Hercules Studios

Accommodation in Kassiopi



me and my two friends ( all 18) stayed in the hercules in august 06 and absolutly loved it! we were abit worried from some of the comments we heard and although it is very basic we grew to love it cause we made it our own! an deffo wana go back next year! we absolutly loved the pool and bar and spent all our day there and felt completely relaxed and comfortable and all the staff are great! if you buy a drink at the bar you get to spend all day there for free, we were there for 2 weeks and it was abit cramped and there was no air con (apart from a hired fan from the bar, because theres no reception) but you only have to sleep there dont you! we also had a nice little balcony with a gud view of the sea, fridge and all the necessities. so overall we would defo reccomend these apartments as there right in the town centre but some how really quiet! we loved every minuite of our holiday!

Richard F           

My wife and I stayed at Hercules Studios August 2006. The apartments are basic but do contain all the essential items. The cleaners do make every effort to keep the apartments as clean as possible.The accommodation makes an ideal base if you are touring the island.However if you hire a car there is no where nearby to park it unless you hire it from the local Kassiopi Car Hire who allow customers to park their cars in a plot at the bottom of the slope leading up to the apartments.

Stacey P           

i've jsut returned from a 2 week holiday in Kassiopi ans stayed at the Hercules apartment/studios.  after reading some reviews on other sites i was a bit reluctanct to stay here but now i've been i am glad i did.  the apartments are basic, but this is Greece and you get what you pay for.  Although they were basic, there was nothing we were short of and they were cleaned regularly and provided a good base.  you can use the sunny pool which is next to the apartments which is a great pool, 2 Euro's for a sun bed and you get a free drink, the family that run the pool are lovely and welcoming!

The apartments are down a small road and then you are in the middle of everything, they couldn't be any better placed as they are quiet but still near everything thats goin on.  The small hill to the apartments that has recieved many complaints isnt too bad, understandable if you have walking difficulties, but for anyone relatively fit it is not a problem at all, takes a minute to get up.  Another concern we had before we went was that in the olympic brochure it suggested a torch to get back at night, we didnt find this necassery as the pool is well lit.
all in all the apartments were very clean and our stay at hercules was good, i would use them again as it is lose to evrything and good value for money, the staff are extremely friendly and effecient.
Olympic Rep was there if needed and very pleasant.

Marilyn F           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeI was there in July 2005 with a freind for two weeks. The facilities are basic but are practical for the job needed doing (kitchen picture given). I read some reviews before I went out there and was worried about turning 'green' in the pool but its safe to say that I did not experience anything of the sort...The beach is just around the corner anyway and is absolutey lovely-pebbles but a crystal blue sea. The staff are wonderful at maintaining the place- I found that the cleaning side of things was great-everything was spotless on cleaning days-twice a week. Enough for us! We stayed in no.14 with a great view of the hills-the balcony was great to have. There is a hill up to the apartments but its not drastically steep or long-its manageable. Overall its a safe base for an enjoyable active holiday.

Louise H           

I went to Kassipoi with my mum and dad and i thought oh great im not going to meet any one my age (18) when i got there, and on my 2nd day i did, in fact i made friends with quite a few boys and girls my age even some of the locals and am still in touch with them, im went in illusions every night for the 2 weeks i was there as i loved it in there and got on really well with the bar staff espeially Jimmy and Panos, i am now planning to go back next year with 3 of the girls i met out there and some of our friends so that should be good. Any one thinking about going for a holiday there i would deff recmend it, the hercules appartments are nice and the staff at sunnys pool and snack bar are very friendly.

Nerys W           

It was our second visit to Kassiopi and stayed at the Hercules Studios (Room 4) from May 16th - 23rd.  We were not disappointed!  Before hand we were a bit apprehensive - feedback we were given was not very positive, mainly because of the 'supposedly' steep long hill that led to the studio!  It was only a slight gradient!  There is no view from the balcony at the back but the view from the front makes up for this!  These studios are situated in an excellent location - 2 mins from the square, about 5 mins from the Harbour!  They were basic but very clean.  We were allowed to use the Sunny Pool facilities next door, which you paid 2Euros a day for your sunbed (they would also give you a free drink!!)  The pool area was compact, but had a very friendly atmosphere.  We would definately go back and use these Studios again!

