Courogianos Beach Club

Accommodation in Kavos

Anthony H          10/10

Unreal place to stay, just lookin through google now and this popped up, i was the rep in this hotel that year, go and see babis and zoe, u will love it, btw nat hows things

Stephanie S           

We stayed here in June, Its located on the beach, opposite KFC and pizza hut-down a lil lane. Its really central to everything.

Paying for sunbeds is a pain as most pools are free to use sun beds and that kind of thing.
Only bad this is we didint get any towels or anything, not sure if this is an 18-30s thing but it wasnt good, the sheets weren't changed either.
The bar is quiet expensive but they are strict on taking ur own drinks by the pool but u can manage to sneak things down there!

Natalie W

can anyone tell me the address of the hotel courigianos??

Laura M           


Laura M           

Absolute great place to stay, right in the thick of it!! Dance n RnB was played from 9pm right thru till 7am!!! Nikos and George r great n up 4 a right laugh- watch out tho they throw u in the pool at every opportunity!! room was good, pool view,beach view, wot else do u want?? Goin back in August to Relive Kavos all over again and cant wait! Reps- Steve n Gemma theyr great!!

Louise & stuart .           

 We went to Kavos and stayed in the Courogianos Beach Club for one week in October 2004.... Lets just say that was long enough!!  We were just looking for somewhere quiet, just to get away for a while.....We got that was dead!!  The rep, Nina, was really nice and the food was lovely.  Kavos itself is quite good, although it was all closing up when we went, you could tell it is quite a busy fun place at peak summer times! Although the drains run on to the street and the whole place smells minging!  However, we would not recommend the Courogianos Beach Club.  The bathroom was really smelly, and it wasn't too warm when we went either so id hate to imagine what it would be like on a really hot day in July or something!!  Our sheets were never changed and the maid only came once. We only got 1 tiny roll of toilet roll and the "balcony" looked out on to what appeared to be a big field/lawn, of dried up grass and trees, with loads of rubbish scattered about!!  The little boy, Nikos who works there, in the bar most of the time, although he looks about ten or something, was really really cheeky and he takes 2 euros off you everyday to use the sun loungers.
If you do go to Kavos/Corfu - GO TO AQUALAND! Its soo good, we had a real laugh there.

Jenni R           

Anybody that loves bronzing, partying, drinking, dancing and pulling!  Deffo go to Kavos.  I asked what Kavos was like on another note below (15th July 04!), so I just thought id be nice and say what a FANTASTIC time we had.  Me n Hayley went on the 7th September for 2 weeks- and it was mint.  It's really weird reading what other people put about nikos and george, and Nina the rep!  (Does ne1 know where Nina is this year?)  They made our holiday too, big style!  Nikos beat me at arm wrestling everytime, they're so cheeky but you really learn to love 'em!  If I were to go back to Kavos (which we most probably will!), I wudn't go anywhere else except Courogianos, I hope it hasn't changed too much with it being 18-30s now!  Kavos mings in the day, best thing to do is stay by the pool- but party on all nite long!!!  Its mental!  Best thing- you don't get hangovers (I really dont know why!), so you can get up, have summat gorge to eat from the apartments and bathe all day long!  We soooo didn't want to come home!  Malia the year before, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, this year- bring it on! x 

Jenna J           

The hotel was right next to the best bars in Kavos! Amazing dance and R'n'B was played from around 10pm till 6am!! The appartments were clean enough and the staff were brilliant!! Lazy Mike the rep - best guy in the world! If you have any problems he will sort them. There were a lot of mossquitoes, but if you've got protection it's ok. There is also a lot of talent - so take the other kind of protection too!!
The only thing that would make Kavos better is if you removed all the greeks!! The gypsies drive you insain and the police have a tendancy to drive down the strip making the bars and clubs shut early.
Kavos is a bit minging, but you do forget about it!! Don't let any bad comments put you off - go and try it for yourself and you will have an amzing holiday!

Louise & hayley T           

absolute great place to stay, absolutley crazy, as in the thick of it..nikos & george made the holiday, the cheeky little monkeys..nina the rep is one crazy mo-fo- be sure to throw her in the pool-she loves it....would definitley stay there again. dont change to 18-30s!! + if yor gonna go on any trips , dont book it with the reps, its cheaper down the road. first time in kavos, absolutley loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!c u guys soon.xxxx

Lauren C           

I just got back last week from here, second time to kavos and still enjoyed it this time round. the aprtments was simple - 2 beds a fridge and a bathroom but wasnt there most of the time anyway. had to pay 2 euro each day for sunbeds around the pool which i thought was a bit of a cheek, and one word of warning - watch out for nichos the little boy they have working there! great location for the clubs, bars and beach. i would recommend the buzz bar, rolling stones and the venue. drinks were really cheap out there - 5 euros for 4 drinks and these included everything. (also thanks for the group of london blokes i met out there, scott, dan, the 2 petes and the rest and thanks for staying with me the week!!) good holidays everyone...

Leanne S           

I will be travelling to this hotel on 11th October 2004 and was just wondering if anyone can give me more info on what the rooms in the hotel are like?
Would really appricate comments!!!

Jenni R           

Me and me best mate Hayley r off to Kavos on the 7th September this year, can anyone tell us what it will be like at that time of year? Will it be dead, or will it still be good but without the mania!?!?! Hope it doesn't rain! Also, can anyone could put a lighter subject on the apartments as they dont seem to have had that good of a rating overall. Is Kavos REALLY that grotty!?!?!?!?!?

