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Kyle C           

Its is a good laff kavos the food is alri the mcdonalds burgurs ex come fat much bigger burgers than ova here i had my hotel right on the strip the clubs 2 go 2 are venue n crash bar or jus try an go down the strip an ger paro lol i met so solid crew ova there gd bunch of lads i wuld go agen grat holiday

Donal M           

well me and the lads want to go to kavos for 7 nights in august and need to know all info on the best places to go out on the p**s and the best cheapest place to stay thats not selfserving. thanks

Amanda F

my boyfriend and i have booked to go to kavos in july it will be our first holiday together and we want it to be a good one. i have read comments about the lemon grove apartments and i would like to know if u have to pay 2 use the pool and if the place is really a "hole". also i heard the food is really bad. PLEASE can some 1 help me. THANK YOU!!

Jamie P           

well where can we start!!! the hotelwas a hole!! the sign said kaos hole!!(quite appropiate!!) the hotel people were f**king nutters!! throttled one and punched another!!! pedros was a legend!!! still got his necklace!! the funniest thing was charging us 200 euros for supposedly stealing two blankets we neva had!! breakfast was amazing!! yeah right mate!!!! rock on the golden fleece best food eva!! rolling stone was banging a must see!! thepool will dye ur skin and clothes orange!! and when it rained we were in 3ins of water everywhere!! excellent!! there was a waterfall coming from the roof!! anyways the holiday was cracking and big up to chezza, paul and dan!! cheers boys!! love the chippenham boys jamie, ryan,matt, tom, g and davexxxx

K S           


Unless you like eating mouldy bread for breakfast, broken beds dirt and cockroaches! Also to keep you entertained there's the people who run the place. V V Scary! We were right by reception and all you can here all night is them screaming at people/eachother/themselves?! The pool will bleach your clothes and they when they say in the brochure that its noisy they are not joking! Good luck!

Rebecca E           

Hotel was rubish! Live wires exposed everywhere, plus open manhole covers and couple having sex outside reception! cleaners didnt know the requirement of job, no clean towels or sheets! we didnt even get a shower curtain! breakfast, top notch- 1 piece of toast and hot water! Cheers!
the staff were like a greek version of Eastenders! one could barely walk BUT somehow managed to speed on a tractor round Kavos! he would also wake us up each morning by yelling at a Hosepipe! Insane! im sure he had the greek equivilant of terrets syndrome!
had a good holiday overall though but it was only what we made of it not what we were presented with! my opinion, dont waste your money!

Amie B           

kavos hotel...wot a joke!! hotel is very basic, rooms are ok but staff keep you well entertained esp the old bloke on crutches,weirdo!! you have to pay 2 euros to bathe by pool, and water makes everything go orange. we stayed a week and didnt get clean towels,minging!! hotel is rite o9n main strip which is good but be careful of mopeds they dont give a s**t were they ride!!

Rob S           

Yeah the rooms are very basic, yeah you have to pay 2 euros to sunbathe or swim in or by the pool. But other than that its just what you need. Shout out to Pedros the Night-Porter/Doorman.. ..legend!! If you're sound, like us, he'll let you bring girls back and get you free beers. The place is dead clean and is right in the middle of the action. Rocky's is the best place to start your night and Atlantis the best place to end it. In between, just mill about various other places drinking "Headf***ers!"


hotel rooms very basic two beds, tables, and bathroom. a bit awkward to have a shower but u get the hang of it! had the biggest balcony in the hotel :o). the people that worked in the hotel were nice. The rooms were kept clean. Night life couldnít be better it was soooooooo good, bars open at 9 close at 1. Clubs open at 1 close at 6. most drinks are watered down so keep ur eyes open. Defiantly go in roadblock music is wicked shout out to the DJ Simon in the roadblock! go to crash bar, and the wild wild west. The men that work there are very nice!! And go in the London bar. Any other bars donít go in, the drinks are watered down. When the clubs open go in futures they play good music, Atlantis, and venue. it was very hot. Best place to eat is the British restaurant, very nice food. Go on the excursion to the blue lagoon it is money well spent trust me everyone loved it. Overall i recommend Kavos one who wants to go out every night get pissed and have a laugh. KAVOS 2003!!!

Mark G           

The location was perfect but the problem was it was so poorly run it became a joke. first of all our 4 bedroom room only had 3 beds, but the manager insisted 'you're not fat, you sleep together'. We were charged 2 use the hotel's swimming pool and one evening we were refused entry in2 the hotel- admittidly we were quite drunk- but the manager threatened us by pulling out a knife. Apart from that there was no complaints.

Janie D           

Kavos hotel is basic, but clean. Its definitely one of the best of the cheaper hotels. Right in the centre of the action it is perfect for the young and lively.

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