Corfu Sea Gardens

Accommodation in Kavos

Tracy D

we are booking for the corfu sea gardens via teletext. Although it is now called the corfu sea hotel. It is now an all Inclusive property.

Jane I

does anyone know which tour operator is booking the Corfu sea Gardens?

Ben H

can anybody tell me how far corfu sea gardens is to ionian sea views cant find anywhere

Debs P

does anyone know how vto book these apartments direct please

Debs P           

visited in sept/oct 2004,absolutely fantastic,staff great,entertainment brill,nat was excellent with the kids,loved alan a very good entertainer,but he s like marmite you either love him or you hate very spacious,kitchen basic but hey who cares when thats the only downfall,joined in the entertainment every night a right laugh,cartoon heroes is great,met some brill people,debs andy and girls they were great fun,the best holiday we have ever had.oh musnt forget hello paula the best bar girl.if anyone reads this who met us there3 get in touch you can email me on especially nat as i would love to know what youre doing now as she was unfortunately leaving sea gardens at the end of the season.if youre thinking of booking up then go 4 it its the best.,you would probably remember trafford and clayton better than us they were always up on stage with emily bethand victoria, more than us and thats saying something.or you might even remember us from the miss corfu sea gardens competition which my husband won as elga from sweden,bring back any memories?

Lisa W           

Pool gorgeous and apartments were nice and big! But did get attacked by wasps a few times. Most of staff there were friendly but the night receptionist/security guard is a miserable git!! Enjoyed staying here 

Peter S           

Had a great time with my family here at c s g.The place was very clean,the reps went out of their way to entertain everybody,esp Paul.The pool area spotless and the staff behind the pool bar great.Food in the restaurant not that great but plenty of nice places to eat,esp Venus,ie the swordfish,steaks and pizzas great,plus Harrys bar in Kavos.Kavos mad but no probs,and everyone out for a good time.Thanks to the Greek people for being so nice and thanks to Gary(the geordie) and Lee (.the gillinham boy).Theos boat and 2 island trip a must,also the trip to Albainia interesting.Would recommend c s g to friends and family.

Vikki chris and jacob B           

Got back from sea gardens just over a week ago and was more than happy with the apartment and the grounds. The entertainment staff ( natalie, katie and paul ) were fantastic and deserve alot of credit for a job well done under hard circumstances. The other hotel staff were also fab and very polite,Theo's boat is the trip to go on even with small children so dont be put off, we advise you to walk into kavos to eat as you will save alot of money and the walk along the beach is a much safer bet then the road. The wasps are a pain but they are part and parcel of the holiday. all in all it was a fantastic holiday to the extent our son ( 4 ) did not want to leave and would go back now . the only down side was the bus transfer to the apartment which takes about 2 hrs and is very scary as the road laws seem non existant. hope this helps other people to make up their minds about this complex you get what you pay for and you make it what it is

Adam P           

hey just wanna no if theres ne girls goin out in kavos around 5th july? nebody got ne foto's of ti, ive tried all ova but cant find ne

Scott M           

Corfu Sea Gardens 10/10 never had such a great holiday!!!!! Never Wanted to leave. Full marks to the entertainment team, Darren, Vicky, Lucy, Hayley and of course Paul. They were absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!! so much to do during the day and only a five minute walk to kavos. i'll be back next year without a shadow of a doubt. The pool bar food was excellent but the drinks were kind of pricey but with three happy hours a day it doesn't really matter, again a massive 10/10 for CSG and would reccommend to everyone.

Barbara S

Add your comment looking for info for a friend who visited your apartment some time again and would like to visit again he would like to know how he can book with you direct thank you.

Candice B           

My boyfriend and I got back from Corfu on Sunday 10th Oct - to say we didn't want to leave is an understatement!! We had a fantastic time - Theos Boat and the 2 Island cruise are 2 trips you just HAVE to go on! We really liked The Corfu Sea Gardens - only downside was the wasps and the shower in the appartment. It's in a lovely location - the view from the pool area of mailand Greece and Paxos is beautiful. Well done to all the staff, especially Chris - great rep and very approachable. We were close enough to Kavos to walk there if we wanted. Had a very boozy night there with Pat, Mike, Dan & Vicky - cheers guys, blinding night!! And the staff at The Jolly Chef were polite, funny, and the food was great - lovely jubbly, as they would say!! Was glad we were just outside of Kavos though, as the sewage smell was not pleasant! I'd advise for families and couples to go out of season, as most of the clubs have closed down - no lager louts in sight!! And don't be put off by the small beach infront of the hotel - if you carry on walking round to the left, it gets bigger, trust me!! If you want a bit more culture, got to Corfu Town - the shopping is fabulous, so take plenty of money!! All in all we loved every minute of it, and would definatley recommend it!!

