Lefkimi Hotel

Accommodation in Kavos

Karley Bolton          10/10

We have been reading through the reviews and it is getting us buzzing for our holiday, just a little bit unsure what to expect.  We are flying out mid july and staying at this hotel, who else is staying? Me and Jess will see you soon  xxx

Kassie C          10/10

Got back today, really didn't want to leave!

It was the best place i've ever stayed in, it's in the best location with all the bars an clubs literally next door! and the staff are so friendly, Aris is a star always happy to help, never met any staff as friendly as these here. Hotel was always clean. Going back ASAP!!!

Martin ,          10/10

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got back yesterday from staying at the lefkimi hotel all i can say is what a great hotel the staff really freindly and help full espascilly ARIS this guy is a star can not thank him enough he really looked after me and my mate john  nothing was to much trouble at all.

will be going back to this hotel again and again cheap and cheerfull

Diane R

when arriving at this hotel last week taking in to consideration this was a cheep holiday we were met with a very icy reception a could'nt be bothered attitued the hotel clenliness was dissgraceful the bed linin was changed once a week in a 32 temp towles where only changed 2 times a week the bath room had a indicrible smell to the extent the 1st purchase i made was bleech and dissinfectant and air freshner which i used on a regular basis the manager of the hotel theo and margarita where so off putting you dare not complain as theo aspecialy would hurl back at you in broken english obcenities the breakfast consisted of tea/coffe 2 slices of partialy cooked toast butter and jam which was served to you reluctantly by maria between 7 and 9 not five to nine as she would remind you that you should be there earilier if you want to partake in this delicasey not all the staff as lefkimmi where the same yanni jenny and ellie where absolutly marvalouse and if it wasnt for them i know i would have asked to be moved this was and expriance i will not for get in a hurry but i wont give up as i'm sure not all the hotels in greece behave the way these few indeviduals behave what a shame as this could have been a cheep but never the less an enjoyable experience

Els K

allo ppl, me n my m8 r off 2 kavos again in july n we r stayin @Lefkimi. We stayed in the Sailors last yr which is rite nxt door 2 Lefkimi n it seemed quite nice, if anyone is going out there this year let kno wen n where ya stayin. c ya later x-x-x

elskelz_69@hotmail.co.uk e-mail me if anyone is out there this yr.

Sharon and amanda            

This hotel really is in the best location its unbelievable!!! Its on the club/pub strip! jus pop back when you like ... no long walks, dark allies or taxi fairs. yeah!

The rooms are small, and the view is of other hotels but thats how we made more friends (shouting across to the other balconies lol)

I swear our hotel room was cleaned top to tail every blinking day!!! We know this becouse we would be banished to the balcony (in our pjs) while the cleaner did are beds ect but then it was about 2pm in the afternoon (long nights drinking) The cleaner was lovely, she even managed to get a nasty stain out of my ice white skirt when she didnt have too!

The Pool
The pool is small and their is a 1euro charge for the sunbeds but thats for the whole day. The pool bar is good and the food is really nice. The lady that works the pool bar has a great personality and good sense of humour also very witty.

The breakfast isnt worth getting up for, bit of cardboard with butter and jam. Some luke warm tea that tasted like wee but its like that every where in kavos.

Night time
Aris is the night time receptionist, hes a pretty cool guy. Definatly on the ball! Very tolerant of our drunken stumbels home. He made us dry off before we could go into the hotel after a foam party and he dosnt like you making more than a whisper when you go back to you rooms. (understanable when its 6am in th morn)

Their really is no problem taking people back, loadsa people done it with no charge (although aris is "supposed" to charge 5 euro per extra person)

Tango Bar
If your staying at the lefkimi hotel you WILL get loadsa free drinks/shots/jellies from their "Tango bar" The bar staff are crazy but fab! Theo is the owner a bit of a nut case reminds me of a drill sargent wen he orders you to "open you mouth" for a shot stright from the bottle. Yanis is a funny guy! always making you laugh and always getting you drunk!!! (esp if you have a plane to catch in a couple of hours!!!) cheeky (---)!

Lefkimi is only a 3** hotel so dont expect alot. Its worth its money as most people get really good deals for this hotel

Make sure you always lock your balcony and hold tight to your money as kavos is swarming with gypsies.

Prs are all nice and friendly remember its jus their job!

We will be coming back here!!! Bloody F*cking kavos!!! Yeah!