Annie F

can anyone give me any info on the hercules apartments---is the annexe a 2 bed apartment an is in general the apartments ok.ta !!!!

Gabriella G

I stayed in Kassiopi October 2002. My holiday company was Olympia( I THINK ) When the coach dropped me of in the early hours I and my rep had to walk up a steep incline. Half way up we took a short cut through a pool area which was independent from the apartments, but we could make use of for a very reasonable price. it was only a 5 minute walk to the town from there. What I would like to know is. What is the name of the apartments? The Hurcules apartments sound familiar, but I am not sure. Please can you help me??

Jess H           

Me and my fincee have just booked a two week holiday at the Hercules Studios. We just need a place to sleep as we will be out most of the day but we have heard some good reviews and some bad.We have booked a 2 bed studio but don't know where on the complex it is. So can someone please help on the front. Also what are the charges for the use of the pool and that? Finally what's the best place to eat out? Price no problem, looking at quality of food.

Thank you. 

Emma M           

we stayed in the hercules annex august 2004 & didn't know what to expect after reading the reviews.although the treck to the top annex in the midday sun was shocking the view was great & the apartmentwas comfy for 2.kassiopi is an amazing place & i would deffinatly go back,it made up for the treck each day to the appartment.

Derek F           

we stayed sep 2004 it , there is a steep slope to apartments with a dangerous drop to one side , Utensiles want replacing chipped pans etc
cooker very old Oh for a microwave Apartments only cleaned mon tues and fri towels repaced only once a week as are the sheets ,only one toilet roll supplied although we didnt get that.Handy for centre 5 mins walk .Kicked out at 12 noon on last day we rented a room off George down hill infront of pool which were better then Hecules for 20 euros until our early morning flight , Kassioppi very nice not to noisey and brash

Chris F           

Some comments about the Hercules and Sunny Pool on the internet have been way too negative. Just got back from Kassiopi and thought the whole place was wonderful.

Hercules is fine. We were in appt 16 right beside the Sunny Pool. It was small, but adequate for our needs. After all, how much time do you actually spend in your appartment when you're on holiday? It's a place to get washed, changed, eat (occasionally) and sleep.

Can't say what the annex is like, although it did seem to be up a steep hill with lots of steps. If it's kept the way the main hercules complex is though it'll be fine. It's not grubby or dirty. We reported a leaking bathroom tap to our rep (Karen from Olympic - very good rep by the way!) and the following day it was fixed. So you can't complain about that.

The Sunny Pool right next door was exceptionally clean. 2 euros will get you a sun bed, access to the pool and a free drink. considering you would be buying a drink anyway, that's not a bad deal (a strange greek tax law means that anything consumed in the pool area must have a receipt in the till. if there's not they can be fined so therefore they don't allow you to consume your own food/drink there which is fair enough - prices are reasonable anyway).

On the whole we had no complaints about herclules (although the fridge/freezer wasn't all that good, but it worked which is the main thing).

Hercules is well located (watch that hill though, but it's not as bad as it's been made out) and is somewhere we would consider again for a cheap holiday. It's an excellent base for exploring Kassiopi and the rest of Corfu.

Eating -
Loads of places, chinese is good, so is the itallian up the road from it, 3 brothers taverna serves great food (and the locals eat there too so it must be ok), lamb kleftikas from kassiopi star is very nice.

there's loads of good shops and supermarkets (kiros is a good one for food shopping), and plenty of places to drink.

Aimee S           

oh dear how much of a mug am i?! I have just booked one week at hercules on 18th october-because it was the cheapest deal!! I know what you mean yvonne-as i know someone who stayed in the annex i was sure to check i wouldnt be staying there, i spoke to someone at the call centre and now have a written guarantee i will not be in the annex..they want to hope im not! if it proves to much for you, ask your rep (if you can find them!) and ask if there is any chance of being moved to the main apartments down the hill slightly..theres not a lot you can do otherwise, just grin and bear it!