Pat C           

We arrived back from corfu sea gardens last friday and all i can say is we did not want to come home.i came on the web site and i was shocked at some of the comments i read.My husband and i had an absolute ball. we met some fantastic people. Alan Nat Emma you are top entertainers considering you are coming to the end of the season and must be getting ready for a well earned break you all gave 100% commitment. Matt Candice Vicky and Dan were two couples we met at csg and thanks to them for making our hol great fun . I booked this holiday as an anniversary present for mike and i know i made the right choice . it definately could have been worse ie the corfu plaza in the back of beyond and i suggest those who did not like csg then next year they should go there. !!! thanks once again to everyone at csg and i hope "helga " from sweden has got some vaseline !!!!! loads of love Pat and Mike xxxx

Debs S           

We have had the most wonderful holiday ever here at the Corfu Sea Gardens great accomodation although its right about the towels and sheets not changed enough. The Annimation team and the Reps something else great fun Alan you are the number one Teletubby.(Looser) ha ha. Nat and Emma and Jayne and Helen fantastic Cinderella Pantomime. The pool and area was lovely kids had a wonderful time shame about the chocolate milkshakes they kept running out of Icecream. We had brilliant company thanks Deb, Pete, Trafford, Clayton, and the rest of the crew, look forward to seeing you when you get back. Best hols ever can't wait to go back.

Karen S           

My husband and myself got back from Corfu Sea Gardens in Kavos late last Friday night (8 October 2004). I have to say that it exceeded my expectations completely. I have heard nasty things about Kavos (after I booked the holiday obviously), but apart from the wasps I thought it was bloody brilliant. Always plenty to do, very helpful reps and animation team (Alan, Chris, Becky, etc). I don't know where these other people bought their drinks, but I don't consider 4.5 euro for a bottle of strongbow (imported) to be expensive - clearly they were looking for the cheapest holiday ever! It wasn't noisy, it was the cleanest place I've ever been (including places in England) and I was more than peeved to be coming home after a week. Keep up the good work CSG and everyone at Thomsons!

Family dave A           

csg was ok - ripoff prices for late night bookings (despite the fact that our room was booked for us 12 hours before we even left the uk), they had to charge us so we could stay until 9pm. they also refused to accommodate our request for a quiet place for us until midnight (our pickup time to go to the airport)and we had to spend our time with our 3 young kids in a smoky and very loud bar instead. hardly accommodating for families. thanks 'barbara' for that - very helpful i don't think. i am sure you could have found a room amongst the 96 apts for us and our kids, but according to 'barbara' every apt was full. yeah, right - last week in sept - a nice line in bulls**t.
the reps were useless - never available at all.
however, the restaurants nearby (ie 'the layby' and 'the stone house') were fine and totally accommodating and accessible - your courtesy was appreciated.
the butlins-like atmosphere of the csg was ok - but if we were in an apartment block near the pool then the noise would have been insufferable. all seemed a bit sad, actually - "bouncy" entertainers giving it all to a small handful of disinterested individuals! the bar was expensive, but we are not great drinkers so no problem. the pools were good though and very clean and well maintained and my kids loved them.
the apt itself was not bad, rudimentary in the way a concrete tent is. and also very bad damp in the boys' bedroom to the point we had to move the kids' clothing out and left our youngest with a nasty rasping cough (he does have a predisposition towards damp....) - but we were happy with the standard of hygiene and that is important. ...kavos - where the unsuccessful criminal classes go on holiday. full of ghastly shaven haired thugs sporting sunburn, cheap jewellery and excessive tattoos and their ugly mule-faced 'birds'.
they were repulsively drunk, fornicating and vomiting in the streets -coa**e and thickened, it reminded me of a cross between a breughel painting and an hieronymous bosch trypich panel - it also made us embarrassed to be british/english.
for gods sake, unless you are very young, stupid, got no taste in clothes and like to be excessively pissed for the duration of your holiday then avoid kavos like a fungoid ulcer. i am sure it suits some but we were surprised at its crassness.

overall though, it was fine - the pleasure of a holiday is being able to spend quality time with one's family and we all enjoyed ourselves despite the factors alluded to above.

