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Catherine H

I went to Kavos in July 2006 and was very surprised! Thoms Cook advertised the Ionain Sea Vew Hotel as peaceful and relaxing but it was far from it....It was a haven for 18 - 25 year old party animals and I LOVED IT! The hotel itself was appalling; you were charged over the odds for everything, towels and bed linen were not changed regualrly, you are not allowed your own food and drink outside your room and you pay tons for your air-con but arent allowed it on when your not there! If however you are young and there to party this wont bother you as the bars and clubs are packed with people out to have a good laugh. Fresh Bar is a good place to start (hi Alec and Ollie) and Rolling Stones, Buzz, etc etc. Future and Atlantis are great for a boogie (dont buy tickets from your reps as they are a con, we waited until everyone with tickets went in then 10 mins later got in for FREE). After clubbing tgo to Heaven and chill on the beanbags where you will wake up at 9am and stagger back to your hotel. Overall I had an excellent two weeks of pure fun and met some amazing people who I still keep in touch with a year later, but there are some dodgy people so watch your drinks girlies! I would recommend Kavos to anyone under 30 who loves drinking and clubbing but if you have a family then avoid at all costs. Smile

Charlotte G

hey everyone, have just got back from Ionian sea view! its lovely, basic but fine... the people r so friendly u will have such a good time! i want to go back for the rest of the summer! have fun! xx

Kim M

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Hi everyone, 

Me and my two girl friends booked this holiday yesterday and we are going from london on the 3rd August to the 10th August.  Thought I would look up some of the reviews and they all sound excellent.  Never been to Kavos before, but from the sounds of it, everyone seems to love it when they are there!
We will see you all there in just over 7weeks!   xxx

Adam S

hi everyone

cant wait till our exams are over and summer officially starts
is any one staying at ionian sea view early aug were flying from manchester
on the 3rd aug and come back on the 13th
theres 16 of us coming out its gonna be amazing
see you  there ppl hav an amzing time
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Daisy S

oooo hello vik, hello manda, nice lil page we've got going here!

hello girls and boys can't wait to meet ya all...any regulars out there??!

only 6 weeks to go! whoop whoop! x

Rach M

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we are going on the 25th june till the 10th of july, cant wait!! it rach, lee, leanne and sam!! look out for us were scouse and proud of it!!

Tk           10/10

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Tk           10/10

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Mark O          8/10

Hi guys im oggy from kavos july 2006!!!

it was the greatest holiday i have ever been on an iv been on a few an im only 19!!!
this hotel was the best ... sadly i never stayed here!!
i stayed at one in the center wiv escapades!!!
but there were 20 of us all together an 10 wer at this hotel an i hav to admit i spent most of the time at this hotel !!!
500 quid is well enough for the holiday trust me an i was legless everyday !!!!
hav fun this yr lads an galls but malia is the place to b this yr !!!!!

Tk           10/10

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Katie and grant            

We visited the Ionian Sea View in August 2006. The location was great as you arent on top of all the bars and nightlife its a small walk away. All the staff were very friendly especially the owner and his girlfriend. The rooms had everything needed and greatt views. Would definately return and recommend the hotel. Katie and grant

Natalie B

Hey, i'm due to go here in a few weeks, we are staying in a maisonette however have not been able to get many details of what this consists of!!! has any one stayed in a maisonette? if so how is it layed out? living room?kitchen? 2 single beds in one room?? please help!!thanks, nat

Sharon L           

my family and i have just returned from ionian sea view it was definately not for families the whole resort of kavos is absolutly wild a haven for young teenagers out to drink as much as for the appartments the rooms are disgusting one toilet roll for the whole holiday ,towels changed once a week the owner of ionian sea view wasnt at all interested in anything apart from money 100 euros to put on air con and you cant keep it on when your out .I would definately not go back to kavos again instead i would go to another resort maybe sidari or dassia.I cant understand why thomas cook is continuing to recomend this resort to families.The only thing good about our holiday was we met some very nice people or it would have been a holiday from hell.

Tony B           

My wife has just been recommended the Ionian by the Travel Agent. Looking at the comments it looks like it is suited to all you young lads and lasses. As I have a young family I have done all my Party holidays I am now looking for somewhere my family can just veg out by the pool!.

Would any of you have who have stayed at the hotel recommend it to families with young children


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Here are some pics of the Ionian sea view


We just got back from the Ionian Sea View Tuesday 4 of us went ages 20-23 and the place isn't too bad, rooms are very basic and considering that it is self catering the kitchen in our room was crap and very basic, we eat out all the time. You are not allowed your own food anywhere in the complex except in your room, you can't take your own to the pool, have to buy from pool snack bar. If you happen to break anything (which happened a lot) expect to pay 10 times more than what it is worth. Staff pretty friendly, rep Hannah did not make good impression on us, we arrived at the Ionian at 6 am and went straight to bed, at 10 am we had banging on our and our friends room door saying we had been making noise and that if it happened again once we were out, was not us and when she found out who it was she didn't even apologies! Not for families although they day we left 4 families with young children did arrive. Night life the best and had good time!


Nicola F           

We had an awesome holiday in Kavos! 7 girls, 17-18 yrs old. The apartments were average, good for the money we paid. In a reasonable location... possibly 20 minutes from the strip. Nightlife in Kavos is amazing! We will definately be going back. Apartments were quiet during the day, most of those staying were teenagers. I wouldn't say this place was suitable for families but if you're up for a laugh and are lookin for a wiked night out then Kavos is definately the place to come!

Adam H

iye all me n me mates are hitting the bars and clubs in kavos in october wt is the nite life like n e 1 if n e 1 wil b der at the same time meet up wit us for 1 ir 2 drinks lol x adam harty x


This time month we will be there.. cant wait, YAY!

we are going from the 17th till the 24th July! 3 welsh gurls, one welsh lad!

Nikki H           

Hiya, Me and 7 mates are off to Kavos for two weeks, my bro went last year, and he said it was good, so we've decided to try it. There will be 5 girls, 18-19, and 2 lads, both 18. we are flying on the 30th june, and staying till the 15th july. let me know if you will be there the same time.


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6 sexy b***hes hitting kavos from the 18th july 4 2 weeks cant w8 but dnt no what 2 xpect if any1 is traveling the same time give us a shout out prob c u there xxx 

Neil B           

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Here's a few pics i could find of the apartments from last year. Its in a great location and is very nice. you'll have a good time. Especially wi us scottish lads parading around in our kilts. HAHA. Enjoy.

Neil B           

Hey everyone. Me and my pals were there last year and it was awsome! Had a great time! So much so infact we're heading back this year. We'll be there from 27th June-11th July. So if anybody else is gonna be there at the same time let me know. You'll be more than welcome to join the 7 Scottish lads for a good few drinks.


5 17/18yr old girlies going ova to kavos, 10th july for a week, any othas there at this time? xxxx

Bill K           

click to enlarge click to enlargesome pics from ionian sea view hotel.

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