Shaz and amanda xxx

Dolly F           


just come bk from kavos today lefkimi was smack bang in the middle of the action we loved it easy to stagger bk on the drunken nights, noise can be heard tho but i didnt bover us cus we was in later anyways the beach is really close, there is rivals between tango bar n sexy b*****ds lol, the staff r really friendly at lefikimi, aka aris,ella and bar staff :) i wud deffo go back

Sophie T           

After reading a few reports on here are Lefkimi Hotel I was a bit worried we had made a wrong decision....but we couldnt of been more wrong. The hotel is really clean as I think its a family run place so they are quite proud....the pool is kept really well (I saw them cleaning every sun lounger every night and all round the pool). The hotel is located right in the middle of the strip so you can stumble to a bar, restaurant, club or shop at any hour of the day. All the staff were friendly but a bit strict...I was quite glad of this in the end though as they stopped anyone coming in the hotel who wasnt staying there so you know there arent any randoms wandering about trying to get in your room! If you go into Tango bar (the hotels bar) the staff are sure to give you some good deals and get you extra pissed because your staying in their hotel....beware of the PR people on the strip....they will give you excellent deals if you barter with them (ie drink all you can for 10 euros we got one night) but half the time i ended up so drunk i had to be carried back to the hotel and put to bed! Lefkimi is definitely NOT for families but youngsters who are out for a good time it is a definite must! Anyone wants to know any more info before they go add me on msn sophet2000@hotmail.com

Jenny C           

weyyyy! got bak last week!!! lefkimi was clean and basic, got brok in2 when we were ther but apart from that  it wuz gud...the staff r all ded friendly but not a chance of ppl hu aint stoppin ther gettin in!!!they propa rememba evry1! the hotel is smak bang in the middle ov evryfin but the noise in the rooms aint dat bad specially if uve ad afew head f**kers!i wonna ga bak...... n e 1 gan out hav a brill tym am sure u wil!! x 

Imaan C           

Kavos woz WICKED...hotel woz brilliant the owners and staff were soo nice especially Ellie and Aris... it woz kept clean and the location woz amazing! Would recommend it to anyone if i go bk then I'd stay there again!x

Lee M           

8 of us stayed at lefkimi for 2 weeks and it was fine. the rooms were clean and the cleaner comes in everyday apart from a sunday. all the rooms have a balcony, some have good views and some don't. the reception staff are all cool especially ellie, the owner is sound as well, she will look after you all!!!!. the hotel is right in the middle of the strip and really close to the beach and you must check out tango bar and try the head f**ker!!!!

don't listen to what people say about the hotel cause it made us think we were going to a s**t hole but it wasn't, you will have a good time and in the room i was in you could hardly hear the music.

Ben F           

The location of the hotel is really good as it is right in the middle of all the action and very close to the beach, although dont expect to get to sleep to early as it is next to club sex. The maids came round everyday except sunday so the cleanliness was excellent. Also the staff are really polite and very friendly.

Dolly F

Hiya me and me 4 mates are stopping there in aug time is is a good location to chill in the day and got mad for it on the night ? We r party animals but we like a nice beach in the day, whats the breakfast like ?

Dolly F           


 Me and me girls are off to kavos in august. cant wait , now is it a safe place u dont gt dodgey men following u home ?
We propa party animals and looking for some major clubbing nights, into speed garage dance and rnb any suggestions ?

Roxy T           

me and five of my mates are goin to kavos on da 10th of july n stoppin in lefkimi hotel for two weeks we will be wearin girls on tour printed tops wiv our names on, roxy, gem, kate, carrie, kate n kelly. look out for us. X

Kirsty M           

I really dnt know wot sum of u guys r talkin about!! i am just bak from kavos yesterday and stayed at lefkimi hotel it was fab!!!!!!! I loved everyone in the hotel and i cant wait to go bak! And lads u can take girls bak as long as ur kl and chatty to Theo hes a top bloke all u gotta do is stay on his gd side and tell him when ur taking sum1 up to ur room hes so kl with everything after that!  aww am gony mis everyone from kavos so much!! oh and ladies check out roger (pr) in crash bar hes so hot!!! wow! anyway start and finsh ur night in the tango bar and ull enjoy urself as much as me! C ya Have a great time! xxx kirsty xxx