Asmita P           

the only good thing about this place is how close it is to the beach(about 30 seconds away), clean pool (although we never used it) and that the rooms (my sister and her boyfriend were staying next door)were clean and quite big, although we were lucky as both our apartments were ment for three peoples.there is also not much cutlery to do cooking with and the fridge are not fantasicly cold. we stayed in room 14 and 15 and the rear view is not great although you do get to see bananas,grapes,olives and limes growing and spot a few lizzards about, also if your in our rooms its advisable to get ant spray or powder as theres loads but once we used the stuff for 2 days it was ok.
the cleaning lady came around 10.30 - 11am but as we were on a sunbathing mission we were always up but my poor sister and her b'friend next door who was always out partying till early hours was really cheesed off, as the cleaning lady would come in and open wide the curtains,windows and doors while she spent 10 mins cleaning. you only get one toliet roll in the week and they didn't empty our bins on the last 2 days. talking about toilets leads me to the awful smell which is really bad on hot days and when it rains but its only beacuse we were right next to the drains as futher up the road its not smelly.
the beaches are not the best and they don't clean them but it is useable. think blackpool beach without the turds but with hot weather and clear sea. there is seaweed about but only at the begining of the sea and as the sea is very shallow for a long way out there's no reason for it to bother you. beware of the wasps and some are huge on the beach and although they buzz around you alot they seem to fly away at their own accord. which leads me to the other pests on the beach, you've got 2 blokes flogging cds but if you say no they leave you alone although they will ask you again the next day. then you have 'sexy donut men' they sell donuts at 3 euros - 'chocolate, strawberry or plain' and the one who wears the t shirt is nice and won't bug when you say no but the one who goes shirtless tends to get a bit abusive if no one is buying (might have something to do with his attitude). my boyfriend had a choc and plain one and said they are ok is your peckish and can't be bother to get a snack.
we ate out every night and i would defo recomend to eat at puff the magic dragon who do chinise,thai,indian and mexcian by proper chef,the food and service was excellent and the surroundings is like another place. we also went to raja's and that was also very good. for snacks we went to the kebab shop on main streched and they are excellent, the british restraunt is good for breakfast and dinner and reasonably priced. kfc and pizza hut is just like ours although don't get the salad meals from kfc as it was awful.
the best priced drinks was in jungle bar which is towards the top of the strip. its 5 euros for 2 cocktails and as they were correct measures so we found them very easy to drink but we were also pissed before we knew it. they also play a bit of everything which is a life saver since everywhere else plays r&b and i am a big fan of r&b but when you hear it all the time day and night it gets a bit much. saying that my fav bar also was tango bar which played quality r&b till 1am. my sister recommends alantis club it does get busy but beware prices are expensive (12 euros for 2 brandy and cokes) and it doesn't really get going till after 2am and is open till 6am which you'll relise anyway if your at this apartment as you can cleary hear the music. there is a good garage bar which has and excellent mc. the rolling stones bar was always packed out and open till late which also plays a varity of music.
if you walk up to the top of the road then you will find lots of bars that play films and tv comedys like friend all day and although you pay about 4 euros for a drink its well worth it to pass a few hours.
well thats it really, i also recommend getting a lilo as we were on them for hours everyday and they don't cost much and is a god send when you have spent sunbathing and want to cool down. beware of the gypsy kids who'll try and con you as sweetly as possible at night selling things and the police patrol the beach at night every 15 mins so don't get caught with your knickers or pants down. take extra bog roll in your bag if you don't want to get caught out as it always runs out and take mozzie replent as they are little f**kers for biting at night.
so i hope i've given you a insite of kavos for a hoilday and that you have a top time.

Rex M           

Pure and simply, Kavos is a place you will love to hate. There is nothing attractive or endearing about the place, and it does possess a rather unpleasant odour most of the time. The roads are dangerous, with drivers whose idea of the highway code is 'one for all and all for one', and i found it quite expensive, although to be fair I think the same is true of most booze-up resorts in the aftermath of the Euro.
The appartment was in a good location, and the overall cleanliness was fine, however the cleaning lady was eccentric to say the least, wandering round screeching profanities to herself in some bizaree fusion of greek and english for most of the morning.
The pool area is nice, but its expensive as you have to buy refreshments at the bar. Its best to drink before you go out at night to prepare yourself for the anarchy of the main strip, lots of pushy reps all offering the same deal.
I'd recommend the apartments as they are some of the best we saw, but I dont rate Kavos as a place to stay. If you go then check out Jungle Bar towards the end of the main strip!!

Kevin M           

Room was filthy on arrival AND DIDN'T GET ANY BETTER.Changed sheets once in a fortnight and never changed the towels.Toilet bin was emptied by ourselves and toilet door could not be closed.Bar prices really expensive and are dearer in the daytime for the same drinks.You have to pay for the sunbeds(2 euros each) at any time of day even if it is after 4pm.Noise was unbearable into early hours and then the cleaners continued the noise when they arrived at about 8am.Beach was filthy- covered with cigarettes and condoms.When it rains Kavos stonks and the street becomes an open sewer.Never again - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING HERE.

Gregg M           

they only change the bedding/towels once every seven days they charge you to use sunbeds at hotel pool each day only provide you with one roll of toilet paper cleaners don't clean just empty toilet bin jmc reps charge double for outings get them localy loud music goes on till 5am not a bad thing for all just letting you know they rip you off with charging you 20 for a six hour extension on your room if you have a late flight when you can find local rooms for 10/15 per night no lights on at night to get to you room safely even up stairs is just off the main strip of bars/clubs and just next to beach

Kelly B

what is the hotel like?

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