so you dont here the music of a night time.!

Greeks: Funny Looking!! (Nice though)
Food: Lovely (Desperados)
Music: Quality (Venue/Atlantis/Edewelius/Many More)
Weather: Ave got blisters to prove it!!
Accommodation: CLEANED EVERY DAY!!
Pool (2); Mint!!!!
All round good holiday!!!!
In fact:- WHY AM I STILL HERE!!!!!. . .Oh yeh, so i can book to go back!!
Scouse - On - Trent Jay-Ke 8   

David F           

stayed here from the 10th july till the 24th 06 was probably the cleanest apartments we saw in the whole of kavos and the pool was good all in all a good place to stay fully reccomended and we will be goin there next year !!   SCOUSE ON TRENT BABY !!

Joe W           

yeah, umbrella beach was'll have a good crack but watch out for 'ste'...the lad has got a right temper on him...and the naughty nineteen too...who were s**t! ......

Lauren K           

The Naughty 19 returned home with the feeling of only sadness!!! We didnt wanna come home! Umbrella Apartments were probably the best out in kavos! they were spotless and the maid came in every day! The atmosphere around the pool was never boring thanks to babos or 'steve' as the boys above our room would call him!!!! lol. Would highly recommend these apartments to anyone either travelling in a small or large group! Best Holiday weve had. The Naughty 19 were known everywhere we went just hope kavos dont forget us too soon!!!! Here some pics of the apartments ect! .... click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Robbie M           

It is pretty quiet, but at least u can get 2 sleep if u want 2... Its up one end of the strip which means u get a gradual build up from the small bars etc. to the big clubs and stuff in the middle... so u can start off getting some cheap drinks in at the start and gradually get hammered by the time u hit the clubs... it does mean u have a bit of a walk home at the end but like i said u can get 2 sleep easier (as boring as that might sound!)...

Like most of the apartments in Kavos it has loads of people with the same attitude of having a good time so its not boring... the bloke that ran the bar the last few years was probably the funniest and friendliest ur ever likely 2 meet, he'll play all ur CDs and give u free drinks now and then, however the woman that runs the actual complex is a complete cow and will try and stitch u up 4 any kind of damage (be warned)...
It is clean, and i dont think anyone will be disappointed by the place...
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Joe W           

WWWOOOOOoooooooooooooo.........2 days folks.........ledge

Natalie W           

Hey 19 girly mates including maself are set to go to the umbrella apartments next mon (3rd July- 10th) does anyone have any pics, and any reccomendations of places to eat, club and oh yer get boozy! lol wud be a great help..... Nat (Noo Nars) 

Matthew R           

Sea View...was that Apartment 9? That's where my girlfriend and I stayed. Wouldn't recommend for couples of families...too loud at night, not from the strip but from drunken idiots on thier way back from the clubs.

The apartments were cleaned everyday apart from weekends and whole Umbrella Complex had a clean feel about it. Pool Barman was a nice character however it is a shame that the Apartments are just inundated with young (16-20 year olds) drunks looking for nothing more than a lay every night.
The pool was very clean and even included a childrens pool, however, on the occassions when a child went to use the pool, careless and carefree arrogant types took over and pushed the children was disgusting to watch as drunk 17 year old girls on lilo's took over the pool and didn't give any room for the children.
Location otherwise was ideal as it was close to the mini strip and the nicer restaurants, so we did not have to go near the main strip of an evening! Also Chandris supermarket was a 2 min walk and seemed to be the best supermarket in town.
Overall though, my girlfriend and I (aged 20 and 23) survived the experience and had a relative good time, however, we would not return! We felt old in this place!
Famous Pub and Stoned...our mecca's for the whole holiday! Lovely people and not rowdy! As for eating, try Aristos Taverna, best food in town!
I would also recommend the Paxos Excursion and gets you out of the dirty hellhole that is Kavos for the day and you really feel you need the break! Paxos and Antipaxos are beautful and I would highly recommend these places.
The smell in Kavos is not too can occasionally smell it which is grim but not all the time!
Finally, watch out for the CD sellers, nice people but the discs are of low qualilty and jump and do not play!

Hayley P           

 Just got home amazing appartment with the nicest bar man ever ............

