Olive Grove Complex

Accommodation in Kassiopi

Ashleigh W          5/10

hiya i have just back from kavos in the olive grove complex yeasterday :D me and 4 of my friends went there for 2 weeks from 2nd july till the 16th we enjoyed our self. kavos its self is very livly and there are loads of big clubs to go to.  but the rooms are terrible  there was no air conditionin and everythink broke !! but then cos the room was minging and things broke we had to pay for them sooo watch out  the pool area is nice and the people around the pool bar are luvly. there is a restrant and a shop about 10 steps away and also there is a internet place over the road ! i would advise ya to take lots of bug spray and as many mozzy plug as you can fit in ya case me and my friend got bit to death ! its really hot at the moment soo you will get a luvly tan, so over all it was a good hoilday but i think next time i wud go to a nice hotel. aww and also there is no reseption but the owner will help you if you need it but he doesnt talk much english  lol.

Barbara P           

We have just stayed at the Olive grove complex 16th may - 30th 2005 and we had no problems as we booked a two star we excpected a two star accomodation. the rooms were clean and cleaned regular, basic but thats what we paid for, the pool area was very clean hosed down every night, and the snacks and drinks were limited but good they are only a snack bar. kassipoi its self is lovely the tavernas are great Boleros is excellent, mickys is very good, dolphin on the harbour great,also the kalipsso star resterant great, we went on some of the trips offered in the town and they are all worth while the best agent was the Salco agents in kassiopi up the one way street coming in to town.

John R           

Nige G           


We stayed at the Olive Grove during the 1st week in June 04 [3 x family apts],
unfortunatley we were some what dissapointed with the standard of the accomadation.

Firstley, the cleanliness of the apts had a lot to be desired, the Olympic brochure decribes
the apts as "Well looked after" though we found them to be "Grubby", no way
were we going to use the kettle!
The furniture throughout the apt seemed to have come from various second-hand outlets, even
then had been repaired in a "Botched" way to get some more life out of them, most of it was
fit for the tip!

The location for the apts is on the main road at the outskirts of Kassiopi, this means a walk
of some 25 mins into town, no big problem but the speed some of the cars/bikes come around
the blind bends is alarming, especially if you have young children as we have.

The local supermarket "Nikos" is 5/10 mins stroll, & has great service and good stocks.

On the plus side the pool area was good with plenty of sun beds & the drinks / snacks at the pool
bar were reasonable but limited.

As for Kassiopi itself it is a great resort with some great resturants check out "Jannis & La Luna",
in fact we never had a bad meal all week and there was 10 of us!

I dont want to put you off going to Kassiopi but I would really think about changing your apts
especially if there for 2 weeks, Olympic also have the "Micheal Angelo" apts which are closer
to town and have good facilities looked very clean. We met a familiy who stayed at the Hercules apts
in town another Olympic place, but they paid to move to other accomadation!

It may be worth while paying that bit extra to have a really enjoyable stay!

If you need any more info just drop us a mail...


Robin S           

We are going to stay at the olive grove in september 2004. can anyone tell me what facilities are in the appartments i.e. hairdryer, iron, kettle and do they have cooking facilities?

Also it says in the brochure freshwater pool, so we assume it is not heated is that correct? is there a daily bus service to Corfu town?

And lastly how long does the airport transfer take (travelling with olympic.


Steve H           

Well I am not normally one to complain but................. this accomadation was not the best & the owners not the friendliest,overall the holiday was ok and after all you dont spend too much time in the rooms.We were having a drink on our balcony one night/morning it was about 1:30 & we were told "you are in Kassiopi not Kavos" by the owners next door!! Not the friendly Greeks we are used to??Afterall we were on holiday????
The cupoards in the kitchen stank really damp & were riddled with ants all the time and quite discusting really,we never complained just didn't use them,it was a shame we never bonded with the owners at all, they just about managed to say hello and that was that!
The pool was cleaned once in the fortnight I think?? Not good!
One of the people we met came up with a good one... he said " nothing is too much trouble as long as you don't want anything!! "
Like I said a good holiday but shame about the lack of friendlyness & clenliness. Steve & Janet Hughes N. Wales