Audrey K           

after hearing so many conflicting comments reguarding this accom. we were very impressed with the room, area, pool, weather, food, staff, the lot. would definately recommend. my daughter is mithering to go again next year she's 15. 10/10 fantastic!!!

Lucy L

are there any photos of this resortthat anyone can show me x x

Jess & kate K           

the sea gardens was the best holiday we have ever been on - everything we wanted - clean accommodation, friendly greeks, superb location, and the most professional entertainment we have ever come across during a package holiday. all the employees were polite, helpful and gave a service above the call of duty - it made all the difference to a wonderful break! if there is any chance of a message getting through; we would like to say hi and thank you very much to jo, nat, paula and spiros who were brilliant at their jobs and on top of that, made you feel like you had found new friends. jess especially says hello and missing you all alot already - only back 2 days - wanna c u all next year!! xxx

Fiona H           

Just got back from corfu sea gardens,i didnt want to leave!We were very impressed with the accomodation we couldnt really fault it.Maid service wasnt so good, we had to ask for clean towels and sheets!Also the shower head in our bathrroom was brokr and after a week of complaining about it the repair man fixed it a day before we were due to leave!The entertainment team were lovely and all very talented,i especiallly enjoyed the cinderella pantomine!
We ate in complex restraunt most nights you can get a decent meal for around£6,we couldnt get enough of the steak it was amazing!
Kavos itself isnt great,it consists of a strip of bars restraunts and a few gift shops.It has plently of nightlife though,we really liked the Barn Bar,which played lots of excellant r+b music and Bonkers.
Beaches in Kavos are disappointing, however there is a manmade beach beside the corfu sea gardens,which is small but clean.
We went on two island boat trip,i wouldnt recommend this trip, thought it was a waste of a day.We also booked to go on the highly recommended captain theo's trip,however the day before my sister got sunstroke and we asked the rep if we could get a refund.We were told we could and to bring our recipts.we approached a different rep later on who told us that we couldnt get a refund,unless we all produced a sick note from the doctor!As if!
I would go back to Kavos again, but I have to say having set eyes on the other accomodation in Kavos,I would only go back to Corfu sea Gardens.

Andy R

Anyone know the telephone number for Corfu Sea Gardens? Trying to get in touch with 2 girls from Birmingham who i met in Bonkers bar in Kavos last week, 1 of them was called Dawn and i think this is where they were staying, Cheers.

Paula C           


Rosie S           

rosie jess kate and chelsea! when we stopped at sea gardens we had a bloody ace time,big up to alan!we love you. hello to the sheffield lads,next door craig & jeff& made our holiday aceeeeeeee.
kavos rocks.,best night out ever. bring emma back please. sack the night**tch man guy (stavross).put all the young ppl in seperate apartment blocks and stop giving ppl eviction warnings. go into kavos it is soooo good,where else in the world can u pole dance to jon bon jovi!!!!!even though it smells like poo its stiull the best place eva!

Erin D           

Corfu Sea Gardens has got 2 b the best place i have ever stayed- it was gorgeous! The entertainment team were amazing-WE ARE THE CARTOON HEROES! and I AM THE MIMIC MAN! Never laughed so much in my life! The Reps were brill, always up for a laugh- loved the pub crawl with them! Chris is such a babe!hehe! Dont think the security guard liked us 2 much tho! The bar and restaurant staff were soo good with u as well always made a good attempt at our scottish accent!I got back 2 days ago totally gutted never wanted 2 leave, felt so sorry for chris when he had to work when Greece won the cup! Will be back next year definitely, hopefully my friend wont have a broken wrist next year when we go tho!

Juicy L           

Sea Gardens is a brilliant resort, with lots to offer. I would definitely recommend it to young groups/ couples or familyís who want a lively holiday. The restaurant staff are brilliant, especially Spiros with his gorgeous cocktails and stunning smile. There is an amazing view from the restaurantÖ. his name is Socrates, oh and keep an eye out for their Greek look-a-likey of Al Pacino, something for everyone. Kavos is a lively place, which is great for young people expecting the 18-30ís nightlife.
As for Angela, WAKE UP AND GET A LIFE. Kavos is an 18-30 resort, so not exactly the place to relax hey. I think you should have done your research before hand. Maybe try booking your next holiday in Irac, Iíve herd itís quite relaxing there. J


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