Great sea view from our room cant fault it one bit ... close to strip of bars and clubs ... smashing pool
Would recomend it to anyone wanting to go to kavos ..... i have plenty of photos if u want to see what it looks like just email me ... and ill send u sum pics.
SO sad to be home

Tash F           

we definetly had the worst appartment in the whole complex. if you can, ask for one ova looking the pool these were by far the best ones. the ones on the top level got abit of an upstairs too and were about 3 times the size of ours!!!! i hope to god they knock our appartment down it was complete s**t, but i suppose all in all you dont go to kavos to sit in ur room so i suppose it was alright 4 getting ready in!!

fantastic location tho u cudnt get better!! 1 minute walk from the strip, next to a supermarket and the beach!! i had such a gud holiday i only got back 2 weeks ago and hav just booked again, so im goin back in 3 weeks!!!!!!!yay cant wait!!!! u meets loads of people and if your up 4 a gud time youll b really depressed wen u hav 2 leave!!i know i was!!
fantastic bars are =  stoned, splash, pleasures, the barn, eldeweis, truants, memphis, roling stones... (plus many more!!!)

Matthew R           

Hey, my girlfriend and I are staying here on the 12th August for two weeks, would love to hear from other people staying there around that time, ecsp' couples!

So far, I know that a group of 12 Manchester Girls are staying there and 10 London blokes, sounds like it is going to be rather noisy!
Must say i'm a bit worried that my girlfriend and I aren't going to enjoy it, even though i'm 23 and she is 20

Simone Y           

hey just booked my girlie hol today to go to kavos nxt july! can anyone reccommend any good bars? anyone else out there nxt july? x

Mark M           

Het the umbrella appartments were AMAZIN!!! everyone is so friendly!!! we lost our key on the first night and the manageress happily gave us a spare key - FREE OF CHARGE!

Cleaners are preety cool on the first night/morning my mate was sick on the balcony but i decided to clean the mess up for the cleaner-washed it down with a bowl of water - we were on the top balcony! manageress was stood beneath us! WOOPS!!!

You can chuck your sick over the manageress but whatever you do DONT be sick over your matress - if ur planning to do so take a spare matress with you - cuz they aint cheap over there!  Had to replace a "slightly" soiled matress COST - 100 euros!!!

Oh an as the resort is exclusive to olympic holidays you might find this information handy! - 1. When you get to Kavos the coach driver will point to where your resort is. Take the road down turn left, right and the apartments about 200m on your left!!! You aint met by a club rep, so those directions might help.  2. you welcome meeting is on the day after arival at 5pm -  you wont get told this so just be around the bar at 5pm. If you dont turn up to the welcome meeting be prepared to have your head ripped off by the club rep when she gives you your departure details! NICE

If you follow those words of advice you should enjoy your holiday! Hey apart from that Kavos was AMAZZZZZIN! you only notice the standards of you apartment when your sober anyway! so almost kinda noot at all! 

Oh and some money savin tips! - DONT pay to go into sandstorm or trinity! just walk in through the beach and its FREE saves you 20 euros! thats a fifth of a matress!

Loziy L

Hello I am off to Kavos on the 8th Aug to stay at the Umbrella Apartments, with my boyfriend, when we are due to leave, the flight is a stupid time in the early hours of the morning, and generally you get kicked out of your room about 12ish in most places, what I was wondering is does anyone know if the Umbrealla Apartments has a storage facility for luggage, if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks Laura

Steven B           

been to kavos for the week with 8 m8s it was a good holiday apart from a few things mainly the owners of the apartments. the apartments were ok apart from that the sheets were not changed once in the week and you had to use the same towel. the owner was a b***h who wouldnt let you have any fun. then for the bar man who crabbed one of the lads by the neck for getting water out of the pool. and watch out if you do go to the apartments that they dont charge you for things you havent broke as they tried to do with us, but apart from this the holiday was great.

Sarah M           

I went to Kavos two years ago on an internet deal, i would like to go back again and stay at the same appartments but cannot find any information.... please help!

Claire F

Just booked 2 weeks stayin at Umbrella Apartments from 26th Auguest to 10th Sept! From what I've read everyone seems quite happy with them! Just wondered if anyone had any useful info or was going there to? Feel free to email, thank u.


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i used to run the bar there .....nice room nice memories ..i honestly say i visit the hole oppps!!

whole 30 of them you go there ask for 1-10 beach and pool front
jesus that was a lifetime away
keep the party up fpr the neighbours either side are .....gimbs on the right the onasis family on the left the great gimbo t**t ...i never go there again...
i got a house near by
ps do take notice of last years pic .....
and i thought i was

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