Trracey G           

lefkimi hotel is wicked!!! u cant ask 4more....ok very basic bt soo wat u dnt stay in ur hotel long ne ways partaying all da time!!! or out n about!!
lefkimi hotel is cheap and cheerful gr8 location and has a pool and a bar with fit bar staff n prs dey were nice lol get ur jelly shots der 2 der well nice and dnt 4get ur peach snapps down ur thoart as well!!
wicked holiday loved every minute!!
big up London bar, Fire Bar, Future, Tango bar and the rest of dem as well :) wicked nites out and the weather is gr8 2!! ne questions feel free 2 email me.... B_E_A_K_E_R@hotmail.com
baaaaa xxxx

Tina R

i want to see some pictures of the hotel im staying in its called the lefkimi hotel in kavos

Jenny H           

 Me nd ma mates r gan kavos this year in july, not sure wat till xpect lyk!!wer all pure lukin 4ward ta it afta a beast ov a holida last year in Aiya Napa. Propa curious ta wat is waitin 4 us this year stayin in the lefkimi. MASSIVE shout out ta FLANNETTE TAPPA ASHER-D MAFFIA n RICHIEE RICH am sure we will av an absolute belta tym...

Laura N           

big up kavos!!! bestest holiday eva!!

if ya lukin for a boring holiday kavos aint the place 4 u. Its fairly quiet and chilled through the day which is what u need to prepare ureself for the nite cos its mad! me and my friends went for 2 week on the 18th of July this year and were gutted when we had to come home! dont beleive any of them bad comments.. it isnt dirty .. well i neva noticed anways and the people are really friendly! Another good thing is how cheap the place is for food, alcohol anything really!
had no complaints bout the Lefkimi Hotel either it was basic but thats all ya need. staff were brill ( spesh the hotti receptionist Michael ) and it was a 24 hour reception which is handy!!
think we are going back next year and id advise any1 to try it!!!
*Laura*-    Newcastle


WICKED!  All the staff were cool, especially GRANNY!  Excellent spot, right in the middle of the strip, pool right out the back, beach behind you, bars all around, what more do you want?!

Go to Trinity if its advertised, wicked although i would have enjoyed it more had I not been paraletic!  Going back next year, cant wait.  If you are out for a crazy party all week, Kavos is the venue!

Tango bar was wicked too, all the staff were wicked, Romeo, Stallios, Lil Ninja, Adam and Dan!!

Unkown U           

we didnt actully stay in the lefkimi hotel but only a few doors down (traboukos) we had an amazin time loved every minute of it even cryed on the way home we didnt want to leave met so many wonderfull people. in the day there is nothing to do apart from sleep but when the sun goes down kavos lights up!!Bars were good lots and lots of fun!! overall kavos is a dirty place streets are filthy and stinks of drains... but you get used to it!! Tango bar was a really good laugh bar men are crazy!!!! snobs,atlantis,fu,tre,firebar,buzz,empire,,,crash bar,sammys(PR people outside ther literally pick you up and put you at the bar) was sooo funny!!!wudnt go with a boyfriend. its more of a lads or girls holiday !!! more men than women wud say about 30% girls. watch out for the greek kids steal your money and rip you off BUT overall i think it was a FAB holiday

Infact im back in the summer to work for 3 months so if ur there summer 2006 well see you there !!!

Tracey G           

dat bar man well hes finnnnnnnnnee!!


ALL I CAN SAY IS KAVOS IS MINT!!!! but a word of advice dont go unless u r single!!
THE LEFKIMI HOTEL IS ACE DED CLEAN, so dont listen 2 these bad comments, if ur young and up 4 it then GO GO GO wish i was still there, go to sandstorm in the day free sunbeds and well cheap drinks with bangin music!
honestly lefkimi is ace with tango bar downstairs, if u go say hiya 2 tony (the DAM fit bar man)
fair doos kavos is a bit grubby in the day but by night its wicked with the foam parties n drink everywhere!! if u dont love it theres somethin wrong with ya!

Tracey G           


Just got back 2day!!wat a place its soo good!! cnt believe how differnt Kavos is in the day 2 the night!! man its wicked!! sexy PRS out der especially on the london Bar....!! ohh and tango bar actually!! the hotel was really nice there all soo friendly even tho the manchester bois were loud ha ha bless dem!! :) soo happy dnt wanna be back tho!! wud recommend dis 2 lively people cz ur gna have a laugh us lot did!! BIg Up kavos.... 2005!! neone dat remembers us write back 2 dis!!
Tracey xxx


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