Yvonne R

hi, can anyone help, i've just booked a holiday at the hercules, when i booked they showed me the hercules apartments, but looking at the paperwork its actaully the annex, are they really that bad, i've booked a 2 bed apartment as i have a one year old son, i go on the 20th sept, so any info before then would be appreciated, many thanks


We have just returned from two weeks in the Hercules Studios and I think they've had a bit of a bad press on this site so far. We found them to be clean and fairly well maintained. They are basic but so are all the self catering apartments in Greece! They are situated up a bit of a slope but it shouldn't pose a problem for most people, only those with serious walking difficulties. We had a two bedroom apartment which would be small for four adults...would probably be more suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids. The Sunny Pool (right in front of the apartments) is excellent and the staff very friendly.
Kassiopi itself is great with some fantastic restaurants and Tavernas...we can particularly recommend Strofilia having eaten there on 5 occasions. Kassiopi Star (by the harbour) was very nice too.
I would definatley recommend Kassiopi to anyone as it has something for every one. Will probably be back soon.


hi ya i were in kassiopi 2003 and 2002. i stayed in hercules 2002 and it were nice and stayed in mavronas (soz bout spellin) 2003. the sunny pool iz well nice and it is situated in a good place foe both apartements.

Sue S           

just arrived back after 2 weeks in kassiopi,had a great time dispite the very poor accomodation met some lovely people would certainly go back there but would most definatly NOT.........stay at the hercules studios which were very grubby and in dire need of refurbishment

Helen K           

Yes i stopped in these appartments well i stopped in the annex in the oylmpic book they do not say anything about these appartments and now i know why they are up two steep hills and about 15 steps after that if you have small children or have difficulty walking DO NOT stop in these apartments. They are very small and not that clean i have stopped in better, but the view is great you can see the whole of kassiopi and the beach too

Aimee S           

our apartments (5 and 13) were up a steepish hill, and a few stairs, the lounge' area was a joke-barely enough room for two people stood side by side, let alone an extra bed, the balconies were nice though, real suntraps in the afternoon. we only stayed here as a last minute booking, so we didnt have much choice. the owner/cleaner was nice, but the rep-travelling with olympic-was awful. he didnt show up, he didnt tell people when they were flying, he spent most of his time in the internet cafe or at jasmines. and there is no olympic rep actually based in kassiopi, the helpline is awful too...i think thats what made these apartments worse. they were near sunny pool, but a lot of people who went in the pool came out green!! lol! the apartments arent bad for 2 people, but definitly not 3 in each! i thought the trip up the hill and stairs to my apartment was hard work-but poor helen was in the annex!! an even bigger/steeper hill and more stairs-but im told its a great view!! lol!

Susan H           

we made a last minute booking(3weeks before travelling)when we arrived was given the Hercules ANNEX!!!!Although it said in the brochure that people with walking difficulties should avoid it, the brochure forgot to point out just how high up 2 massive slopes AND 49
STEPS these apartments were situated.Imagine going up and down in the heat of the day.!!!!!We just put up with it in the end,although with 2 young children it was difficult.The apartments NOT in the annex were nicer and more modern inside too.

Aimee S

quick! i need info on hercules apts. are they two bedrm apts with lounge? pics would be helpful but any info would be great! little_miss_aimee@hotmail.com thanks!

Ben T

have you got any pictures and info on the hercules apartments in kassiopi, corfu? If so could you e-mail me some.


Sandra Y           

Stayed here in 2001 - very close (30 seconds) to the Sunny pool which was nice. We could occasionally hear music from the main street but does not go on much past midnight (and we were usually in amongst it so didn't really bother us). Accommodation basic (as most s/c studios) but was clean. The balcony looked directly onto a wall and up onto a path (not busy though). Apartment next door had a wall directly in front of the balcony - no sun on either balcony which was good if you wanted to escape the heat. Overall Kassiopi is fabulous and we are going again this year.