Steve H           

Not been yet,booked for July 26th for 2 weeks can't wait!Any one got any info on the nearest taverna,How far from the beach,best nearby bars etc. I would be most glad to hear from you,drop me an email if u can please,Thanx steve Hughes email steveinwales42@aol.com

Rebecca B           

I cannot say how disappointed we were when we arrived at these apartments. Due to a mistake by Olympic, there was a mix up with our room and we were left by the rep in a dirty apartment (bins overflowing on the floor, dirty beds etc). Even after it had been cleaned it was still awful - old, smelly (bathroom), dingy, rickety, and decorated by your granny on acid! We're not particularly fussy customers and have stayed in some less than perfect places but we thought it was so awful we moved to a different apartment in town (which was a good 15 min walk away)and paid all over again out of our own pocket. It is out of town so you don't hear loud music etc but Kassiopi is a very quiet resort anyway and you wouldn't have anywhere that was too noisy. The Olive Grove was on the main road to Kassiopi & Roda and ALL the traffic passed within 2 meteres of the pool area. All in all in was AWFUL and I would advise you give it a miss!

Laura K           

Olive grove was lovely,i stayed there my first year there...its quiet a trek back late at nite but its not 2 bad.
the owner dina is lovely and very friendly!

Moira S           

We liked these apartments. The owners were extremely friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The bar stayed open if the guests were around, we were there twice until 1 in the morning. I can't blame them for closing if everyone disappeared. We were there for two weeks and during that time we had maid service 3 times each week and our towels and beds were changed once a week. As the previous person said, take your own towels if you want more. The brochure said it was standard accomodation and to get anything better would have cost a lot more. The Greek pace of life is much slower in that heat and their standards are different to ours, but the apartment was clean and we had what we needed. We were only in it to sleep and shower. The pool is fantastic and well looked after. The whole atmosphere was very friendly and everyone spoke to each other. We enjoyed the 10 minute walk to the village each night, the harbour was 5 minutes further on. The walk to the beach was tough in the heat of the day. Nikos supermarket was 5 minutes away and he was very friendly and helpful. We will definitely go back.

Jason M           

I went there last year, it was bloody brilliant!!!
It's a nice little area, more like a little village in its own right.
The locals were really friendly, you felt like taking 'em home to meet ya folks!!
The pool-side bar was great, they did a mean cheese and ham toastie, and what's this rubbish about it closing at 5:30????
We stayed there most nights drinking until 10...you either caught it at a bad time or you were in a parrallel universe!

Why is everyone complaining about the towels not being changed...take your own you lazy sods!
Or, wake up in the mornings so the made can get at your room...good idea eh?

Finally, the centre of Kavos wasn't miles away, it was only round the corner...boy you guys must've been drunk.

Me and the missus are going back in sept...c u there!!!!!!!!

Nerys W           

A good 10 minute walk from Kassiopi centre - which we didn't mind at all. The views accross to Albania were fantastic. As there are only 9 Apartments it didn't get busy around the pool area, and also as it was a small complex everyone seemed to get to know each other. A change of towels would have been nice - but hey, you're on holiday in Greece - if the place or the people were any more laid back it'd/they'd fall over!! Can't wait to go back again next year!

Steve H           

Fair walk from Town, but hey, gives you a chance to sober up when your walking back at night and good exercise to burn off all the calories! Nice little complex, it was pretty quiet so that meant more space for us in the pool!

Not far from Nikos Supermarkets - He is a legend in the Supermarket industry! Great Bloke, very friendly and helpful! You must shop there!

Only bad comment would be that not much assistance was given, maid only came twice in the week and there were a few technical problems in the bathroom. If your staying there for just 1 week then it is worth it, but two weeks staying there (Olive Grove, not Kassiopi) might have been too much.

One more good thing though, being on the balcony is very relaxing and the view from their, looking towards Albania is really nice. :)


to far from the resort centre, there is a pool side bar but this shuts at 5-30 towels were changed only once in 2 weeks rooms very poor

Heather C

any information at all would be helpful